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Clipmagix Review


Clipmagix Review- Product Overview

In all forms of advertisement, video is the most efficient one because of the eye-catching feature and can grab the audience’s attention. The recent decade has experienced the emergence of video advertising on various social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and others platforms especially Tictoc (Tiktok).

Video content, therefore, has gained attention from Internet marketing as it promises to gain more leads and traffic. However, not everyone has the same success level as they have to pay a high cost for expensive video software and they have to spend years mastering their video skills.

The product I will review today will help you remove all hard work, bringing new life to old videos without having to hire and buy expensive but not effective video editing apps/software. This is a totally brand new out-of-this-world software that I have been using and absolutely satisfied with.

Please continue to read my review on Clipmagix to find out how fantastic it is.

What Is Clipmagix?

Clipmagix is cloud-based software that can create appealing short videos, which gives you the ability to add multiple headlines, website links, and calls to action so you can send visitors to any website of your choice.

It enables you to take any clip and make it magically addictive so you can catch the audience’s attention for our products. It’s perfectly suitable for newbies as the videos can be downloaded and used on your blog, websites, banners, or emails without resorting to 3rd party tools.

The best part of Clipmagix is that once you make a purchase, you have all the tools needed because it comes with all the effects you need which enable you to make videos people would want to watch and share.

In addition, if you make up your mind about purchasing the product, you can get a lot of bonuses for your better result.


About The Creator

Brett Ingram is the vendor fully dedicated to producing this awesome product. Coming back after the extremely successful release of some hot hits such as JV Madness, VSL Creator, SiteBuilder2k,…

He has decided to develop and release Clipmagix – the impressive result of his great efforts and expertise. His products are always considered top-notch inventions and are highly appreciated by experts.

That’s why we can rely on his years of working experience to surely believe that he knows what our customers want and he knows how to drive their thoughts into buying our products!

I strongly believe that Brett Ingram is not an exception. It will be a big hit in the near future.

Please have a look at the next parts to see the features of this product.

Feature Details

Here’s exactly a variety of functions you will approach in your Clipmagix account:


Produce emotionally impactful content for your social media profiles, banner ads, website, blogs, and emails with:

  • [+]   Elegant Creator with texts, images, logos, links & calls to action.
  • [+]   290 Fonts, Buttons, Icons, Shapes & Illustrations
  • [+]   50 Social Icons & Overlays
  • [+]   100 Clipmagix-Ready HD Videos
  • [+]   100% Customization & Combinations


Clipmagix breaks the rules for maximum exposure anywhere & everywhere, which means it works on any social platform such as Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter…

Let’s take a look at how the engaging content created with Clipmagix is shown in different places:






Ecom Store




This amazing software gives you the ability to add multiple headlines, website links, and calls to action. As a result, you can send visitors to any website of your choice.


Besides that, you can super-charge your results by broadcasting your Clipmagix to millions of users worldwide and win customers over your competitors so they buy Only from you, with confidence!

Furthermore, you can also download your Clipmagix and use it on your blog, websites, banners, or emails without resorting to 3rd party tools for complete peace of mind.


Honestly, Clipmagix is what your business needs right now so that you can get more leads, sales, and profits.

Once you go to Clipmagix, you create the ultimate Wow experience for your visitors thanks to its features and as a result, your credibility will jump through the roof as a market leader with incredible Clipmagix that works for you.

You also can send your visitors to checkout pages, landing pages, webinar pages, sales pages, product pages, and even affiliate pages.



Thanks to creating breath-taking content with Clipmagix, you can increase customers and your profits with free viral traffic from all the BIGGEST social networks today.

You will get shares, likes, pins, and tweets with ease and catapult your traffic into the stratosphere.

What is more, every Clipmagix post will automatically build your backlinks, so you get on Google’s search engine for even more FREE organic traffic.


You can instantly leverage PROVEN Clipmagix to sell fast. Your eye-catching Clipmagix clips will get seen by millions of people and you can send them to any website of your choice.

Moreover, you will further monetize even more as their friends of friends will also be able to share in 1 click and Boost your reach, build your reputation, and exponentially make you more money.


If you’re a newbie who doesn’t have any previous experience and technical skills, don’t worry! Everything inside Clipmagix is totally 100% friendly.


You get access to phenomenal video training material to get you from zero to profit in record time.


This is a piece of good news for you. Although everything with this software is simple and newbie-friendly, if you get stuck or need help with the software, just tell them and they’ll be joyous to help you get going.


You can create your Clipmagix account in your browser in minutes. No fiddly downloads, no patches, and no tedious switching between screens.


You simply download your design, and clips, and use them on your blog, website, eCommerce store, email, PPC campaign, or anywhere else you like.

The Demo & Using Experience

How To Use

First, you log in to the software


This is an easy-to-use and newbie-friendly interface

Step 1: Grab a video from YouTube or other resources. In this demo, I will choose a video from the video library


After picking up the video, I can preview it. Then I will choose the right time that I want to use the image


Step 2: Add more effects to the image


You can choose from many effects then you can modify the video

Then I can see the video with the effect I added


I can also add more text


Step 3: Public video


Then you fill in the information and click the “Post” button

That’s all. Your videos now are ready to be used.

User Experience

Now let’s take a look at some reasons why this one is worth buying for me:

    ♥    It operates stably:

As Clipmagix is an Internet-based software you can use it almost anywhere. After logging in, you can work anywhere, any time.

