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When the volume of content continues to rise, capturing and retaining your audience’s attention has become a significant challenge. Traditional static content and plain text often get lost in the information overload that bombards your audience daily.

3D animated/ virtual human videos offer a unique opportunity to convey complex ideas or messages in a visually compelling and easily digestible format. By harnessing the power of animation, you can simplify intricate concepts, making them more accessible.

It is time for AI Talkie to break through the noise and create a lasting impact. The dynamic visuals, vibrant colors, and lifelike movements inherent in human-face videos are engaging and captivating, drawing viewers in and leaving a memorable impression.

When combined with AI, AI Talkie streamlines the video creation process, making it easier and faster. With just a few steps, you can create human-talking videos that are sure to boost engagement and traffic to your site.

Let’s see what it can offer you today.

AI Talkie review- The overview



Seyi Adeleke et al


AI Talkie app

The official page

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Front-end price

$16.95 (one-time payment)

Discount coupon

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30-day money-back guarantee!

Vendor’s support

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What is this product?

AI Talkie is the pioneer AI engine capable of transforming any text, URL, article, or keyword into captivating “Virtual Humans” videos.

These videos are designed to command attention and dominate various platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Who thought of this?


Meet Seyi Adeleke, the mastermind behind this remarkable talking-face platform.

With a prominent presence on platforms such as Warrior Plus and ClickBank, Seyi Adeleke has solidified his position as a highly successful 7-figure entrepreneur, specializing in affiliate marketing.

As your reliable guide to financial success, he is here to demonstrate how you can effortlessly generate substantial monthly income, even if you have no prior experience.

Seyi Adeleke boasts an impressive track record with successful ventures like VOX AI, EDGE, Appz, AI GENIUS, ScreenPayz, TubePayz, AI SPARK, ZENDLY, TVPayz 2.0, INK AI,  Booqs, APPZ, AI STACK and more. 

Count on his proven strategies to unlock your full earning potential.

AI Talkie review- What are the main traits?

You don’t need extensive experience in 3D modeling and animation, the kind that takes years to master. You also won’t have to outsource and pay a hefty sum for each video.

Thanks to AI Talkie, it can create videos for you in seconds. This AI engine is the world’s first to generate unlimited “virtual human” talking videos with just a click of a button.

Explore AI Talkie‘s amazing features below:

✍️ 55 Real Human Spokesperson

AI Talkie offers a revolutionary platform with 55 real human spokesperson avatars, covering various types, races, and ethnicities. These avatars can represent your topic or business effortlessly in the video, providing diverse options for customization.

✍️ LipSync Animations

Generate realistic LipSync animations without any experience or expensive tools. Ensure each video is stunning and engaging, regardless of your animation skills.

✍️ Turn Any Photo Into Talking-Head

Simply upload a photo, select your script, and this AI engine transforms it into a realistic talking-head video. No need to search for specific images – use any photo you like.

✍️ Text to Video Generator

If you don’t have a photo, enter any text, and AI Talkie will turn it into a visually appealing video. Create content without relying on images.

✍️ Audio to Video Generator

Transform audio files into engaging videos effortlessly. Upload audio in any format, and AI Talkie quickly generates a corresponding video.

✍️ 115+ Languages and Diverse Voice Styles

AI Talkie supports over 115 languages, allowing you to dominate global markets. Choose from dozens of voice styles and accents for personalized content.

✍️ Upload Custom Voiceover

Use your voiceover by uploading it in any format. Maintain control over the voice in your videos.

✍️ Emotion and Expression Control

Easily adjust avatar emotions with a click, controlling anger, happiness, excitement, and more. No design skills or prior experience required.

✍️ Upload Your Presenter

Select and upload any custom presenter with a simple click. AI Talkie will seamlessly animate the presenter for you.

✍️ Speech to Text Transcription

Extract text from any video effortlessly. Paste the video link or upload it to receive the entire script with 99% accuracy.

✍️ AI Video Script Generation

Let AI Talkie‘s AI engine generate video scripts on autopilot. Enter keywords or URLs, and receive engaging and high-converting scripts in any niche.

✍️ Multiple Language Translator

Translate any video into 115+ languages with a click. Expand your audience without the need for translators or redesigning.

✍️ Commercial License

Access a free commercial license with AI Talkie. Create videos for clients without additional costs, keeping 100% of the profit.

AI Talkie encompasses a comprehensive set of features, ensuring that you have everything at your fingertips to meet your needs and achieve success:


And that’s not all – when you acquire AI Talkie, exclusive bonuses come along with it:


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AI Talkie review- About using details

How exactly does it operate?

First, you need to provide your account to log in.


Then, you will enter the main dashboard like this seen below.



In this section, you can generate a new AI talking video simply by entering information about your project and selecting image options.


Click on the “Generate” button and here is your result.


AI Voiceover Generator:

All you need to do is just adjust the voiceover settings and provide your text. The AI will immediately turn your text into a voiceover for you.


The AI Image Generator:

This section allows you to generate a new image with just a few clicks on your mouse. You can also view your created ones on the right.


AI Content Generator:

You can generate content for your websites, blogs, or videos with this tool.


Video Library:

Search for many types of videos here.


Image Library:

Engage your content with these beautiful images here.


