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NewsBuilder 2.0 Review


The world around us is rapidly changing; it seems like a revolution is underway and you should be aware of that. You should read a newspaper, or check the internet to find out about the things that concern you and the world around you.

The news that flashes on your smartphones, TV sets and profiles on social media may be of no use to you. However, you should be well informed about everything because in someway or the other, every type of news does affect you. So, you should try to be well informed about all of these changes and events taking place around you in the world.

In the event of people realizing how important news is, especially when the COVID-19 is occurring as a pandemic, creating and updating news site is extremely vital. You want everybody to be aware of news, but you have no idea about building a site and how to update it? Do not worry, NewsBuilder 2.0 is here to assist you.


NewsBuilder 2.0 Review – Product Overview


CreatorAmit Gaikwad et al
ProductNewsBuilder 2.0
Launch Date2020-Jun-22
Launch Time10:00 EDT
Official website
Front-End Price$18.95-$22
BonusYes, Huge Bonus
SkillAll Level
Guarantee 30 day money back guarantee
SupportЕffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
RecommendHighly recommend!

NewsBuilder 2.0 Review – What Is It?

NewsBuilder 2.0 is the top-notch all-in-one process for passive income news sites in any niche that drives free traffic at 100 percent. It consists of self-updating, monetized pages filled with viral content and all users would only need to gain traffic free.


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NewsBuilder 2.0 Review – About The Creators


Developing an application that will help you construct news sites – the most efficient form of content, you might wonder who is the genius behind NewsBuilder 2.0?

It is Amit Gaikwad and his devoted colleague – Anirudh Baavra – who have worked tirelessly over the last few months to make this amazing vision come true! In reality, with more than a decade working in the industry, this is not the first time they’ve come up with ideas from incredible marketers. Adsense Lab, VidBlooks, VidPopups are all masterpieces made from these professional experts.

Take a look at the next part of my review on NewsBuilder 2.0 to see which slaying features are bundled inside.

NewsBuilder 2.0 Review – Feature Details

NewsBuilder 2.0‘s front end comes charged with a powerful WordPress plugin, theme and our proprietary, award-winning TrafficPress software:

    ♠    Automated, Self-Updating Viral Websites

The plugin and theme allows users to create news-style authority sites in any niche … with no tech skills or content creation required

The program pulls full of articles from 138 top news sites to create and automatically grow viral sites for users.

It supports RSS feeds to render content even fresher.

And automatically updates these sites as often as people want with new articles-from anywhere between every 5 minutes to once every 24 hours

    ♠    A Proven Passive Income Solution

You or your customers can monetize your/their NewsBuilder sites any way you/they choose. AdSense, Amazon Ads, Affiliate / CPA Links, Banner Ads and so much more …

You can even use these sites to sell you own products.

The included theme makes it point and click simple to monetize sites for passive incomes.

Even better – the software comes with a keyword replacement tool – so people can automatically replace article keywords with affiliate links.

These ‘in-article links’ convert at extremely high rates … driving even higher passive income for you and your business.

    ♠    Built-In Traffic System

Sites are optimized for SEO and social sharing.

The software integrates with SpinRewriter so you can choose to have articles spun into completely unique content – for an even bigger boost in rankings.

Moreover, to gain profitable results, NewsBuilder also supplies you with amazing features which seem simple but actually works:

    ♠    100% Mobile Responsive

Sites render perfectly across all devices

    ♠    Self Updating Sites

On your schedule – have your sites update every 5 minutes, every 24 hours, or anything in-between. This ensures your sites are always up-to-date.

    ♠    List Building

Include opt-in forms that integrate with any autoresponder

    ♠    Translate Post

Available for over 150 Languages – pull content from anywhere & translate it into any language

    ♠    Text Spinner Support

Direct integration with SpinRewriter lets you spin posts into unique content for a huge SEO boost

    ♠    Custom Rss Support

Allows you to plug in any RSS feed for fresh content from unlimited sources

    ♠    Complete Content

The software pulls full articles from source including feature images

    ♠    Custom Posts

Set parameters to publish articles based on content length, title length and keyword

    ♠    Customize Content

Modify the post title and content before publishing

    ♠    Passive Commissions

Drive higher profits by automatically replacing keywords with affiliate links

    ♠    Custom Engagement

Enable or disable comments and pingbacks for every automated post

    ♠    Multiple Post Options

Convert any article into a post, attachment, revision or menu item

In short, news does have an expiry date. In general, within the first two to three days of publishing, 95% of the news that you update will get most of its traffic.

