ShopZPresso Review: 3 in 1 Mega Store Builder

ShopZPresso Review

The Best Of The Best Megastore Builder Software Ever

Over the last few weeks, the global economy has been put in crisis as humans face one of the most severe health problems of the decade. The entire world is in lockdown, which is affecting over 3 million people and the numbers are still growing.

Fortunately, the severity of this crisis time has been lessened and buyers are now back in the mood of online shopping again.

Before the coronavirus, online shopping was taking over the market due to its convenience and accessibility. And now, it has become an essential part of our daily lives, literally turning into our habit without any notice.

This can be easily seen through the fact that Amazon has declared to hire more than 100,000 workers just to be able to fulfill the orders they are getting. It’s not just Amazon – every online MegaStore in the world is getting more and more sales every single day.

With all the physical supermarkets, outlets, malls, or shopping centers shut down, all the online MegaStores are getting 10x more traffic now.

If there was a time to start an online MegaStore, it’s now! If you have no faintest idea where to start your eCom store, don’t panic, your chance is here with the emergence of ShopZPresso. Stay tuned to this review to find out more interesting facts about this online store builder.


What is this product?

ShopZPresso is the 3-in-1 cloud-based shop builder that you only need to follow simple, step-by-step instructions and install the script in their hosting server. With this software, you can import 1000s of products with total ease.

There are so many money-making opportunities lying in this shop builder as this system has been proven to make $100 to $500 per day. Completely newbie friendly, no tech skills needed, no staff needed.

About The Creator – Mosh Bari


It’s Mosh Bari who worked so hard through this lockdown time to deliver outstanding marketing solutions for you.

Developing his online career as a newbie marketer, Mosh Bari has been working in internet marketing for more than a decade with many breakthroughs and achievements that greatly inspire us.

His products are famous for the unique strategies packed inside to address marketers’ problems and you can easily find out compliments and good feedback about them anywhere.

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Let’s check some of his sale histories to see how great his products were:


Feature Details

It actively generates buyer traffic directly through affiliates, social media, and search engine optimization.

This shop builder is fully loaded with many powerful features that you will never regret buying and being ahead of the whole competitive market.

[+]    Launch Your Brand New MegaStore In Just 60 Seconds

ShopZPresso is really fast and easy to set up. It is so easy that it takes less than 60 seconds from uploading this to your site to having a live MegaStore.

[+]    Sell thousands of Products From One Single MegaStore

Platforms like Shopify or Clickbank limit you to how many products you can have in your MegaStore or charge you per product, with ShopZPresso you can have THOUSANDS of products in your MegaStore at no extra cost.

[+]    Sell Physical Products, Digital Products, And Software Licenses

This is very very unique, no other MegaStore builder does this – you can sell physical, software, and digital products all from one MegaStore.

[+]    Built-In Affiliate Program For Your MegaStore Just Like Amazon

ShopZPresso comes with a fully built-in affiliate system just like Amazon where people can refer new customers & earn commissions by promoting your MegaStore to thousands of new visitors.

[+]    Get Unlimited Free Traffic From Your Visitors

With ShopZPresso, you don’t have to pay for traffic, all your visitors get a unique link to send you traffic, and the system is designed to drive you free traffic over and over again.

[+]    Turn Every Customer Or Visitor Into An Affiliate Easily

The built-in referral and affiliate system turns every customer into an affiliate giving them the chance to get paid for referring new buyers to you. This is gold – getting buyer traffic for pennies and turning huge profits.

[+]    Fully Responsive – Mobile-Friendly MegaStore Design

With over 60% of internet traffic now coming from mobile devices. They made sure your online MegaStore is fully mobile-ready and optimized for mobile traffic.

[+]    Comes With Amazing MegaStore Design Built For Conversions

Your online MegaStore is guaranteed to convert because it’s designed by traffic experts who know how to convert cold traffic into hot buyers.

[+]    Full Order Tracking System Built Into Your Online MegaStore

They can easily track the order themselves and get regular updates about the order status.

[+]    Change Your MegaStore’s Color Scheme In Just 2 Clicks.

It’s extremely easy for you to customize the style of your site, change colors, and make it match your brand style. With just 2 clicks, that’s all you need.

