8 Facts Of Make Money Online 2019 & Advices On How To Effectively Make Money Online


 By David Williams


Hi guys, Are you still wondering about making money MMO?

Or are you thinking about the trend of making money online in 2019?


Most people always look for instructions on the Internet or they may ask people around them to make money online, such as: how to start with MMO? What to do to make money in the shortest time?

Many of them do not understand and have not analyzed what MMO is potential, what is suitable to do then they try to copy the way they found on the Internet but the result is only “0” .

MMO is a truly sustainable, reputable way to make money but must be accompanied by a belief: be serious and absolutely trust it. The article “8 facts about making money online and the 2019 effective online money-making tips ” was written in order to share some advice, provide a correct orientation for  newbie who have just started with  MMO.



Make money online which is also known as MMO is that you earn money from jobs on the Internet through the use of computers / phones (but mostly on computers) or devices with Internet connection. Many people have succeeded in making money online and turning it into the main passive source of income.

Many people considered it as a main job, and many individuals have income of from tens of thousands to even hundreds of thousands of dollars, every month thanks to MMO. There are also many people who were too hasty to make money online and then failed to get a dollar.

There are also people who hesitate to start with it because they think that MMO is not satisfactory. MMO is a difficult and hard process, requiring investment and effort as well as a solid inventory of knowledge and skills.

1/ Making money online is real


You may wonder how you can make money online? You may not believe this to be true, or you think MMO is a scam.

I can assure you that: MMO is 100% real and many people have made money, even a lot of money from the Internet. There are many forms of making money online to help participants generate income such as:

  • Google Adsense advertising via YouTube or website
  • Making money from affiliate marketing
  • Selling advertisement
  • Selling t-shirts, etc.

 Or many of you are working as a Freelancer.

 If you own a personal website / blog, there are many ways to make money from it, such as: Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, online sales, ad placement, introduction of articles for companies and business firms, etc.

Some bloggers are very successful in making money online, In the global scale, there are Daren Rowse of ProBlogger.net, John Chow of JohnChow.com or Jeremy ShoeMaker of ShoeMoney.com, Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome.com especially my best friend – John Petter of https://www.tikareview.com…… and many other bloggers.

Why is money generated  from online? The fact is that making money online is a form of exchange. You provide value to those who need, helping them solve the problems they encountered in life.

 From their concerns and beliefs you can provide services, sell products, market to receive commissions. It is a genuine and real exchange. But who will you work for and who pays you, take a look at some of the following specific evidence:

  1. Google Adsense pays you when you develop the website, placing Google ads on your website. When readers click on ads, the owner of the website will receive money, this form is called making money with Google Adsense.
  2. The YouTube Partner Program pays you when you upload videos and the video has many views, when someone clicks on the ads displayed when watching videos, you will get money. Videos with many views will have a lot of money because many people will click on the ads.
  3. Fiverr is a network freelancer that allows you to buy and sell services in many areas such as design, online marketing, translation, video, audio, advertising, gifts, … or all you can do as long as they are what you think others need. Those who need your service will pay you through Fiverr. Fiverr will receive intermediate commission. The minimum price for an order is $ 5, but the seller can sell other accompanying services at a much higher value.
  4. CJ.com is an attractive affiliate marketing platform in the world, paying you when you successfully market digital products.
  5. AdFlex is a successful CPO Affiliate network in Vietnam recently. You promote products successfully and receive high commission for 1 product, from 200-400k / 1 product.

2/ Make money online is not easy


If MMO is easy, why do most people still work hard 8 hours / day in companies, factories, even work overtime to 11-12 pm?

Please be aware that: making money has never been easy either in the real world or on the Internet.

The Internet is just a means, a new environment that creates opportunities for you to make your own money, but it cannot guarantee that when you join, you will definitely generate money.

Newbie always want to earn the first money as quick as possible by all means earn the first money. Sadly, their enthusiasm for that will diminish, become less and end with no money coming from the Internet. Although making money online has many forms and the amount of money earned depends on each category, but achieving a level of income from MMO is not simple at all.

Think of MMO as a job, where all success is exchanged with effort, sweat, and tears.

Nothing is lucky in this MMO job.

What is the difficulty of participating in making money online?

   +   Wrong thought : You think that making money online is as easy as a pie. Therefore, you will misidentify the goal of making money. Many people just want to sit and make money, you need to know that nobody ever gives anyone anything. I know a lot of you are making money from affiliate marketing by blogging. Your process is usually to create a blog, post a few review articles, share some discount codes and users will automatically click on the marketing link to purchase.

   +    Not learning seriously: If you don’t  improve skills when making money online. No plans how to make money, any method. Choosing the wrong form of money will cost you time, effort and money.

