UncleNeon Review- Make Your Videos Go Viral With The Cutting-Edge Neon Effect

UncleNeon Review


UncleNeon Review– Introduction

More and more brands are choosing video as advertising material, or marketing content on social networks in today’s digital marketing strategies. Short video content is increasingly focused on and many businesses are leveraging the power of this form for brand positioning strategies, quickly achieving an emotional connection of users and brands.

Today, the attention time for a video is only about 10 seconds, so businesses have to try to shrink and edit the layout to ensure that they still convey the right promotional message and still capture the full attention of viewers.

Grasping the changing trend and updating the situation quickly, Tiktok – the famous application with short videos fast dominated the market and became the application with the most downloads today.

If you notice, since the story feature in Facebook was born, it has been extremely well received and many people tend to post stories rather than post pure posts. The birth of Instagram Reels or Youtube Shorts also proves how the attention of viewers has changed.

What you need to do is create such short videos but with more effects and higher quality. Although it only lasts 10-15 seconds, it is an opportunity for your business to attract the attention of customers. Videos on the market are many and how to stand out?

Creating Neon Video could be a solution. So, to be able to create neon videos with simple operations, I recommend UncleNeon.

Hi, welcome to my UncleNeon review.

UncleNeon Overview


Creator Roshni Dhal, Gaurav Madaan & Yogesh Agarwal
Product UncleNeon
Official website READ MORE
Front-End Price $67
Bonus Yes, Huge Bonus
Skill All Level
Guarantee 30 days money-back guarantee
Niche Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!

What Is UncleNeon?

UncleNeon is a 100% cloud-based application that will help you to amplify your reach & impact by creating mesmerizing, engaging & stunning neon videos for effortless virality.

Create engagement exploding viral glowing Neon Videos in just 3 simple steps:

STEP #1: Upload the video you want to turn into a viral machine

STEP #2: Scribble your animations or choose from a template library of 100 Pre-done neon animations

AND STEP #3: Hit render

Who Brought UncleNeon To You?


It is brought by Roshni Dhal, Gaurav Madan, and Yogesh Agarwal, who are the affirmed names in the market.

Roshni Dhal is a serial tech entrepreneur from India and has been featured on Linkedin as a “Top Voice Awardee”. She is the brain behind million-dollar SAAS companies.

Gaurav Madan is in charge of the Digital Marketing Revolution in India training 100,000+ Mentees and has made great contributions to the most successful SAAS paid campaigns resulting in Millions of Dollars in Revenue.

Yogesh Agarwal is an experienced software developer and a Serial Tech Entrepreneur. His solutions have helped thousands of businesses to generate more revenue.

Their talent can not be denied. That is why I recommend to you some of their previous launches like StockNation 3.0, ZeroTouch Agency, Quizzmate, and StockNation Birthday Special.

What Does Uncleneon Include If You Buy It Today?

It is a fact that videos are the language of the Internet, but because of mass adoption, it’s extremely difficult to stand out. Normal videos are boring, neon videos pop out literally, and are certainly the video engagement weapon of 2021 & beyond.

Previously, it was hard to create as it needed to be made by high-end video editors with high levels of technical expertise required. But today with UncleNeon, it helps you to create neon effect scribble animation videos so that you can get more eyeballs, engagement, and distribution. Keep viewers glued to the screen for every single second of your video using:

⇒   The Breakthrough O.D.D Video Editor Technology

Create amazing neon effects of your choice using open, draw, and download technology:

⇒   Ready-Made Templates

Choose from 100 done for you animations to fasten your video creation:

⇒   Point And Click Customisations

Customize your videos from the neon colors to the width of your strokes:

⇒   Full HD Resolution, Unlimited Renders

Make unlimited full HD videos with unlimited renders without any monthly fees:

⇒   Ready To Use Neon Text Effects

Make glowing neon text effects with premade 80+ text effect combinations:

⇒   Emoji Library

Spice up your creations using emojis. We all love them adding creativity to the videos:

⇒   Easy To Use Frame Editor

Made a mistake while editing? No worries use undo, redo, copy-paste, and revert options for easy edits:

⇒   Stroke Styles

Add more versatility to your Videos using Strokes like Spray, Diamond, Square, Pattern, Circle, etc:

⇒   100% Cloud-Based

Whether you have a low-end or a Slow Computer, you don’t have to worry. As everything is hosted in the cloud, nothing to Download:

⇒   Step By Step Training

The System is so comprehensive and Powerful, it will be guiding you step by step on how you can make incredible Neon Videos:

⇒   Top-Notch Support

If you feel that you are stuck at any place, the Support Team is always ready to assist you with your Creations:

⇒   No Monthly Fees

You can get Lifetime Access with Unlimited Renders for True Freedom and Scale for your Business without any Monthly Fees:

About using details

How Does It Work?

