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SERP Scout Review



Happy April Fools’ Day, guys!

As many of us know, it’s common to tell a joke or a white lie today to cheer up others. But people find it hard to be in high spirits when we are suffering from one of the toughest times in history caused by the global pandemic – Covid 19.

Businesses all over the world are closing their doors or limited to what they can offer to their customers and in fact, it’s hurting their bottom lines.

My friends, this is a harsh time and I understand telling jokes doesn’t seem a good way to fix your mood, but I’m sure you can become more optimistic when I tell you this.

While many regular local businesses are suffering from the lockdown order, they can take full advantage of this time to boost their marketing presence online so that when this crisis is over, they are ready to capitalize.

Another scenario is that many business types are witnessing a boom right now – such as delivery services, home emergencies, or health emergencies.

The good news is both situations create an opportunity for you to create an income during this crisis time. With the help of SERP Scout, you can step into both situations and make money without hassles.

The next parts of my review will show you more details.



Creator Todd Spears et al
Product Serp Scout
Official website
Front-End Price $37-$57
Bonus Huge Bonus
Skill All Level
Guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee
Niche Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly recommend!


SERP Scout is a revolutionary client prospecting software that can help you instantly scan websites in Google & The Yellow Pages, especially for sites that are missing.

This software is fully packed with powerful features such as Facebook pixel, Google analytics, Schema, SSL, & other key indicators. Also, you can use the automated reporting function & email outreach system to quickly contact business owners. It’s truly a client prospecting tool on steroids.


Now we find out more about the name Todd Spears, the leader of this genius project. As far as I’m concerned, this guy has built up his reputation in the online marketplace with many great digital products.

Some of his great products are Blog Network Blueprint, Keyword Supremacy, Project Supremacy 2.0 and Scope Leads, and lately Pixel Scout. They are all hot products, which received a lot of compliments and good reviews from users. Google their names for more details.


Just so you know, SERP Scout is a client prospecting tool on steroids, which is developed with all the features and tools you could ever want:

[+]    The SERP Scout Data Scanner

We all know Google holds a ton of data, but Google also can be stingy with that data. And it is the SERP Scout Data Scanner that can help you get the results you need quickly.

You can initiate a simple search for any market in any geographical location and pinpoint which page results in you want to get data from.

For example…if you want to see the results of Plumbers in Dallas on pages 1-3, you can do that. Or if you want to know the results of Dentists in Chicago on pages 4-6, you can do that too!

There’s total flexibility in the results you want to get from the search engine here. Just specify your criteria and you’re good to go!

[+]    All The Local Business’ Data At Your Fingertips

Once you’ve done a search in the SERP Scanner, the platform goes out and collects all the available data there is for those results. Everything from email, phone, contact page, FB page, and more are listed here.

With the ‘red light’ and ‘green light’ systems, you’ll instantly know what information is available from each business. And if there are multiple contact emails or phone numbers available? SERP Scout will list every single one.

This way you increase your chances of getting in front of your potential clients even more!

[+]    Deep Analysis Shows You Exactly Where The Local Business Is Struggling

SERP Scout will also go deeper into the results to provide you with insight into the issues the local business may be facing.

This data will help you to show the potential client where they can improve and open the door for you to pitch your services when the local business contacts you for help.

The deep analysis performed here includes:

  • Page Speed
  • Whether the Site Is Mobile Friendly
  • Schema
  • Social Shares

[+]    The SERP Scout Client Report Builder

Unlike other software, this option allows you to build a visually stunning report that your prospects won’t be able to ignore. By using the pretty data included, you’ll be sure to stand out from the competition!

All the information you get back from the results in the SERP Scanner is made available here and all you need to do is drag and drop it into place using the feature-rich editor.

Finally, the report shows them the issues they have in their business and directs them to contact you in order to fix those issues!

With the report builder you’ll be able to:

  • Use the modeling blocks for quick report building.
  • Create multiple rows for your data.
  • Load items into column containers.
  • Change the theme of the report.
  • Select a background.
  • Insert your contact information.
  • Easily preview the report before it goes to the local business owner.

[+]    The SERP Scout Integrated Autoresponder

You’ll also be able to connect with your potential clients using the integrated SMTP options built into SERP Scout. This way you can manage all your campaigns in one place. (More on that below…)

[+]    Boost Your Email Deliverability With Gmail and Outlook Integration

Sometimes using SMTP protocols can make your deliverability rates go down. That’s why they’ve also made sure to include the option of connecting any Gmail or Outlook account you want to use.

By having this option, you’ll boost the chances of your emails getting delivered to the inbox and getting seen by your potential clients.

[+]    Create Automated Follow Campaigns Easily

Once you find a local business you would like to work with, you only need to click the ‘create a campaign’ button next to the result. From there you can set up a campaign that will warm up the local business without any cold calling from you.

