AI List Flipper Review: The power of flipbooks: How to captivate your audience and boost your brand

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AI List Flipper Review- Opening remarks

Ebooks are a rapidly growing industry, with countless searches related to these products on Amazon indicating high demand. Selling books on platforms such as Kindle and KDP has revolutionized the way people approach online business and has created lucrative opportunities for anyone seeking to monetize their content.

While there are many types of ebooks and info products available, flipbooks have become increasingly popular due to their engaging and interactive nature. However, creating a flipbook can be challenging, requiring drawing or graphic design skills, as well as significant time and effort. This can be a barrier for many people who want to enter this industry but lack the necessary skills or experience.

Fortunately, with the help of AI-powered content creation tools like AI List Flipper, creating interactive flipbooks is easier than ever. You can create flipbooks from scratch without needing to write any content yourself, as the platform can assist with finding relevant and engaging content online.

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AI List Flipper Overview


The app creator

Yogesh Agarwal

Product name

AI List Flipper

Front-end price

$17.95 (one-time payment)

Sales page
Coupon Code

Add my code “LISTFLIPPER” to SAVE $4


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30-day money-back guarantee

What is AI List Flipper?

AI List Flipper is a software with the power of OpenAI & ChatGPT that helps you create unlimited interactive, engaging & memorable flipbooks in less than 60 seconds without writing, coding, or expensive designers.

You need to follow 3 steps below:

Step 1: Select from 7+ sources to create content for your Flipbook or let ChatGPT/ OpenAi write unique content for you in a few clicks.

Step 2: The A.I. will then convert it into a beautiful & interactive Flipbook. Add images, videos, links, call-to-actions, opt-in forms & more for maximum engagement.

And step 3: Share anywhere you want – website, social media, email, or anywhere else and instantly skyrocket your leads & sales.


AI List Flipper Review- Who is the brain behind this idea?


Yogesh Agarwal, an established marketer for nearly 10 years, is behind this project. He has recently shifted his focus to developing software solutions to help struggling marketers who face similar challenges to those he encountered in the past. These solutions tackle marketing issues such as traffic generation and website optimization.

Despite considering himself an average g.u.r.u, his creations demonstrate his talent. What sets him apart from others is that his products are affordable and accessible to all marketers, including newbies.

Some of his successful products include Ai Smart News, AI Graphics Kreator, VidTsunami, PropelHost, TubeTornado, DFY CouponStorez, VidSensation, VidReviews, CopySketch, VidShortz, Traffic Sensation, and more.

What are the defining traits?

This all-in-one flipbook creator & monetizer with 8 different ways to help you create awesome Flip Books and profit from them. Traffic leads & sales started rolling in without any special effort. Flipbooks are so hot and so easy to create and publish with AI List Flipper, the viral effect, the better leads, the more options.

Each Flipbook you create will be filled with your branding, monetization methods, an easy and automated lead-gen system to get email subscribers, and follow-up sequences to convert those subscribers into buyers automatically. No more struggling to get good leads. No more manual work and expensive designers.

Check out these cutting-edge features  only AI List Flipper has:

👉  100% Cloud-Based Software

There is no need for you to install anything. Just sign up and you can access our software from anywhere on Earth, as long as there is an internet connection available you are good to go!


👉  7 Unique Ways To Create Flip-books

With AI List Flipper you can create flipbooks in 7 different ways. You have the power to decide between creating flipbooks from scratch, using existing PDFs and eBooks, or even using existing articles that are readily available in our database.


👉  Create Flipbooks with ChatGPT & OPEN AI Without Writing a Single Word

You can create flipbooks with our amazing ChatGPT-powered algorithm in just 1 click. No writing, no coding, no creating content from scratch! Just type the topic and let ChatGPT do the rest.


👉  Done For You Professional Flipbook Templates

You don’t even have to create your own Flipbooks from scratch! They offer professionally designed, high-converting templates that you can use with a few clicks. Just select the template you want, customize it, and hit ‘Publish’. It’s that simple!


