Trafficize Review- The Ultimate Tiktok And Instagram Traffic Booster

Trafficize Review


Trafficize Review- Introduction

Social media is a great source of traffic that everyone loves to dive deep into. In fact, it’s undeniably true that the social traffic driven from your social account is targeted – you can be sure what they’re interested in at least 95%. But the point here is it may look weird to advertise or promote multiple businesses, web pages, or offers in your social media bios.

I mean, of course, you can post anything you want on any page you want; however, this makes you look unprofessional and your recommendation sounds less reliable.

One of the biggest problems you’re likely to face right now is how to direct social media traffic to the right offers and places. What if I say you can attach all affiliate links to a page that can be posted on your account?

What if I say you can also do it the other way around – that you can attach all your social accounts to a page and draw traffic from other sources to build up your traffic? That’s amazing, isn’t it?

In fact, this problem can be deterred in a matter of minutes if you have access to a newly discovered method called Trafficize.

Let’s discover the product through my review.

What Is Trafficize?

Trafficize is the cloud-based app that lets you access the most innovative traffic link and bio page platform so that you can hassle-free turn your TikTok, Instagram, or pretty much anywhere you use it into a traffic siphoning magnet.

With Trafficize you can now create as many backlinks as you want on both hottest social platforms, being able to tap into this huge combined traffic source.

People can put their websites, lead magnets, and offers in front of engaged buyers without ever having to change their profile or bio again.

The Expert Team Behind This- Paul Okeeffe Et Al

Richard-Fairbairn-Paul Okeeffe-Steve-Harvey

It is Richard Fairbairn and his talented teammates Paul Okeeffe & Steve Harvey that have recently introduced this top-notch traffic tool Trafficize.

Richard Fairbairn is no longer a strange name to internet marketers as he released dozens of hit products to serve MMO purposes. Richard’s strengths are certainly his expertise and working experience in the field, which helps him to deliver practical marketers’ solutions and defeat other vendors.

Just take a look at Marketers Boost, Curation Cloud, AgencyBud, Funnels Kit, Social Studio or Listify and you’ll see.

There is no good reason why you should neglect the offer to her as obviously it’s the best of its kind. The next part will show you all the killing features you’ll get inside.

What Will You Get Inside?

  ♠    Biolink Pages

Normally you can display just one link on your pages, but with Trafficize, they’ve created a way to get over that hurdle so you can display various links for various offers. All you need to do is add your links to your money pages, post, and watch the traffic flood in.

  ♠   Shortened Links

One link to rule them all! You’ll never need to use a link-shortening service such as Bit-ly ever again. Say goodbye to unsightly long URLs with the Trafficize in-built link shortener.

  ♠   In-Depth Statistics

You’ll also love the fact that the software gives you keen insight into every single link you ever create inside of our platform. You’ll be able to see clicks, impressions, referral traffic, uniqueness, browsers, devices, the latest activity on your links, and more!

Perfect for knowing who’s engaging with your posts and profile and creating offers to target those people.

  ♠   No Need For Any Web Hosting

Because everything is done on the cloud server, you’ll never have to pay any extra web hosting expenses. This way you can get started today and start generating traffic immediately without waiting for your hosting company to set things up.

  ♠   Use With A Custom Domain

If you want more control over your branding, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can also use Trafficize with any domain you own. Just follow a few steps in the platform and your custom domain will be linked to our software in no time!

  ♠   Verified Instagram Check Mark – Major Trust Factor

Not only will you be able to get more traffic to more offers with multiple links, but you’ll also be able to create trust with all the traffic that views your offer.

It’s a known fact that Instagram puts a checkmark on verified profiles and by having this addition on your bio and pages, you’ll have a confirmed authentic presence in the eyes of your visitors.

  ♠   Google Analytics Ready

If you want more control over your tracking, they’ve also integrated Google Analytics inside the platform. Just add your analytics id and you’ll be able to view all the data you need in your Google Analytics account.

  ♠   Facebook Pixel Ready

If you’re running paid ads through Facebook, then you’ll love the pixel tracking included in their platform. They’ve made this super easy to add your tracking pixel. Just copy and paste the pixel I.D. where they show you (takes 30 seconds), hit update and you’re done.

  ♠   SEO Options – Perfect For Appearing In Google

It’s a known fact that sometimes your posts can appear in search engines. Especially if they start going viral and picking up steam as Google wants to always show the most relevant content to its users.

