Zing Software Review- Leverage YouTube For Massive Attention

Zing Software Review


Zing Software Review- Product Overview

In the years to come, YouTube is forecast to be another virtual platform and become the dominant platform that affects consumer behavior with over a billion videos watched daily. Therefore, Video marketing is considered a useful and powerful tool for online marketers because your target audience does not have to read boring and long text.

However, not every online marketer will become successful in this field as they are lacking an effective way to create attractive videos or drive traffic to their website.

Some of them try to use some tools or software that are advertised to create videos quickly. However, they are not effective enough or they can be a scam, an event some of them require special skills and investing time and money to upload videos and get top ranking.

Don’t worry because the product I will review today is efficient software that lets you get massive free traffic without ever having to create a single video with a huge budget. It’s really an all-in-one tool because it is a 1-click drag and drop, video builder, built-in that makes it super easy even for the newest of newbies.

Zing Software is an amazing software that I have been using and absolutely satisfied with its profitable functions. Find out how you can profit from this too and get tons of targeted traffic, starting right now.

What Is Called Zing Software?

Zing Software is software that lets you get massive free traffic without ever having to create a single video. It is a 1-click drag-drop, video builder, built-in that makes it super easy even for the newest of newbies You can exploit free Google and YouTube traffic with this tool.

With one click on the “Purchase Button”, you’re getting the world’s Robotic YouTube App that gets you UNLIMITED free traffic without creating or ranking a single video, the step-by-step tutorials, the quick start guide, and 7 premium bonuses.

During the launch special you also get the bonus Tiktok traffic software, live chat support, and 10 – a day of the live training class.


Keep reading my review to check out the next parts of this Zing Software Review as how powerful it is will be revealed in detail.

The Creators Of The Product


This time, Billy Darr and his colleagues Dipanjan Goswami and Justin Opay once again bring you a new special product.

They’ve been working as a team of talented online marketers and software developers for many years now, with numerous launches and webinar promos and 20,000s users actively using and benefiting from their desktop apps and web apps.

All of their BLASTER products deliver real-life results. They are the mastermind behind several high-quality products such as Secret Commission Machine, Social Profit App, Cash Machines, FLUX, Klever, BossFunnels, …. with Internet marketing through video on the rise, they know that many people are interested in getting traffic by doing video marketing.


As a result, they came up with this product to help marketers tap into the lucrative business of getting an influx of traffic even if they are newbies or have no website or product yet. Now their proven software for reaching the perfect targeted audience will be included in their next product.

Stаy tuned for more detаils in the next sections of Zing Software Review.

Feature Details

I believe that Zing Software is here to save your day. This is a totally brand new out-of-this-world software that I have been using and absolutely satisfied with. Please take a look at its amaZing Software feature

  ♠    New Zing Software Software


This software is a brand new one that gets you unlimited free traffic within a short time from YouTube without recording or ranking any video…

With Zing Software, you will no longer have to switch between different desktops, working around the clock to make videos, which is totally exhausting and time-consuming.

  ♠    Over-The-Shoulder Video


As I mention since the beginning of this review, this tool is easy to use. To make sure you catch up with all the information and steps, it includes video tutorials that teach you the way to turn the free traffic Zing Software gets for you into an unstoppable sales Machine…

  ♠    Quick Start Guide


You will also get a beautifully designed, simple quick start guide that shows you how to use Zing Software to get unlimited free traffic & sales…

  ♠    You will also get some bonuses with high value

You will never find any other software that comes with many appealing bonuses like this:

  • Bonus #1: 1K A Day LIVE Invite – Worth $1,997
  • Bonus #2: $258 Discount Coupon – Worth $58
  • Bonus #3: Agency Licence – Worth $497
  • Bonus #4: 24/7 Support – Worth $997
  • Bonus #5: $100 A Day Case Study – Worth $297
  • Bonus #6: 20x Profit Campaigns – Worth $497
  • Bonus #7: Private Mastermind – Worth $997


How To Use

Step 1: Log in

Use the Zing credentials sent via your registered email to log in to the system.


Once you successfully log in, here is the Main Dashboard of Zing.


Step 2: Import Your Youtube Channel

Click to the “Social Accounts” section and click the “Import channel” or “Import account” button to import your account into this software.


Then, sign in to your YouTube account to finish the settings.


Step 3: Create Video

Click to the “Video Creator” section and you can literally create your own video from images, music, and videos.


[+]    Designs:

Inside this tool, you will get access to the categories including tons of different Designs from Digital Marketing, Education, Entertainment, Fitness,…

Select the designs that you want to search for in your video and then choose the design that you want to add to your video.


[+]    Video:

In this section, you have to choose to upload your video from the Stock Videos, Upload from PC, and Web URL.


[+]    Images:

This tool will allow you to combine your selected video with all of the available images from Stock images, Upload it from a PC, and Web URL.


[+]    Text:

This section provides you with different types of texts that you can add to your video.


Simply click on the text box and edit the content as well as other settings of this text.


[+]    Elements:

This tool includes pop-up boxes in all different sizes, shapes such as bubbles, cartoons, emojis, icons, flags, … Simply choose the elements and then add them to your video.


[+]    Audio:

Upload any audio file here. And click “Save” to save all of your settings.


Then, your created videos will be presented in the “My Videos” section. Click to the download icon to download the video to your PC.


Step 4: Upload Video

Click to the “Channel Manager” section and choose Upload Video to start uploading your created video to YouTube.