👉  Customize Design & Layout In Seconds Using  Visual Designer

Choose from different design options, and adjust the colors, and size of your flipbook to make it look exactly like you want it! Add texts, images, hyperlinks, videos, and more with a few clicks. Also customize your headers, footers, background images, logos, and more. Keep your brand identity consistent without spending a single dime.


👉  Auto Lead Gen System Built In

AI List Flipper automatically captures leads as soon as they access your flipbook, giving you the power to quickly and easily build an email list of hot leads interested in what you have to offer. Or lock part of your Flipbook content and make people subscribe to get full access.


👉  Monetize & Share Your Flipbook In 1 Click

AI List Flipper also allows you to monetize your flipbooks with just 1 click. You can add affiliate links, ads, and even link to your own products or services from your flipbooks.

Once you’re ready, just hit the ‘Publish’ button, generate your embed code and share it anywhere you want.


👉  Create Stunning Flip Book Covers That Grab Attention Immediately

You can also create stunning Flipbook covers in just 1 click with our pre-made, eye-catching graphics. You don’t need any design skills or expensive designers to make your Flipbook stand out from the crowd. Just drag and drop your assets, add text, and hit publish!


👉  Collect Leads With Ease & Integrate Them Into Your Favorite Autoresponder (Up to 25,000 Leads)

Build and grow your lists without worrying. You can keep up to 25,000 leads in your account without having to pay a single dime extra.

Which is more than enough to make thousands of dollars in profit. Or you can directly integrate your favorite autoresponder and send leads there!


👉 Automatic Mailer & A Done For You Sequence To Make Commissions From Every Flipbook You Create!

AI List Flipper comes with an auto-mailer feature that allows you to send emails to subscribers in your list. You can broadcast emails to everyone on your list or send automated emails with our pre-made sequences.


👉  1-Click Social Sharing To Get More Traffic & Leads

With AI List Flipper, you can instantly share your flipbooks to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest & more.

With just 1-click you can get hundreds of visitors to your flipbooks and start collecting leads immediately! Or go viral and get thousands of visitors & leads with just 1-click.


👉  A Massive Library Of Over 50,000 Ready To Monetize Ebooks

In the library, you’ll find over 50,000 ready-to-publish ebooks and articles. Pick anyone you want and turn it into an interactive Flipbook in just 1 click. Everything is pre-monetized with our auto lead gen system built in!


👉  Over 1 Million Articles are Inbuilt For You To Create Flipbooks Instantly

You don’t even have to search for content! We have over 1 million articles in our database that you can use to create your own flipbook. All you need to do is type in your keyword, pick the article you want, edit it, and hit ‘Publish’. It’s that simple!


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AI List Flipper Review- About the use details

Overview of its operation

When you access this tool, you can have the main dashboard like this:


[+]  Create ebook:

You will build up a new list first:


There are 4 steps to follow. You will provide some basic information for this project by adding a name, and links.


There are many ways for you to create content. It can be created by ChatGPT, just pick up what you want:


You give a keyword about the topic that you want to generate content:


In seconds, the system will create content for your book with many chapters:


You will edit each page of this edit by editing text, and choosing the fonts and size:


Also, you will add more images and elements if needed:


You insert links and media directly here:


This tool allows you to have the lock feature which helps you get more traffic and click from viewers:


Your book will start like this:


And you can lock the next pages:


[+]  Ebook cover maker:

You can upload yours or create from scratch:


There is an in-built editor here, click each function to edit your cover image:


[+]  Automation:

In order to create a new automation, you will it a name:


Set a date and time for this automation that will work for you:


You also add emails and the system will send them automatically for you:


And that’s it. Creating a flipbook is never easy like this.

For more details, you should check the instruction video below:


Crucial elements that drive you to purchase this product

♥  The AI power helps you create a whole ebook in seconds.

With this tool, creating an entire ebook has become a seamless and effortless process, taking just seconds to complete.

AI algorithms can help generate content based on specific keywords or topics, providing you with a vast range of content to choose from. You can input your desired topic or theme, and the platform will automatically generate high-quality content that fits your needs.

