PinBank Review – How To Really Cash In With Pinterest Traffic

PinBank Review


PinkBank Review- Introduction

Online business has never been easy and it will be difficult if you enter this path alone. I can guarantee that no one will tell you where to start and how to prepare.

If you have been desperately searching for articles to share online but the answer is still zero, then hopefully my article today can help you a bit. This is a job that takes a lot of time and effort to invest and experience, but with today’s article, I want to share about traffic.

Traffic is always a vital factor for every online business. No matter what product you are selling, how good the quality is, you need the traffic to survive.

There are many ways to find traffic and the most popular way today is through advertising and social networking sites. However, it is not just about posting sales on social networks, but it needs tips and supports tools.

One of the four hottest platforms today is Pinterest, which has more than half a billion accounts and hundreds of millions of users every day.

I mention Pinterest here because I want to introduce you to a product that helps you leverage this giant for your business. That’s PinBank. To understand more about how it works and how it works, please continue reading the next section.

Overview Of PinkBank


Creator Kateryna, DPAPA & Alex
Product PinBank
Launch Date 2021-Nov-04
Launch Time 11:00 EDT
Official website READ MORE
Front-End Price $27 – $37
Bonus Yes, Huge Bonus
Skill All Level
Guarantee 30 days money-back guarantee
Niche Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!

What Is PinkBank?

PinBank is a Pinterest traffic and training software that helps you drive huge amounts of free organic traffic to your offers and websites.

With PinBank you can use the simple system and 3 step strategy to automate your process in generating the right traffic to any offer or website instantly.

Who Made PinkBank?


PinBank is made by Kateryna, DPAPA and Alex.

PinBank was created after Kateryna’s journey began online, right in the middle of the global Pandemic.

Due to the pandemic, she has found a method to earn money from Pinterest. She started helping other bloggers & businesses generate more traffic and revenues with Pinterest.

With such amazing results, she is admired by multiple clients who are growing their online business thanks to her specific blueprint, strategies and tactics.

Kateryna used to quickly build up a following on Pinterest, then start driving massive amounts of organic traffic directly to your website with just a few clicks per day.

PinkBank Review– What Does Pinbank Include If You Buy It Today?

Inside PinBank, you will be able to get access to over 8+ modules + bonuses which teach you how to utilize the cloud-based software, alongside the over the shoulder training, getting free targeted traffic from a platform that has 500 million active users, who 83% of them are buyers.

It will give you all the tools and exact blueprint to build your own business online or monetize this traffic for your websites, e-com stores, or your affiliate sites.

For ultimate success just follow PinBank software and training:

Inclusion #1: Popular Keywords

You’ll always have fresh keyword ideas at your fingertips with PinBank. Get search volume, cost-per-click, and competition data using free resources before heading to Pinterest’s auto-suggestion engine to invent hundreds of keywords in minutes!

PinBank is fast and is a free way to get keyword ideas from Pinterest’s auto-suggest engine.

The perfect tool for any content marketer who wants fresh, high-converting keywords at their fingertips!


Inclusion #2: Trends

Say goodbye to guessing what the latest trendy products are – it does all the heavy lifting for you.

PinBank Trends will extract today’s top trending topics on Pinterest and deliver word-for-word descriptions of anything from shoe trends to Halloween costumes.

Don’t sleep on the hottest trends. The PinBank Trends does all of the work for you, scanning Pinterest Trends to tell you exactly which topics are being talked about right now.

Best of all, it’ll give you full search data for any phrase or keyword to see what was popular and how many searches are generated.


Inclusion #3: High Converting Pins

PinBank Pin Search is the very first of its kind to offer an all-in-one interface for extracting pins from Pinterest. It also makes it super easy to track, analyze, and repin the pins that are currently trending on this popular network.

This unique software tool can instantly pull back different data points for every pin extracted. Extracts pins and videos directly from Pinterest in seconds!

Quickly uncover the pins with MOST saves & repins with our smart database. Leave no stone unturned by using the very handy columns feature which can show you ANY information about any pin at any time

PinBank Pin Search is a genius tool for pinners of all walks. Whether you need data to fuel your content or advice on what pins to repin, the PinBank Pin Search puts this information at your fingertip-tips with unprecedented speed!


Inclusion #4: High Converting Boards

Knowing what Pinterest boards are producing the BEST results is vital for any online campaign. PinBank Boards provides various important data points on every Pinterest board found, with an easy click of the mouse you can view all pins inside any given board.


Inclusion #5: Spy On Your Competition

With PinBank People, you can easily find out what your competition is doing and with our new scrape technology, search through your feed to see who’s popular.

Find the perfect inspiration for marketing ideas and try it!


