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Undoubtedly, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online from your website or blog, especially when you don’t sell products or services. With affiliate marketing, you need less time and less stress, but the commissions and profits you may get are really high.

And when it comes to affiliate marketing, effective affiliate campaigns and buyer traffic are two indispensable factors if you want your affiliate commissions daily.

While traffic helps you to meet your goals, and leads to more conversions, having an effective affiliate campaign will save your time, money and easily create a nice income.

So do you want to get an all-in-one affiliate system which:

[+]   Allows you to create unique affiliate campaigns for you from other people’s video content (legally).

[+]   And then lets you send buyer traffic to your campaign using a simple Google traffic loophole?

If your answer is YES, let’s follow my Wizzard review today!


What Is Called Wizzard?

Wizzard is a cloud-based software that delivers a complete affiliate solution. It gives you the ability to create complete affiliate promotions in minutes without experience or prior assets. And the process works by utilizing existing video content and instant traffic from Google search & YouTube ranking.

Wizzard Review- Meet The Vendors


Wizzard is introduced to you by Venkata Ramana who is a popular name in launching digital products. From software solutions to info products, this guy has done his part really well and delivers great value to his customers around the world.

You can find more comments or reviews about his previous hot products including Omni, Empire, Thriive, VViral, ARVO, VSuite, VidInc, FunnelXpress, Webbyo… in my websites or many others. I can guarantee with you that if you go on board with Venkata’s products, you are in good hands.

This time, in cooperation with Mark Bishop and Nakul Niwaskar, he is releasing his next revolutionary launch – Wizzard.

In the following part, you can find out what you’ll get inside.

Wizzard Review-What Are Features You Will Get?

Here’s exactly what you get inside Wizzard software:

  ♠  Create Complete Affiliate Campaigns In Minutes

Wizzard gives you the ability to create complete affiliate campaigns in minutes without experience or prior assets by using existing content and free Google search traffic.

  ♠  Uses Existing Content

With this app, doing affiliate marketing has never been this easy. The Wizzard process works by utilizing existing and repurposing content from the internet so you can roll out complete campaigns in minutes.

  ♠ Google Search Traffic In Minutes

No traffic know-how is required. Wizzard will leverage Google search traffic with just a few clicks using a hidden method Google will never tell you about. This little hack normally starts working in minutes! – No skills required, suitable for anyone.

  ♠ Create Easy Campaigns And Earn Easy Commissions

Now you can start seeing results and potential affiliate income online without experience, tech, ongoing costs, customer service, or even a website with Wizzard!

  ♠ Avoid Months/Years Of Hard Work

Wizzard is designed to work from day one without websites, tech, existing assets, and without additional costs… If you want to experience results as affiliates without months of tedious learning, then Wizzard will be a perfect solution.

Besides that, you also are able to:

[+]   Upload intro/outros and combine with existing video to make a new video.

[+]   Video options: Fetch existing video/Create Video from existing elements /Upload your own video

[+]   Extract description/tag/links for YouTube (automatic tag/title generation)

[+]   Upload custom thumbnail

[+]   Download finished MP4 from SaaS

[+]   Create and schedule ‘Ghost Live’ events for free traffic (No live events or streaming required).

[+]   Tracking: Check scheduled event is ranked in the top 10 for a particular keyword on Google or Youtube

[+]   20 projects per month (Videos)

[+]   Multi-Platform syndication

  ♠ Works In All Niches

Wizzard works with all major affiliate marketplaces without any exceptions or restrictions. Simply pick the product that you want to promote from any affiliate marketplace and grab your affiliate link.

  ♠ Step-By-Step Training

Are you confused because you are completely a newbie? Worry not! With step-by-step training included, it will show you all the ins and outs in this easy-to-follow. No matter who you are, this software enables you to start seeing the results you’ve always desired.

Besides that, you also are able to:

[+]    Upload intro/outros and combine with existing video to make a new video.

[+]    Video options: Fetch existing video/Create Video from existing elements /Upload your own video

[+]    Extract description/tag/links for YouTube (automatic tag/title generation)

[+]    Upload custom thumbnail

[+]    Download finished MP4 from SaaS

[+]    Create and schedule ‘Ghost Live’ events for free traffic (No live events or streaming required).

[+]    Tracking: Check scheduled event is ranked in the top 10 for a particular keyword on Google or Youtube

[+]    20 projects per month (Videos)

[+]    Multi-Platform syndication


Wizzard Review- How To Use

– From the dashboard, you will need to click on ‘Create New Campaign’ to get started:


– Then, enter your campaign name and ‘Submit’:


– After that, just enter the keyword and location:


Wizzard will then give you a list of related keywords from various sources so that your video will rank better.


– You can then upload your intro, main and outro video from your device or paste its URL.


