WP CryptoDrakor Plugin Review- Plug & Play With One-Click Operation

WP Crypto Drakor Plugin Review


WP CryptoDrakor Plugin Review- Introduction

Hi welcome to my review,

Last week, I introduced you to a product that helped you to build your affiliate site in the sports niche. I thought that this market is too good for you to promote. However, it seems I’m in a hurry to jump to conclusions.

In recent days, websites are engulfed by information about Tesla having spent 1.5 billion dollars on bitcoin. That triggers this cryptocurrency to surpass its all-time high price. It is not because of Elon Musk’s investment that cryptocurrencies have become popular, but it is this bold move that makes the position of this currency more solid and valuable.

While Bitcoin has a great value exceeding $60,000 a coin, other cryptocurrencies have also been born and quickly become all the rage. Change is inevitable, and the thirst for cryptocurrencies seems not to be showing signs of stopping.

That is why you must be a part of this exciting and profitable race. You do not need to invest or buy any coin, but you will use it to make money for yourself.

Start your own crypto site business empire today with WP CryptoDrakor Plugin to tap into a fascinating trending niche of massive traffic potential with this 100% self-updating WP plugin.

WP CryptoDrakor Plugin is a 100% automated WordPress plugin which gives you a chance to earn affiliate commissions in the lucrative cryptocurrency industry!

WP CryptoDrakor Plugin Review– The Overview


Creator Leo BCBiz
Product WP CryptoDrakor Plugin
Launch Date 2021-Nov-03
Launch Time 10:00 EDT
Official website READ MORE
Front-End Price $16 – $16.67
Bonus Yes, Huge Bonus
Skill All Level
Guarantee 30 days money-back guarantee
Niche WP Plugin
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!

What Is WP CryptoDrakor Plugin All About?

WP CryptoDrakor Plugin is a WordPress plugin to generate dynamic, 100% self-updating content for the top Crypto coins in 1-click.

All content is kept on retrieving the latest price, percentage change, etc. automatically every few minutes – no maintenance at all.

You will follow 3 easy steps to auto-generate dynamic crypto trend content on your WP site:

Step 1: Activate

Install and activate the plugin on your WordPress sites in less than a minute.

Step 2: Click a Button

Visit the plugin setting panel and hit the CREATE CONTENT button right away.

Step 3: Content Created

Enjoy traffic-generating content posted to your WP site in 1-click (skip manual writing!)

Who Is The Creator?


This is none other than Leo, who has been around in the digital field. As you may know, he is not a strange name on the marketplace and when mentioned to WpThemePlugin, everyone will think about him immediately.

Also, he and his team always put a lot of effort into creating valuable products that they have tested multiple times and they know that work.

His products include WP NewsBlog Empire, WP Crypto Suite Builder, WP Chess Website, GPL WP, VidiZon PRO, 2018 Xmas Deal, 2019 NY Deal, WP Travel Site V1, Covid-19 WP New Site, and WP ArenaPhone Site Builder, etc are always highly recommended by experts.

With WP CryptoDrakor Plugin, he has coded a special WordPress plugin for you to help you capture some of that massive Crypto traffic on the Internet!

WP CryptoDrakor Plugin Review-What Are The Crucial Features Of This Product?

You will get a monthly recurring profit but not have to pay a monthly fee. You can have a complete crypto membership site with everything you could possibly want in a box.

If you think that you need to write articles daily for your site, you may be out of date. Because with WP CryptoDrakor Plugin, you will not have to write manually every day. You have crypto content in 1-click with the latest price, crypto profile, buy/sell monetizations, stats table, and more.

And come any closer to know what does WP CryptoDrakor Plugin actually offers you?

→   Self-Updating Crypto Stats (100% Automated)

Your website will be able to provide your visitors with the latest Crypto information that they want: current prices, percentage changes, description, and more!

No setup and no maintenance needed, all the stats are generated & updated automatically.


→   Monetized With Crypto Buy/Sell Affiliate Commission

Let your visitors Buy or Sell Cryptocurrencies thru your website right away – and you’ll earn affiliate commissions from their transactions.


→   Crank Out Self-Updating Crypto Stats Content In 1-Click

No complicated settings, just click a button and you’ll have self-updating Crypto content posted automatically to your WP website. It literally plugs & plays!


→   Monetized With Amazon Products Automatically

Let your visitors purchase Crypto-related Amazon products thru your website right away – and you’ll earn Amazon affiliate commissions from their transactions.


→   50+ WordPress Shortcodes To Display Automatic Crypto Data

CryptoDrakor has 50+ shortcodes that you can use/put on any of your other WP Posts/Pages to display the latest individual Crypto data updated 100% automatically.


→   Edit And Customize Every Content All Your Want

CryptoPages gives you the freedom to customize every content according to your needs: add more texts, images or even delete/remove any elements you don’t want.


→   Commercial Developer License

Get more profits from your clients by installing this plugin on their sites and charging them any fees you like.

→   Site Flipping License Included

Flipping websites on sites like Flippa can be extremely profitable. You can include WP CryptoDrakor Plugin with sites you sell/flip.


WP CryptoDrakor Plugin Review– Why Should You Choose This Tool For Your Business?

♥   You will have your own affiliate sites for the hottest niche – Crypto

In recent years, the virtual currency market has developed strongly and has become an extremely fertile land for investors. Currently, there are about 3,000 cryptocurrencies in existence in the market.

In which, the 5 largest and most traded virtual currencies in the world today are Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin, XRP, and Tether. Attention for this currency is huge and there are hundreds of millions of searches every day.