Next, click the “Upload new video” to get started


Then, adjust all the given information and click the “Create campaign” to finish your settings. And your video will be automatically uploaded to Youtube for you.


Click on the link and you can watch your uploaded video



Step 5: Channel Manager

Back to the “Channel Manager” dashboard, besides uploading your video to Youtube, this section also allows you to manage your uploaded video and the playlist, control the likes/comments and subscriptions of your videos.


1/ Video Manager

Click on the video manager and in this section, you can optionally edit the video if you want.


Then, adjust all of the information to edit your video and click “Upload Video” to finish your changes.


You can also manage the channel analytics of your channel through the “Channel analytics” section in the video manager dashboard.



2/ Playlist Manager

Click to the “Playlist Manager” section and add your new playlist by clicking on the “Add Playlist” button


Next, fill in the information to create your new one.


3/ Like/Comment Campaign

Click on the “Like/Comment Campaign” section, then choose “Create Campaign” to start creating a new Like/Comment Campaign.


Next, fill in the information to completely create your campaign


4/ Subscription Campaign

This section is similar to the previous one. Click the “Create Campaign”


And fill in the information to create your new subscription campaign


Then, you will have a report like this seen below


Step 6: Template Manager

Here you can add different templates for different keywords. This product will help you auto-reply your subscribers’ comments.


Step 7: Keyword Finder

Inside this section, you can just type any video ID so this product for search, and this product will give you all of the keywords and tags you need to add to your own video


User’s Experience

Let’s have a glance at those HUGE beneficial outcomes that this amaZing Software product can bring to you. After purchasing this product, you’ll discover:

    ♥    It’s multi-functional

Zing Software is an all-in-one video traffic solution. As I have introduced in the “Features” Section, it has many functions and you don’t have to pay money to buy different tools.

With Zing Software, even when you are a newbie, creating videos becomes much more simple and easier.

    ♥    It’s easy to use

You know, it takes ages to master your making video skills. However, with this tool, you don’t need to be a skilled Video Maker.

It requires the least thing. You even do not need a website because Zing Software will solve all the hard work for you such as creating videos in any niche with a drag and drop feature.

    ♥    It’s compatible

with both PC, Mac, Android, and IOS and you can use this on any device.

Newbies are getting results with Zing App & you will too:


Who Is It Designed For?

Zing Software is the only tool I rely on when I want to create videos and get high rank my videos on Youtube and Google. I highly recommend Zing Software to anyone who is keen on ranking videos without getting into technical stuff like SEO.

In short, it’s a must-have item for:

    +    Freelancer

    +    Affiliate Marketer

    +    Marketers

    +    Website Owners

    +    eCom + Amazon

    +    Social Media Marketers

    +    Local businesses

    +    Any other kinds of online business

Pros And Cons


    ♥    100% newbie-friendly

    ♥    No coding or design skills required

    ♥    No paid ads

    ♥    90 days money-back guarantee

    ♥    No monthly fees

    ♥    No tech, no list, No Website Needed

    ♥    Web-Based App Use On Any Device

    ♥   100% Unique & Never Seen Before

    ♥    No Video Creation, No Ranking, No SEO


    X    You have to make sure the Internet connection is good


Price & Evaluation

I highly recommend you give it a try to buy Zing Software for its usefulness

You can grab the big chance to buy it at its lowest price: $17

Front-end: Zing Software ($17)

Recap what you will get:


First of its kind YouTube traffic software…

It will easily let you deploy ready-to-use fully customizable funnels all at a 1-time price.

The Upsells

Upsell 1: Unlimited Edition ($39)

The Unlimited Edition of Zing Software has YouTube traffic, unlimited usage, unlimited traffic, and sales. It also comes with additional tutorials.

Upsell 2: Automation Edition ($39)

The Automation Edition of Zing Software lets you unlock the additional traffic features for even more free viral traffic.

Upsell 3: Done-For-You Edition ($197)

In this upgrade, our team aims to deliver Done-For-You traffic and Sales for your customers.

Upsell 4: Reseller Edition ($39)

The reseller edition gives you the right to sell the products throughout the funnel and keep 100% of the profits.

As you know the funnel contains professional high-grade sales copy, well-engineered killer animated VSLs throughout, and no expense Is spared.

You basically get their hands on the same funnel that would cost them $3,000 to build but you can get it for just $39.

Upsell 5: Luxury Edition ($197)

You will experience a very individual custom funnel setup experience.

The vendors actually set up a funnel for you on their hosting, with their accounts so you can build a list and make money.

Not only is the funnel completely set up for you, but the vendors also include autoresponder integration, squeeze page setup, follow-up emails added, and additional traffic tutorials.



Bonuses From Author Team

There are some helpful bonuses, which you have to grab before they run out.



Thank you for reading my review from the beginning to its end. I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. I’ve tried and feel TOTALLY satisfied with everything coming from Zing Software.

If you choose Zing Software, your satisfaction is guaranteed with a full refund in the first 90 days. As it’s a risk–free investment, you’ve got nothing to lose!

Try Zing Software today and let it generate huge profits and you will become successful like other customers who have tried this.

Don’t let doing marketing videos your burden with this powerful tool. Grab this chance right now before your competitors make the most use of it and leave you behind.




Fast-Action Amazing Bonus Package


Special Package: Build Your Online Empire


Package 01: General Bonuses


Super Bonus Package 01

Super Bonus Package 02


Step 1: Buy Zing Software on my website


Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

Step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours

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Thank you so much for reading my Zing Software review.


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