For more details, please watch the using instruction video below:

AI Talkie Demo Video

Compelling arguments that lead you to buy this product.

♥ You have many choices for your human talking-face avatars.

AI Talkie boasts a selection of 55 real human spokesperson avatars, covering a spectrum of types, races, and ethnicities. This diversity allows you to seamlessly represent your topics or businesses in videos, catering to a wide array of audiences and preferences.

AI Talkie will generate realistic lip sync animations without the need for extensive experience or costly animation tools. The result is a visually stunning and engaging video every time, irrespective of the user’s animation proficiency.

Moreover, you can turn any photo into a talking-head video, transform text into compelling visuals, or convert audio into engaging videos. But the most exciting part is you can style the voice for the avatar.

It means that there are 115 languages that you can choose from. The customization options extend further with the ability to upload custom voiceovers, providing complete control over the audio aspect of the videos.

♥ The commercial license for entrepreneurial opportunities.

You gain the freedom to create videos for clients without incurring extra costs, allowing you to retain 100% of the profit. You can customize any character for your clients to their needs. It can be the emotions and expressions of avatars effortlessly.

This feature adds a layer of personalization to the videos. Additionally, you can upload custom presenters with a simple click expands creative possibilities, ensuring you can tailor their content to specific needs.

How much is the payment due?

The front-end product

AI Talkie simplifies the video creation process, offering a wide range of features to attract customers with interactive avatars for only $16.95.


This limited-time offer is your exclusive chance to access cutting-edge technology that transforms your content creation experience.

AI Talkie provides an unmatched combination of features, including a diverse selection of avatars, LipSync animations, and multilingual capabilities.

This price is designed to provide you with unparalleled value for your investment. Act fast to take advantage of the current price, as it is subject to go up soon.

As the product evolves with new updates and features, early adopters like you will continue to benefit without facing the higher costs associated with future releases.


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AI Talkie review- The OTO/Upsell details

Ready for an upgrade? Discover the enhanced features and added benefits that come with these irresistible upsell packages.

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AI Talkie OTO 1: UNLIMITED Edition

  • LITE: $67 one-time payment
  • GOLD: $167 one-time payment

Downsell: $47

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AI Talkie OTO 2: DONE-FOR-YOU Edition

  • LITE: $197 one-time payment
  • GOLD: $297 one-time payment

Downsell: $47

Get the Gold Edition with a $200 OFF discount. Get this down-sell through the pop-up that appears on the sales page.

AI Talkie OTO 3: AUTOMATION Edition

Price: $47 (one-time payment)

Downsell: $27

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Price: $67 (one-time payment)

Downsell: $47

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AI Talkie OTO 5: LIMITLESS Edition

Price: $167 (one-time payment)

Downsell: $67

Get this Limitless Edition with a $100 discount. Get this down-sell through the pop-up that appears on the sales page.

AI Talkie OTO 6: AGENCY Edition

Price: $167 (one-time payment)

Downsell: $67

Get this Agency Edition with a $100 discount. Get this down-sell through the pop-up that appears on the sales page.

AI Talkie OTO 7: FRANCHISE Edition

  • LITE: $167 one-time payment
  • GOLD: $97 one-time payment

Downsell: $67

Get this Gold Edition with a $100 discount. Get this down-sell through the pop-up that appears on the sales page.

Talkie OTO 8: Multiple Income ($47)

Who is this meant for?

AI Talkie is for everyone who wants to create impressive videos without the hassle of complicated tools.

It’s perfect for bloggers, vloggers, small business owners, digital marketers, language educators, freelancers, social media influencers, and anyone seeking an affordable and user-friendly solution for video creation.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, online educator, or just someone looking to enhance your online presence, AI Talkie offers a diverse set of features that make it easy to produce engaging videos for various purposes.

It’s a versatile tool designed to simplify the video creation process for individuals from all walks of life.

AI Talkie review- Benefits and drawbacks


  • You can generate virtual human videos without the need to appear on camera, offering a more comfortable and private video creation process.
  • Skip the hassle of recording anything, AI Talkie allows you to create captivating videos without the need for manual recording.
  • With just a click of a button, create virtual human videos in any niche, providing a quick and efficient solution for diverse content needs.
  • You can dominate any social network without reliance on paid ads or waiting periods, allowing for immediate and cost-effective visibility.
  • AI Talkie eliminates the need for animation or 3D modeling skills, making video creation accessible to users without specialized expertise.
  • Let the AI engine handle scriptwriting, saving time and effort as it generates engaging and high-converting scripts without any manual input.
  • It will transform any website, blog, or e-commerce store into a video within just 60 seconds, streamlining the process of converting online content into dynamic videos.
  • The product has a track record of success, with 34 beta testers making a profit in the first week, indicating its effectiveness in real-world scenarios.
  • You have 30 days to test it out for free.
  • You can always rely on the team for support and guidance.


  • The price might go up in the future.


Closing remarks

In conclusion, AI Talkie goes beyond video creation by simplifying the script generation process. Whether users need to convert speech to text or automatically generate scripts based on keywords or URLs, the AI engine operates on autopilot, saving time and effort.

By investing in AI Talkie, you secure access to cutting-edge technology and thrive in the competitive landscape of digital content creation. Don’t miss the opportunity to unlock the full potential of dynamic video creation with AI Talkie.




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