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10xSocial Review



10xSocial Review- Introduction

Have you ever used videos in your business? Well, of course, you have, everyone has. Videos are addictive and give customers a personal connection to what they’re watching.

You know what, offline and online businesses have started to engage their audience via Facebook Messenger.

And video inside Facebook Messenger is the next big thing for marketers now. In Fact, using videos for marketing on Facebook Messenger is the only way for you to get more traffic, leads & sales in the year 2021.

However, how can you turn your engaged Facebook fans who are commenting on your posts into contacts or send follow-up messages and turn them into loyal customers through your created video?

I would have to say that for a newbie like you, it is quite difficult to handle this task. Ways to engage your audience on Facebook, and on autopilot are totally money-consuming.

If you have been struggling to get traffic and drive NEW customers to your business, this brand-new solution today is going to blow your socks off! I would introduce you to this 10xSocial.

10xSocial is packed with powerful features that will make you the #1 video messenger marketing agency. This product helps you send personal video messages and email follow-ups inside Facebook Messenger automatically.

10xSocial Review- What Is It?

10xSocial is a messenger marketing app that combines the power of videos, SMS & Emails to get 10x more leads, sales, and results.

There have been many “basic” messenger apps released in the past, but nothing that goes across niches and helps get sales as long as they have a trickle of traffic. And if they don’t have that, the app helps generate traffic as well.

About The Creator


The mind behind this product is Neil Napier who has nearly 10 years working in the IM. Neil is among the pioneers to rock the online industry with many different inventions helping newbies make money online from scratch.

Some of his remarkable products such as Meetvio Evolution, Meetvio, Spyvio, VideoTik, Socibot, Funnelvio, GrabVid, Clickvio, etc.

In this latest launch, he cooperated with Robert Emi and Dragan Plushkovski, the two other big names in this field as well.

In the last 12 months, their company has generated over $2.15M in sales, and they do nearly ALL of their customer engagement on Facebook. That being said, I strongly believe that 10xSocial will do wonders for you.

10xSocial Review- Feature Details

Feature 01: Send Broadcasts Messages

With this feature, you will get:

[+]   Stay Informed

This feature allows you to send video messages with call-to-action buttons to all your contacts.

[+]   Voice Message

Simply record your voice and send or schedule to your contacts with this voice message.

[+]   Audio Message

You can instantly send your podcasts, music, and any audio recording to everyone who engages with you via live chat.


Feature 02: Text To Speech

You can convert any text into audio in any language with this feature and schedule it as a response in a chat. This 10xSocial provides you the built-in more than 50 voices both male and female to choose from and supports well over 60 languages.


Feature 03: (More Than Just…) Comment Guards

With this feature, you can easily respond to your users’ comments on your fan page with highly interactive content that will enable you to build a list very fast.

This A.I powered Facebook Auto Messenger Responder turns your posts into a hot traffic driving and selling point. Then, you can easily Set-Up your own marketing funnel design. Set up a Messenger drip campaign to welcome and nurture new visitors & leads.

You can now:

  • Ask them questions to qualify them and see if you’re a good fit.
  • Turn your engaged Facebook fans who are commenting on your posts into contacts!
  • Invite them to stay in touch as a subscriber.
  • Shorten Your Facebook page listed response time dramatically— and gain more trust!
  • Send them info about your products, services, and promotions.
  • Turn your page fans into leads by sending follow-up messages to them!


Feature 04: Post Composer

This 10xSocial is the most powerful Facebook list-building and traffic post creator that you’ve ever seen. You will be able to effortlessly create an engaging and interactive post and instantly convert any visitor into a subscriber.

You can also create:

[+]   CTA Video Messenger Post

This product allows you to create sexy VIDEO AD POSTS FOR FREE and fully take advantage of Facebook Messenger and videos to tap into organic traffic like never before.

[+]   CTA Image Post

You can also create a FREE FACEBOOK IMAGE ad post to trigger a conversation between your chatbot and a visitor.


Feature 05: Chat Widget

These are tools that make it easy for your targeted visitors, prospects, or customers to start conversations with you from your website or email communications, or offline media such as fliers and in-store signs and ads.