   +   Lack of knowledge and experience:  Something that even people who joined MMO for a few years still feel deprived, struggling and still have not earned money. To create a lot of profits on the Internet you are required to accumulate experience, cultivate skills for a long time.

   +   The risk of getting lots of scam scams online

   +   Being discouraged, not persistent in pursuit: Making money online also requires time, determination and effort. You need to have a good plan, an effective strategy, make a breakthrough and be different from everyone. Only then can you hope for a better result. …

Of course associated with the opportunity is always the challenge ahead that is waiting for you. In the Internet environment, it is also very competitive as in real life. You must always learn, improve knowledge in the field you are about to do to be able to compete with your competitors.

3/ Making money online is not quick


Is it very quick to earn money in a short time?

This is a misconception that makes you fail to make money online. The expectation to get money quickly will act as a deterrent for making MMO. Many people think that they will earn thousands of dollars in just a few months and just have to move their fingertips on the keyboard. A lot of people can’t find or earn the money they want. And after a while, they quickly became disillusioned, lost patience, and gave up.

There may be days when you earn a lot of money, but sometimes for the whole week, the whole month after that, there is no profit. Therefore, the time you spend to get a steady, sustainable income will not be short!

The work of making money online requires time and perseverance, sometimes it takes a lot of experience and skill after successive failures.

 For example, you need time to improve your blog / website / YouTube channel … to attract readers, viewers, customers … At first, your blog / website / Youtube channel has no viewers and the benefits from it is still Zero. However, over time, when your blog / website / YouTube channel has built brand and reputation, the number of visitors grows, the revenue can increase exponentially.

 By this time, the income of thousands of dollars per month is completely possible.

4/ Make money online is free?


Can I make money online without spending any money? In fact, you need to invest some fee, however, most of the forms that you don’t invest money in will take you a lot of effort and time to earn income. For example: the online survey that I introduced on Self-Study MMO – is a form that you don’t waste anything, in return for the time you spend to earn money is quite long, right?

Think of it: MMO is also a job, but once it is a job, you have to make effort to get it done. Whether more or less, you still need an investment. If it is not money, it will be other things like ideas, effort …

Sometimes a lot of things are needed. Make money online as well as you trade a certain item, run a shop, a cafe or sometimes a business. You will definitely need to invest money to make money.

For example: making money from blogging! You will have to invest costs for hosting, domain names, interface design, running ads … and possibly hiring people to write articles for blogs / websites.

5/ There are scams in MMO


It’s easy to be scammed in the MMO world is quite popular because MMOs are potentially dangerous (scam).

If you are a web surfer or Facebook user, it is easy to see the introduction information, online invitations about making money online, like: “Make $ 1000 per month with only 5 minutes online every day”, “ make money online 100 $ per day Just sign up to get $2”, “ Just click  and collect hundreds of money every day.

 They are all fraud  because the subjects take advantage of the avarice and ignorance, obscurance of information, do not understand well of the newbie entering the MMO world.

On the Internet today there are countless pages offering guidance to make money online.

 There are sites that really guide you to make money in a viable way, but there are also many scams. Remember that what creates value can bring money in the most feasible way whether it is physical or mental (entertainment), whether online or offline.

You have to really work, either manual labor, or intellectual labor then you can make real value. When your work brings value, there will be money. Therefore, I have some sincere advice as following:

Before you want to join some form of making money, find out the information carefully, where does that information come from? Has anyone succeeded or not? Has anyone been cheated or not?

  • Do not enroll in money-making courses online without finding out, even if only it costs a few dollars.
  • Do not participate in methods of making money too easily, or on virtual forms which do not bring real money for you
  • The easier it is to make money, the less sustainably it lasts
  • Do not invest all what you have in MMO.  In the MMO world, the winner is less than the loser. If you see people making a few thousand dollars in a month, don’t quit your job or put all their money into it and fail for a lot of reasons.
  • Many blogs guide to making money online, but are you sure that most of the percentage of knowledge provided by that blog is correct? You need to find out carefully before copying them. Maybe many bloggers share it well but they always keep important parts.
  • Improve your searching skills on Google. Look for knowledge in a smart, selective way.
  • Look for reliable MMO in the most reputable sites, with clear payment.

However, there are still a lot of people who become rich thank to the Internet. They also invest the same amount of time and money as you.

   –   They succeed.

   –    You do not.

   –   What is the cause?

The answer lies in the orientation and method of making money and whether you know how to exploit it or not?

6/ Make money online is sustainable


Have you heard of the concept of passive income – the goal of most people doing MMO today.

With the strength of freedom, attractiveness and creativity, I am sure that making money online will still be a great concern of many people in 2019 and will grow even more.

However, although there are many forms of making money online, not every way is stable and sustainable for you to make money online. There are short-term, risky paths that do not bring much marketing knowledge, and income as you expect. You should choose reliable forms of online money to create the most sustainable and reliable income.

