Kyvio Review: Get this complete marketing platform to generate seven figure income

Kyvio Review


Thank you for dropping by my Kyvio review!

This review is right for those who are getting stuck into many confusing methods of starting an online business.

I understand you are facing a complicated process including setting a sales funnel, building up a secure Members Area, generating an email list, and thousands of other things involved to deal.

You might have ever followed others’ tons of advice to buy what you need, hire a pro to take care of technique questions, keep investing in assisting tools, or run advertisements. And you end up burning out all your money while your business ends up having no progress!

Please listen to me, don’t let those things hold you back from realizing your dream and making you rich! It is simply because you don’t have the most appropriate approach for yourself.

That’s why I bring you one today – Kyvio. Kyvio will become the ultimate alternative to all the costly solutions you have ever found!

Hopefully, you will spend a couple of minutes going over my Kyvio review and I am sure it is worth your time!



Kyvio is the cloud-based ALL-IN-ONE suite for an affordable but lucrative marketing platform. This product includes 3 core software: Funnel Builder; Membership Builder; Email Automation, and one comprehensive Smart Academy of business education.

With the help of Kyvio, making money online is not an expensive dream anymore, and you will never be afraid of losing your money continuously on what doesn’t work out.

How powerful and effective is Kyvio? Please roll down to discover more about it.



This package is invented by the LEADING marketers in the Internet Marketing community – Neil Napier and his partner Steven vd Peijl.

Neil Napier is thе аuthor of dozеnѕ of ѕoftwаrе toolѕ ѕuсh аѕ SyndRanker, Social Viral Wizard, AdConnect, The Store Launch, SiteSync, InstaSuite, Video Cloud Pro, WP Contentio, InstaStore, and Webinar X.

Every launch delivered by Neil has come up to users’ expectations, as a result, they always lay trust in his product. Can Kyvio inherit the previous success? This will be revealed in the next part.



As I mentioned before, there are 3 software and one training included in Kyvio with its own specific functionalities which are helpful in all aspects of starting an online business from the scratch. Let me show you more.

The first software: FUNNEL BUILDER

  •         Create up to 100 Funnels
  •         Create an unlimited number of pages
  •         Create pages using drag and drop Builder
  •         Preview your site using a Mobile live editor
  •         You get up to 100,000 visitors per month
  •         Set up 10 custom domains or sites
  •         Automatically build mobile responsive pages
  •         Pick DFY (Done-For-You) funnel templates
  •         Build animations in one click
  •         Easily track conversions on your dashboard
  •         Conduct split testing easily
  •         Set up 2-step opt-ins
  •         Editable GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) cookie bar
  •         Install SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates
  •         Create popups and a hello bar easily
  •         Download page as HTML
  •         Integrate with WordPress with the Kyvio plugin
  •         Save page as a template
  •         Integrate 3rd party scripts
  •         Reset page statistics


  • ·        Brand your membership site however you want!
  • ·        Auto-generate password when someone signs up
  • ·        Enable manual registration
  • ·        Sell or give products away for free
  • ·        Upsell onto other products
  • ·        Send a confirmation email when someone signs up
  • ·        Collect as many details as you need on the signup form
  • ·        Set up multiple price levels (including free)
  • ·        Select landing pages right from WITHIN Kyvio
  • ·        Register customers to your autoresponder list
  • ·        Register customers to a webinar
  • ·        Give customers access to additional products automatically
  • ·        Add unlimited content and pages
  • ·        Manage members from a single dashboard
  • ·        Add new members manually if you want

The third software: E-MAIL AUTOMATION

  • It is integrated with Sendgrid, Sparkpost, and any other SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) you own!
  • Upload or collect leads, inside List Builder
  • Create forms for all lists to collect leads (making Kyvio list-builder compatible with ALL opt-in form creators)
  • Send broadcasts
  • Send autoresponder series
  • View detailed statistics
  • Blacklist email addresses
  • Blacklist bad domains
  • Blacklist IP addresses
  • Block “role-based” email addresses from subscribing
  • Allow unsubscribers to re-subscribe to the same list
  • Create multiple email templates for future use
  • Personalize your email with 10+ different tags
  • These tags include email, name, confirmation links, subscription links, membership site URL, login URL, and more!
  • Segment people based on what emails they open or don’t open; and what links they click and don’t click.
  • Automate subscriber actions such as moving people to different lists, or copying them overall based on their behavior.

Last but not the least: 5-FIGURE SMART ACADEMY

This business coaching contains:
  •         Software video training
  •         Courses (4 Pillars for Successful Membership Site; Survey Salesman; Invisible Funnel; Email Writing Playbook; Membership Creation Playbook; Course Curator; RunCrypto; 21-Day Recurring Machine; Pitch Perfect Positioning)
  •         Worksheets and Checklists
  •         Templates
  •         Roadmaps
  •         PDF downloads
  •         Monthly group Q&A
  •         Closed Accountability Group
  •         Case Studies and Critiques
  •         Tools and Resources
  •         Access to Community



You may think it is unnecessary to buy it because you have already bought other tools. In fact, tools are many but they don’t work well together. There will be some time everything gets mixed up for the worse and you don’t know how to fix it.

On the other hand, no software out there can do the same as Kyvio. Never before in one dashboard can you integrate a funnel, e-mail marketing, membership area, and so much more.

So, why not consider Kyvio instead of buying many expensive tools separately with DOUBLE the work and DOUBLE the expense of Kyvio?