[+]    Sell In Multiple Languages And Multiple Currencies

Your new online MegaStore supports many currencies and you can run your MegaStore in many different languages easily.

[+]    Create Dynamic Coupons And Run Promotions

Want to run a black Friday sale or a Valentine’s Day sale or have a special discount on Mother’s Day?

You can do all that with the built-in coupon & promotions system.

[+]    Social Login – Powered By Facebook And Google

Make it one-click easy for your visitors to log in to your MegaStore and track their orders or place new orders – Facebook and Google 1-Click login systems come built into ShopZPresso.

[+]    Built-In Product Rating And Review System

Your visitors and buyers can easily leave reviews and ratings on products and write testimonials and feedback – all built into ShopZPresso.

[+]    Product Inventory And Stock Management

Track all your inventory from within your MegaStore admin area, show only products that are in stock, and increase urgency by showing limited stock.

[+]    Multiple Payment Gateways – Paypal / Stripe & Many More

Your visitors and buyers can easily leave reviews and ratings on products and write testimonials and feedback – all built into ShopZPresso.

[+]    Instant Invoices Sent To All Customers

No manual work or missed invoices, the MegaStore automatically sends invoices to all your customers with your MegaStore branding.

[+]    Real-Time Notifications Of Sales In Admin Panel

Get instant alerts and notifications as you make sales, see them in your admin area, and also get them via email to check on your mobile phone.

[+]    Built-In Tax Calculation And Shipping Charge System

Selling to different states and countries needs a smarter system that can calculate for variable shipping and taxation, ShopZPresso has all that built into it so you never have to worry about it.

[+]    Product Collections & Categories

You can easily organize all your products into unlimited categories & create collections to promote products by similar brands or designers etc.

[+]    Run Deals And Flash Sales On Your MegaStore

Run special promotions, deals, flash sales for events, or any other special offers to bring more sales and double your revenue with this.

[+]    Add Multiple Product Images And Videos To Listings

Convert and sell more by adding multiple images and videos to your products so visitors can get more info on what they are buying.

[+]    Product Filtering And Search Suggestions

Make it super easy for your visitors to find products, filter what they want, and buy exactly what they need using smart search and filter methods.

About using details

How To Use ShopZPresso

Once you complete the payment, the system will send an instruction email that shows you how to create an account on ShopZPresso and many more.

When you have your account, fill in the information on the login page and get started.


Here is the Main Dashboard of ShopZPresso.


[+]   Add New Product

So, your Megastore needs to be filled with products of your choice. Go to the Products → Add New Product.


You can choose to add products of three types here: Physical, Digital, or License.


[+]   Add Affiliate Offers

Besides selling your own products, you can make commissions with affiliate offers in a separate section.

Go to Affiliate Product → Add Affiliate Products. Provide the system with all the information below about the offer.

Keep track of the affiliate products in All Affiliate Products.


[+]   Create Cross-Selling Relation

Cross-selling means when your customers click on a product, other related products will show up as suggestions so that you can provide them with what they are interested in and increase their chances of buying products.

Go to the Cross-Selling Relations → Create Relation.


[+]   Set Up your Shop Language

Based on your targeted customers, you can add a new language or set a default language. Go to the Language Settings → Website Language.

To change the language of this builder, choose Admin Panel Language.


[+]   Add coupons and promotions

Go to the Set Coupons and you will see all your coupons here. Simply click on the Add New Coupon button to add a new promotion to boost sales.


Fill in all the required blanks to activate the coupon.


[+]   Edit the Payment Currency

Go to the Payment Settings → Add New Currency.


[+]   Add Payment Information

You can provide your customers with tons of payment methods so that there is nothing preventing them from buying your product.

Go to the Payment Settings → Payment Information


For each payment gate, you just need to fill in the required information and use it. You can activate or deactivate the method anytime you want.


[+]   Let Vendors sell their products

This feature works the same way as Shopify in that you can allow other vendors to sell their products on your Megastore.

Keep track of your vendors by going to the Vendors → Vendor List.


Go to the Vendor Subscription Plans if you want to add new vendors to your shop.


Fill in all the information about this vendor subscription and roll down to save and that’s all done.


For more details, check the instruction video below:

Here Is A Screenshot Of How Your New MegaStore Will Look Like

Why Should You Buy ShopZPresso?