In some industries content will become “old” in just a few weeks, while other types of content may continue to drive solid traffic for anywhere from 3-5 years until, you will eventually see declining returns. You will ultimately have a choice with old news: You can either remove it or update it, daily, even every minute.

Sometimes when you are publishing something, you do no even t have all the information. This is particularly true with news, where it is essential to be first or quick. You keep on reaching out to sources. Stories keep evolving. Evidence often come to light days or weeks later.

Thanks to the awesome features mentioned above, you can eliminate all the weak points of news and be able to catch up with the latest.


NewsBuilder 2.0 Review – How To Use

Here are all the steps that will assist you in repeatedly generating passive income.

Step 1: Log in

Use your account to get login to this software

The NewsBuilder plugin & theme was uploaded to your WordPress site

Step 2: Following The The Step-By-Step Guides

Customize your very own passive income NEWS sites by following the step-by-step guides

Step 3: Create NewsAPI to Posts Campaign

Click to the “NewsAPI to Posts” section, then, click to the “Add New NewsAPI to Posts” button to start creating a new one

Next, adjust the given information to create your newsAPI campaign, then, click to “Save NewsAPI Campaign” to save your settings.

Then, your news will be published right after you click to save your campaign.

Step 4: Create Youtube News Campaign

Click to the “YouTube to Post” section, then push the “Add New YouTube Stream” to start making a new campaign.


Then, adjust all these settings inside to create a new YouTube news campaign


Next, comeback to the “All post” section to view all of your YouTube new campaigns published.


Step 5: Create RSS Feed to Posts Campaign

Click to the “RSS feed to Posts” section, then push the “Add New RSS Stream” to start to create a new one.


Next, adjust all of the information inside to create a new campaign

Comeback to the All post space and you can see all of the published posts based on your created campaign.


You can see that, online marketers are trying to supply people with offers every day, hoping to make a sale. Meanwhile, almost accidentally-popular websites are making hands-free profits by attracting people in. How? By delivering what people want.

Not every single article is going to be a home run. Often great content gets overlooked. It might be for any number of reasons – you didn’t advertise your content enough, your content was poorly designed, nobody had heard of your brand / website at the time it released, or maybe people just didn’t need your content then.

Therefore, with the help of NewsBuilder 2.0, those days are so gone for long.

For more details, let check the instruction video below:


Here  are some demo sites (COVID website)

Why Should You Buy This NewsBuilder 2.0?

    ♥    Give People What They Want

Today’s internet users go online for constant updates on their favorite topics so it’s better to show them updates related to their field of interest

    ♥    Show Them How To Find It

Point targeted online users to your niche NEWS sites where they’ll quickly find what they’re looking for and start getting loads of traffic


Make passive commissions WITHOUT hard-selling … simply by including ads & banners on your NEWS sites

    ♥    Give People What They Want

Today’s internet users go online for constant updates on their favorite topics so it’s better to show them updates related to their field of interest

    ♥    Show Them How To Find It

Point targeted online users to your niche NEWS sites where they’ll quickly find what they’re looking for and start getting loads of traffic


Make passive commissions WITHOUT hard-selling … simply by including ads & banners on your NEWS sites

    ♥    Give People What They Want

Today’s internet users go online for constant updates on their favorite topics so it’s better to show them updates related to their field of interest

    ♥    Show Them How To Find It

Point targeted online users to your niche news sites where they will quickly find what they’re looking for and start getting loads of traffic

    ♥    Monetize Passively

Make passive commissions without hard-selling … simply by including ads & banners on your news sites

NewsBuilder 2.0 Review – Using Experience

When I first used NewsBuilder 2.0, I was extremely surprised that NewsBuilder 2.0 was full packed of relevant content on any topic I chose. These news sites self-update so the news is always up-to-date and on hot trends.

Besides, NewsBuilder 2.0 comprises unique cloud-based software which truly drives floods of targeted visitors to my news sites, without any trace of spamming or ads payment. What is more, it gave me multiple ways to make 100% passive profits online.