Inclusion #6: 100+ Page Step By Step Guide, Video Training and Blueprint

PinBank premium training academy

Over 8 modules with Over shoulder step by step training on dominating Pinterest and driving hordes of traffic back to your websites, regardless of niche and passion.


You Will Have “No Questions Asked“ [30] Day Money Back Guarantee!

If for whatever reason you don’t want to continue with PinBank and this hard work, it will refund you!

100% Satisfaction guaranteed, no questions asked!


PinBank Review- How Does It Work?

You need to enter your account information to sign in PinBank.


[+]   Keywords

Find the popular keywords on Pinterest

You’re going to be able to generate hundreds of top popular keywords directly from the Pinterest search engine however this software already does that for you and plus gives you more information based on the keywords that you’re going to be using these are the top keywords that are running right now and there are many options for you to use when you click on “action menu”


[+]   Trends

The second section is the trends section where you’re going to be getting the latest trends you’ll be searching in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

You’ll be getting the latest trends. You can choose specific trends and see what’s working right now and how you can take advantage of this for your own campaigns.


You’ll be able to stay ahead of the competition knowing which top trends are spiking now, all you have to do is just enter a keyword inside the search bar and then from here it will start bringing you all the information that you’re looking for in terms of that specific keyword and you can get all the results that you’re looking for in the trends.

[+]   Pins

The next section is the pin extraction tool, it will go out and find all the actual pins that are working right now with a lot of details based on these pins and you have more options based on the different types of categories within those pins.


Something is like where people are liking it or wowing, loving it and even commenting on it. All the information is right inside your dashboard.


[+]   Board

The board’s extractor tool is very important to know which Pinterest boards are producing the best results because they’re vital to any online campaign.

With PinBank, you’ll be able to extract all the boards that are based on your keywords and you can get more information about what these boards have and how many pins are included inside.


And plus from the list of the columns section, you can choose all these different types of information that you want from the board followers, board name, pin counts, board links, topics, categories, etc. It gives you a lot of information for you to go out and start on your next campaign.


[+]   People

The last part is the People category which is basically spying on your competition. This is a great feature because you’ll be able to go out and see what people are promoting, where they’re promoting their actual website


If they’re verified if they’re not if they have a store. This will help you with your research campaigns and start building your own business online to drive that traffic.


This will help you actually get that traffic almost immediately and you start seeing results within the first month. the more you work on this software and the training, the more you’ll be getting views and visits and engagements throughout every month of the year.

PinBank Review – Demo Video

PinkBank Review– Things Make You Consider Purchasing It

  ♥   PinkBank Turns Pinterest Into Your Top Traffic Source And Automated Marketing Wizard

Why can I say that Pinterest is the best place for traffic and sales nowadays?

As you may know, there are over 478 million monthly active users and surpasses Twitter in popularity. Pinterest is all the rage because users can find what they want with just a short keyword.

Users tend to click on sales links on Pinterest more than on other social media platforms. In addition to providing a huge treasure trove of images, business owners are also gradually using this platform to sell.

In 2020 alone, Pinterest achieved over 100 million new users, showing surprising growth and promising to explode in the future. So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t depend on this amazing traffic source to get more attention and help your site get more traffic.

  ♥   You Can Use This Product As Part Of Client Projects (Up To 10 Clients)

If you are simply a freelancer and want to earn extra income, you can refer to PinBank right away. This product will allow you to keep all the profit for the traffic you’ll generate.

Imagine you just need to invest a small amount for this product, and then use it to make money as a service, you will surely recover your capital with only your first customer.

You don’t have to worry about finding traffic and whether you can deliver what your customers want, then with PinBank you can rest assured.

You will succeed & really cash in with Pinterest traffic when PinBank helps you to stay ahead of the competition knowing the top trends are spiking right now and find fresh keyword ideas at your fingertips for optimizing your own content. If you want to figure it out yourself, you can try it with a 30 days risk guarantee.

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PinkBank Review– Price And Upgrades

You have 2 price options with this product. It ranges from $27 – $37 for Personal Licence and Commercial Licence with a few minor differences.

If you want to own the first choice- Personal Licence, you get the 100+ Page Step By Step Guide Included and Over the Shoulder Training videos including the Software.

But for the Commercial Licence, you get ready-made templates, 100+ Step By Step Guide, Checklists and Over the Shoulder Training Videos and Software.

You’ve probably seen several products out there charging low prices that seem too good to be true while promising the world at the same time.

But with PinBank, it will do what it said. Just like the other products, this starting price is only available at the time it is launched, as soon as the expiration date reaches, the price will change and will certainly increase many times.



