LinkoMatic Review: Effortlessly get high-quality premium leads from Linkedln

LinkoMatic Review


Dear friends and fellows all over the world,

Based on its global advertising audience reach numbers, LinkedIn had at least 808.4 million members around the world in January 2023. This makes LinkedIn become one of the world’s top social platforms.

LinkedIn is the number one platform for Inc. 500 companies with 87% of the Inc. 500 companies using LinkedIn to tell their stories, recruit, and network.

So, it comes as no surprise that in the year 2023, LinkedIn refers to the best place to attract premium leads & high-ticket payments in any niche. Although such a platform is the ‘holy grail’ for getting premium leads and high ticket payments, it can be complicated and time-consuming.

If it gets on your nerves that you don’t have any tools to throw yourself into this platform with confidence, no worries, let me introduce LinkoMatic – the high-class LinkedIn suite to make a huge profit out of the platform.

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LinkoMatic review- The summary



Victory Akpos et al


LinkoMatic Reloaded

Official website

Front-end price

$29.99 (one-time payment)

All-in-one LinkoMatic bundle

YES, included FE + OTO1 + OTO2 + OTO3 + OTO4 + All Bonuses + Premium Support + Full Refund Policy.

LinkoMatic Bundle price

$297 (one-time payment)

LinkoMatic bundle’s Discount coupon

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LinkoMatic Bundle website


Yes, a Huge Bonus from the author team and from my HudaReview team


30-day money-back guarantee

What is this product about?

LinkoMatic is a revolutionary new software app that takes everything that used to be time-consuming and complicated about LinkedIn and makes it simple through the power of advanced automation.

This tool safely automates your LinkedIn tasks so that you can focus on getting the real work done. 


Meeting its creators


This product is brought to you by the team of Victory Akpos et al.

He started out just like every other local marketer, with little resources and some ambition to build a better life for himself. During his career, he has serviced hundreds of clients in a wide variety of niches and these days has a huge number of students benefiting from his products. 

He has been through the ups and downs while certainly learning a thing or two along the way. Here are some of his successful previous launches that you may have heard of: LocalCentric, DFY Review Funnel, TubeTargeter, PodCentric, VidCentric White-Label, VidEra..etc.

What can you get inside this software?

LinkoMatic is packed with all the features you need to automate your results with LinkedIn:


What’s included when you get LinkoMatic today:


And today you will get a free commercial license, then you can use the software app and resell what you create to other online marketers or even local business owners.

This is an easy way to make steady 3 to 4 figures per client. You set your own prices and keep 100% of the profits for yourself.

Bonuses from the creator team

Purchase this LinkoMatic today, you have a chance to get all bonuses below for TOTALLY FREE from the team:


Click the button below to access the main sales page:


LinkoMatic Review- Pros and cons


  • No prior LinkedIn experience is required.
  • Easy-to-use cloud-based app with no tech skills needed.
  • This brand-new app automates LinkedIn tasks to save time and boost your results.
  • Get premium leads and high-ticket sales.
  • Step-by-step ‘quick start’ training included.
  • 3 ‘done-for-you’ high-ticket campaigns are included for an easy way to profit with this app.
  • Real-life case study: $8,372 in 9 days with this simple app.
  • A commercial license upgrade is included for free when you get this now.
  • 24/7 support service
  • 30-day money-back guarantee without question asked.


  • I am so satisfied with this creation

Who should invest in this tool?

LinkoMatic works for anyone who wants premium leads and high-ticket payments.

You should seriously take this into consideration if you’re affiliates, coaches & consultants, product owners, agency owners, freelancers, e-commerce store owners, newbies, or just any marketer who wants to pad their bank account with multiple high-ticket payments.

LinkoMatic review- Using details

How does it work?

First of all, you need to enter your email and password to sign in:


It lands the Main Dashboard like this:


Create Audience

You have 3 options to create audiences: Create from search, create from the post or create from my network:


From Search

You will fill out all sections here. Choose the profile language, keywords, locations, industry, etc:


From Post

You just need to click on the circle that you want to set up:


My Network

You just need to follow the same manipulations, fill in all categories, and type positive and negative keywords:


When you’re done, the system will show up on the managed audience board. You can know how many contacts you can focus on and have the next right strategy:


Message All Connections

It allows you to send messages to all your connections at once time. You can save time, and effort and deliver your promotions to them on time:


It will be like this:


You can insert your affiliate link here. The more people reach your link, the more chances you can have to earn commissions:


Get Connection Information

You can get instant access to all the information of any of your LinkedIn connections fast:


There are many amazing functionalities inside LinkoMatic, buy it and explore it more.

