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Power Slide Review – Every marketing campaign has responsibility. It should deliver crisp content to the client or the customer. It needs to act as a bridge between the company and the potential client. Thus, we need an excellent slideshow presentation. Slideshow presentation can boost productivity, efficiency and accuracy, lead to quality and brand consistency, secure distribution and ultimately more sales.

However, slide library management is a big problem for online marketers as well as businesses. Many businesses have thousands of presentations that have been built in PowerPoint but have no way of cataloging and managing them in one place.

As a result, they waste tons of time and effort. Some look for a slide library software and pay tons of money for them, but most of them time the library is just too small to get the job done.

That is why I want to introduce Power Slide to you.

According to market research, 77% of all presentation do not comply with corporate design guidelines! With the PowerSlide from empower, all employees can directly access consistent, professional and error free presentations.

In addition, you can also store predefined slides, charts, tables, text elements, symbols, pictures and videos with a wide range of animation in the Power Slide so that you can access these components to create new slides and presentations later when you need them.

This ensures that you not only create more consistent presentations, but also save a lot of time! This is a honest and brief review of Power Slide made for you.

Power Slide Review – Product Review


CreatorNelson Long
ProductPower Slide Library
Launch Date2020-Sep-06
Launch Time10:00 ЕDТ
Official websiteCLICK HERE
Front-End Price$37
BonusYes, Huge Bonuses
SkillAll Levels
Guarantee30-Day Money Back Guarantee
NicheGraphics & Templates
SupportЕffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
RecommendHighly recommend!

What is Power Slide?

Power Slide is an ever-growing library of dynamic digital animation slides cloud library that will empower you to create wide array of professional and engaging digital media easily using PowerPoint.

The ever-growing library is included with thousands of dynamic “plug able” animation slides in hundreds of modules, all these plug able animation slides are interchangeable allowing you to connect them with each to create unlimited unique digital media.

With Power Slide Library, you can create array of digital media marvels such as but not limited to videos, pitch decks, presentations, product unveiling, promotional media, webinars, educational materials, political campaigns, announcement, social media mainstreaming, infographics and so much more.

About The Creator – Nelson Long

Nelson Long, under the name of SuperGoodProduct, is well-known in the online market for producing top notch that have been a big help to online marketers and online businesses for a long time.

Nelson Long specializes in products which let you takes full control of videos or slides. His notable products are: 2019 End Of Year Sale, SuperPowerPPT, Big Slide Ultimate Niche, Big Slide Ultimate Niche Motion, Animation Pro, Green Screen Backdrop, Video Rescue Club and so on.

If you ever used his product before you would know that not only the quality is secured but you were also in for big prizes and offer after the purchase.

Similar to other products, Power Slide Library is launched with an intension to give you a better time using Powerpoint, a common Microsoft product that everyone uses, assist you with the work of online marketing and media. Hence, the next part will talk about the features you can get for using this product.

Power Slide Review – What Features Will You Get?

Here are features Power Slide – the ultimate multipurpose digital media creation library that you need brings about:

Biggest Animation Slide Library Boasting Thousands Of Ever-Growing Dynamic Animation Slides

You’ll get a library that is so large that you will be spoilt with endless selection of animation slides.

Ever Growing Library

Aside from the current library, new assets are being added to the library regularly and as a member you will get access to these new assets too.

Don’t forget you only need to pay once and you will get to enjoy all these new assets that we will be adding in the future for free.

Unlimited Marvelous Various Digital Media

The software is truly multipurpose, rather than limiting you to create a specific digital media. You are not limited to just videos, pitch decks, or presentations.

This product unveil so much more than that.

Backed By The Proven And Powerful Versatile Software Powerpoint

All the animation slides in the power plug suite are fully customizable using Powerpoint, giving you unparalleled versatility.

Commercial Rights Included


Power Slide Review – How To Use

After purchasing the product, all the stunning animation will be added to your Powerpoint. I’ll you have to do is click and add them to your slides.

Here I will preview some of them for you.

[+]   “About Us” Page


[+]   “Agenda Calendar” Page


[+]   “Analysis” Page


[+]   “Business Model” Page


[+]   “Speaker Profile” Page


[+]   “Creative Paragraph” Page


Keep in mind that what you see above is only a small fraction of what you will get in the Power Slide Library!

There are thousands more electrifying animation slides in the library waiting for you.

For more animations, review them here at the main website of the product: https://powerslide.club

Power Slide Review – Price And Evaluation

Front-end: Power Slide ($37)

With this package you’ll get access to thousands of ever growing dynamic animation slides that cover a huge array of modules for a one time affordable fee, commercial rights included for free.

The product will be launched on 6 September 2020 at 10AM EST.