This option allows you to:

    ♦    Automate and schedule follow-up campaigns for numerous prospects

    ♦    Track opens and clicks of your initial and follow-up emails, so you know exactly how effective your campaigns are.

[+]    High Converting Fill In The Blank Email Templates

With this option, you won’t have to figure out what to say to your prospects. You are fully covered with SERPscout. Just use these fill-in-the-blank templates (already included with your Serp Scout account) to pique the interest of all your leads.

This way, you’ll never have to deal with any local business owners that aren’t a good fit. When a local business owner replies to you for more information, you’ll know that they are a hot lead!

All you have to do is reply and close the deal. No rejection whatsoever.

[+]    Filter Results To Find What You Need Quickly

If you’re looking to home in on certain factors for various results, you can do that here. Just select the filtering option and you can easily filter the results you want by:

  • w/ FB Pixel
  • w/ Open Graph
  • w/ GMaps
  • w/ SSL Support
  • w/ Google Analytics
  • w/ Schema
  • w/ Email
  • w/ Contact Page
  • w/ Phone Number
  • w/ FB Page

[+]    Domain Filtering Made Simple

If you want to make sure the SERP Scanner doesn’t bring back certain sites, you’ll be able to do it using this option here. This is great for sites that might come up like Amazon, Yelp, or some other major corporation.

SERP Scout is already programmed to filter a ton of domains that won’t be relevant to your local marketing pursuits. But if you ever have a domain you don’t want to be included, just press the flag icon next to the result and SERP Scout will take care of the rest.



Step 1: Log in

Use the registered email to log in to the SERP Scout system.

Step 2: Scan websites

First of all, you need to scan websites and find out which one needs your help in the SERP Scanner tab.


Simply enter the keyword into the search box.


Then choose the pages you want to get results from. Eg. If you want to look into the search results from page 2 to page 5. Just click numbers 2, 3, 4, and 5 under the Google icon.


Of course, you can save your search results and choose Load Results the next time.


To make sure you don’t have to go through all the leads, you can select the search filter to find what suits your services most.


The amazing thing about this is you can apply many filters to your search at the same time.

In case you want to get rid of the result having criteria, double-click on the box next to it.


When you get the final result, tick the box to choose the result. Then, click on Send to Deep Analysis to move the result to the Deep Analysis tab.


Step 3: Create Deep Analysis

The second tab in the menu section is Deep Analysis, which you will create and send to your clients and gain credibility.


For each result, you can do the mobile-responsive test on the page, know more about the page speed, and schema validation, or get some social insights.

If you buy the OTO 1 – PRO, you can check the Unclaimed GMB feature too.


Now, click on the Create a Report button.


It’s super easy to create a detailed report with SERP Scout, You can make use of the drag-and-drop technology to add details to your reports.


I would recommend you add a text box and send a personalized message to your clients. This will make your reports sound dedicated and honest. Of course, remember to add a quick summary (detections) to convince your clients.


At the end of the report, you should add the contact button embedded with your service links. You have full control of this button – size, color, text, radius and add the URL of your service before you save.


When your customers click on the button, the form will show up as below so make sure you add a suitable image, heading, and text for your form.


Step 4: Manage your campaigns and follow-up emails

[+]    Campaigns

This Campaigns tab allows you to get more details about the campaign you created. When you already have a deal with your clients, you can delete the campaign.


In this section, you can quickly keep track of the follow-up emails or check the number of clicks, the open rate of the email, etc.


[+]    Templates

Inside this tab, you can find out the ready-written email templates or add new ones (if you want).



So, what do you think about this powerful tool that finds tons of these local businesses at once & follows up with them on autopilot? Our first impression must be how easy to find leads and contact them as a professional marketer.

Showing up with a deep analysis on their page – well, your clients must be amazed and impressed! Most local consultants are obsessed with the painful process of trying to uncover great leads to sign as monthly paying clients. It was a lot of hard work.

Because it wasn’t enough just to get an email or find some random phone number. But SERPscout is able to solve all these problems so that you are allowed to:

  • Never have to make a cold call to any local business that needed your service.
  • Find local business data with a simple search.
  • Follow up with local businesses automatically without ever having to spend time doing it every day.
  • Create an impressive report you could give to the local business owner that made you look like a true expert.
  • Find various local markets that you could tap into without having to brainstorm.
  • Warm up the local business owner and have them contact you ready to purchase the service you were offering.
  • Free up your time and work getting you hot leads around the clock.
  • Pull back data so you could see at a moment’s notice all the various services you could offer to the local client and where they were lacking in their business.

I saw the potential in this type of product, did you? From the bottom of my heart, here is my advice as an experienced buyer – if you want to truly cash in on local marketing, even if you are a newbie, you shouldn’t miss out on this!