The best part is, in a few months, Kyvio 2.0 comes out – you get upgraded to that for FREE! Kyvio 2.0 will provide a cutting-edge funnel builder as well as fully customizable (including languages) membership sites.

See How People Are Building A Financially Abundant Life With Kyvio…




It’s how the member area looks like:


To tell the truth, Kyvio includes 3 beneficial software and one comprehensive course, so in my short review today perhaps I cannot give you all the process, I hope you will sympathize. However, I will go into detail of some really fundamental parts: Creating Funnel and Products

#1 Build up your funnel.


Do you see the “Add New” button on the right corner? Hit this button and do 4 following steps:

Step 1: Choose Funnel Type


Step 2: Customize funnel. Decide which content to be displayed on pages


Step 3: Pick Funnel Templates.

The library of various and proven templates allows you to design the best and most professional-looking web page.


Step 4: Name the funnel and get it generated


After finishing the funnel, optimize your page with these features


#2 Edit Product

In order to launch your product successfully, follow these 5 steps:

Step 1: Fill in the information about your product


Step 2: Decide on Payment options


Step 3: Give out Prices/Levels

Step 4: Setting – Add buyers to the email list


Step 5: Edit Content

Click on the “Edit” button


Use the Drag&Drop system to easily edit the content



Well, it is for everyone. Since it gives you everything you need to start right away…

Do you have no knowledge? – It provides you with the academy

Do you have no skills? – It provides you with training videos as well as offers a super-easy-to-use interface

Do you have a low budget? – It gives you the necessary asset for a typical online business

With that being said, whoever you are, regardless of what level you are in, or you are an expert who wishes to have improvements and motivation; you just need patience, commitment, and affordable investment, Kyvio will help you achieve your goals.



    ♥    Mobile-optimized

    ♥    Multi-user included

    ♥    Interactive onboarding

    ♥    Stupidly simple

    ♥    Web-based service

    ♥    Easy FB pixel tracking

    ♥    Highly responsive online help desk

    ♥    No installation required

    ♥    Superior quality

    ♥    Work on both Mac and PC

    ♥    Reasonable price

    ♥    No skills or experiences needed

    ♥    Created by talented and renowned software creators

    ♥    Huge Demands

    ♥    30 Day Money Back Guarantee


    ♥    In fact, there are some points that are a little bit annoying. It requires a good internet connection to run smoothly. And you have to wait for a couple of months for advanced benefits in the upgrade version.



You have 3 options for purchasing Kyvio:  

    +    Kyvio Basic (Monthy License – $49/month);

    +    Kyvio Business (1 Year License – $297 one time payment);

    +    Kyvio Pro (2 Year License – $497 one time payment)


Depend on your demand or strategy to choose the most suitable one. In my view, I highly recommend Kyvio Business$297. It has almost all the key features and the price is good too.

Besides, I think the monthly version with a recurring fee is quite annoying while the 2-year access version requires a bigger budget. That’s why I go for Kyvio Business with one year of access.

Anyway, I find those prices reasonable.

Seriously, if you have to buy these software and training courses individually, the total cost can take you thousands of dollars. But now Kyvio is offered at an extremely affordable price in order to help you develop your own business in the best possible way without wasting a ton of money.

This good deal will not last long because the price will go up soon. It is then sold at the normal price:

  • $69 per month
  • $397 (12-month access) or
  • $497 (24-month access)

In addition, you still get 30 Day Money Back guarantee with NO questions asked. Whenever you feel unsatisfied, return it and get back your money. It is a risk-free investment. Take action now!


If you wish to experience advanced features, consider Kyvio’s Upgrades right below:

Upgrade 1: Double Your Limits ($197)

Simple yet powerful upgrade. Get “MORE OF” what you just bought in the main offer.

This upgrade offers the ability to:

  • Build 100 additional funnels
  • Add 100,000 Unique Visitors to your limits
  • Add 10,000 extra contacts
  • Add 10,000 extra members

Upgrade 2: 100 DFY Products and Funnels ($197)

  • This is part of a webinar offer we’ve sold in past, where we offer 100 DFY lead magnets, 100 DFY products, 100 DFY funnels, and 300 (3×100) DFY emails. This has sold amazingly well on webinars at $697, and now we are bringing it to this launch as an upgrade.
  • Downsell contains 50 of each of the assets shared above at $97



Remember once getting Kyvio, you will receive 3 massive bonuses from the creators:



Bonus #5: Generate more sales with the right pitch every time.


Bonus #6: Product Creation BootCamp


Bonus #7: Video Script Template


Bonus #8: 30 Cartoon Images


Bonus #9: Guest Posting Secrets (Info-product)

Guest posting secrets is a complete guide on how you can increase your website’s organic traffic and authority by posting on other authority sites. If you are looking for a long-term way to generate free traffic, this is perfect for you.


Well, my review today is quite long but you still keep calm and finish reading now. I am so happy and thank you so much for being so nice.

I hope that, with my honest thoughts about Kyvio, you will learn more about the product and appreciate its real value. Your investment is guaranteed safely thanks to 30 Day Refund without any questions asked.


The price may go up soon so you should grab the chance and make the best deal! Thank you again and hopefully, you will make a smart decision!

Besides, if you buy this product through my link, you can also get these huge bonuses below (Please remember that these bonuses are not for the TRIAL or FREE versions):


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