When you own an affiliate marketing site for this hot segment, you certainly won’t worry about the number of visitors and will always be at the top of the search engines. The demand for cryptocurrency is high and it can be seen that everyone wants to own it.

Instead of having to build your affiliate marketing business in an old way like promoting courses or useless tools, you are better off joining one of these marketplaces to promote the coins that are most sought after today.

♥   Your affiliate site is always full of updated content even though you do not create them

It sounds hard to believe, but it’s absolutely right.

It is true that on the market today there are many products born to help you in the formation and development of an affiliate marketing page, but most of them forget the most important component of a website is Content. Then WP CryptoDrakor Plugin will help you prepare for this important operation.

With just one click, yes, at the click of a button, articles about promoting cryptocurrencies are ready for you.

The great thing is, this content is always updated from the price, profile, or any fluctuations in that currency, it also automatically updates for you.

If you want the article to have a little personal touch, you can edit it directly on the WP CryptoDrakor Plugin.

That means, even if you are just a newbie, without a bit of knowledge about this market, you can still participate and promote it smoothly thanks to the content provided to you.

WP CryptoDrakor Demo & Tutorial Guide

WP CryptoDrakor Plugin Review– Price And Upgrades

The price ranges from $16 $16.79 depending on if you choose to buy Developer License – using on UNLIMITED websites/domain or Personal License – using on 3 websites/domain that you own.

It is hard to believe when you can create unlimited content with 1-click only and the price is so low. This special offer is only for the launching period and it must be climbed every hour.

To possess it at an economical price, you need to jump to the conclusion now.


Coupon:CRYPTOWP‘ –> Save $2 with this coupon.



WP CryptoDrakor Plugin Review– The Upgrades

Besides, if you want to earn more money and be in-depth in this realm, you can spend more money on upgrading options. It’s up to you, I just give you some detailed information below in case you are curious about:

OTO #1: Platinum Upgrade ($39)

Add extra features such as:

[+]   10+ more currencies (CAD, Pounds, Euro, SGD, AUD, Rupee, Peso and more)

[+]   Auto generate 25+ more Crypto pages

[+]   Extra cache options: every 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes & 15 minutes

[+]   100+ extra shortcodes and MANY MORE

OTO #2: Whitelabel Upgrade ($59.95)

Removes all of the plugin brandings with their own branding, site URL, and company logo.

OTO #3: WP 1-Click Verify Machine ($33.19-$39.99)

The finest plugin to verify your WP site with Google, Bing, Yandex, Pinterest, Baidu, and Norton SafeWeb easily for faster indexing and getting more traffic.


WP CryptoDrakor Plugin Review- Bonuses From The Creator Team

Purchase this plugin today, you will receive all amazing bonuses below for TOTALLY FREE from the team, too:


Who Is WP CryptoDrakor Plugin Designed For?

Stop building unproven niche sites and start jumping into this proven, massive cryptocurrency niche. You can make money from your WP site through the built-in Crypto Buy/Sell affiliate button, built-in Amazon affiliate ads, sell ads space on your blog, build an instant portfolio, and more!

So right now is the perfect time to build your own WP crypto site and grab massive free traffic from this billion-dollar trending market. Buy it now, if you are working as:

+   Niche bloggers/affiliates

+   Work from home marketers

+   Freelancers

+   Newbies

+   Ecom marketers

+   Content creators

+   Online coaches

+   Stay-at-home parents

+   A person who has a 9 to 5 job and has free time at night

+   Hectic people who do not have much time but want to earn the second income

+   Anyone who starts to play crypto but want to get a huge profit without a large investment

+   Anyone who wants to double their income

+   Site flippers & agency

WP CryptoDrakor Plugin Review- Pros And Cons


♥   100% self-updating plugin

♥   Generate SEO-friendly dynamic crypto trend content in less than 10 seconds

♥   Monetize with a crypto affiliate link

♥   Capture free traffic from the massive growing crypto/bitcoin niche globally

♥   New content created for you in 1-click

♥   1-click plugin updates for free

♥   No need to pay for expensive writers for content

♥   No need to waste hours or even days to write multiple contents yourself

♥   No need to worry about content design, layout, etc.

♥   No need to update each crypto stats manually – all 100% automated

♥   No need to spend hours learning how to use the plugin – literally just click the button


X   There are no bugs to fix up till now.

WP CryptoDrakor Plugin Review- Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am a beginner, can I use the CryptoDrakor plugin?

The plugin is designed for beginners & experts alike. The easy interface needs no skill or experience. Simply click a button and the plugin will create self-updating Crypto content 100% automatically for you.

Q. Can I use the plugin on my existing WP site?

Yepp – you can use the plugin either on your existing WP site or on a brand new WordPress site too, it’s all up to you as the site owner and the plugin is compatible with any WordPress theme too.

Q. How do I access the plugin after purchase?

After purchase, check your email inbox to access the delivery/download members page thru WarriorPlus.

Q. Does it really work in 1-click?

Yes, that’s the beauty of this plugin. See the video demo above and grab your access today!

Q. Do you provide product updates?

Yes, they enable 1-click update on the plugin. All future plugin updates will be available to all members at NO ADDITIONAL costs during this special offer.

Q. How to get member support?

You can reach out to their members support at this address: https://wpthemeplugin.zendesk.com


In short, I want to emphasize that crypto will be trendy and may replace the traditional payment method in the near future. We need to prepare and switching is not redundant. Okay, this is the end of my WP CryptoDrakor Plugin review today, thank you for reading till the end.


Fast-Action Bonus Package


Build Your Online Empire




Whitelabel/Reseller Bonuses



Amazing Valuable Software



Step 1: Buy WP 1-Click Crypto Trend Plugin on my website


Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

Step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.

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