Firstly, you need to log in to your UncleNeon account:


It will be landed on the main dashboard like this:


Step 01: Create New Project

Hit this “create new project”, then set the name for it.


You can set the time duration and trim it by pulling the bar.

Step 02: Scene Editor

Come to the list of scenes and choose the video you want to edit.


The editing section is clear and you just need to click on each of it and custom until your need is met.

UncleNeon-demo-5 UncleNeon-demo-6

There are many templates to choose from. You can search with the topic to get results faster.


Step 03: And Add Text


Change fonts to make the video more attractive:


Step 04: Animation Setting

You need to choose a solid color and transition color for your video. This step decides the neon colors that will appear on your video. Select a color and shape for it.


There is a frame bar below allowing you to manage the process easier. You just need to click on each section to edit and take turns. If you want to use the same design for your whole video, just select “Apply for all”, quickly you have done.


Before rendering the video, you need to choose the right format and configuration so that when you upload to different social networking sites, your videos are complete and not cut.


And that’s all, watch a demo video to know how easy it is. I bet anyone can do it.

UncleNeon Demo

Why Should You Buy This Deal Right Now?

There are many kinds of videos you can enhance via UncleNeon. You should not think neon videos are difficult to use and picky viewers.

Maybe you were wrong. The need to use video for each promotion strategy is extremely clear, but using only simple videos without a little breakthrough, no matter how good the video content is, can’t satisfy people.

You not only have to make sure about the hearing but also the visual part plays a very important role.

When using the Neon effect for your video, you can easily notice the difference and it seems to take your video to a new level. You can thoroughly apply the Neon effect to promotional videos, sales videos, Facebook ads videos, Affiliate review videos, product demonstrations, real estate videos, dance videos, Youtube vlogging videos, special offer videos, tutorial videos, sports videos, and so on.

Regardless of the field, the neon video will make your campaign more attractive and well-received by viewers. Don’t just produce videos with only voice and images, incorporate more advanced effects to get more people to click on your videos.

Here is how you can profit from Neon Videos you create:

  ♥   Go Viral And Get Free Organic Traffic

Neon Videos tend to catch the viewer’s attention and people tend to go wow with your Mesmerizing Effects. This results in more sharing across social media leading to more Organic Traffic.

  ♥   Slash Your Advertising Cost

In the Ads world, if you can stop the user’s scroll – you have their attention. So using neon effects for the first 3-5 seconds help you to drastically increase your CTR’s and decrease your CPM’s.

  ♥   Get More Revenue And Clients

Getting Attention is the key and UncleNeon videos take care of it. Once you have your prospects’ attention, sell them your offering and make more revenue for your business.

  ♥   Sell Your Videos For 100% Profits

Today the neon trend has picked up, from social media to Hollywood everyone wants these effects. So selling them is very easy and in turn, you keep all the profits with the commercial license.

  ♥   Grow Your Social Media Channels

The Blottermedia Account proved that when you upload these videos, your accounts start to grow super fast. You can in turn monetize your social media accounts with Shoutouts, Sponsorships, and collaborations big time.

There is no monthly, recurring fee at all. You will notice easily that even with a top-notch application like this, the price is too affordable.

Neon Videos inherently require high technology and many supporting devices to be able to perform operations smoothly.

It’s not hard to pay a monthly fee of several hundred dollars for such tools, but with UncleNeon it’s a different story, if you buy this product today on my site you can cut off that amount and turn any ordinary video into viral glowing neon scribble animation video for massive reach and impact using the first to market revolutionary O.D.D technology.

Price And Upgrades

The front-end

There is nothing out there like UncleNeon which has spent countless hours perfecting it so that you can simply buy this copy to make profits and enjoy the results.

Today, you can purchase this app for only $67. This unique app and system can get saturated if enough people start using it. Which is to close the doors to UncleNeon soon, to prevent saturation.

