Split Test Monkey Review- Take All The Hard Work Out Of Testing And Tracking Every Component Of Your Blog

Split Test Monkey Review


Split Test Monkey review- Introduction

It is said that one of the simplest ways to boost post-click landing page conversion rate also happens to be the most effective.

That’s why businesses everywhere are increasingly allocating more of their budget to the powerful and relatively pain-free method of optimization known as split testing.

Split testing hasn’t always been so easy. Most split-testing scripts and platforms in the market were expensive or hard to set up and unless you were a programmer or had the money to invest, you were left out of the loop.

Most people are on the path to failure in split testing. Maybe you are too. But you can change your trajectory right now. Starting today. And you can start making a whole lot more money as a product vendor.

There’s no better time than right now to boost your opt-ins, increase your clicks and maximize your sales, and you won’t find a better way to do it than Split Test Monkey.

With Split Test Monkey, not only is testing going to be a whole lot easier and cheaper but it’s also going to be a lot of fun!

Let’s check it out!

Split Test Monkey Overview



IM Wealth Builders & Matt Garret


Split Test Monkey

Launch Date

2022-Nov-10. 11:00 EST

Official website

(through the Jvzoo platform)


Official website

(through the WarriorPlus platform)


Front-End Price



Yes, a Huge Bonus


All Level


30 days money-back guarantee

Split Test Monkey Review- About this product

This is a software in the WP Toolkit Suite of products that makes it simple for you to split test almost any type of online asset or page, from opt-in forms and landing pages to sales pages and order forms, and so on.

To figure out if Split Test Monkey would be a powerful tool for marketers, please roll down to find out the awesome features of this software.

What Does This Software Provide For You?

Here’s what you get when you create your account today:


Types of tests can run with your new Split Test Monkey software:


With Split Test Monkey, you’ll know at a glance how your tests are performing with simple-to-understand statistics…

Every test you run includes built-in reporting that shows your traffic, your conversions, and percentages along with helpful campaign data so you can easily monitor your results wherever you are with an internet connection.

Split Test Monkey also comes with 3 alternative testing options that work with both the Split URL & Dynamic Snippet tests – check them out below:



Who is the vendor of this Splittest Monkey?

IM-Wealth-Builders Matt-Garrett

This Split Test Monkey is brought to you by IM Wealth Builders, also as known as Matt Garret who has long gained a good reputation in the online marketing field due to his broad vision of making products that aid digital marketers in running their campaigns smoothly.

Some of the most famous products which have been previously released and have generated more than millions of dollars in online software sales can be named as: WP Optimiser, Covert Copy Traffic Pro V2, WP Profiler, Black Friday Themes Special, WP Toolkit Holiday Special Offer, Research Daemon and many more.

Thus there is no doubt that Split Test Monkey would be a big hit when it’s released.

About using details and personal experience

How to successfully put this product into practice?

To know exactly how to use this amazing WP Plugin, you should check 2 demo videos below:

Demo Video 01

Demo Video 02

Why should you grab this WP t0ol?

Split testing is an effective way to evaluate your web pages to see if visitors respond better to one version than another. Having access to this information helps you optimize things so you can ultimately drive more sales and grow your business.

Split Test Monkey makes it easier than ever for you to split test your sales letters to optimize conversions, boost sales, get affiliates excited about promoting, and put more money in your pocket.

All you have to do is set the tool to “auto-optimize”, and it does all the hard work… while you enjoy all the profits!

It is a web-based app, so there is nothing to install. Nothing to customize. And no coding is needed.

Better yet, it is a statistical whiz. You don’t need a background in statistics to use it, because the tool does all the number crunching for you. Just set up a test, choose the auto-optimizer, and it does almost everything except pour you a drink!

In just moments and with a few clicks of your mouse you can set it up to split tests that are sure to boost your conversion rates. You can test:

  • Your offer
  • Your lead magnet
  • Your overall lead page design
  • A video versus text sales letter
  • Your headline
  • Your call to action
  • And more!

Even better, Split Test Monkey saves you a lot of time with its Dynamic A/B Testing feature. Instead of you having to create two different versions of your sales letter, all you have to do is upload your HTML snippets. The app then rotates your variation dynamically and directly with your lead page.

If you want to test your lead-page headlines, then all you have to do is upload your two different HTML headline snippets. Then set your test to run, and Split Test Monkey will start randomly showing the different versions of your headline to your visitors.

Best of all, it makes it easier than ever to get these benefits. That’s because Split Test Monkey does all the number crunching, tracking, and heavy lifting for you. It’s easy – definitely easier than almost every tool on the market!

How much does it cost?

The front-end (FE)

There are three options for you to choose from:


For the front-end price of this product today, you only need to pay the price of $47 for 1 domain, $97 for 10 domains, and $97 for 100 domains to possess the total value of all the stunning features packed inside.

Depending on your usage needs, you can choose the appropriate option. To be honest, this is such a reasonable price in comparison with the top-notch features packed inside this tool.

However, this is a limited hot deal and the price will increase steadily after the special launch ends, so grab this chance right now. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee policy so do not hesitate because if you are not satisfied with this product, you can get a FULL refund within 30 days of your purchase!


The upsells

There are some upgrades for you with this offer, you can choose any that you think will help you 10x your profits:

Upsell #1: STM Auto Campaigns $37 per 5 Pack

Upsell #2: WPProfiler ($17/$27/$97 1site/25site/Agency)

Upsell #3: Viper Cache ($37/$67)

Upsell #4: Plugins Bundle ($97)

Upsell #5: Site Health Check & Plugin Setup ($75)


Bonuses from the creator team

If you purchase this product today, you will get all bonuses below for TOTALLY FREE from the creator team:


Pros and Cons


Stop Wasting Traffic

Stop Losing Subscribers

Stop Losing Sales

Optimize conversions

Get affiliates excited about promoting, and put more money in your pocket

Do all the number crunching, tracking, and heavy lifting for you

No need to download

30-day money-back guarantee

A web-based app


Up to now, there is none

Who should use it?

This Split Test Monkey is absolutely the pure profit model that you’ve ever known because there are no ongoing costs. You don’t need to spend much time and effort to double your income.

So I highly recommend this pack be used for e-commerce store owners, social media marketers, video marketers, coaches and consultants, product creators, or even newbies.



Thanks for spending your precious time on my Split Test Monkey review. Hopefully, it can give you enough useful information to believe that this product is such a no-brainer deal for you.

Put in mind that this is a golden opportunity for you to transform your life. And this kind of product cannot be any cheaper so make sure you take action now because this good deal doesn’t last long.





New Bonus Package:

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Step 1: Buy Split Test Monkey on my website


Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

Step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.

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