This tool helps you to expand and re-engage your audience.

10xSocial comes with built-in:

[+]   Chat Plugin

[+]   m.me Links

[+]   Send to Messenger Plugin

[+]   Checkbox Plugin

[+]   Message Us Plugin


Feature 06: Post Finder

With this feature, you can simply import your Facebook ads posts and organic posts and set up comment guards, recover leads, and broadcast promotional content to subscribers.


Feature 7: Use Free Email SMTP Providers

Provisions to use Free SMTP providers such as Gmail and Yahoo to follow up with leads.


Feature 8: 1-Click Seamless Integration with SMS Providers


Feature 9: Easily Connect With Any Major Autoresponder



10xSocial Review- About using details

How To Deploy It?

Enter your registered email to log in to the system:


Once you log in, the Main Dashboard of 10xSocial will show up as below:


STEP 1: Create a Post

Click on the “Composer” section and click “Create New” to start creating a new post.


Here, you have to choose a messenger post type, add the descriptions for your post, provide a keyword, choose the type of response, write down the name, choose the Facebook page, click to schedule your post, and click “Create” to start creating a new post.

Then your post will instantly be posted on your Facebook platform:



STEP 2: Adjust Comment Guards

Click on the “Composer” section, here, and click on the “Comment Guards” section like this seen below to create a bot for your post with a comment guard.


This function will help you to create an automatic comment reply, you can also get a follow-up message sent to your customers’ Facebook inbox for further engagement.

Adjust the given information to start creating a bot:


This never seen technique ensures you never lose your leads again on Facebook and ensures that you instantly convert leads into customers.

STEP 3: Create Text To Speech

Click on the “Text To Speech” section and you can get access to more than 60 languages to select from in different male and female voices.

All you need to do is just add in the text content, choose the type of language and voice, select the Speech speed rate, Audio Codecs, Audio Formats and click on “Convert To Speech” to start your process.


You can preview your converted speech, change the content later or click on “Download Speech” to download it.


STEP 4: Create A New Broadcaster

Click on the “Broadcaster” section and choose “Create New” to start creating a new one.


Here you will be able to send up to 6 types of broadcasts for free.


For example, I would choose “Video Message”. Here, all you need to do is choose the video source, write the Message, provide the name of the video, choose Choose the Facebook page to post the broadcast, enter the button title, choose audience type, schedule, enter the button website URL and then click on the “Create” button to finish your settings.


Next, a video broadcast with a call to action button has been sent:


Why Should You Consider This 10xSocial?

This software is exactly what you are looking for to run a successful online business. 10xSocial will help you to Double Up As A 5-Figure Monthly Income Generation Tool.

10xSocial has been created with your success and comfort at its core. It will help you to send your PERSONALIZED VIDEOS directly from inside the dash and put your offers in front of billions of users actively looking for specific solutions. Turn every video into a sales page doing the selling for you.

Simply pick a video and customize it with drag-n-drop ease to your heart’s content and hit ‘Send’. You can immediately make traffic and sales from that video.

Since this product provides you with the comment guard function, this is PERFECT for you to create:

♥   Contests And Giveaways

10xSocial allows you to announce your contest with an organic Facebook post. You can easily attach an autoresponder to that post and anybody who comments to enter will get messages in Messenger, helping you collect instant contact info and powerful leads.

♥   Relationship And Brand Building

People turn to Facebook for enjoyment, and these posts from 10xSocial allow you to run fun little games to build relationships.

♥   Lead Qualification

From now, within a few minutes, you are able to use a comment guard on a Facebook post that asks people to comment to get a resource, guide, or download. Set up the chatbot response to asking qualifying questions of your new contacts so you can score your leads!

There is no need to burn your hard-earned money trying to get more customers. Or wait for weeks to get a decent video made. All you need to do is just push the buying button and this 10xSocial will do the rest for you.

That’s why this 10xSocial receives lots of positive comments:


And tons of positive comments as below:


10xSocial Review- Price & Upsells

Front End

This software comes with two pricing options for your choice:

    +    10xSocial Personal License ($37)

    +   10xSocial 20,000 Leads ($47)

As you see from the comparison table below, an extra 10-dollar payment enables you to unlock over 7 other powerful features of 10xSocial.