So, to make sure you appear the way you want, they’ve created an option for you to add page titles and meta descriptions to your bio links pages.

  ♠   UTM Parameters – More Google Analytics Customization

They didn’t just stop at giving you the option of using Google Analytics, but they’ve also taken it a step further with the UTM parameters option. This way you can track specific text strings when your links get clicked on and view this data in your Google Analytics log.

  ♠   Social Buttons – Build Your Following On Other Networks

You can also redirect traffic to other networks so you can build your reach more online. Add social buttons to your pages that include Facebook, FB Messenger, Email, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube Channel, LinkedIn, Spotify, & Pinterest.

Plus you can customize the colors of these buttons too!

  ♠   Over 7000+ Font Awesome Icons Included

Awesome fonts are completely integrated inside the Trafficize dashboard. This way you can access over 7000+ different font icons to make your pages stand out.

  ♠   Schedule When Your Links Display & Disappear

Have more control over the links you post on your pages by turning them on and off automatically. This is a great way to rotate links without having to constantly do it manually day in and day out.

Just pick your start and end date, press update, and go about your business. The software will handle the rest!

  ♠   Drag And Rearrange The Order Of Your Links On Your Page

If you want to change the order of the links on your page, they’ve got you covered. Just a simple click and hold of your mouse lets you arrange the links how you want them to show without having to delete each link and start over.

  ♠   Add Animations To Make Your Links Stand Out

You can also add animation to each link if you choose. Select from animations such as tada, wobble, bounce, rubber band effect, swing, shake, and more.

This is a perfect way to draw attention to any desired link above the others.


About using details

How To Use The Software

Step 1: Log In

Use your account to log in to the system and then click Login.


This is the main dashboard of Trafficize when you log in successfully.


Step 2: Create New Project

From the main dashboard, click Create Project to start.


When the project board pops up, enter the name here and click Create.


Within one project, you can create multiple links. Click Create link and select the type of link you want to create.


In this example, I’ll create bio link pages.

Step 3: Set Up Biolink Pages

From the screen here, enter the custom alias of your link here and click Create.


In this step, you have two tabs: Settings & Links

About the Settings section, you’ll need to enter the title, description, text color, and so on.


All elements on this page are fully customizable. You can also use the ‘Leap Link’ feature to redirect your audience to the new page.


There are other sections to select and set up too.


For example, if you want to add social information to the page, go to “Socials”


For each social account added, its icon will be shown on the page.


With the Links section, click on the “Edit” icon to edit, duplicate, see statistics or delete.


For the link setup, you can schedule the exact time to activate the link.


Remember to click Update to save all your changes.

Why Should You Buy This?

Here is the result page of the demo.


As you can see, this page is created within a few minutes with the help of Trafficize and there is no need to use any other tools to create this stunning page. The system does not deliver a winning method but also gives you all the essential tools to save costs.

In addition, these are some good reasons why you should seriously consider Trafficize.

♥   Link Multiple Money Pages To Get Traffic Converted Into Money

By using the software platform, you can bypass the one-link restriction and you can connect multiple offers on your bio pages that let you get paid and test for accurate data. Best of all, this only takes minutes, but can pay dividends forever!


♥   Perfect For Newbies And Advanced Marketers Alike!

Getting traffic is still the #1 struggle for most online entrepreneurs. This is true for those who are just starting out and those that have been marketing online for years. But when you get access today, you’ll be able to turn on the traffic tap at a moment’s notice.

This is great if you have new offers you want to test, revive old offers, or even push traffic to sites, posts, podcasts, or other social platforms too!


♥   100% Runs In The Cloud – No Messy Downloads Or Installations!

Trafficize is designed to be totally independent of personal computers and installations. So, it doesn’t matter what your operating system is.

You simply need an internet connection, and you can get going immediately. This way there’s no conflicting software on your computer to fight with. You’ll be able to siphon traffic right out of the gate!



Price And Evaluation

Trafficize FE


On Nov 4th EST at 3 pm, the Trafficize launch starts with an early bird price of $27. This special offer will soon increase on a dime sale and be changed to a recurring payment at the end of this launch. So, this might be the only chance you have to get your hands off Trafficize.

Your low investment is backed up by the 30-day money-back guarantee, which allows you to try the software first and if you have any dissatisfaction during the trial, feel free to ask for a complete refund.