You can have many chapters with detailed content. In addition to saving time and effort, the AI-powered device also helps ensure the quality of the content produced, providing you with high-quality and relevant content that engages your readers and drives conversions.

Not yet, it allows you to insert images, links, or anything you want. Your flipbook will not only have text but some illustrations, which makes it more attractive and interactive. In seconds, your ebook is ready to publish and sell.

♥  It gives you the ability to collect leads with ease.

You can have 25,000 leads in your account, you can build and grow your email lists without worrying about hitting any limits. This can be a huge advantage for businesses and marketers looking to scale their operations without incurring additional costs.

By simplifying the lead collection process and allowing for easy integration with popular autoresponders, this product can help you save time and resources while increasing the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

Price and upgrades

The front-end price

The price of $17.95 for this groundbreaking A.I. tech flipbook creation system is an incredible value.


With the ability to create engaging and memorable flip books quickly and easily, and the opportunity to monetize them in multiple ways, this system can pay for itself in no time. Plus, the in-built automated lead generation system and follow-up sequence make it easy to profit from every Flipbook you create.

Don’t skip this amazing opportunity at such a low price. Try it out and see for yourself how it can transform your business and increase your revenue before the high price appears. It means they will change the cost and if you are late, you can pay more.


Add my code “LISTFLIPPER” to SAVE $4

AI List Flipper Review- The upsells

I understand that creating compelling Flipbooks can be a challenge, which is why I am excited to offer you a range of useful upsells to enhance your experience even further. Here are some of the options you can consider:

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Sales page:

OTO 2: VidTsunami Edition

Sales page:

OTO3: 1-Click ListBuilder Edition

Sales page:

OTO 4: ChatGPT Edition

Sales page:


Sales page:

Who is the intended market?

Creating interactive flipbooks from scratch and writing content for them can be a time-consuming task. However, with AI List Flipper, you don’t have to worry about this. The platform can assist you in finding help online, so you can create your flipbooks quickly and easily.

Moreover, the need for flipbooks is not a one-time occurrence. They are becoming increasingly popular and are valuable tools for a variety of purposes, such as marketing, education, and entertainment. Therefore, it’s essential to have a reliable platform like it that can help you create engaging flipbooks for your audience:

  • Teachers
  • Content creators
  • Publisher
  • Authors
  • Math tutors
  • Coaches
  • At-home parents
  • Students
  • Anyone who wants to make more passive income and expand the Etsy market.

AI List Flipper Review- Advantages and Limitations


  • Groundbreaking A.I. technology allows for the creation of hundreds of engaging and memorable Flip Books quickly and easily
  • Auto lead generation and a fully monetized system can help you generate revenue from your Flipbooks
  • ChatGPT and OpenAI algorithms eliminate the need for writing, researching, or wasting time on content creation
  • Interactive, fun, and converting elements can help you build trust, connection, and a strong following
  • Repurposing old content can turn it into an exciting lead-generating and money-making Flipbook with just one click
  • You can easily monetize your Flipbooks in multiple ways, including affiliate marketing, CPA offers, e-commerce products, freelancing gigs, and more
  • An in-built automated lead generation system and follow-up sequence can help you profit from every single Flipbook you create
  • No coding, experience, or recurring fees are required to use this system
  • The low one-time price during the launch period and commercial license allowing you to re-sell Flipbooks can help you generate high profits.
  • 24X7 support and 100% uptime guaranteed


Some users may prefer to create content manually rather than relying on A.I. technology.


In summary, AI List Flipper is a highly effective and user-friendly platform for creating interactive flipbooks. Its advanced customization options and AI-powered content creator features make it easy to create professional-looking flipbooks that engage your audience and achieve your marketing goals.

With its integrations with popular marketing automation tools, it is a valuable addition to any marketer’s toolkit. Whether you’re creating flipbooks for educational, entertainment, or marketing purposes, AI List Flipper is a reliable and feature-rich platform that can help you achieve your objectives with ease.

Overall, it is a highly recommended tool for anyone looking to create engaging and interactive flipbooks.




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