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UpStorz Review


UpStorz Review- Product Overview

We all know that eCommerce is powerful but how big is it exactly? It is estimated that by 2023 there will be over 3 billion people who regularly shop online, accounting for over 6+ Trillion USD of sales.


Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, businesses are forced to shut down. This has caused detrimental effects to businesses all over the world but on the other hand, it does bring about opportunities for lots of people.

Buyers have no other options but to shop online and they have grown used to shopping online during the pandemic.


As you can see the growth of eCom is rising rapidly and if you want to cash in money online, this is high time! The question is why do people refuse to start up their own eCom business while it’s extremely profitable?

The answer is there are so many problems involved in creating your own eCom store:

  • There are so many products, options, and opportunities – where to begin?
  • The struggle of generating traffic and sales and getting visitors to engage with your site
  • The complication of building an eCom store including graphics, HTML, headers, footers, and inventory

What if you can eliminate all of the struggles above and jump right into making money with eCom right away? Please check out my UpStorz review and see how you can do that!

What Is UpStorz?

UpStorz is a web-based eCommerce store builder which comes loaded with many features that are premium on other platforms. The groundbreaking power of UpStorz will make your experience of selling online as easy and pain-free as possible!

Apart from that, you will also get a functional mobile app that is compatible with both iOS and Android to operate your business from your pocket.

What really sets UpStorz apart from other software is that it enables you to drive traffic to your listings boosting your profits!


Curious yet? Let’s move on to the next part to see who is behind this product!

About The Creator – Karl The Shark


This product is brought to you by Karl Schuckert (A.K.A. Karl The Shark). He is currently a part-time vendor, meanwhile, his main career is mostly focused on mastering the internet marketers’ work.

Currently, Karl is the co-founder at Global Ripple Marketing, whose missions are to deliver practical marketing solutions to users worldwide. During years of operation, this enterprise has satisfied 99% of its clients.

Some of his remarkable products are: Kuicklist, NowDriven, Blogashop PRO… They have received tons of positive reviews from not only users but also from experts across the globe.

This time, he is back to bring you UpStorz which I’m sure to do wonders for you! Please scroll down below for its detailed features!

Feature Details

Let’s take a closer look at what is inside of UpStorz:

♣   Mobile Friendly Website

Google loves mobile-friendly sites! UpStorz will automatically make your site mobile-friendly helping your site to rank higher. If you want to maximize your sales and fully utilized mobile commerce, this is your perfect option!


♣   IOS an Android App

You totally can manage your store with your mobile phone! This feature enables you to save much more time for more essential tasks including building customer relationships, strategizing the direction of your store, and many more.


♣   Social Media Traffic Generator

You can totally integrate UpStorz with the following Social Media Platforms:


Especially, UpStorz posts to the 4 most downloaded social media apps in the world which are Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Whatsapp. This allows you to maximize your store exposure and the traffic you can generate.

Traffic is the lifeblood of any business and now you don’t have to worry about getting traffic or pay for it anymore as UpStorz has got you covered!


♣   Favicon Management

Favicon is often taken for granted but in fact, having a favicon in your tab and bookmark is extremely crucial for branding and customer recognition. And these two factors are the key to your eCom business success!


♣   Ready Templates for Policy Pages

For every store, Policy Pages are a legal obligation! What they do is get your customers acknowledged of your site’s terms and conditions, privacy, returns, and refund policies without having to spend time and money creating them by yourself!


♣   Major Payment Integration

When your store is display ready payment gateway with Paypal and Stripe, it will appear more trustworthy and safe to your customers boosting your conversions!


♣   Recommended Products

With this feature, you can offer alternative or similar products on each product page so as to cross-sell and link sell exactly like what Amazon does.

This is inevitably a smart tactic that is used by lots of successful brands online and now you can use it too!


♣   Inbuilt SEO Ability

UpStorz enables you to add meta tags for all your products so that they can be easily found on any search engine. This is an effective way to get higher page rankings and drive in free and targeted traffic!


♣   Inventory Management

UpStorz will automate inventory tracking for you which helps save much more time reducing when stock is sold and increasing when an item is returned.


♣   Shipping Management

You can choose to display free, flat, and custom shipping to your store visitors as UpStorz has got it all! Everyone will fall in love with flexible shipping options!

Thanks to this innovative feature, you will be able to make your profit margins bigger and skyrocket your conversions and sales!


♣   Zipcode Checker

You can define a list of postcodes/zipcodes that are available for delivery. This feature enables customers to check the delivery area before ordering.

Also, you can pinpoint the accurate shipping cost and get higher margins and sales!


♣   Testimonial Builder

Your store will look more trustful and professional to visitors with testimonials and reviews. With UpStorz, you can have full control over their visibility and hence, increase your conversions!


♣   Bulk Product Upload

The simple-to-use product management system of UpStorz allows you to bulk upload products. Imagine how much more time you can save for more important tasks!


♣   Unlimited Images per product

You can add as many images per product as you want to – there are absolutely no restrictions! This feature enables you to show products from all angles, highlight finer details with close-up shots, thus, increasing your conversions and sales!