Many content fails. All news ultimately diminishes in value. That’s why there are so many benefits to updating your old content with relatively little effort.

Updating your news sites can result in better search rankings, more links, more traffic, social shares, and new customers discovering you.

NewsBuilder 2.0 Review – Price And Evaluation

The product will be launched on 2020-Jun-23 at 10:00 EDT and if you are financially and mentally prepared to get NewsBuilder 2.0, here is your chance. And I am pretty sure you do not have to be financially prepared as NewsBuilder 2.0 is affordable with such high quality.


Front-end: NewsBuilder 2.0 ($18.50)

[+]    WP theme and plugin for self-updating, monetized passive income sites

[+]    138 top news site sources plus RSS support for truly unlimited fresh, traffic-driving content

[+]    Includes list-building functionality with opt-in forms that sync to any autoresponder

[+]    Includes proprietary TrafficPress software for 100% free, targeted traffic

[+]    Sites auto-update – users can choose to have updates happen on ANY frequency from every 5 minutes to every 24 hours

[+]    Content spinner integration

[+]    Google Translate integration

[+]    Step-by-step video training on how to get started AND maximize profits

[+]    5 or 30 site license

In addition to FE, you can have a chance to buy these OTOs when you complete your order:

OTO 1: Premium ($37)

[+]    Unlimited site license – users can create as many passive income sites as they want

[+]    INCLUDES commercial rights – users can create & sell sites to client

OTO 2: NewsBuilder PRO ($47)

[+]    300 additional premium news sources to let users create even more powerful niche sites

[+]    Advanced theme for custom sites in any category

[+]    All-in-one ‘Authority Site’

[+]    Functionality – users can create broad sites & break each down into categories to duplicate the profitability of aggregate news sites

[+]    Built In Monetization Widgets – make it even easier to passively monetize with ads and banners

OTO 3: Traffic VIP ($47)

[+]    Pro level access to our exclusive VIP traffic tool

[+]    Gets instant free targeted traffic to any site

[+]    Works perfectly with newsbuilder

[+]    Get Real Traffic

OTO 4: DFY Sites ($67)

[+]    Twenty completely DFY viral news sites built for your customers

[+]    The fastest way for anyone to make passive income – they can instantly launch up to 20 viral traffic sites

[+]    Fully customizable so users can monetize with their own links and add leads to their own autoresponder

[+]    Incredible value – 20 stunning sites set-up and ready to profit for a single low price



Who Should Buy This NewsBuilder 2.0?

This is for both online beginners looking for their first dollar, and experienced marketers after multiple hands-free revenue streams.

    +     E-com

    +     Affiliate Marketing

    +     Social Media

    +     Free Lancing

    +     Product Creation

    +     Video Marketing

    +     Even if you run a brick and mortar business.

Bonuses From Author Team

Get this NewsBuilder 2.0 today, you will get all bonuses below for free:


NewsBuilder 2.0 Review – Pros & Cons


    ♥     Instantly create MULTIPLE set & forget passive income streams

    ♥     NO paid ads, content creation, video or social posting needed

    ♥     Works in ANY niche – turn hobbies into self-updating news sites

    ♥     Start banking SERIOUSLY in as little as 24 hours from right now

    ♥     2-in-1 software AUTOMATES Your Traffic & Website Completely

    ♥     PROOF of life-changing results from marketers of ALL levels

    ♥     Instantly create multiple set & forget passive income streams

    ♥     No paid ads, content creation, video or social posting needed

    ♥     Works in any niche – turn hobbies into self-updating news sites

    ♥     Start banking seriously in as little as 24 hours from right now

    ♥     2-in-1 software automates your traffic and website completely

    ♥     Proof of life-changing results from marketers of all levels

    ♥     30-day refund policy guaranteed


    X    Up to now, there is no flaw to be found


The cheapest deal for NewsBuilder 2.0 is only accessible during the launch and you’ll soon be regretting if you let this deal go with the wind. I just can’t imagine how devastating it is when your competitors have this tool and quickly leave you behind with crappy and outdated – weapons.




Bonuses From Hudareview Team

























































Step 1: Buy NewsBuilder 2.0 on my website


Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at

Step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours

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