Bygone Tales Mega Bundle review: Time-travel through 1,000 bygone tales at your fingertips

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In today’s world, the allure of old stories, classic novels, and timeless literature remains undiminished. The demand for these literary treasures has only grown with time, as readers seek to immerse themselves in the rich narratives and historical depth they offer.

Owning such valuable books can be an immensely profitable venture. These literary works hold cultural and historical significance, attracting a wide audience of enthusiasts and collectors eager to relive the charm of the past.

Introducing the Bygone Tales Mega Bundle, a comprehensive collection of 1000 captivating short stories and classic tales that caters to this insatiable appetite for the classics.

From heartwarming romances to gripping mysteries and fantastical adventures, this bundle promises to transport readers to bygone eras and captivate their imaginations.

Don’t let you wait any longer, my article below will clarify everything about it.

Bygone Tales Mega Bundle review- The overview


The app creator

Nelson Long

Product name

Bygone Tales Mega Bundle 

Front-end price

$18 (one-time payment)

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What is it?

Bygone Tales Mega Bundle is a remarkable and extensive compilation comprising 1000 enthralling short stories.

Each tale has been meticulously scanned and painstakingly converted into digital format, a process that requires significant hours of effort.

This extraordinary collection offers readers a diverse array of captivating narratives from times past, providing a treasure trove of literary enjoyment.


Who is the originator of this thought?


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Bygone Tales Mega Bundle review- What are the standout elements?

They say content is king, and this collection of timeless classics is pure gold because you can easily use them to create something entirely new! Just imagine having 1000 of the world’s most beloved short stories, all completely free to use and share.

What’s special about this Bygone Tales Mega Bundle is that each story comes in an editable Word file, so you can customize and rebrand them as you like.

The best part?

Every single story is copyright-free, meaning you can reuse, resell, distribute, or do whatever you want with them – and keep all the profits!

Let’s see what features are inside this pack:

✍️ Compilation of 1000 captivating short stories

Immerse yourself in a remarkable compilation of 1000 captivating short stories from the bygone era, meticulously scanned and presented in a digital format.

✍️ Explore an enchanting tapestry of genres

Bygone Tales Mega Bundle allows you to discover a diverse array of genres that will transport you to uncharted realms.

Delve into Heartwarming Enchantments, Mysterious Whispers, Fantastical Visions, Cosmic Adventures, Pulse-pounding Enigmas, Terrifying Nightmares, Youthful Sagas, Inspiring Chronicles, Sacred Reveries, Intimate Recollections, and many more captivating categories!

✍️ Fully customizable source files

Bid farewell to the hassle of searching and editing! Each story comes in a digital format, accompanied by fully customizable source files in Word format. Tailor and modify the stories to your heart’s content, making them uniquely yours!



✍️ 100% copyright-free

Unleash endless possibilities with the Bygone Tales Mega Bundle. Every story is 100% copyright-free and includes comprehensive unrestricted PLR licenses.

Seize the complete freedom to reuse, resell, distribute, or profit from these stories, allowing your earnings to soar!


Here Are Some Of The Titles You Will Get Inside:


For more details, click the button below to access the main sale page:


What makes this product a one-of-a-kind item that you can’t miss out on?

♥ 1000 Bygone Tales Mega Bundle gives you several money-making opportunities.

Get ready to ignite your creativity by creating captivating e-short story collections, infusing new life into these beloved narratives. Bygone Tales Mega Bundle allows you to convert these masterpieces into captivating audio short stories, attracting your audience with immersive listening experiences.

You can use these stories to build a thriving short story membership site, fostering a community of literary appreciation and generating recurring revenue for your business.

You know that book lovers will never skip this library with many rare books included, they will pay you monthly, or even yearly to read it.

Moreover, Bygone Tales Mega Bundle is fully customizable, you can offer on-demand printing services, enabling readers to own personalized printed copies of their favorite classics and preserving the allure of physical books.

There are many genres in this collection, providing varied tastes of readers around the world, and expanding your market reach. You will have a huge customer base and just resell it unlimitedly.

Actually, you have many ways to make money with this pack. As you see, with one collection you can generate more income streams without investing too much money on it.

Bygone Tales Mega Bundle review- What is the pricing?

The main package

Unleash your love for storytelling and dive into the enthralling world of the Bygone Tales Mega Bundle – an extraordinary compilation of captivating short stories awaits you!

With an unbeatable price of just $18, this literary brilliance will transport you to enchanting realms, mysterious adventures, heartwarming encounters, and thrilling escapades.

From the comfort of your imagination, embark on a journey through the ages, where each tale is carefully crafted to ignite your emotions and spark your creativity.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to enrich your literary collection and immerse yourself in the timeless charm of these captivating tales. But hurry, for this exclusive offer may not last long, and once it’s gone, the magic will fade away!

Grab your chance now to own the Bygone Tales Mega Bundle and discover the boundless wonders that await you within its pages!


OTO details

Introducing a selection of upgraded versions guaranteed to stimulate your content creation! But act quickly, as once you leave this page, this irresistible range might vanish forever:

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Who is the audience for this?

The audience for the Bygone Tales Mega Bundle is incredibly diverse and spans different age groups and interests.

This comprehensive collection of captivating short stories appeals to literature enthusiasts, avid readers, history buffs, creative writers, educators, and anyone with a passion for storytelling and imagination.

It caters to those who enjoy exploring various genres and themes, as well as individuals seeking a source of inspiration, entertainment, and a deeper connection with the bygone era.

Whether you are a student, a professional, a book lover, or someone simply looking to escape into the enchanting world of literature, the Bygone Tales Mega Bundle promises to captivate and engage a wide range of audiences.

Bygone Tales Mega Bundle review- Pluses and minuses


  • You can gain access to a vast compilation of 1000 bygone tales and short stories, encompassing a wide range of popular genres.
  • Each short story has been meticulously scanned and fully converted into a digital format, ensuring easy access and convenience.
  • You can customize every story to your liking, as all the short stories come with full editability in Word format.
  • The bundle is 100% copyright-free, complete with unrestricted PLR.
  • It allows you to convert the stories into Kindle eBooks, resell them in hard copy, or distribute them – the possibilities are boundless.
  • A dedicated support team that is available around the clock, ready to assist you whenever you need help or guidance.


  • The price is subject to change once the soft launching period concludes.


Final analysis

In conclusion, the Bygone Tales Mega Bundle offers an extraordinary opportunity to journey through the captivating worlds of classic literature.

So, step into the realms of yesteryears, lose yourself in the pages of these timeless tales, and embark on a literary adventure that will enrich your imagination and kindle a love for the classics.





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