– In the third step, you will have everything ready for you including the main keyword, title, description. You can upload event thumbnail so that it will be much more captivating for your viewers.


– Eventually, click on ‘Create Wizzard Video’ to finish:

– You will then be led back to the Wizzard dashboard. You can choose from the 4 options below to start generating massive traffic without any video creation required.


For more details, please check my instruction video below:


Why Should You Grab Wizzard?

For most people, setting up an effective affiliate campaign and being able to send buyer traffic to the campaign isn’t as straightforward as it seems, which is why Wizzard is an All-In-One affiliate solution for you.

This software uses existing content and a Google traffic loophole to send traffic, which means you can create complete affiliate campaigns and start driving buyer traffic to them in minutes without bells and whistles.

Furthermore, Wizzard is totally easy to use and perfect for newbies. You are able to create effective affiliate campaigns in minutes from existing content, without barriers & regardless of experience level. It even offers detailed step-by-step training that shows you exactly how to create your first affiliate campaign in the next 5 minutes!

Honestly, with this simple all-in-one affiliate system, nothing is stopping you from creating a life-changing affiliate income from anywhere in the world! Don’t hesitate, grab it now and be ready to launch your first affiliate campaign with traffic starting tonight!

And let’s take a look at what users talk about Wizzard:


Wizzard Review- Price And Assessment


Let’s recap everything you will get inside this product:

Clearly, Wizzard is all about affiliate results without the usual long-winded approach. You can:

[+]   Decide which product you want to promote.

[+]   Use it to extract and repurpose existing video content (No creation required) & upload it.

[+]   And get Google to send targeted search traffic (normally in minutes).

But guess what? How much do you pay to get it? Yeah, all you have to pay is just $17 which price can’t be cheaper. Believe me, Wizzard will deliver a complete affiliate solution without the bells and whistles & without the learning curve and costs.

However, if you are on the fence about this product then climb down off of the fence now and get Wizzard before it’s too late. The price is increasing soon, so be sure you get the best deal!

Besides that, if after trying the software, you are not happy with the results, then you can claim a full money back refund within 30 days of purchase. Thus, this cost-effective product will satisfy you immediately! You are not taking risks in buying this product!


The Upsells


In addition, if you want to get more advanced features, you could consider some upgrades below:

OTO 1: Wizzard Unlimited ($67)

This upgrade allows you to:

[+]   Create unlimited projects – Create unlimited videos (store 3)

[+]   Enhanced research module events created automatically

[+]   Multiple Events /Project – Unlimited Traffic Potential

[+]   Unlimited keyword Targeting

OTO 2: Wizzard DFY90 ($97)

Wizzard DFY90 comes with:

[+]   10 reseller products

[+]   Ready to use videos

[+]   Each product comes with guaranteed approval

[+]   Pays 90% commission on all sales

OTO 3: Wizzard VSE ($47)

[+]   Wizzard VSE reverse-engineers Google page 1 ranking factors

[+]   Traffic Light – Color Coded Competition Display

[+]   Reveals untapped, trending, buyer keywords ready to rank for in minutes.

[+]   Ranking Swipe – Reveals, extracts, and uses the hidden ranking data from successful competition

[+]   Works in any niche.

[+]   Video from page tech

OTO 4: Wizzard Partner Program ($47)

[+]   Reseller package – Unlimited Sales

[+]   Includes promotional material

OTO 5: Wizzard 1k Week V5 ($127)

1k Week V5 is a full fill-in-the-blanks affiliate system including video instructions and 10 Done-for-You products.


Who Is Wizzard Suitable For?

It is clear that Wizzard is intended for people who want to quickly and easily create their first affiliate business without the huge learning curve and regardless of their level. From my perspective, it’s a must-have tool for:

+   Affiliate Marketers

+   Local/Agency Marketers

+   Newbies

+   Students

+   Freelancers

+   Anyone looking to make money online

Wizzard Review- Pros And Cons


♥   No video creation or experience required

♥   No traffic knowhow required

♥   100% newbie-friendly

♥   Available low price

♥   Massive and valuable bonus pack

♥   No special skills or experience required

♥   Works in any niche

♥   5-60 mins per affiliate campaign

♥   Free buyer traffic for every campaign

♥   Step-by-step instructions included

♥   30-day money-back guarantee


X   Up to now, there is not any.


This is the end of my Wizzard review today. Hopefully, you will get all the information about this product and easily give your purchase.

To be honest, Wizzard is the ultimate tool to start building your own affiliate business. It allows you to create effective affiliate campaigns in minutes from existing content without barriers & regardless of experience level.

And don’t forget that the price will rise soon, so let’s buy it right now to get the best deal!

To conclude, thank you and wish you have a good decision!





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Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

Step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.

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