    ♥    It’s easy to use:

The interface is very friendly and though it does not come with training, you don’t really need to be an expert to run this software.

You are equipped with many Fonts, Buttons, Icons, Shapes and illustrations, templates, and effects to create videos, not having to switch between different desktops, running and collecting data related to different campaigns to create a high-ranking video.

    ♥    It’s profitable:

With the included commercial license, you are not only able to create your own videos but also sell them to others, charging them to earn your income.

To be honest, I really love this product because it’s smart, smooth, and fantastic. If you don’t have a knack for designing, it’s okay because you just need to select from the many effects available within the app.

Let’s check what other experts say about this product:


How Much Does It Cost?

FE: Clipmagix

    +    Clipmagix PRO ($25)

    +    Clipmagix PRO Commercial ($27)

All you have to pay for the front-end version is $25, with no hidden or extra fee charged once you complete your order.

You can grab the big chance to buy it and get more bonuses with the commercial version at its lowest price- $27 – which is the like-no-other price for this high-quality product. Do not hesitate to purchase it now as the price will rise soon after launch time!!!

Recap what you will get:


In addition, here are a few OTOs where you can add more values to your front-end version:

OTO 1: IP Commercial PRO Edition ($49)

Let’s recap:

  • [+]    Create MILLIONS Of Clipmagix With the ULTIMATUM Creator
  • [+]    Custom designer lab
  • [+]    100 done-for-you Clipmagix ready-to-go
  • [+]    2,000 HD videos
  • [+]    1,000 EXTRA features for limitless combinations of eye-catching Clipmagix (Fonts, Elements, Overlays, Icons, Socialites, and shapes)
  • [+]    1 Click publishing, broadcasting & schedule posting to multiple social media profiles
  • [+]    Analytics and statistics for social media activities
  • [+]    FREE work cloud storage

OTO 2: ELITE Commercial PRO Edition ($47)

Let’s recap:

  • [+]    Create Clipmagix with headers & footers for even MORE attention
  • [+]    Create Clipmagix with colorful borders that stand out
  • [+]    Add icons, elements, buttons & shapes
  • [+]    1 click publishing, broadcasting & schedule posting to multiple social media profiles
  • [+]    100% customization and combinations of headers, footers & borders
  • [+]    ADD headers & footers to ANY video
  • [+]    ADD borders to ANY video
  • [+]    Dedicated Server for FASTER Output
  • [+]    FREE work cloud storage
  • [+]    Analytics and statistics for social media activities

OTO 3: EXCLUSIVE Commercial PRO Edition ($47.95)

BRAND NEW C.G.I & animation Clipmagix creator plus Commercial License for 100% profits to significantly BOOST your traffic with Marvel-like effects for MASSIVE clicks, conversions & sales.

  • [+]    Create Clipmagix with Marvel-like C.G.I. effects
  • [+]    Create Clipmagix with animated CALL TO ACTION buttons (25)
  • [+]    Create Clipmagix with animated socials (50)
  • [+]    Create Clipmagix with animated elements (50)
  • [+]    1 click publishing, broadcasting & schedule posting to multiple social media profiles
  • [+]    ADD Marvel like C.G.I. effects, animated CALL TO ACTION buttons, animated socials & animated elements to ANY video
  • [+]    100% customization and combinations

OTO 4: AGENCY Commercial PRO Edition ($49.95)

Your Clipmagix Agency with the commercial, developer, outsourcer & virtual assistant license. Sell Clipmagix and add its effects to any mp4 video to sell for 100% profits. Includes international rights.

Your Clipmagix Agency with developer, outsourcer & virtual assistant license

  • [+]    Add Clipmagix effects to any mp4 video
  • [+]    Clipmagix 10x variation creator
  • [+]    Client reporting
  • [+]    Client social media management
  • [+]    Client Workcloud storage
  • [+]    Full commercial selling rights
  • [+]    Sell Clipmagix and its effects for 100% profits
  • [+]    Full training & videos included


Who Should Buy This?

Clipmagix Partner is the only tool I rely on when I want to create jaw-dropping videos. I highly recommend Clipmagix Partner to anyone who is keen on ranking videos without getting into technical stuff like SEO.

In short, it’s a must-have item for:

  •     +    Freelancer
  •     +    Affiliate Marketer
  •     +    Marketers
  •     +    Website Owners
  •     +    eCom + Amazon
  •     +    Social Media Marketers
  •     +    Local businesses
  •     +    Any other kinds of online business

Pros & Cons


  •     ♥    Highly responsive online help desk
  •     ♥    Superior quality
  •     ♥    Reasonable price
  •     ♥    No skills or experiences needed
  •     ♥    Created by talented and renowned software creators
  •     ♥    Huge Demands
  •     ♥    Updates are FREE for the duration of the license
  •     ♥    30-Day Money Back Guarantee


  •     X    You need to make sure your internet connection is stable



Thank you for reading my review from the beginning to its end. I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. Clipmagix is your opportunity to get in on the action like top viral videos

I’ve tried and feel TOTALLY satisfied with everything coming from Clipmagix. If you choose Clipmagix, your satisfaction is guaranteed with a full refund in the first 30 days.

As it’s a risk–free investment, you’ve got nothing to lose! Try Clipmagix today and let it generate huge profits and you will become successful like other customers who have tried this.

Well, if you’re still unsure about your buying decision, just spend more time thinking about it. However, stay in mind that the earlier you come, the better offer you get. Don’t let your competitors leave you behind.










Step 1: Buy Clipmagix on my website

Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

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