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GoTraffic Review


GoTraffic Review- The product overview

The popularity of social media is constantly growing, more than 84% of Internet users have accounts on social networks, this means that these platforms are one of the most potential investments for your business.

However, potential means competitive! Even with the free traffic, content-based method, you still have to waste a lot of time creating content. Or even when you outsource it, the process becomes expensive.

There are more and more marketers jumping into this field and that is the reason why you need to be unique and stand out from the crowd.

So, how exactly do you create social media content for your business?

Well, the answer is right here, in this review! I am going to introduce you to this cost-effective product called GoTraffic. Inside this pack, the content is generated using secret AI tech, so you can choose and customize the content that works best for your niche.

You can efficiently manage social media accounts for multiple clients simultaneously with little to no effort.

What Is Called GoTraffic?

GoTraffic is an AI-Powered plug-and-play traffic solution that grabs free traffic from social media – in completely legal and ethical ways for you.

And it is set and forgotten for the entire year. Inside this product, the content is generated using secret AI-tech, so you can choose and customize the content that works best for your niche.

GoTraffic Review – About The Authors

This product is brought to you by Neil Napier with the cooperation of Dragan Plushkovski.

More than a creative developers with outstanding intellectual ability, Neil and Dragan are both experienced marketers who developed and delivered many products that help people go from zero to millions.

Some of their remarkable launches such as: Socibot, Funnelvio, GrabVid, Clickvio, Content Gorilla 2.0, Spyvio, Meetvio Evolution, 10xSocial, etc.


Considering the success of these three people, GoTraffic is 100% certain to do wonders for you.

Feature Details

Feature #1: State-Of-The-Art Dashboard

The powerful personalized dashboard inside this pack allows you to create multiple workplaces and link social media accounts (along with the time zone) under each one of them.

All you need to do is simply log in from anywhere at any time to manage your projects with a click of a button.


Feature #2: Easy Management of Content

You will be able to effortlessly manage, edit and delete content, hashtags, and captions when you create projects with this GoTraffic.

So now, you have everything efficiently stored in one place from where you can use and reuse the content as you like! There is no more duplication of work and extra hassles to store stuff.


Feature #3: Schedule & Reschedule Posts ONE YEAR In Advance

When you create projects, you will be able to manage, edit and delete content, hashtags, and captions. You can also have everything efficiently stored in one place from where you can use & reuse the content as you like! No more duplication of work and extra hassles to store stuff.


Feature #4: Seamless Integration With Top Social Media Platforms

This feature will help you to create a workspace and connect with your social media platforms immediately.


Feature #5: Infinite Content

There is no bar on the kind of content you can customize and schedule on GoTraffic. Take your pick from images, and videos, or add images and videos with text.

Your personalized library sorts and manages your content so you can reuse it when you like. Simply add the caption and hashtag of your choice from the bank or insert a new one and voila your post is ready!


Feature #6: Image Editor

Unlike any other tool in the market, this product allows you to create and customize your content from within your dashboard. Therefore, it can help you reduce the hassle of juggling between platforms and software, you can do everything you need using GoTraffic.

The drag-and-drop interface lets you pick a ready-made template by simply inserting a keyword and customizing it to your needs. It also gives you a blank canvas for times when you want to create your own masterpiece. You can then download the end product and sort it as per the project easily.


Feature #7: Leverage Facebook Groups & Pages

With this feature, you can use the power of social networks to your utmost advantage with GoTraffic.

Now you can pick as many Facebook groups and pages as you like and post your content to all of them at once! Here’s to more impact when you reach out to an entire community at once!

Feature #8: Deep Analytics

Social media is nothing without insights and statistics; that is the reason why this product provides you with this feature to keep you informed about your activity across social platforms and your post-performance.

So now you will know the sure-shot formula to success and it’ll be easier than ever to repeat it!

Feature #9: Captions and Hashtag Manager

This GoTraffic allows you to create captions and hashtags and pull them into your media post on a need basis.


Feature #10: Perfect For Agencies

With this GoTraffic:

[+]    You are destined for success when you use GoTraffic for your agency.

[+]    You can manage multiple clients within different workspaces.

[+]    You can also allow your clients to view their individual accounts, scheduled and previous posts using their exclusive access.


About using details

GoTraffic Review- How To Use

Enter your registered email to log in to the system:


Once you successfully get a login, you will get access to the Main Dashboard like this seen below:

Step 1: Create Workspace

Click on the “WORKSPACE” section and click “+ CREATE WORKSPACE” to start creating a new one:


Then, enter your workspace name, select the time zone, and click on “Save”:


Then, your created one will be presented here:

Step 2: Create A New Project

Click on the “MY PROJECTS” section and choose “+ CREATE PROJECT” to start creating a new one:


Next, you need to provide the name and description of your project:

Step 3: Manage Post

Click on the “MANAGE POST” section and choose “Create Post” to start creating a new post:


Then, enter the title and click on “Save”:


After creating a new post, click on “View” to view and edit the post if you want:

Next, you can optionally choose the type of your post: FB pages, FB groups, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, or Reddit. And then adjust the post by yourself:


Step 4: Schedule 365 Projects

Click on “365 PROJECTS” and here you will be able to get access to ready-to-use done-for-you content with image templates for 365 days. Click on the template to add it to your workspace/projects.