The very first thing that makes me love ShopZPresso is that it creates the perfect combination of all the hot online eCommerce marketplaces into one single dashboard so that you have more opportunities to make a profit.

You can profit from this store builder in 3 different ways:

   1. Create a digital product store and sell digital products like selling on Clickbank, Warrior Plus, or JVzoo.

   2. Physical product stores and sell physical products like Shopify.

   3. Software License Store and sell software licenses like Envato/Codecanyon.

You can sell your products using your own affiliate program without paying any fees or % to platforms like Clickbank, Warrior Plus JVzoo, Amazon, Walmart, and Commission Junction.

Furthermore, within the same dashboard, I can create a relation between related products, literally called Cross-Selling. This makes us increase sales by helping our customers find what deal fits them best.

Look at the screenshot here. When I add a car to the ShopZPresso cart, it immediately gives me a few suggestions of some other cars.


Let’s check what other beta testers and PRO online marketers say about this amazing tool:


Price And Evaluation

The front-end

Recap what you will get with this ShopZPresso:


You must be very excited going through all the killing features of this online store builder. I know, it’s understandable as this product is one of its kind to give you powerful tools and combine all three hot ways to make money into one.

You needn’t worry if this product is gonna cost an arm and a leg. You are so blessed with this special offer, allowing you to arrive on time and grab the deal while it’s still new and cheap.

The price for ShopZPresso FE is only $19 in the first 6 hours of this launch and it’s set on the timescales after this early bird time.

With only $20, you’ll have the chance to monetize up to 3000 products and every step will be taken with ease you can save a lot of time and effort to get work done.

Besides the ShopZPresso Premium offer with 3000 products, you also have another option to get 500 products at $17. Both offers come with a 30-day money-back guarantee so no risks have to be taken.

The upsells

In addition to the FE, you’ll have the chance to use more features and be exposed to more money opportunities:


OTO 1: ShopZPresso Unlimited ($39)

    +    Downsell 1 ($19)

OTO 2: ShopZPresso – DFY ($197)

    +    Downsell 2 ($97)

OTO 3: DFY Traffic – $57)

    +    Downsell 3 ($37)

OTO 4: Endless Profitz ($67)

    +    Downsell 4 ($47)

OTO 5: Resell Rights ($197)

    +    Downsell 5 ($97)

OTO 6: Whitelabel Rights ($997)

    +    Downsell 6 ($777)


Who Is It For?

From my personal assessment, no matter what business or niche, you can fully monetize this e-com store builder. On top of that, every Internet Marketer needs this regardless of their working experience or the type of products they specialize in.

It’s made so simple and powerful that anyone, even if you are new to this whole “internet software” or this “make money online” experience – can use this software and get results.

Here are a few things you can do with ShopZPresso:


Bonuses From Author Team

Get this software today, you will get all the bonuses below for free to maximize your benefits:


(Note: With these bonuses, you can get a maximum of 2 for FE purchases and a maximum of 5 for Upgrade purchases.

 After purchasing, forward the receipts to my support email at [email protected], let me know which bonuses you choose then I will ask my friend Mosh Bari and send them to you).



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Bonus 6:


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Bonus 7:


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Bonus 8:


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Bonus 9:


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Bonus 10:


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Bonus 11:

Fast Profix Jacker

Fast Profit Jacker is powerful cloud software. It helps you make money fastest with online services without having to have products or websites.

This software works strongly on all devices and all major niches on the market.


ShopZPresso Review- Pros And Cons


  •     ♥    Sell any product of your choice
  •     ♥    Combine all hot features of every existing marketplace
  •     ♥    1-Click import for 1000s of products
  •     ♥    Get free traffic from affiliates
  •     ♥    Completely Newbie Friendly
  •     ♥    Fully tested and proven system
  •     ♥    No tech skills needed or prior experience required
  •     ♥    30-day money-back guarantee.


  •     X    There are many upsells for this offer, you can get all, some, or no upsell, it’s up to you.


Conclusion- ShopZPresso Is 100% Recommended!

At the end of this review, I hope you understand the powerfulness of ShopZPresso and can be fully aware of all the exclusive features it provides. The 30-day money-back guarantee has you covered, your low investment is risk-free.










Step 1: Buy ShopZPresso on my website

Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

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