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ProfitDrive Review


ProfitDrive Review – Many years ago, hard drive was the first thing that came up to our mind when our computer became overloaded. We had no other choices than the hard drive sold for an expensive price with one-year warranty.

This has changed in recent years since online storage subscription was introduced to the market. Compared to hard drive, online storage plan is more portable and packed with more versatile features.

In addition, this type of storage eliminates unexpected technical issues such as the hard drive failure and provides you with better data recovery plan. Showing such great advantages over other storage alternatives, online storage service becomes the target of many big companies – Google with Google Drive, Apple with iCloud storage, Amazon with Amazon Drive and Dropbox Inc. with Dropbox.

As Internet Marketers, we need to take care of our computer files and make sure that our most important business documents (videos, products, software, etc.) as well as cherished memories (family photographs) are safe and protected from a hard drive failure or hacker attack.

Equally important is the speed with which we can share these work and life files with our business or life partners. While we have so many online storage options to choose from, most of them are delivered through subscription plans and charge you a ridiculously expensive fee.

That’s why I’m very glad to find out a new service provider called ProfitDrive, which gives you the same high class service to store your data at a one-time fee. The next parts of my review will tell you more about my experience with this ProfitDrive cloud-based app.


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ProfitDrive Review – Product Overview


Creator Radu Hahaianu et al
Product ProfitDrive
Launch Date 2020-Jul-20
Launch Time 11:00 ЕDТ
Official website
Front-End Price $17
Bonus Yes, Huge Bonuses
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly recommend!

ProfitDrive Review – What Is ProfitDrive?

As I’ve mentioned before, ProfitDrive is the cloud-based that lets you securely store unlimited files on your very own cloud storage. This fully-fledged solution allows you to host all your files on the sock-solid cloud servers.

With ProfitDrive, you can upload your files in seconds, back up important documents or photos or share unlimited files with your friends, customers or business contacts at one-time payment. This online drive is 100% newbie-friendly so you can benefit from it regardless of your experience.

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Who Are The Creators Behind This?


The creators of this product are Mike McKay, Radu Hahaianu and Calin Ioan. This triple have been working for months to develop and make certain adjustments to create the complete version of ProfitDrive as today.

Mike and Radu are all experts in the industry who regularly come up with breakthrough when it comes to marketers’ solution. They are initiates who are behind many “the first of its kind” products such as ContentPress, SnatchIt, ProfitMail, VidKreator Max, InstantRank, WP SEO Gold, VidSite FX, Allure, TrafficMate, etc. They are all amazing and highly appreciated, even in the current market!

With years of experience, they are famous for bringing phenomenal launches to the market and the next one must be ProfitDrive. Let’s see what features are loaded inside its members’ area.

ProfitDrive Review – Feature Details

Here are a few features that you can enjoy when you get inside the main dashboard of ProfitDrive:

   ♣   The fully-fledged service that gives you virtually unlimited storage

You are able to upload, store, backup, share and host an unlimited number of files. There is a 250GB total storage limit across all your files, but no limit on any individual files. If you need more storage you can easily upgrade – all upgrades for early adopters are also a one-time fee. Pay once only.

   ♣   Host all of your files on the rock-solid cloud servers!

Don’t you ever think you have to suffer the crappy quality because you pay less money with ProfitDrive. Their cloud servers are as strong and solid as other providers but the difference is they first introduce this to the market and they want to offer their services at a competitive price.

Believe or not, my experience with ProfitDrive was totally comparable with other developed online storage serviced I used like Google Drive or Dropbox.

   ♣   Upload any file/document/folder

No matter what it is, a file, a document or a folder, you can all upload it to your ProfitDrive account without any hassle. This software supports all forms of data and the sky’s limit!

   ♣   Unlimited sharing possibilities

This feature makes ProfitDrive suitable for any purpose – personal use or business use. With just one click, you can share the files stored in your ProfitDrive to anyone, from your friends and relatives to your business partners or members in team.

   ♣   1-click social media sharing

This feature lets you share your files to your social account with the social sharing button.

   ♣   1-click process secures your document with a password

Nowadays, many online drives are exposed to the hacker attack and choosing a fully secured service should be your priority. There is no need to wander around as ProfitDrive is the cloud-based app that keeps your files 100% protected with a password.

   ♣   Blazing fast loading images triple your website speed

If you want to host images and other graphics to show on your website, ProfitDrive is the most suitable choice that you can make use of their solid servers to increase your website’s loading speed.

   ♣   100% newbie-friendly easy-to-use software!

It’s 100% newbie-friendly AND has been designed from the ground up by marketers for marketers. Plus they are working to better your experience with ProfitDrive every single day based upon suggestions from their existing users.

That means – no limitations or restrictions, user friendly interface and industry-leading support.

   ♣   Comes complete with quality video tutorials & dedicated support

While this software is 100% beginner friendly, they provide you with all the video tutorials to make sure you can make the first shot with ProfitDrive smoothly. You can get instant access to the training portal and contact 24/7 support desk including all in-house experts.


ProfitDrive Review – How To Use

   ♦   Upload new file or create new folder

If you want to upload new file to your ProfitDrive from your device, click on ‘Upload’. If you want to create new folder, click on the Folder icon next to ‘Upload’.


   ♦   Share your file/folder to others

First, you need to right-click on the file/folder you want to share and choose ‘Get shareable link’.


Then, adjust your link settings including link expiration date, password, allow editing or downloading.


Then, you can copy your link and share it to others or one-click share it on Social Media or via email.


   ♦   Mark important file

Right-click on the file you want to mark important and click on ‘Add a star’. Then, the starred files/folders will appear in the ‘Starred’ section on the left column.