♣   Email/SMS Templates

You can also notify customers of the status of their order and promote sales or special offers thanks to this feature!


♣   Inbuilt Live Chat Support

It is undeniable that live chat is the best customer service assistant ever existed which helps you to maximize your conversions. There is absolutely no need for you to pay extra for an external live chat solution because it is built-in with UpStorz!


♣   Automatic Menu Generation

As I have mentioned, there is little to no manual work involved with UpStorz. Specifically, UpStorz will also generate a menu on autopilot saving you much more time and working on something much more important!


♣   Create Collection in a few clicks

This feature allows you to select products from different categories to create a collection like Christmas Gifts, Valentine Gifts, Gifts for her…

This can be shared as a single link. It is totally great for SEO as it generates new links on your site!


♣   In-App Notifications

Whether you are using the Web App or Mobile App, you will be immediately notified of orders, inquiries, or registration so that you can take action fast. This feature is such a conversion and trust booster for your business!


♣   WhatsApp Link for Live Chat

Fast replies are extremely crucial in this modern time when people’s attention span is so short! According to research, the store offering fast and efficient customer care will win the eCommerce game. UpStorz has got you covered so as to help you become the winner!


♣   Email and Whatsapp Updates

This feature allows you to get instant updates with Email and WhatsApp so that you can easily know what is happening to your store and take everything under control. Proving leading-edge customer service is not that difficult anymore with UpStorz!


♣   Sync Contacts to your phone book

Being omnipresent is so important for any business as it maximizes your store exposure to the public and enables you to generate as much traffic as possible.

UpStorz works seamlessly with multiple platforms like mobile phone contact management software so this is undoubtedly a major timesaver!


♣   Share directly from your mobile

As I have mentioned above, UpStorz is totally mobile optimized so that you can tap into the rapidly growing mobile commerce market without any hassle!


♣   Size Charts

This feature ensures your store visitors have the easiest and most pleasant shopping experience possible! With this size charts feature, you can make sure that your visitors are feeling enjoyable and carefree shopping on your site!


♣   Theme Modifications

You can easily modify your theme based on your personal preference. You can absolutely make it look brilliant and optimized for massive conversions and sales.


♣   CNaming for Domain Mapping

It’s important that you have your own domain for your brand. Thus, UpStorz has included these features within the remit of UpStorz.


♣   Business in your pocket eCommerce Store

As the world of e-commerce moves towards mobile transactions, you need to have a feature-rich mobile-enabled store to capture that growing slice of the business.


♣   UpStorz works with the following browsers



How Does It Work?

As soon as you log in to UpStorz, you will be able to see its dashboard with everything you need to set up and manage your store together with your eCom store statistics:


♣   Add new category/sub-category

On your site, products will be displayed in different category sections allowing visitors to easily find what they need.

Click on categories on the left column and click on ‘+ Category’ to add a new category.


Enter the category name and click on ‘Save’


The same goes for sub-categories: click on ‘Sub categories’ and ‘+ Sub category’


Then choose a pre-created category and enter a sub-category name.


You can follow exactly the same process for adding new variants and sub-variants.

♣   Add products

Click on ‘Products’ on the left-hand side and then choose ‘+ Product’


You can choose to add a single product or add multiple products at once.


Firstly, I will show you how to add one single product: You need to fill in all the required information and upload product images from your device. When you are done, just click on ‘Save & Continue’:


Move on to the next step, you can choose a variant for the product you have just added. However, these features requires you to purchase. In case you don’t want to purchase it, you can continue to use the Inventory Management feature as shown:


In case you want to purchase this feature, this is what it looks like working with it. You can first click on ‘+ Add’ to add variant(s) to your product.


Then, select your variant and sub-variant type.


You can add as many variants as you want and edit them based on your personal preference:


I will now show you how to add multiple products. First, click on ‘Upload product images’ and import images from your device.


When you are done, click on ‘Next’


You can then tick the box to select any product you uploaded and proceed to the next step:


You will then need to fill in the required information which is exactly like what you have to do with adding a single product.


UpStorz will then ask if you want to create a collection out of the selected products.


Then, you will see your uploaded products’ statistics as shown:


♣   Customize your store

First, click on ‘View Store’


You will then be able to edit your eCom store in any way you want including changing its color, layout, background, adding/removing sections…


♣   Major payment gateway integration

With UpStorz, you can integrate your store with any payment gateway you want. You can even choose the Cash On Delivery option allowing your buyers to pay by cash once they receive their orders. In my review, I’ll show you how to integrate your store with Stripe.


After that, just enter your Stripe account information and that’s it!


♣   Email/SMS Template

Click on the ‘Email/SMS Templates’ on the left column.


Email template: All you need to do is just select an email template and customize it if you want to.


SMS Template: the same goes for an SMS template as you only have to select an SMS template and customize its message!



