New Age Affiliate Film Series review: The ‘4-Phase’ secret affiliate formula is revealed 

New Age Affiliate Film Series review


Making money online hasn’t been as simple for you as you originally expected. To succeed in this market, there is a lot to do, a lot to remember, and everything you thought you knew changes.

Furthermore, even after putting in a lot of effort and trying everything, such as affiliate marketing, blogging, SEO, list building, webinars, and so on… you still don’t get the results you wanted and deserved.

Don’t feel bad or give up hope just yet, my friends! Because what you’re about to hear will make you sigh with relief.

A brand-new product from the talented creator – New Age Affiliate Film Series – will guide you the way.

This product offers you some short lessons that help you with the full needed information to start the business. And it also comes with a community for detailed discussion.

Let’s see how it works!

New Age Affiliate Film Series Review- The overview



Branson Tay


New Age Affiliate Film Series

Front-End Price

$7 one-time


Yes, A Huge Bonus


30-day money-back guarantee

What is the product?

The New Age Affiliate Film Series is the ultimate shortcut for anyone who wants to start a wildly profitable affiliate marketing business but isn’t sure where to start.

Just in 3 steps:


Get instant access to the new-age affiliate film series.


Copy & paste the ‘secret affiliate formula’ into your own affiliate marketing business.


Make affiliate sales every single day like clockwork.

Who is the vendor?


This product was created by Branson Tay. Branson has amassed 118,000 sales as a vendor on WarriorPlus during his career.

You can easily find reviews on some of his products, such as Newsly App, Read4Money, BrowseMe, Googlix, Type4Cash, Browse n’ Bank, PermaLink, MailerLink, and others, by searching for them.

Branson is back with the New Age Affiliate Film Series, and I hope it serves its users as well as the previous products!

New Age Affiliate Film Series review- What are you getting inside? 

The following series will demonstrate how convenient and efficient it is:

  • Phase 1: The Beginning Of Everything
  • Phase 2: The Art Of Prescription
  • Phase 3: Customer Acquisition System
  • Phase 4: Traffic Unleashed

The creator will reveal to you some secrets to help you boost your affiliate sales and increase your income:

Secret #1:

The ‘timeless principle’ generated over $4.3 million dollars in affiliate sales in our business over the past 4 years, and it continues to work like a charm to this day. (It’s timeless for a reason because it never gets old).

Secret #2:

How to go from drowning in a bloody-red ocean full of clowns, sharks, and fierce competitors to thriving on a wild new ‘unicorn island’ flooded by a torrential downpour of sales?

Secret #3:

How to craft your razor-sharp marketing message that will strike your ideal prospect like a thunderbolt. Seriously.

Secret #4:

The Forgotten ‘prescription strategy’ is to find irresistible offers that hit the bullseye of your market, leaving only the lunatics to refuse to buy from you.

Secret #5:

How to build a sales funnel that not only smells good but increases your conversion rate by a staggering 300%. (so you’re not only getting clicks but actually getting the goddamn sales).

Secret #6:

How to tap into a little-known traffic source that is filled with a stampede of ‘begging to buy’ customers. (and no, it’s not useless software, reels, TikTok, solo ads, blogging, or the Zuckbook).

Secret #7:

How to scale your affiliate marketing business to 6 and 7 figures by harnessing the power of the ‘flywheel system

Plus, actionable steps to take, so you can finally get your business set up properly.

Take a look at the image below for more information on the film series:


Also, many free bonuses are given to you when you purchase it today:






New Age Affiliate Film Series Review- Pros and Cons


  • State-of-the-art training
  • Proven framework
  • Templates and resources
  • 1-On-1 business plan consultation
  • Affiliate mind community
  • Weekly live Q&A calls
  • A very low one-time investment
  • No posting reels, No solo ads, No messaging people


  • I don’t have any complaints about this product!

Who should buy this?

This New Age Affiliate Film Series is a must-watch for anyone who wants to launch a massively profitable affiliate marketing business.

This is designed specifically for affiliate marketers who are hungry for a torrential downpour of affiliate sales every single day, consistently and predictably.

It would be great and suitable for those who are Publishers, Brands, Agencies, Startups, Product Creators, Bloggers, Freelancers, Influencers, etc.

Why should you go for this product?

♥   Cutting-edge training program

To begin making money online, you will need both time and a significant initial investment. Then, it takes a long time to see results, which is why many people give up quickly.

However, with the New Age Affiliate Film Series, you’ll be provided professional training and a system for absolutely every step of your affiliate marketing business.

♥   Great community for assisting

Besides the useful training course, this product also provides you with weekly Q&A calls that help you make the most of this futuristic technology. You can attend a powerful community group where you can be supported by a team of professionals with all of your questions.

Furthermore, they also offer Personal 1-On-1 Blueprint Consultation in a bonus package, which is more intimate and will assist you in building a profitable affiliate marketing business.

♥   Money-back guarantee policy for 30 days

They give you 30 days to decide if you want to stick with it, but if you don’t, the 30-day money-back guarantee policy allows you to request a full refund.

It means they guarantee you’ll love this film series and will go out of their way to help you start and grow your own wildly profitable affiliate marketing business.

How much to pay for this?

New Age Affiliate Film Series FE

The cart will open sharply and you will be able to take New Age Affiliate Film Series home for $7. It is a very low price compared with all the advantages I mentioned above, so you should not pass up this opportunity to own this product.


Because time is money, and this price will skyrocket once the special offer expires, I strongly advise you to take advantage of this opportunity as soon as possible. Do not miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The OTOs

You can also consider these upsells when checking out:


Let’s recap everything:

  • Swipe & deploy their proprietary ‘build-for-you’ affiliate system and complete the sales funnel suite
  • 413 ‘piping hot’ niches 3.0 cheatsheet
  • ‘Fill-in-the-blank’ marketing message formula
  • ‘Top classified’ offer vault
  • Ultra high-converting opt-in page
  • ‘Cold strangers to hot leads’ SBT page
  • ‘Sales-injection’ bonus page
  • Secret 7-days email follow-up funnel

OTO #2: TRAFFIC MASTERY ($297 one-time)

Let’s recap everything:

  • Master the art and science of organic traffic to fuel your biz with ‘ready-to-buy’ customers
  • Traffic mastery foundation
  • The ultimate traffic hack!
  • The flywheel system
  • Secret scaling formula
  • 30-day traffic mastery challenge


Let’s recap everything:

  • Email masterclass + best collections of our email campaigns & automation sequence
  • Secret swipe file
  • How to build an email list from scratch
  • The perfect email framework
  • My $1,000,000 email secrets


The conclusion

Thank you for sticking with me all the way through my New Age Affiliate Film Series review. 

Isn’t it about time you started your business with the best product possible? I guarantee that this is the most cost-effective product you’ve ever used.

Remember that the price cannot be any lower and will not last long, so close all of the best deals as soon as possible.




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