The Upsells

In addition to FE, you can make more money with the following OTOs:

OTO 1: Trafficize Autobahn ($37)

    +    Plus Gold: $87

    +    Platinum: $97

The autobahn addon lets Trafficize run in the fast lane so you can experience more traffic, sales, and profits without doing the hard work.

Use this software to increase reach by cross-promoting your TikTok content on other social platforms.

Not only does it give you more opportunities to enhance your credibility, but you can easily stay on top of the minds of your targeted audience on a long-term basis.

TikTok marketing is the hidden key to reaching out instantly to widely scattered customers and boosting ROI in a convenient manner.

Here are just some of the features included in this new software:

  • Growth Analytics – Keep track of any public TikTok profile and generate day-by-day statistics.
  • Projections – Generate predictions based on already existing data.
  • Export To CSV Or PDF – Some of the data from the generated TikTok profile reports can be also exported.
  • API – The ability to access the stored TikTok-related data via a REST API.
  • Tiktok Video Downloader – Download TikTok videos in MP4 format and download the Music of the TikTok video as well as in MP3 format.
  • Lists – Create, update and delete Lists to help you save and categorize specific TikTok profiles that you want to keep track of.


OTO 2: Trafficize TikTok Empire ($97 + $7.95 Recurring)

Trafficize TikTok Empire is a completely Done-For-You TikTok business, guaranteed to bring in your first set of followers.

This will all be unique to you, designed to turn your TikTok accounts into an evergreen traffic machine


OTO 3: Trafficize Turbo – Monetization Edition ($47)

Instantly monetize your Trafficize bio-pages with their Turbo Platform.

The Turbo platform gives you a huge set of over 70+ DFY offers, DFY Bonus Pages, and over 200+ bonuses that you can use to give away in your promotions.

You can add these offers to your Trafficize profile to instantly monetize and start earning straight away. You can even build your own campaigns inside the app thanks to their drag’n’drop campaign editor.

  • Over 70 campaigns are ready to go.
  • Build your own campaign drag and drop.
  • Over 200 bonuses to use with your campaigns.


OTO 4: Trafficize Business Accelerator – Your Own Turnkey Online Business ($497 or 2x $249 or 3x $169)

Users will be able to start their very own online businesses. Simply pick from one of 5 different niches and the vendor team will build an automated/outsourced/reseller business for you – designed to generate passive income.

You don’t even need to buy your own inventory or own any of your own products as your store will be fully stocked from day 1.



Bonuses From Author Team

Get this Trafficize today, you will get all bonuses below for free from the author team to maximize your benefits:


Who Should Buy This?

As I’ve mentioned before, the product suits the need of newbies or advanced marketers. That’s why I can’t deny the fact if you’ve ever needed social traffic, the offer here is going to excite you.

With Trafficize, you can:

  • Use it to make money from affiliate offers.
  • Generate all the traffic you need for your own products.
  • Build an email list you can market to over and over again and make a bank.
  • Send traffic to CPA offers every day if you wish.
  • Use it to build your followings on other networks and have more reach online.
  • Get more leads into your funnels.
  • Get more clients for your coaching programs.
  • Generate more sales from your eCom stores.
  • The possibilities are absolutely endless!

You should get one copy of the software if you are:

  • Internet marketer.
  • Local business.
  • Social media marketer.
  • Content creator.
  • Influencer.
  • Anyone who uses social media for your business.

Pros And Cons


  • 100% newbie-friendly software
  • No download or installation needed
  • Quick setup tutorials included
  • Suitable for both newbies and veterans
  • Exploit the two hottest traffic sources
  • Created by real traffic experts
  • Unlimited possibilities to make money
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


Up to now, there is none.


Just think about your future by having an awesome tool like Trafficize. If you have never thought about how to set one foot in such competitive niches, Trafficize can make your elusive dream become real. Just make sure you consider buying this cloud-based software, I bet you don’t want to miss this anyway.

Once you start your business with Trafficize, you’ll wonder why you tried anything else! Your bright future is lying inside this no-risk low investment, and now it’s your choice to take it or not!

Besides, if you buy this product through my link, you can also get these huge bonuses below (Please remember that these bonuses are not for the TRIAL or FREE versions):











Special Bonus Package 02






































Special Bonus Package 03













Step 1: Buy Trafficize on my website


Step 2: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

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