Next, choose the workspace and project. Then click to choose the platforms below to schedule the selected media post and click on “Save”:

Next, you can edit and schedule your post like this seen below:

Step 5: Image Editor

Click on “+ CREATE” to start creating your new campaign:


Then, all you need to do is provide the campaign name, choose a workspace, category and click on “Save”:

You can choose the available templates inside this pack or click on “Use Blank Template” to create a new campaign by yourself:


After choosing one, you can simply design the template on your own. Click on the given editing tools to start designing your template:

Then, click “Download image” to download it:


Why Should You Grab This GoTraffic?

Without this GoTraffic, until now you still need to individually log in to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Reddit to post every day. It doesn’t matter where you are (at home, at a dinner, or on a holiday), you just need to be available to post!

Well, looking at the sheer amount of time and energy that it takes can tire someone!

However, when you get this exclusive GoTraffic, you can post to all these platforms (including Facebook groups and pages) at once. This product will allow you to click a few buttons today and chill for the rest of the year.

Therefore, you can take on as many clients as you want because all it’ll take is a few minutes to choose from ready-made content, and customize and schedule posts.

This sophisticated technology makes social media management a cakewalk for you. All you have to do is just create a project, add ready-made content from the image editor, and insert a caption and hashtags with a click of a few buttons!

And the best part is that the schedule content feature comes as a blessing for all hard-working social media managers. All you need to do is simply set a time and date and let this software take care of the posting for you. You can also auto-repeat the scheduled posts as many times as you like or even schedule posts up to a year in advance.

With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can charge your clients the top dollar! You have the backing of an entire social media management team without actually hiring one!

Let’s take a look at how other experts left a comment about this product:



GoTraffic Review- Price & Upsells

Front End

This product comes with 2 pricing choices for you:

    +    GoTraffic Personal ($37)

    +    GoTraffic Commercial ($47)

Below is the comparison table of these 2 options:

To be honest, if I were you, I would completely choose the Commercial option. The reason is simple, I’m going to pay $10 more but what I’m getting is HUGE, you will be able to unlock many high-converting features inside the second version.

Especially, thanks to commercial rights, you can even create a second income stream by delivering the bot creation service using this GoTraffic!

Remember that this price will increase dramatically after being launched. Therefore, you had better grab this chance now to close the best deals.

Here is the pricing strategy for the next few days of the launch.

Make sure you grab the best deal ever!

The Upsells

Here are some UPSELLs that you can take into consideration if you want to add more value to your product:

OTO 1: GoTraffic Unlimited ($97/Year)


Inside this upsell, you are able to get access to:

[+]    Maximize your traffic, leads & sales with unlimited workspaces!

[+]    Boost your engagement by making unlimited social connections.

[+]    Save big money as this upgrade unlocks all future updates offered – no need to buy v2, v3, or anything else!

[+]    Skyrocket your profits by creating unlimited projects per workspace

[+]    Unlock our unlimited content library with over 20,000 prompts, all available at the push of a button.

[+]    Get unlimited advanced use of our image editor, and create and sell as many images as you want!

[+]    Enjoy fast-track support for unlimited workspaces from a dedicated team!

OTO1 Dowsell: GoTraffic Unlimited Trial then Yearly

Try out GoTraffic Unlimited for $1 & make your income potential unlimited.

OTO 2: GoTraffic Agency & Agency Kit ($57)

Sell GoTraffic to unlimited clients for 100% profit with advanced Whitelabel technology – sell access like your own software.


OTO2 Downsell:

50% off – sell GoTraffic to unlimited clients for 100% profit with advanced Whitelabel technology – sell access like your own software.

OTO 3: GoTraffic Reseller

    +    50 Licenses ($197)

    +    250 Licenses ($297)


With these packs, you will be able to get:



Who Should Try This GoTraffic?

This GoTraffic will offer great help for anyone who wants to earn money online effortlessly even if you don’t have enough time to learn or get verified knowledge.

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Local Marketers
  • Traffic Experts
  • Solo Ads Vendors
  • Freelancers
  • Bloggers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Agencies
  • Entrepreneurs

GoTraffic Review- Pros & Cons


    ♥    100% Newbie Friendly

    ♥    1-Click Posting To All Trending Social Media Platforms

    ♥    Human-Created Content

    ♥    365 Days Content Scheduler

    ♥    Fully Customizable Guaranteed-To-Convert Templates

    ♥    Hands-Free Technology

    ♥    No Experience Required

    ♥    Nothing To Download Or Install

    ♥    14-Day Full Money Back Guarantee


    X    Up to now, there is none

Bonuses From Author Team

Get this GoTraffic today, you will get all bonuses below for FREE, they are available in the member area of the FE:



I wish my GoTraffic review has given you enough useful information to make your final decision. Please remember that this is absolutely a golden opportunity for you to transform your life.

And please put in mind that this kind of product cannot be any cheaper so be quick, otherwise, this good deal will be last soon over.



Fast Action Bonus Package

Bonus #1:

Content Repurpose Guide

Description: When you repurpose your content, you can yield more output with the same amount of input, while maintaining quality. This saves you time so that you can work on new marketing ideas and attend to other aspects of your business. This guide will show you how easy is to create endless content.


Bonus #2:

Traffic Generating Resources

Description: Make traffic generation fast and easy with this bonus. This will include training and strategies that will propel your business to the next level.


Bonus #3:

Guest Posting Secrets

Description: Guest Posting Secrets is a comprehensive guide on how you can effectively get high-quality backlinks from authority websites and generate evergreen traffic. With this training, you will be able to learn how to approach high-authority websites and get the most out of your guest post.


Bonus #4:

Hilite & Share

Description: Hilite and Share encourage readers to share your best content, and bring more traffic back to your site! gives your readers a new easy way to share your best content.






Step 1: Buy GoTraffic on my website

Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.

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