My Opinion

♥   You can easily set up your own store and manage it with UpStorz even if you are a complete newbie

As you can see from my using instruction, it is undeniably easy and simple to follow and I find no difficulty using UpStorz. Even if you are a complete newbie, you can get started with UpStorz right away!

♥   UpStorz is the most comprehensive store builder ever existed

I know that there exists so much store builder software on the market right now. But hey! Some of you might have experienced one or even a few of them and end up being disappointed as they require lots of manual work inside!

Unlike that, UpStorz impressed me with its comprehensiveness as there is no:

[+]   Hosting

[+]   Page builders

[+]   Tracking links

[+]   Shopify, Wix, or Magento with their huge fees

[+]   Selling

[+]   Spending hours posting to social media

♥   UpStorz just save you much more time and money while eliminating any hassle along the way

To be honest, I am tired and exhausted with other competitive platforms.

Additionally, other platforms cost me lots of fees per sale while hiding away my customer’s list which prevents me from reaching out to my future potential buyers.

Thus, I am always searching for a marketplace platform like this and I am so grateful that I came to know about UpStorz.

Also, I know lots of people spend hundreds of dollars trying to get a marketplace site of their own by outsourcing. Thanks to UpStorz, I don’t need to waste lots of money and time while being capable of creating absolutely professional and highly-engaging marketplace site!

What I like best about this platform is it comes with a mobile app enabling anyone to easily manage their store, take immediate action to keep everything under control! UpStorz just gives you the chance to enjoy the comfort of selling from your mobile phone!

I highly recommend this product as it is a must-have for everyone who is doing online business and in need of an effective way to sell your products or services online.

Just give it a try and see how it can transform your life!

Let’s take a look at what other people talk about this product:


Who Should Buy This?

Apparently, UpStorz is a good match for anyone who wants to run their eCom business effectively. Especially, if you appear on the following list, you should really take this into consideration:

And the list goes on and on…

Price And Evaluation

UpStorz FE

Let’s recap what you will be getting with this product:


For UpStorz, you have to pay a $29 – $39 one-time fee. This is insane as it is only a small fraction of the product’s actual worth! However, I believe from my review, you know how valuable this opportunity is to have your own eCom store without having to pay so much per sale.

You can never get the chance to create your own marketplace which is as comprehensive and proven-to-work as this one. Let’s look at the image below to see how outstanding UpStorz is:


Also, the price will increase shortly after so be sure to grab this chance quickly. I know you don’t want to miss out on it and regret it later!

People have been successful with their own eCom business and you’ll be the next one if you take action today:


Don’t hesitate because if you are not satisfied with this product, you can always get a FULL refund within 14 days of your purchase. Thus, this is not only a low-cost but also a risk-free investment! I promise that you are only paying LESS for much MORE!


The Upsells

Besides, if you want to maximize benefits from this product, please consider these upsells once you check out:

OTO 1: UpStorz PRO+ Unlimited ($97 Annually or $19 monthly)

The front-end version is already great but this version just takes UpStorz to the next level with unlimited everything:

[+]   Unlimited Products

[+]   Unlimited Collections

[+]   Advanced Reports

[+]   Advanced Analytics integration

[+]   Unlimited Products

[+]   Private Site for B2B users

[+]   Automatic SEO tags based on the product information

[+]   Facebook Messenger

[+]   Unlimited Sub Users

[+]   Ratings and Review

[+]   Faceted Search

[+]   Many more shipping options

[+]   Automatic upgrade and addition of new plugins and features as they are developed.

Downsell 1: UpStorz PRO+ LITE ($67)

With this down-sell, you get everything in PRO+ but:

[+]   Limited products (500)

[+]   Limited Collections (300)

[+]   FB Messenger and FB Pixel are not available.

[+]   3 sub-users available.

[+]   New features will not be available


Here is everything that you will get with this upgrade:

[+]   Mobilize Mobile app Store on iOS and Android for your store

[+]   Push Notifications

[+]   Automatically synchronized color scheme.

[+]   Same modules as the home page.

OTO 3: UpStorz Reseller

With this upgrade, you can sell UpStorz as your own product and keep 100% of the profits!

[+]   25 Licenses $197

[+]   50 Licenses $297

[+]   100 Licenses $347


UpStorz Review- Pros And Cons


♥   Cloud-based

♥   Mobile optimized

♥   Capture leads for repeat sales and brand loyalty

♥   No previous tech or designing skills needed

♥   Create your own eCom store effortlessly

♥   No competition

♥   Updated valuable features

♥   Easy setup

♥   Work for any niche

♥   Full training given

♥   Push-button system

♥   VIP Support

♥   14 days money-back guarantee


X   I have no complaint about this product.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Bonus From The Creator

When you purchase this product, you will be getting these huge BONUSES from the creator:



I hope my UpStorz has given useful information for you. Please put in mind that this kind of product cannot be any cheaper. This product is a pearl of great price and I’m sure you don’t want to regret later for missing it.

Once again, I hope you can make a wise choice. Thank you for your reading my review!




Fast-Action Bonus Package

























































Step 1: Buy UpStorz on my website


Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

Step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours

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