 I can mention:
  • Google Adsense
  • Youtube Partner
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Freelancer
  • Sales
  • Online course sales

 A famous example of sustainable income is the blogger Pat Flynn – owner of the famous SmartPassiveIncome.com blog. 


 Do you know the average monthly average revenue that he gets from his blog is up to $ 200,000 /month?

7/ What expertise making money online requires?


In addition to the basic requirements to make money online such as computer networking, Office skills, online payment, English … You should join the array of MMOs that you have expertise, knowledge base or you have passion for them.

Why should there be expertise? Ask yourself what you can be strong about. Which job you like the most, which the most recent skill that helps you make money is.

 It’s not really hard to find your own strength. Choose a field that helps promote your strengths to be the best, then start learning to improve your knowledge of that field every day.

Certainly, when you accumulate enough knowledge and experience, you will make money with that field. For example, when you earn Freelancer money, when offline jobs are posted online to find employees, it is “working online with expertise”.

A lot of Freelancer jobs that make money you can make good use of:
  • Translation / Writing
  • Design
  • Writing articles
  • Making videos (intro, PR, …)
  • SEO services (backlink, content, …)
  • Making websites, blog, …
  • Writing software for Online Marketing Programming
  • Increase visits for websites
  • Fanpage management

What if you don’t have any expertise? Start with passion and plan your studies, hone your skills gradually. If you are temporarily passionate or have no passion, it is very difficult to maintain money online.

When I started blogging Self-learning MMOs I did not even know that blogs can create money.

It’s enough if you have a desire to make money.

Please try with a method.

If you like to write, create a blog for yourself. Choose a topic then write freely, naturally, apply money-making methods.

If you like making videos, just get started.  Youtube will help you earn money.

Don’t worry if you are not an expert in a certain area, just create valuable content for readers, create a service and provide them. Money will come to you, believe it.

8/ Is making money online saturating?


Bill Gates said: “In the next 5 to 10 years, if you do not do business through the internet, it is better not to do business anymore.

Are there any opportunities for MMO?  I think this concern is totally serious.

Ooften when you first start, you cannot understand MMO. You understanding of the ways to make money online is only zero.

Many people think that there are too many websites on the internet, selling ANYTHING so the opportunities longer exist.

 There are too many blogs / websites / YouTube channels … posting all kinds of content, marketing all kinds of products, selling all kinds of items … so there is no chance to make money for anyone anymore.

They hesitate and then ignore good opportunities to increase their income.

Then there are people who do not earn income because they choose the wrong form to make money, they gradually lose faith in making ends meet on the Internet, give up it even if they do not know what MMO  really is.

 In fact, making money MMO has many forms, and each form has different advantages and disadvantages. If you are not strong in this aspect, you can choose to go to another form. The demand for learning, shopping, entertainment … of people has always increased over time so the so-called “saturation” doesn’t really exist.

Among hundreds of sellers and thousand buyers,  your opportunities are always there.

 Although there are many blogs / websites / Youtube channels … that exist, but they are only existing. Most of them have no real potential to generate revenue and profit. That is, money is almost impossible to generate from those blogs / websites / Youtube channels.

 If you are invested properly and appropriately, your blog / website / YouTube channel can become the most prominent one. That’s why, although there are many videos on Youtube, the number of new channels and videos created every day is still very high.

Does it work the same way with online sales, affiliate marketing?

The more E-commerce is growing – the more people shop online. And of course, you can absolutely generate income from online business or marketing products from affiliate marketing networks.

Try to make a difference, you won’t worry about being saturated.


Those are some sharing experiences that I have learned in the process of participating in making money MMO. One thing for sure is that even if you do any form of making money online, it requires effort, creation of new ideas and continuous learning to be effective. Remember, MMOs are only for a part-time job unless you consider it an official job.

Find out exactly about your own ability to make money online: time, knowledge, money, health …, if you feel it’s inappropriate then come back at another time.

Please give it the effort if you want to earn the money you want, if you just spend a bit of effort, you will quit soon.

 Hopefully this article answers questions, orient you into the path of making money online full of thorns but also full of roses.

 Please like, share and comment below.

Have fun !


   +   Product Launch: make money by selling upcoming products from suppliers.

   +   Affiliate marketing for major marketing networks such as AccessTrade, MasOffer, Civi, AdFlex  or Amazon, ClickBank, CJ …

   +   Youtube Partner: YouTube’s partner program.

   +   Google Adsense: make money from advertising cooperation programs with Google.

   +   Selling T-shirt Business T-shirts: making money from designing shirts and benefiting from shirt-selling platforms

   +   Freelancer: doing jobs on freelancer job sites.

   +   Write a game application and receive money from ads placed on that game.

   +    Online sales, online business: source and sell online on website, fanpage.

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