AI Coloring Books Decoded review- How AI can help to create next-level coloring books?

AI Coloring Books Decoded review

How AI Can Help To Create Next-Level Coloring Books?


Coloring books have consistently been a sought-after niche, yet breaking into this market has historically posed significant challenges. One of the primary hurdles has been the complicated task of sourcing original images and crafting professional book covers that capture buyers’ attention.

You can not use the copyrighted images to sell on KDP or Etsy, right?

Also, it is hard to enter if you don’t have any graphic design skills, or don’t know how to draw.

Stop worrying now because AI Coloring Books Decoded offers a transformative solution. By harnessing the power of AI, this course makes coloring book creation faster, and more efficient. You can now generate high-quality, unique artwork swiftly, overcoming the traditional barriers of time and resource constraints.

Why don’t you have one passive income stream right now?

AI Coloring Books Decoded review- The product overview



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AI Coloring Books Decoded – Training course

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What is this product?

AI Coloring Books Decoded is a training course that teaches you precisely how to use AI to create stunning coloring books quickly and easily in any niche. You can be ready to sell your first set of books on KDP, Etsy, and other platforms in just a few hours!

Who came up with this idea?


Bart Hennin is the creator of “AI Coloring Books Decoded.” With a background in both artificial intelligence and creative arts, Bart has a unique blend of technical expertise and artistic vision.

She has dedicated her career to exploring innovative ways to merge technology and creativity, making it easier for aspiring authors and artists to bring their ideas to life.

She has gained more than 10,000 sales with 5 products and many of them were Deal of The Day, let’s check them out: Your Calligraphy Cash Machine PLUS, Public Domain Fast Cash, Create Magnetic Offers For ANYTHING!, Custom Template Treasure Chest and many others.

Let’s take a look at her recent sales history to see how great her products are:


AI Coloring Books Decoded Review- What are the significant components?

You can create amazing, original, top-quality coloring books quickly. The course provides prompts that significantly speed up your book creation process, delivering the excellent top-quality results you need to compete with major players in the industry.

This works for as many books and niches as you wish! It shows you how to use AI to create:

  • Coloring books for kids.
  • Coloring books for adults.
  • Extremely niche-specific coloring books.
  • Grayscale coloring books.
  • Black background coloring books.
  • Coloring pages with text.
  • Coloring pages for Etsy.
  • Coloring book series.
  • PLR sets for other sellers.

Inside this revolutionary course, you will discover:

  • How to set up quickly and simply, establish a real business you’ll be proud to showcase to friends and family.
  • Techniques to create stunning coloring pages in various styles within minutes, utilizing AI the right way – earning you accolades akin to a coloring page art genius.
  • Strategies to uncover hundreds of untapped coloring book sub-niches, ensuring profitability.
  • Methods to efficiently compile your pages into print-ready books that captivate buyers.
  • Ways to leverage AI for crafting eye-catching book covers, positioning you as a top-tier artist and professional publisher.
  • Tactics to distinguish yourself from competitors, leaving them envious.
  • Strategies to avoid common mistakes, save time, and accelerate your earnings.
  • Techniques to produce more irresistible coloring books across lucrative niches in less time than you imagined possible.

This comprehensive package includes:

  • A detailed, step-by-step PDF course guide covering every aspect of running your AI Coloring Book business, complete with screenshots and examples.
  • A quick start guide and checklist for efficiency.
  • Five instructional videos for hands-on learning, each concise and packed with actionable ideas.

Additionally, A.I. Coloring Books Decoded offers:

  • Free email support for any questions or assistance you may need.
  • The best ironclad, no-risk guarantee in the business – 60 days to review and use the course risk-free. If you’re not thrilled with your experience, receive a full refund, ensuring you’re satisfied down to the last penny.

Moreover, you will get 3 exclusive bonuses below for TOTALLY FREE from the author team:


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Persuasive factors influence your choice to purchase this product.

Let me show you some factors:

  ♥   AI Coloring Books Decoded changes the way coloring books are created.

By using AI, the course focuses on creativity, enabling you to generate captivating coloring pages swiftly and effortlessly. Your coloring books can be for adults, playful patterns for children, or highly specific themes tailored to niche markets, AI streamlines the production process to easy levels but high quality.

Imagine producing hundreds of meticulously crafted coloring pages in various styles, each a testament to your artistic vision and market demand. Moreover, AI Coloring Books Decoded introduces AI-generated prompts that simplify complex artistic tasks into manageable steps. You know how to control AI to create stunning coloring books as you wish.

Beyond theoretical insights, AI Coloring Books Decoded provides practical, step-by-step guidance through detailed PDF guides, quick-start checklists, and instructional videos.

  ♥   AI Coloring Books Decoded is your ticket to turning creativity into cash.

You create high-quality coloring book pages and sell them, the course slashes startup costs and time. It guides you to reach global markets through platforms like KDP and Etsy, showing how to cater to niche interests effectively.

With step-by-step training and ongoing support, even beginners can navigate the process easily. Once established, you are allowed for easy expansion into new niches and products.

Moreover, the course introduces opportunities for repeat sales and licensing, ensuring ongoing revenue from your creations.


AI Coloring Books Decoded Review- What is the cost?

The front-end product

For a limited time, all you have to pay for AI Coloring Books Decoded is just $37. This incredible offer not only grants you access to a thick knowledge and tools to revolutionize your coloring book business but also represents a significant discount from its original value.

However, this exceptional deal won’t last forever. As demand grows and the course continues to receive rave reviews, the price will soon increase. Don’t miss out on securing your copy today at this low introductory price of $37. Order now!


The upsells/OTOs

In addition to the base course, AI Coloring Books Decoded offers two enticing upsell options to further enhance your creative journey:

  • OTO 1: AI Coloring Books Decoded PLUS Bonus ($29)
  • OTO 2: AI Coloring Books Decoded including Video Course ($29)

Who is the primary user?

The primary users of AI Coloring Books Decoded include aspiring entrepreneurs, freelance artists, graphic designers, online content creators, digital marketers, and individuals interested in entering the digital publishing industry.

These users often hold roles such as small business owners, Etsy sellers, KDP publishers, creative professionals, and anyone looking to monetize their artistic skills and leverage AI technology to create and sell unique coloring books efficiently.

AI Coloring Books Decoded Review- Good and bad points


  • You can harness AI to create stunning and original coloring books swiftly.
  • This training is suitable for various niches including kids, adults, specific themes, grayscale, and more.
  • It will simplify complex artistic tasks with AI-generated prompts.
  • This comprehensive training includes detailed PDF guides, instructional videos, and quick-start checklists.
  • It guides you through setting up a profitable coloring book business on platforms like KDP and Etsy.
  • You will have 60 days to test it out and an ongoing support team.


  • The initial price of $37 may increase, affecting affordability for some users.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, AI Coloring Books Decoded will let you become a master of coloring book creation. All you have to do is follow this training and use AI tools to create hot trending types of books.

Whether you’re an experienced artist aiming to broaden your audience or a novice entrepreneur entering the lucrative coloring book market, this course provides unmatched tools and strategies to enhance your skills and business success.

Choose it today!








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Thank you so much for reading my AI Coloring Books Decoded Review.

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