SurveyChimp Review- Take The Guesswork Out Of Your Business

SurveyChimp Review


SurveyChimp Review- Overview

These days, data collection is getting popular in different kinds of businesses as no matter what you are selling, you need a targeted promotional campaign.

And then, people invented the ‘survey’. We all choose it because there is no better way to find out what customers or leads need and then deliver that to them.

For offline businesses, surveys offer laser insight into how they are doing and for modern marketing outfits, intelligent segmentation of leads via a survey leads to a big uptick in conversions and product fit.

However, this thing gets a bit more complicated every day. While there is a myriad of survey tools out there, hardly any tool can provide you with decent features to get the best out of what you collected through your survey.

Fortunately enough, I got a recommendation from a friend to use SurveyChimp. This product was insane, literally, it was super easy to use and fully loaded with tons of features.

I know there are tons of products out there to take home, but it’s a part of our mission to help you use your money wisely. Stay tuned to this review to find out more interesting info about SurveyChimp.

What Is SurveyChimp?

SurveyChimp is the next-generation survey app that lets users segment responses, automatically detect positive/negative sentiment using the most powerful AI engine, and even run surveys direct as conversations in messenger.

The best thing is surveys can be run on multiple platforms from one link, using their smart URL technology. You can add people to specific email lists based on their answers, take them to different destination URLs based on responses and show different questions based on what answers they give.

In short, SurveyChimp is the ultimate survey tool for marketers.


About The Creator- Martin Crumlish et al


Martin Crumlish is a renowned Jvzoo vendor with years of experience in the marketing field.

With that in-depth knowledge, up to this point, he has already launched over 20 credible products. Many of them, such as zSuite, WP Dollar, Info Bar, and OneSoci 3.0, managed to achieve massive sales after just a few days of launch.

This has proved his stable talent for developing the software and Crumlish’s top positions in many leaderboards are definitely reasonable.

Feature Details

Here are some powerful features packed inside the member’s area of SurveyChimp:

♠    Responsive Survey Tool

Create gorgeous-looking surveys in just minutes.

The done-for-you templates and the pre-written question bank makes it a ‘zero-effort’ task that requires absolutely no technical or copywriting skills and prior experience on your part.


♠   A.I. Powered Intelligent Surveys & Sentiment Analysis (First To Market)

Run highly engaging surveys and 1-Click sentiment analysis.

Based on responses… send offers or redirect respondents to offers that match their interests and watch your conversions skyrocket. (Isn’t that similar to what Google does? – Yes, exactly!).


♠   Smart Opt-ins And Smart Bonuses

With SurveyChimp you can deliver custom bonuses and/or redirect your traffic to custom opt-in forms to claim their bonuses based on their responses.

Generate laser-targeted leads and segment them into lists that you can send offers to… later.


♠   Sell Unlimited Surveys

Know of a business that doesn’t need more leads?

Create lead-capturing surveys for clients and charge them $200 – $500 easily per survey & analysis. You can even charge extra for segmenting lists based on responses to provide highly-targeted leads.


♠   SMTP Integration

SurveyChimp allows you to integrate with multiple well-known SMTP services like – Amazon SES, Mailgun, Postmark, SendGrid, Mailjet, Mandrill, and other SMTP relay services so that you experience better email inbox deliverability and also reduce the risk of being blacklisted.

♠   Set Survey Logic

Use this amazing feature to redirect your respondents to different offers and pages based on their responses. Enter pre-decided keywords or options that would trigger this redirection.

♠   Add Retargeting Codes

Easily track and retarget your visitors who did not complete your surveys by adding retargeting codes in just 1-click.

♠   Launch Survey With QR Code

Created specifically for local businesses… This feature allows you to have your customers scan the code and take up the survey.

Highly useful in the case of restaurants, dentists, chiropractors, and other such offline businesses.


♠   Embed Survey In Web Page

Got a website? Great. Just copy the auto-generated embed code and paste it into the backend to have your survey up & running on your website.


♠   Easily Share Survey URL Anywhere

Send your survey link via email or on various chat platforms like Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc… or even during a webinar to keep the engagement levels high.

♠   IP Blocking Enabled (One Survey Per IP)

No point in running surveys if your results are skewed. With SurveyChimp they have not left anything to chance. You can simply enable the IP blocking feature to disallow multiple respondents from the same IP address. Get the results you and your clients truly deserve to improve business & profits.

♠   Voice/Talking Surveys With Voice Feedback/Response Feature

Now create voice surveys if you have such a hatred for typing. Save time & effort. This feature allows respondents to complete your surveys by recording their answers verbally. Watch your competition rate skyrocket.

♠   DFY Survey Templates + Question Bank In Top Niches

Get access to gorgeous survey templates that speak to your customers, employees, or your target audience.

You can use the designer templates and save yourself a ton of time. The built-in Question Bank created by their team of top marketers and copywriters ensures that you aren’t missing any valuable questions.


♠   Run Surveys With Your Own Branding

Along with your profits, your business will surely grow too. You can customize your surveys with your branding without anyone else’s watermarks or logos.

♠   Schedule Surveys

Plan and line up your surveys in advance. Create and schedule feedback surveys even before your products go live. Run your surveys as and when you want.