PinkBank Review- The Upgrades

Grab some upgrades if you think you want to blow your business beyond your wildest dream:

OTO 1: DFY Suite ($37 – $67)

DFY Pinterest Setup + Optimization contains the following:

[+]   Identifying the correct keywords that connect your account to your target audience

[+]   Set up your account according to Pinterest SEO strategies and tactics

[+]   Creating and optimization of the profile, boards, and their description (up to 5) to rank high on Pinterest and Google

[+]   Creating a board cover selected to match your brand’s style

[+]   Creating and publishing 5 pins (fully optimized)

[+]   Brief strategy plan at the end of the optimization

[+]   Included are 30 DFY PIN Templates to get started!

OTO 2: PinBank Advanced Training ($47)

[+]   PinBank Advanced Training is everything you need to know about running successful Pinterest Marketing Campaigns.

[+]   With over the shoulder video tutorials, PinBank Advanced Training will teach you how to drive traffic using Pinterest Ads.

[+]   You will also learn advanced strategies on list building with Pinterest.

[+]   Take this course if you’re ready to go pro with your Pins or need help understanding how to apply content for SEO, traffic generation and conversion rates.

[+]   This set also includes DFY Templates for List Building, Affiliate Marketing and Ecom Store designs that are fully customizable – not only are they great-looking but they’ll save you time and money into getting started right away!

OTO 3: Pinbank Limitless Traffic ($197)

[+]   In this package you will get access to the free traffic service which will send you more targeted traffic to your websites.

[+]   You will get paid premium plugins to use for your websites

[+]   You will also get 30 DFY websites with content in various niches.

[+]   Advanced training on running a Tailwind Account set up for automated scheduling of campaigns for 24/7 traffic.

[+]   You also get free traffic service to your website and blogs through our own personal traffic zion service 24/7.

OTO 4: Pinbank Agency ($97)

[+]   In this package you will get the option to be able to use PinBank as a Freelancing tool and a quick way to start getting traffic to your websites 24/7.

[+]   Together with a checklist to 2k a month, and the exact road map to landing your first clients.

[+]   You also get a DFY Website template for your Agency.

[+]   Advanced training on running a Tailwind Account set up for automated scheduling of campaigns for 24/7 traffic.

[+]   Sell PinBank as your own service.

[+]   Add up to 10 Clients


PinkBank Review- Bonuses From The Creator Team

Purchase this product today, you will get all bonuses below for TOTALLY FREE:


Who Should Go With PinkBank?

PinBank is a great piece of software that will help you get more out of Pinterest, save you some search time and have much more success from the platform itself.

Everything is available in one place to search keywords, best pins, trends etc to help you get more out of Pinterest.

No other software has the number of features like this, with the over the shoulder training drops so much knowledge that is perfect for any newbie to take action and start seeing real targeted traffic engaging with your content!

Join the deal, if you are:

+   Bloggers

+   Affiliate marketers

+   Ecom store owners

+   A affiliate site owner

+   A small business owner

+   An online coach

+   A content creator

+   A web developer

+   A person who want to get a passive and extra income

+   A freelancer

+   Anyone wanting to jump-start their business using insider secrets and shortcuts.

+   Looking to scale your existing online business.

+   Someone who wants to generate laser targeted buyer traffic in any niche for yourself or your clients.

PinkBank Review- Pros And Cons


♥   You can unleash virtually unlimited buyer traffic from Pinterest’s over 478 million active users

♥   Automation software uncovers viral trends & content you can instantly monetize

♥   You don’t need a list or experience. Just follow our crystal-clear steps for the initial setup and you’ll be up and running.

♥   Spy on the competition: see what’s working now in any niche

♥   Laser target audiences by any keyword

♥   Maximize ROI by instantly seeing the top-performing keywords for any campaign

♥   Skyrocket leads & sales by being AHEAD of the latest trends

♥   Step-by-step training & proven blueprint turn Pinterest into your secret traffic weapon

♥   The newest & best social marketing domination tool for 2021

♥   Connect with up to 478 million hungry buyers for more leads & sales

♥   Effortlessly drive laser targeted visitors to your websites, affiliate offers & e-com stores

♥   100% beginner-friendly with enough firepower to allow even advanced marketers to scale

♥   Finally tap into the hidden goldmine of Pinterest!


X   No, I found no bugs.


Traffic is an important factor for any marketer. If you don’t change and integrate you may be out of the race and can no longer make money from online work. It could be said that you have never seen any traffic generation strategies like this before.

This course and software will reveal exactly the off-record methods so that your income can reach 6 – 7 figures easily.






Step 1: Buy PinBank on my website (please clear your Cookies in your Web Browser (Ctrl + Shift + Delete) first).


Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

Step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.

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Thank you so much for reading my PinBank Review.

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