With the Commercial License in the second version, you will be able to charge this product to your customers and keep 100% of profits yourself.

So, I highly recommend you buy the second version to get access to more outstanding benefits of this product. Remember that the offer is time-sensitive and you can save a few dollars if you take action soon once the cart opens.



10xSocial Review – The Upsells


Here are some UPSELLs that you can take into consideration if you want to add more value to your product:

OTO 1: 10xSocial Unlimited ($67) >>More Details<<

Run unlimited campaigns, collect & engage unlimited leads, send unlimited videos for unlimited leads, sales & profits.


Inside this upsell, it will provide you:

[+]   UNLIMITED Leads

[+]   UNLIMITED Campaigns

[+]   UNLIMITED Videos

[+]   Priority Support

[+]   DFY Client Contract Templates

[+]   DFY Print-Ready Graphics

[+]   DFY Facebook Ads to

[+]   100 DFY Lead Magnets

Downsell 01 ($37) >>More Details<<

Save $30 with this down-sell.

OTO 2: 10xSocial PRO ($97/Year) >>More Details<<

Go PRO – unlock advanced features inside your 10xSocial dashboard & rapidly scale your business.


What is included inside this pack:

[+]   Post Finder

[+]   Chatbot AI

[+]   Follow-up SMS

[+]   Follow-up email

[+]   Carousel Message Broadcast

[+]   Survey Message Broadcast

[+]   Image Message Broadcast

[+]   Recover Leads

[+]   Personalized Avatars

[+]   FB Hidden Video Finder

[+]   Ice Breakers Churn [get started buttons, use Frequently asked questions instead]

[+]   Attachments [Store videos on Facebook]

[+]   Tags

[+]   Setup Email Triggers

[+]   Setup SMS Triggers

[+]   Email Address Export

[+]   Phone Number Export

[+]   Autoresponder Integration

[+]   COMMERCIAL LICENSE For ALL Advanced Features

[+]   Use ALL Features For Clients

Downsell 02 ($1 Trial) >>More Details<<

Try this PRO version for 1$.

OTO 3: 10xSocial Agency >>More Details<<

    +    50 Seats ($197)

    +    Unlimited Seats ($297)


This pack allows you to skyrocket your traffic, engagement, and leads using personalized automated video messages, SMS, and emails INSIDE Facebook Messenger without having to deal with technical overheads!

And sell this software and keep 100% of any sales made.



10xSocial Review- Bonuses From Author Team

Get this 10xSocial in this special launch, you will get all bonuses below for free:


Who Should Try This 10xSocial?

From my perspective, this 10xSocial is suitable for anyone who has a desire to make a passive income online even while you don’t have enough time to learn or get verified knowledge.

If you belong to the list below, you should seriously take it into consideration:

+   Affiliate Marketers

+   Local Marketers

+   Coaches

+   Small Business Owners

+   Youtube Creators

+   Video Marketers

+   Entrepreneurs

+   Professionals

+   Newbies

+   Bloggers

+   Freelancers

10xSocial Review – Pros & Cons


♥   100% newbie-friendly

♥   Fully cloud-based free hosting

♥   Massive first-movers advantage

♥   Combine the power of messenger & video

♥   100% conversion rate

♥   Step-by-step training included

♥   Convert text to speech

♥   10x your traffic, leads, and sales


X   Up to now, there is none



I wish my 10xSocial review has given you enough useful information to help you make your final decision. Please remember that this is a golden opportunity for you to boost your business.

And remember that this kind of product cannot be any cheaper. With the stunning features inside this pack, you now don’t have to waste your money and effort to attract your targeted customers anymore, this product will do all for you.

Besides, if you buy this product through my link, you can also get these huge bonuses below (Please remember that these bonuses are not for the TRIAL or FREE versions):



1/ Mega Bonus Package 1 >>>>Click here to get free now<<<<

2/ Mega Bonus Package 2 >>>>Click here to get free now<<<<


Step 1: Buy 10xSocial on my website


Step 2: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.

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Thank you so much again for reading my 10xSocial Review.

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