SurveyChimp Review- About using details

How to use this app

Step 1: Log In

Use your account to log in to the SurveyChimp system:


Once you log in successfully, this is the main dashboard of SurveyChimp.


Step 2: Create New Survey

From the main dashboard, click on Create new survey to continue:


Enter the survey name into the box. If you don’t want to add questions manually, turn on the Question Bank to use the built-in questions:


The question bank is built into different categories so you can select them from the category list here. Click Let’s go to continue:


Step 3: Choose A Template

Now, you get access to their library of templates with many different templates for surveys inside:


Simply click on the ‘Proceed’ icon on the template to continue:


Step 4: Work On The Survey Question

The survey is divided into 4 parts: download page, survey part, thank you page and disqualify page. Simply switch on the button on the page to make them visible:


Here is a part of the page editor:


You can add the opt-in form to any page you want:


With the survey page, click on the pen icon next to the question to edit:


Please remember the survey is fully customizable, even when you use their question bank:


You can add more questions to the survey or delete them. Also, you can use the embed code to insert videos:


Step 5: Set A Survey Logic

This will help you to control the behavior of your survey and to skip your survey respondents from a certain page to specific destinations based on their answers:


Step 6: Go Through All The Settings

All the settings required to run the survey are divided into 11 sections:


Step 7: Launch The Survey

You have 6 ways to launch this survey so remember to go through them all before you pick the right one for your need:


For example, this is all the settings for the option “Launch as a popup”:


Besides these 7 steps, you might need to work with


This section is built to connect your accounts to the software:


Survey Analytics

This section gives you detailed insights into the results brought back from the survey:


You can export data from the survey in many different ways:


Using Experience

Honestly speaking, I fell in love deeply with SurveyChimp right on the first day I went through all its features. I strongly believe this product is a game-changing weapon for any marketers on their way to getting a better understanding of their buyers and leads.

Among many forms of survey you might once run into, SurveyChimp can deliver the best experience for both creators and survey respondents.

Simply put, there is no other survey platform in existence that does everything SurveyChimp does. Some of its features are the first to market when it comes to smart survey tech, such as A.I. Powered Intelligent Surveys & Sentiment Analysis.

Especially, this is not solely about understanding your buyers but also about collecting leads and building a list. Just have a look at this option which allows you to direct respondents to a certain list based on their answers.


Feedback from customers:

SurveyChimp-feedback-1SurveyChimp-feedback-3Those are some experts opinions:


Price and evaluation

SurveyChimp FE

This offer is made simple to buy, meaning that you have two options (Basic $32 or Ultimate $37) to choose from.

Recap everything that you will get:


However, I have an inclination toward the Ultimate version. Not only does it allow you to deliver unlimited survey campaigns, but also most advanced features I’ve listed above are exclusively packed in this version.

You can have a look at the table here to see the detailed difference between these two versions.



The Upsells

In addition to the FE, you can enjoy more powerful OTOs at a very reasonable price as below:

OTO 1: SurveyChimp PRO

    +    PRO: $87

    +    PRO+: $97


Unlock SEVEN brand-new incredible features & premium assets to multiply your profits with SurveyChimp.


OTO 2: SurveyChimp Agency ($147 – $197)


Start selling your surveys for top dollar with this 100% DONE-FOR-YOU SurveyChimp marketing package.


OTO 3: SurveyChimp DFY Package ($49 – $49 – $77)


Get access to DONE-FOR-YOU surveys in the hottest niches AND join the Elite SurveyChimp Template Club for a One-time fee


OTO 4: SurveyChimp White Label ($297 – $397)


Get FULL White Label Rights TODAY and sell SurveyChimp under YOUR OWN brand & with YOUR OWN logo.




Who Should Buy This SurveyChimp?

Every single Internet Marketer out there needs this to get their life easier. If you belong to the list below, SurveyChimp is 100% highly recommended:

  • Internet marketers
  • Online marketers
  • Offline marketers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Social media marketers
  • Website owners
  • Online business owners
  • Bloggers
  • Freelancers

Bonuses From Author Team

Get this amazing product, you will get all bonuses below for free from the author team to maximize your benefits earn from the main product:


SurveyChimp Review- Pros And Cons


  • Create unlimited campaigns (with the ultimate version).
  • Built-in survey question bank in top niches at no extra charge.
  • 1-click share on social media networks for viral traffic.
  • Seamless autoresponder & webinar integration.
  • 100% cloud-based & mobile responsive.
  • Fully customizable surveys for your branding.
  • Pick-n-use from done-for-you survey templates.
  • Deploy smart opt-in & bonuses for response-based giveaways.
  • Zero monthly fees, No extra rendering fees.
  • Unlimited surveys, No learning curve, No survey storage costs.
  • Free commercial license, No hosting costs.


Up to now, there is none


Conclusion- SurveyChimp Is 100% Recommended!

Hopefully, all the previous parts have shown you a clear look inside this powerful survey generator. I strongly believe this product is 100% worth buying, especially since you can make your decision confidently due to the 100% Risk-Free money-back guarantee.

If you’re not happy with the software for any reason, simply let the friendly support team know (via email) and they will give you a full refund with no questions asked.



Fast-Action Amazing Bonus Package


Special Package: Build Your Online Empire


Package 01: General Bonuses


Super Bonus Package 01

Super Bonus Package 02


Step 1: Buy SurveyChimp on my website


Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

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