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PrimeMeet Review



The world is witnessing the surge in Covid-19 cases again. I believe this is the second or third wave of Covid cases already and the world still doesn’t seem to figure out how to get rid of the virus yet.

Instead, we, humankind, should adapt to this pandemic situation and all the social distancing policies coming with it. And among all the solutions for this, I would say video conference is the brightest invention.

Many years ago, teleconferencing was only used in multinational corporations where they deal with geographical distance. Today, it is exploited in most fields, from medicine (telehealth) to education (e-learning).

And for people working online like us, it becomes much more powerful as now our customers are familiar with the technology so they are more open when being invited to a webinar or live class.

With that being said, this is a great time that us to exploit this tool for communicating better and safer, not only with our fellows but also with our buyers.

To help you save some money and still be able to hold great-quality webinars, I would like to introduce PrimeMeet, the amazing solution to build connections through different types of online meetings during the pandemic. 

PrimeMeet Review – Product Overview


Creator Tom Yevsikov et al.
Product PrimeMeet
Launch Date 2021-Sep-05
Launch Time 11:00 EDT
Official website
Front-End Price $37
Bonus Yes, a Huge Bonus
Skill All Level
Guarantee 30 days money-back guarantee
Niche Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!

What is PrimeMeet?

PrimeMeet is an ultimate solution to connect & collaborate for live video chat, meeting, conference, live class, online training, webinar, podcast, p2p chat messaging, group chat, screen sharing, real-time file sharing and so many other engaging campaigns to boost your business marketing strategies.

It is a cloud-based video conferencing platform designed to help businesses conduct virtual meetings and can easily compete with powerful software like Zoom, GoToWebinar, and Skype.

Meet The Creators – Tom Yevsikov Et Al


Tom Yevsikov, along with his talented teammates, has been working for months to make this launch official today. From my first day working as an affiliate till now, I have always been amazed by his new and great ideas. The thing here is his products are up to date and built to meet the latest demands of the market.

Due to his strong reputation in the field, his customer base has more than 10,000 members all around the world. There are no marketers’ problems spared that Tom’s products cannot give a hand, varying from ranking, lead generation, list building, and more.

Now let’s see what the sweet fruits Tom has put in PrimeMeet.

Feature Details

⇒   Cloud-Based, Mobile Responsive System

The powerful software is 100% hosted on rock-solid cloud servers. It can be accessed from anywhere including mobile devices. Compete with powerful software like Zoom, GoToWebinar, and Skype.

⇒   Multiple Meeting Types

You can choose to conduct any type of meeting. As the app supports multiple options like Video conferences, Webinars, Live Classes, Audio conferences, Podcasts, etc. Especially, all it takes is just a few minutes away.

⇒   Intuitive Whiteboard

PrimeMeet offers you an intuitive whiteboard to write and edit all the texts you want to in a beautifully designed presentation interface.

⇒   Audio, Video, And Screen Sharing Options

It becomes easy for you to conduct any kind of meeting with a client or a team member with multiple choices. You can conduct both audio and video meetings along with the option to share your screen online during the meeting. This can help make the meetings more effective.

If you want to share a file on screen, just choose that option and browse a file from any device.

⇒   Live Chat/Real-Time Messaging

Unlimited list imports can be done inside the tool. It is integrated with features that automatically add subscribers as and when they sign in.

⇒   Contacts & Segments For Invitation

The very cool feature of PrimeMeet is that it also helps you to segment your contacts. You can add your own new segments, name them, add descriptions and keep adding as many as you want.

⇒   Scheduled & Instant Meetings/Webinar

PrimeMeet allows you to conduct instant meetings with a simple click. Not only this, but it is also easier to schedule meetings in the easy-to-use dashboard.

There are multiple options you can operate during the meeting and change the layout of the background as you wish. It also allows you to set up the time of the meeting, estimated duration, description for participants, etc.

⇒   Reports & Analytics

You can send your emails and track them with all reports and statistics features available inside the software to help you analyze the clicks and opens and maximize your conversions.

If you want to share a file on screen, just choose that option and browse a file from any device.

⇒   Multiple Authentication Option

PrimeMeet has two-factor authentication making it easier for organizations to protect their users and prevent security breaches.

⇒   Roles & Permissions Management (ACL) System

Effortlessly assign roles to different team members of your organization with Role-based access control (RBAC) in PrimeMeet.

⇒   Multi-lingual & Locale Management

Participants can join meetings and live conferences, using instant language switching, from any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Speakers, attendees, and even interpreters can be in the room or half a world across as the solution accommodates on-site and/or off-site interpreters. PrimeMeet has live language translation.

⇒   Auto & Manual Screen Locking

The screen can be locked both manually and automatically. One can set up any option that seems best for their needs.

⇒   UI And Push Notifications

With the push notification feature, the software alerts with important reminders and helps in improving conversions and meeting important deadlines.

How To Use This Software?

In this part, I will show you a quick demo of how to use this software. Firstly, Use your registered email to log in to the system. There is nothing for you to set up, configure, or host:

Once you are successfully logged in, here is the dashboard you’re going to see with all the data related to your past/ upcoming meetings. The visuals are clear and easy to follow if you want to keep track of your performances:


Schedule Meetings

In this section, you can create a new meeting and manage all meetings on your list.


Here you fill in some information related to your meetings like Title, Agenda, and Description, then choose some settings such as Meeting Type, Category, and Starting date, … you can also choose Accessible via Link or Publicly accessible meeting. Then click Save to finish. That’s how you can create and schedule a meeting in seconds.

Instant Meeting

[+]   Start a Meeting

Here you can start a meeting with a click of the mouse. Enter some info like Meeting code, maximum participants, and select meeting type. It includes multiple meeting types for your business.