For more details, please watch the using instruction video below:

LinkoMatic App Demo Video

Why should you grab this LinkoMatic?

Discover some reasons why you should grab it home!

♥   Quickly activated and easy to use

LinkoMatic is super easy to use with almost no learning curve, so even beginners can jump right into the action and get results. It only takes a few seconds to get the software activated and ready to go. 

This tool makes it easier than ever to close the deal and generate high ticket payments regardless of your industry or niche. The engaged leads buy more and this easy-to-use app automates and simplifies engagement so you get better results.

♥   Special training that generates leads

While there are many training courses about FB, Twitter, and Instagram, LinkedIn is still an unspoiled land. As you can see this LinkoMatic platform isn’t as popular as social networking, however, it is full of potential to get your business off the ground.

For me, after considering its special content, tips, and tricks, I’m quite sure that this training could be the one that gives you the wings to fly higher in your career. The better quality leads you get, the more sales you’ll make, and the better your results will be.

The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll be able to start making money with LinkoMatic. You thus take action right now!

LinkoMatic-feedback-1 LinkoMatic-feedback-2 LinkoMatic-feedback-3

How much do you have to pay for this software?

FE: LinkoMatic Premium

The reasonable price for the total package of LinkoMatic is $29.99 (one-time payment). In fact, with only a small amount, you can access its extreme exclusiveness and remarkable features.

With this great offer, you are getting access to an amazing and exclusive source of expertise about LinkedIn that hardly anyone has previously discovered. Even for me – quite an experienced marketer in this field, I’m completely satisfied with this software.

Especially, this product is being offered with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means you are making a 100% risk-free investment – you can ask for a complete refund within 30 days if the quality doesn’t live up to your expectations!



All-in-one special LinkoMatic bundle offer

Yes, with this purchase, you will get the front-end product and all upsell versions below + all bonuses offered by the creator team & my team, too – at a one-time price of $297.

Moreover, you will receive all the bonuses that the development team provides in the front-end and the upsells. Especially, you will get VIP support and a full money-back guarantee.

This amazing deal will end soon. So, check it and get it as soon as possible for the best price!

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LinkoMatic review- The OTO details

In addition, below are the upsell versions for you to take into consideration if you are really serious about the journey of online marketing:


The sales page:

Price: $157 (one-time payment)

This LinkoMatic Fast-Pass edition is for customers who have purchased the front-end product but still want to buy all the OTOs/Upsells with the highest discounted price.


The sales page:

Price: $57 (one-time payment)


This upgrade removes all limitations and unlocks additional money-making features inside LinkoMatic, so you can 10X your profits with no additional work…

Here’s what is included when you upgrade to LinkoMatic Unlimited:

✅   Create UNLIMITED Audiences

When you upgrade to Premium all audience limitations are removed so you can maximize your leads and sales.

✅   Export UNLIMITED Leads

Since you’ll now be able to get an unlimited amount of leads, we’ve also removed ALL limitations on the amount of leads you can export from LinkoMatic.

✅   Send Unlimited Messages

All message-sending limits are removed when you upgrade so you can skyrocket your results and quickly boost your sales.

✅   All Other Limits Upgraded To UNLIMITED

The creator team has also removed limitations on everything else to make this version of LinkoMatic truly 100% UNLIMITED.

✅   Push-Button Email Marketing App

They are also giving you access to a powerful Email Marketing App that you can import unlimited leads into and send unlimited emails.

Downsell 02:


Save $20 with this downsell when you purchase the OTO2.

LinkoMatic OTO #3: Done-For-You LinkedIn Marketing Agency Setup

The sales page:

Price: $77 (one-time payment)


Here’s what is included when you get this powerful ‘done for you’ upgrade:

Ready-Made LinkedIn Marketing Agency Website

  • This website looks stunning
  • It’s already battle-tested and PROVEN to get clients
  • This is fast and easy to get live with no prior technical skills or design experience

Highly-Optimized LinkedIn Marketing Email Sequence

Just fire these proven emails out and you’ll have to pay clients in no time with NO cold calling or hard selling required!

Pimped-to-Sell Telemarketing Scripts for Linkedin Marketing Services

If you want to hop on the phone and land a client with no fear, these scripts are proven to get results without any stress.