This product provides you with 3 different options: Basic (300 results) – $47, Light (600 Results) – $57, and Beast (1000 results) – $37. Depending on your needs, you can choose the most suitable option to monetize.

Nevertheless, on the first day of this launch, you can enjoy the early bird offer (only applicable to FE 1000) and buy it at a much cheaper price.

As you can see, while the Beast option provides you with the greatest values, it is the cheapest one among the three options during the launch.

If I were you, I would click on the Buy button and secure one copy of the SERP Scout – Beast version right now!



In addition to the FE, you can consider buying these OTOs and making more money with Serp Scout:

OTO #1: PRO Upgrade ($47)

But would you like even more data from each SERP Scout result you get? With more data…You create more income opportunities.

What’s all included with SERP Scout Pro: Of course, you already know everything you’re getting with SERP Scout. All of those items will be ready for you in the member’s area.

OTO #2: ELITE Upgrade ($47)

Add an elite upgrade to your SERPscout account & either get it cheap now or pay double later.

For less than a good dinner date for two you will be able to:

  • Get access to their personal database of 65,000,000 leads. (That’s 65 MILLION with a capital M!)
  • Access MILLIONS of more leads from with the YP scanner.
  • Get multiple data points for each lead (company name, email, postal address, website URL, LinkedIn profile, Facebook Profile, Twitter Profile, Retargeting Pixel Results, Company Reviews, Google)
  • Rankings for the company, one-click Facebook Messaging)
  • The ability to save on credit usage while getting more leads for less!
  • Find thousands of high-quality leads in less than 60 seconds!

 OTO #3: SEO Agency Training

    +    Agency Training 3 PAY OPTION: $67

    +    Agency Training FULL OPTION: $157

This guy makes $439,572 a year with no employees running his own agency

Here’s what’s inside the SEO Agency Training with David Hood:

[1]    Inbound vs Outbound Sales:

Learn the critical concepts for understanding how these completely different sales approaches can work in your business…

…what are the pros and cons of going after each…

…and which one you should focus your business on developing

Failing to heed these concepts and ideas will leave you with a very low glass ceiling in your earnings…perhaps never able to earn $100k/yr or more

[2]    The Powerful 5-Step Process for Finding, Contacting, and Closing Big Clients:

Note: This is the meat of the course…

(a) Overview — High-level planning and strategy for your 5 sales step process

(b) Step 1 — Building your prospects list with highly profitable and most likely to convert into clients’ businesses

(c) Step 2 — Creating valuable content & copy that engages and interests your prospects

(d) Step 3 — Contact your prospects in a systematic way that works reliably across many businesses to grab their attention and get them to engage with you in a sales discussion

(e) Step 4 — So, they’ve given you the time of day and are ready to listen to you sell to them…what do you do now?

(f) Step 5 — Finalizing the sale and taking payment…a simple, but critical step where lost deals can happen!

[3]    Sample Over the Shoulder Series:

Watch David build a prospects list, contact them, and try to sell to them…

You can even watch as David follows up with his prospects via the phone…listen to what he says and how they respond!

See how he analyzes potential prospects…and filters them down to the ones that are worth the most

OTO #4: Boost

    +    100 Credits / Month: Only $24 Monthly

    +    250 Credits / Month: Only $34 Monthly

This is your ONLY CHANCE to save on credits by subscribing to an auto-refill package



However, by getting access to SERP Scout today you can streamline your prospecting even further without hardly missing a beat. Just think of all the other local niches you could dominate if you didn’t have to spend as much manual time on marketing.

By adding SERP Scout to your arsenal, you can increase your bottom line by getting more high-quality leads in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

If you belong to the list below, what are you waiting for? Go and secure one copy of SERP Scout at the cheapest price:

  • Local Consultants.
  • SEO Experts.
  • Web & Graphic Designers.
  • Online Marketers (if you want to diversify your income)
  • Beginners who want to create a sustainable income and business they can be proud of!



The SERPscout Data Scanner, The SERPscout Drag and Drop Client Report Builder

The SERPscout Integrated Autoresponder

Fill-in-the-blank High Converting Email Templates

Laser Targeted Filtering

Domain Filtering

Automated Follow Up Campaigns

Deep Analysis

100% Cloud Based. Nothing to install. Works on every device

Global Search Functionality (works in any country)

30-day money-back guarantee


Up to now, there is not any.


If you take action right now, I’ll make sure to get your SERP Scout account set up immediately so you too can start accessing tons of potential high-paying clients in the next 5 minutes. Usually, I would advise people to consider carefully before they buy something, but this time, you should go grab it now.

Not only will you get the best price in the market for Beast Version, but your low investment is fully protected by the 100% refund policy. If at any time 30 days from your purchase, you change your mind about SERP Scout, you just need to contact them and get a prompt refund.




Step 1: Buy SERP Scout on my website


Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

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