Now you can host an immersive virtual summit with global professionals and delight your audience. With live interaction tools, It enables live chat, real-time file sharing, real-time messaging as well as many other powerful features that make the virtual conferencing event a seamless experience.

[+]   Join a Meeting

You can also join a meeting with just one click easily. Simply enter the meeting code and here you go.

[+]   Meeting History

You can check the meeting history in this section to easily follow your schedule:



In this part, you can create segments to easily divide your meetings:


I have just shown you a quick demo of how this software works. For more details of how PrimeMeet works, please check out this demo video:


Using Experience

From my experience, the first thing I love about PrimeMeet is that it’s super easy to use and does not take much time to build up a quality webinar at all.

I believe this could be partly explained by the fact that we all get used to it with other popular meeting apps. However, I have admitted that the way they build PrimeMeet is absolutely awesome and newbies only need less than 30 minutes to publish the first webinar with it.

However, there is one thing that I don’t want you to misunderstand here. PrimeMeet will give you all its best to create a great quality but remember, from the technology aspect.

It will give you all support from the professional team to back up every single webinar or online class you hold on this platform.

At the end of the day, what is always important to drive buyers to your webinar and to close sales is that you need to give them true values, such as detailed lessons or helpful tips.

Always give your presentation good preparation and PrimeMeet will take care of the rest.


Price And Evaluation

Front-end: PrimeMeet ($37)

I would say, this version of online conference hosting is not as popular as other apps you might see like Zoom. However, the great thing here is to use Zoom in an unlimited version, and with several advanced features like this, you need to purchase its upgrade, which costs you a lot every month. Compared to many other video conference apps, I would say PrimeMeet is the most cost-efficient one!

PrimeMeet Review – The Upsells

In addition, this launch also gives you access to more advanced features with these upsells:

Upsell 1: PrimeMeet PRO Edition ($47)

[+]   Multiple levels of meeting/webinar configurations (unlimited)

[+]   Premium support

[+]   Audio podcast option

[+]   Video audio indicator with flip timer

[+]   Unlimited attendees

Upsell 2: PrimeMeet Enterprise Edition ($97)

[+]   Commercial license

[+]   Mobile-friendly streams

[+]   Whiteboard & streaming

[+]   Private off-server cloud server

Upsell 3: PrimeMeet VoiceMaker ($47)

[+]   Convert your webinar script into a natural podcast voice

[+]   Allows you to turn any text into lifelike speech, allowing you to create various media content such as audiobooks, podcasts, voice contents

[+]   Over 70+ languages

[+]  [+]   Over 630+ different voices and accents

[+]   Store & redistribute speech

[+]   Near real-time text synthesize

[+]   Customize & control speech output

[+]   Optimize your streaming audio

[+]   Adjust speaking styles (for neural voices)

[+]   Adjust the speech rate, pitch, and loudness

[+]   Adjust speaking emphasis

[+]   Pronounce digits/dates/words/ abbreviations properly

[+]   Add work/phrase replacement effect

[+]   Mute/beep out any part of text/sentence

Upsell 4: PrimeMeet Audio Video Hosting ($67)

[+]   Unlimited video/audio hosting

[+]   Host your video courses webinar courses

[+]   Video player (VSL player)

[+]   Share password protected files (video/audio/zip files)

Upsell 5: PrimeMeet Page Builder ($37)

[+]   1000+ DFY website templates

[+]   Live editing

[+]   Connect your own domain to publish your sites

[+]   No hosting required

[+]   Export your site to upload your own hosting

[+]   Advanced drag & drop – easily move elements in the builder by dragging and dropping them where you want them to appear.

Upsell 6: PrimeMeet Reseller ($197)

[+]   It’s so easy to use, the software can be used by anyone!

[+]   So go ahead, promote it to more than just people in the IM Niche!

Special Offer:

PrimeMeet Bundel

With this offer, you will get all FE + Upsell 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, and 06 for a one-time price of $297.

Consider this offer to save money and you can maximize the benefits earned from this product.


Who Should Buy This?


PrimeMeet is a way forward to work remotely & stay connected over one of the best online video conferencing. Due to the high demand for virtual conferences amid the pandemic, I would say this is a necessary tool for everyone.

I would recommend this software to the list below:

+   Digital marketers

+   Affiliate marketers

+   Online coaches

+   Freelancers

+   Local consultants

+   Ecom store owners

+   Advertisers

+   Entrepreneurs

Bonuses From The Author Team

Get this product in this special launch, you will get all bonuses below for TOTALLY FREE:


PrimeMeet Review – Pros and Cons


♥   Multiple meeting types to choose from.

♥   Live interaction tools available

♥   Ready to Host Unlimited Video Meetings, Live Conferences, Or Webinars

♥   Best-in-class virtual environment to draw in participants.

♥   No monthly fees – one-time low fee.

♥   Powerful reports and analytical tools to boost your results

♥   100% Cloud-based

♥   24/7 Technical support

♥   Built using secure and scalable WebRTC technology

♥   Completely user friendly and no prior experience needed


X   Up to now, there is not any


With all the information I provided in this review, hopefully, you will get sufficient and useful information if you are interested in purchasing this product. Do not hesitate because this product comes with the 30 Days Money Back Guarantee policy. So that you can always ask for a FULL refund within 30 days if you have any problem with your purchase.

Thus, this is not only a low-cost but also a risk-free investment! Grab your chance and start maximizing your profits now.





Step 1: Buy PrimeMeet on my website (please clear your Cookies in your Web Browser (Ctrl + Shift + Delete) first).

Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

Step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.

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