And for 6 days from that point till 12 September 2020 at midnight, the price will remain $37.

But once the launch period ends, the price will increase so make sure to get one as soon as the launching starts!


Power Slide Review – The Upsells

Beside the basic product, there are the upgraded version for you to full take advantage of PowerSlide

OTO 1: Platinum Library Upgrade


The Prize of this upgrade is:

   ♣   $17 monthly recurring or

   ♣   $67 for one year of service.

   ♣   $77 one-time payment (Special launch discount, will revert to $197 after launch)

With this upgrade you’ll get:

The Platinum Library is 3 times larger than the current library: you are subscribed to and offer another immense selection of unique dynamic animation slides, you will be spoil with the amount of animation slides that you will get in the Platinum Library.

A lot more updates: Not only you will get another MASSIVE selection of animation slides, the Platinum Library also receives 10 times more updates when compared to the current library. With the Platinum Library you are all set for the future as you will be getting access to all these new animation slides that will be added to the Platinum Library too.

Commercial rights included: With commercial license you can use these dynamic animation slides for your client’s project at no additional fees!

OTO 2: SuperPowerPPT Special Offer


Perfect matching offer.

The prize of this upgrade is $39 for a one-time payment (Regular price is $67).

This is one of the largest and most updated PowerPoint templates library massive library features tens of thousands unique animation slides and templates in various styles and themes.

There are templates for creating video, presentation, social media ads, slideshow and so much more.

With the huge array of diverse templates you can create videos, sales pitch, political campaign, general presentations, slideshows, event videos, promotional materials, webinars, social media ads and much more using PowerPoint.

This is probably the most updated and biggest PowerPoint templates library in the IM sphere and with dedicated commitment from our creator.

OTO 3: Emotion Evoke Combo Offer ($47)


Emotion Evoke is the world’s currently only unique cloud library of conceptual images that are all carefully organized into every emotion and idea that we humans are capable of expressing, so that your customer can find just the right image to rouse the feeling or idea that you need to express.

This OTO gives you access to the Emotion Evoke Main Library and the Platinum Library Upgrade for a one time discounted fee! Normally the Platinum Library Upgrade requires a separate subscription but through this exclusive one time offer you get access to both the libraries for a price of one.

OTO 4: Flexible Images Club Combo ($67)


Flexible Images Club is a huge searchable cloud based library with tens of thousands of flexible images that your customers can use in almost any project regardless of its destination background style or colors.

These are not your ordinary images, these are professionally cut out images so they can blend in with any project seamlessly.

This offer lets you get lifetime access to not just the FE library but also the OTO library of Flexible Images Club PLUS the backdrops library, so a great combo deal right there!



Power Slide Review – My Experience With This

I have been using Powerpoint for a long time and I back then I always used the customization provided the software itself.

They looked okay, not the best, but was what I settled for because I was not aware of anything better.

Until I heard about Power Slide Library. I purchased the product and I had to admit that It was one of the best decision of my life.

I am now confident when creating consistent presentations company-wide because my slides look a lot better, cleaner and it adds up to the success of the presentation.

More sales were made and I got a lot more customers to read and buy my products online because of that. But it doesn’t stop there.

All employees of my company can now easily access slides and presentations in the Power Slide Library library.

Before I knew it, I had the power to create unlimited unique stunning videos, pitch decks, presentations, slideshows, business promos or all sorts of digital media.

Power Slide Review – Who Is It For?

I strongly believe that Power Slide Library is perfect for people who want to make consistent slideshow presentations without worrying about wasting their time.

And maybe you didn’t realize but literally everyone at least has made a slide presentation once in their life.

Here, I narrow down a list for the type of people who need this product:

    +    Online Marketers

    +    Businesses

    +    Freelancers

    +    Bloggers

    +    Influencers

    +    List Builders

    +    Collage Students

    +    Advertisers

    +    Presenters

    +    Website Owners

    +    Product Creators

PowerSlide Review – Pros and Cons


♥   Biggest cloud library

♥   Cloud-based: flexible, can be done anywhere anytime

♥   Good customer service

♥   Easy to use

♥   One-time payment, no recurring fees

♥   Back by Powerpoint


X   There is no cons that I know of.

Power Slide Review – Conclusion

PowerPoint is the best-known software in this category. However, not everyone can create the best slideshow out of PowerPoint while wasting a great deal of time at the same time.

Power Slide can change all of that and even do more for you. The ability to make videos, pitch decks, presentations, product unveiling, promotional media, webinars, educational materials, political campaigns, announcements, social media mainstreaming, infographics look way better within just a few seconds is just out of this world.

This addition of various media makes for an attractive way to you’re your product. I highly recommend this Power Slide Library. Purchase this product when you still can!








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Step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.

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