This is NOT ‘fake scarcity’ by the way. I want you to stay profitable, do not let this opportunity be gone forever. If you want to be part of this opportunity, simply click the button below.



The Upsells


Remember this deal may expire anytime without notice as soon as the goal for early adopters is met. The price will rise to $47 per month in the near future. Also, you can take a look at some upsells options:

UPGRADE #1: UncleNeon OTO1 (Uncle-Neon Snap) ($47-$67)


[+]   Turn ordinary images into neon-animated masterpieces with the O.D.D technology

[+]   UncleNeon photo edition makes it super easy for you to transform static images into glowing neon animated images which is great to hack attention on social media platforms and get traffic

[+]   Complete O.D.D photo editor

[+]   100 DFY animations

[+]   Unlimited video renders

[+]   45 days data retention

[+]   Commercial license included

[+]   30-sec video length

[+]   Training step by step

[+]   Quality video rendering

[+]   Unlimited renders

[+]   Point and click customizations

[+]   Ready to use neon text effects

[+]   Ready to use emoji library

[+]   Versatile stroke styles

[+]   100% cloud-based web app

UPGRADE #2: UncleNeon OTO2 (Platinum Version) ($197)


[+]   Multiply your creativity by unlocking 400 new glowing animation templates, multi-aspect ratio videos, gif exports, letterboxing on videos, and 4k renders in your account.

[+]   150 new neon glowing animation templates added instantly to your account

[+]   20 new neon glowing animation templates are added to your account every month for the complete year

[+]   Custom neon animation template request

[+]   Multi-purpose video capabilities

[+]   Letterboxing videos

[+]   4k renders

[+]   Gif exports

[+]   Multiple renders simultaneously

[+]   90 days of data retention

[+]   Bonuses worth $xxx

[+]   14 days money-back guarantee

UPGRADE #3: UncleNeon OTO3 (DFY Agency Toolkit) ($67 – $77)


[+]   Kick start your UncleNeon agency services with the professionally designed done-for-you website, proposals, a sales video, telephone scripts, outreach emails, and ads.

[+]   Agency website to sell

[+]   Done for you ads

[+]   Done for you vsl

[+]   Done for you cold outreach emails

[+]   DFY professional business proposals

[+]   DFY SMS script

[+]   DFY converting call script

[+]   10 sub-user accounts

[+]   Done for you marketplace gig listing

[+]   Done for you legal contracts

[+]   E-sign contracts with your clients


UncleNeon Review– Bonuses From The Creator Team

Purchase this product today, you will get all bonuses below for totally FREE:


Who Should Buy UncleNeon?

UncleNeon is a big present to you, an innovative breakthrough cloud-based solution which empowers every common person to create these videos at an affordable price that too without the know-how of complicated tech skills using the O.D.D video editor technology.

This is the only video tool you need to get the attention you desire. It will be perfect for:

+   Video Agencies

+   Content creators

+   Freelancers

+   Business owners

+   Digital marketers

+   Social media managers

+   Bloggers

+   eCommerce

+   Sports teams players

+   Celebrities

+   Song makers

+   Production houses

+   Realtors

+   Influencers

+   Vloggers

UncleNeon Review– Pros And Cons


♥   You can create unlimited videos for your clients for maximum profits

♥   You can sell for as much as $50 – $150

♥   No limits or restrictions

♥   No hosting, monthly fees

♥   No storage cost

♥   No rendering fees

♥   You can keep 100% of profits

♥   Nothing to install and you can work on any computer

♥   Versatile and customizable

♥   There is no limitation on the number of renders as such. You can render unlimited videos with a commercial package.

♥   You don’t need to download any other software to use UncleNeon. It’s an independent video saas web application.

♥   You do not need to have any kind of technical skills to use UncleNeon

♥   It includes shoulder training to help you use UncleNeon and its video editor to maximum effect.


X   It will be a perfect choice for all businesses to get more eye-balls, shares, leads, and sales like never before.



To sum up, this review is just a reference and all decisions depend on you. I have made an effort every day to bring you the best products ever.

As a review writer like me, the quality of the product is the prerequisite and you can believe in me. The cheap price may not last too long and not everyone can buy at a low price. Take action now to become one of the fastest people to own it.






Step 1: Buy UncleNeon on my website (please clear your Cookies in your Web Browser (Ctrl + Shift + Delete) first).


Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

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