Ready-Made Sample Linkedin Marketing Powerpoint Proposal

This PowerPoint Presentation looks great, it’s easy to customize, and you can use this to do presentations, get leads, or even run paid workshops.

Print-Ready Commercial Graphics Template

Easily customize and make your own without any technical or design skills needed.

High Paying Client Video Course with White Label Rights

Use this to attract clients, conduct a seminar, or even sell it for $497+ over and over again to businesses…

Downsell 03:


Save $20 with this downsell when you purchase the OTO3.

LinkoMatic OTO #4: 50 “Done-For-You” Money Making Campaigns

The sales page:

Price: $47 (one-time payment)


Get access to 50 “Done-For-You” copy-and-paste profit-generating campaigns that are PROVEN to convert and payout life-changing commissions.

  • 50 ‘Done-for-you’ campaigns
  • Everything is ready to go so you can start making money fast
  • Send unlimited leads from LinkoMatic and make high ticket commissions
  • No prior experience required
  • Create a life-changing 6 figure income

Downsell 04:


Save $10 with this downsell when you purchase the OTO4.


The sales page:


  • 100 licenses: $197 (one-time payment)
  • 250 licenses: $297 (one-time payment)
  • Unlimited Licenses: $997 (one-time payment)


  • Unlimited reseller rights license
  • Resell LinkoMatic for any price you want
  • You get to keep 100% of the profit for yourself
  • Includes ‘done-for-you’ sales page and marketing materials
  • The development team will handle ALL support and updates for you
  • Fast and easy way to quickly create another income stream with LinkoMatic

Downsell 04:


  • 100 licenses: $97 (one-time payment)
  • 250 licenses: $197 (one-time payment)
  • Unlimited Licenses: $297 (one-time payment)

LinkoMatic OTO #6: ‘Done For You’ Reputation Management Agency Setup

The sales page:

Price: $47 (one-time payment)

Launch a six-figure brand reputation management agency using our innovative AI-powered application. This cutting-edge tool effortlessly monitors and addresses reviews on behalf of local businesses, enhancing their online reputation and driving increased leads, sales, and profits.

  • Easily link Google My Business (GMB), Facebook, Yelp, Trustpilot, Capterra, Amadeus, Foursquare, and more with just a single click.
  • Efficiently plan and publish bulk posts on Google and Facebook platforms.
  • Enhance reputation scores across various platforms.
  • Effortlessly oversee and reply to Google Questions & Answers.
  • Effectively manage customer reviews in a completely hands-free manner.
  • Attract a larger customer base by boosting search engine rankings and visibility.
  • Monitor competitors and dissect their strategies.
  • Effortlessly enhance local search traffic.
  • Instantly optimize GMB presence with a single click.
  • Streamline GMB presence optimization with a simple click.
  • Gather video reviews via QR code scans.
  • Heighten sales by establishing trust and credibility.
  • Compile a list of all review contributors.
  • Offer local businesses a monthly service fee for comprehensive review and reputation management.
  • No need for technical expertise—absolutely no learning curve.
  • Fully cloud-based. Every process is automated.
  • Includes a free commercial license, aiding in the launch of a brand and online reputation management (ORM) agency.

Downsell 06:


Save $10 with this downsell when you purchase the OTO6.

LinkoMatic OTO #7: ‘Done For You’ Augmented Reality Agency Setup

The sales page:

Price: $47 (one-time payment)

  • Enterprises Enthusiastically Embrace Advanced Solutions Such as Augmented Reality
  • LinkedIn Serves as the Optimal Platform for Presenting This Solution
  • Acquire a Fully Preconfigured Augmented Reality Agency Package
  • Comprises an Impressive Agency Website to Draw in Potential Clients
  • Incorporates Field-Proven Client Acquisition Instruments and Materials
  • This Comprehensive Package Provides All Essential Components for Securing Lucrative High-Ticket Payments

Downsell 07:


Save $10 with this downsell when you purchase the OTO 7.



The ending

Thank you for your time reading my LinkoMatic review. I hope I have given you enough information to clear up any hesitation about purchasing this amazing product.

With that in mind, the final decision is yours to make. All to your success and see you in my next review!



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Step 1: Buy LinkoMatic Premium on my website


Or you want to check the all-in-one LinkoMatic Bundle offer first:


Add my code: “50off” – save $50

Step 2: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected].

Final step: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.

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