   ♦   View shared files/folders

When others share a file or folder with you, you will be able to view it right inside of the ‘Shared with me’ section instead of having to click on the shareable link to access to the shared file/folder.


ProfitDrive Review – My Honest Thoughts About This App

Over 5 years in the online industry gave me the chance to try out many different cloud services from Google Drive, Dropbox or iCloud Storage. They are all big companies in the technology field and provide top online storage solutions for both personal and business use.

Honestly speaking, it took them years to complete their service product and gear it towards the customers’ needs so it’s nonsense if we do a serious comparison between ProfitDrive and big names like Dropbox or Google Drive. But I assure you ProfitDrive can provide you with most of the features that you can enjoy from other services, especially for a one-time low fee to use it forever.


Trust me, your file safety is one of their top concerns so with this offer, your data is 100% secured and well encrypted that keep 100% of your privacy. As well as saving your own files you can share access to files with others. For supplementary security, you can add and require password for every access and set the expiration time for the URL for extra protection. It’s great, isn’t it?

Let’s check what other marketers and beta testers say about this system:


ProfitDrive Review – Price And Upsells

Front-end: ProfitDrive  ($17)

Recap what you will get when you purchase the FE version:


The price for one account of ProfitDrive is only from $17 during this launch. I have to emphasize this is an extremely low-cost option you need to consider buying immediately. No other online storage services than ProfitDrive can be purchased lifetime access at a one-time payment of $17 which is just equal to the price of your lunch.

There is also a lite version of ProfitDrive, which costs only $15 but you’d better buy the full version for more features and benefits.


ProfitDrive Review – The Upsells

In addition to the FE, you can make use of more advanced features with these upsells here:

Upsell 1: ProfitDrive – PRO (Unlimited) ($37)

   +   Downsell 1 – $27

[+]   Commercial license (host files for others)

[+]   Unlimited everything: file, views, bandwidth, leads

[+]   Premium video player to embed, publish, watch videos and share straight in ProfitDrive

[+]   Auto-backup for files and 30 days restore from trash

[+]   Mobile friendly

[+]   SEO-optimized

[+]   Priority support

[+]   Developers license (use ProfitDrive in your business, to deliver products, etc.)

Upsell 2: ProfitDrive – Enterprise ($47)

   +   Downsell 2 – $37

[+]   Cloud autoresponder built-in

[+]   Automated social media sharing

[+]   Full analytics

[+]   Your own private sharing page = your own product store hosted by us

[+]   Encrypt files with password so you can share download links, products, or lead generation (i.e. sign up to receive your password)

[+]   Set a time/expiration date for files (share time-sensitive files like bonuses, products, webinars, photos) aka ‘Snapchat for storage solutions!’

[+]   Collaboration between ProfitDrive users/your team

[+]   Outsourcers license

Upsell 3: ProfitDrive – DFY ($39)

   +   Downsell 3 – $29

[+]   DFY upgrade with 5x DOTD products

[+]   100% Commissions across the funnel

[+]   SEO-Optimised reviews

[+]   Upload & sell these products straight from your ProfitDrive account

Upsell 4: ProfitDrive – Reseller ($197)

   +   Downsell 4 – $97

[+]   Commissions bumped across the ProfitDrive funnel and you sell as your own.

[+]   Seller supplies all sales materials and tech support

Upsell 5: ProfitDrive – IMX / Software Bundle ($97)

   +   Downsell 5 – $67

[+]   This IMX edition gives you all of our products, current & future, completely free of charge.

[+]   You also then get full training PLUS case studies that will give you the know-how to become IM success stories.

[+]   Includes software bundle of their best selling apps to use in your business


ProfitDrive Review – Who Is ProfitDrive For?

I strongly believe this offer is a great choice for anyone who is currently working online as we all want to keep our files and data safe and stored in the cloud without paying a monthly fee for it.

I would recommend this ProfitDrive for the list here:

   ♥   Affiliates

   ♥   Ecom sellers

   ♥   Website owner

   ♥   Online marketer!

   ♥   Anyone who wants to share files with other people in quick, efficient way!

   ♥   Anyone who values their privacy and wants to keep their files encrypted and secure and not be targeted by ads!

   ♥   Anyone who wants to save money while not sacrificing any quality!

   ♥   Anyone who is ready to take control of their own destiny, exit the rat race and stop giving money away to large corporations!

ProfitDrive Review – Pros And Cons


   ♥   Cloud-based app to access from anywhere

   ♥   Works with any device, mac, pc or mobile

   ♥   Tested and adjusted for users’ best convenience

   ♥   Host an unlimited number of files (250gb on total limit)

   ♥   Competitive price for a lifetime access

   ♥   No monthly fee charged

   ♥   100% newbie friendly

   ♥   No technical skills or experience required

   ♥   Video tutorials included

   ♥   24/7 dedicated support team

   ♥   30-day money back guarantee


   ♥   Up to now, there is none.


ProfitDrive Review – Conclusion

Sadly, we now reach the end of this review and nothing can help me fully express my gratitude for your time spent on this review.

I hope this ProfitDrive review is detailed enough for you to make the right decision. Put in mind that the price will go up day by day until the launch ends so grab your chance now before it’s gone.

Your investment is 100% risk-free because you have 30 days to try this, if it doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can contact them and be issued a complete refund.




Bonuses From Hudareview Team

Fast-Action Amazing Bonus Package


Special Package: Build Your Online Empire


Package 01: General Bonuses


Super Bonus Package 01

Super Bonus Package 02


Step 1: Buy ProfitDrive on my website


Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at

Step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours

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