FXFunnel Review– New Method That Made $55k+ In Under A Month

FXFunnel Review- With careful analysis, a marketing funnel lets you know what your company must do to influence consumers at certain stages. By evaluating your funnels, you can potentially drive greater sales, more loyalty, and stronger brand awareness.

If you’re like most online marketers, you’re still trying to figure it all out. Not really lucky are you if you still have to spend money on various methods and training programs that never seem to work. Desperately, you’re putting in countless hours week after week, with no end in sight.

How amazing it can be if you know exactly how much you need to spend on ads and how you can prepare to attract an audience and turn leads into conversion. Then, you can avoid a costly mistake and build a sure-fire business you can upscale and make a ton of money from with almost 100% accuracy. 

No matter the niche you are in, and even if you are a complete novice. Such a bright future, to be honest. And this is no longer an illusion, this perfect picture will come to life if you have FXFunnel – a powerful funnel and membership page builder packed with many wonderful features.

Please roll down to the next parts of my FXFunnel Review to get to know this product.




Creator Misan Morrison
Product FXFunnel
Launch Date 2019-Aug-27
Launch Time 11:00 ЕDТ
Official website http://fxfunnel.io/
Front-End Price $27-$47
Bonus Yes, Huge Bonuses
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee
Niche Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly recommend!


FXFunnel is a new breakthrough Funnel + Membership Page Builder that helps you remove the guesswork from your funnel building process by auto simulating & predicting how much profit a funnel can make before you create a funnel or spend a dime sending traffic to it.




Misan Morrison is the owner of FXFunnel. He is a professional internet marketer who has spent years in this field and looking for new strategies to achieve the highest work productivity.

To be honest, he has been a top affiliate for many hot products, which allows him to go deeper and find out how big names build their funnels.

That’s why it’s completely reasonable to believe that it’s really worth giving this funnel builder ago. I’m quite sure that Misan has designed this to live up to your expectations.


FXFunnel is loaded with features that make it easier than ever for you to make money online:

    ♠    Start From Scratch Or Choose From Over 100 Proven-To-Make-Money Templates


    ♠    Use The Drag-n-Drop Editor To Customize Your Funnels And Membership Sites With Ease

With the included easy-to-use, drag-n-drop editor, you’ll be able to quickly and EASILY edit ANY of your existing pages without EVER messing with ANY code. Plus, for those of you with that “creative edge,” you’ll have the FULL flexibility to start from a Blank Canvas and let your imagination run WILD.

    ♠     Build Membership Sites With A Few Clicks

No more wasting hours on complicated tutorials – You’ll be up and running and have a stunning membership site ready to go within minutes with FXFunnel.

    ♠     URL Protection Technology Comes Standard With FX Funnel And Ensures You Don’t Lose A Penny To Privacy

FXFunnel automatically locks ALL of the details of a user’s account and it CAN NOT be opened ANYWHERE else WITHOUT asking YOU for permission first.

This handy feature allows YOU to keep your finger on the PULSE of ANYONE trying to share access to your product so you remain in control at all times.

    ♠     FXFunnel Uses Artificial Intelligence To Predict How Much Profit You’ll Make Before You Deploy Your Funnel

This software includes Profit-Prediction and Funnel Simulator System for FREE when you get FXFunnel right now.

This part of FXFunnel lets you quickly predict the profit potential of ANY of your sales funnels BEFORE you invest ANY time, effort, and money on creating the actual pages and sending traffic to them.

Plus, FXFunnel includes these additional features:

    ♦    Securely Hosted In The Cloud

    ♦   Integrates With All Major Payment Processors

    ♦   Integrates With All Major Email Marketing Services And Software Tools

    ♦   Add Your Facebook Retargeting Pixel With A Click Of Your Mouse


Step 1: LOG IN


Here is the MAIN DASHBOARD after you LOG IN.



Click to New Funnel on the top right side of the screen.


You have 6 options to select: Product Launch, Sales, Emails, Membership, Webinare, and MarketPlace.


In this example, I chose Sales. Add a Funnel Title & Custome Subdomain.


Step 3: DESIGN


  • Optin

Click Create Page to create a new opt-in page.


You can choose from the templates or start from scratch.


After choosing templates, click on the Edit icon to customize your template.


You have full control of customization with the templates.


And here is the Optin Page that I’ve created.


To create a Sales Page, or Thank You Page, you only need to follow the same steps as Optin Page. Here are the pages I created using FXFunnel.

  • Sales Page


  • Thank You Page


For more details, you can watch the demo video below:

Watch This Demo Video Of FXFunnel In Action


I don’t think I have to say much in this part because I’m sure you will realize this tool does more than any other ‘funnel builder’ on the market, especially with many amazing features included.

Firstly, it would be a mistake if I don’t mention these two powerful softwares integrated: Funnel Simulator + Profit Prediction Tool.

They are really helpful in your work, to be honest, as they make it much easier for you to assess your income and your profits. In fact, the software handles all the number-crunching for you so that you can make decisions about ads with ease.

Secondly, 100+ fill in the Gap High-Converting Copy Templates is truly tempting and professional. Free templates usually come with low quality in many offers.

FXFunnel is certainly an exception. These templates are made by in-house design experts and are fully editable. You only need a good taste to arrange these elements a little bit to create your own page.

Now move on to the next part to find out its price.



So, when it comes to the price, you have two options here: FXFunnel Standard$27 and Commercial – $47. These options are now both one-time payments that you only need to pay once and own forever.

They will come with different types of licenses where the Commercial will bring you more features than the Standard. It still depends on your needs to figure out what option to go on.

Here is the fact, the price will increase gradually throughout the launch, and once it goes up, I’m afraid that you can’t have a second chance to get the best price.

If you still have doubts about what you should do, jump on this successful ship or stay low on land forever, I hope this news will motivate you to make the right decision.

In this launch, you will get a full 30 days to test-drive FXFunnel with no risk, which means your investment is fully protected.


Also, let me introduce these OTOs which you can have a chance to purchase after you complete your frontend order:


SKYROCKET your traffic, conversions, and profit even MORE by unlocking these SEVEN additional profit-producing features:

  • Unlock their custom domains feature to brand your pages as your own
  • Run powerful A/B split tests to uncover your BEST performing offers
  • Unlock an extra 100+ funnel templates
  • Unlock Over 200+ high-converting, fill-in-the-gap copy templates
  • Unlock their Traffic Hijackr to embed your funnel offers over OTHER people’s content
  • FAST ACTION BONUS: FX Funnel profit masterclass


Take your profit to the NEXT level with their high-converting, done-for-you agency system that closes clients FOR YOU!

  • Ability to create multiple FXFunnel accounts for clients or virtual assistants
  • Done for you website (highly valuable)
  • Ready-made email/sales script
  • DFY proposals – PowerPoint & word
  • DFY print-ready commercial graphics templates
  • DFY Facebook Ads creative
  • DFY pimped-to-sell telemarketing scripts
  • DFY legal contracts


Unlock their WHITELABEL License and sell FX Funnel as your OWN and have the opportunity to build a 6-figure/year software business

    +    100 License ($297)

    +    250 License ($497)

    +    500 License ($697)

This is a total no-brainer as you will get Whitelabel rights to slam your logo on the FX Funnel app and sell access to 100 – 500 customers while you keep 100% of the profit. 

The Whitelabel license will be activated for customers at the end of the FXFunnel launch to avoid competition plus the Whitelabel offer will be deactivated for buyers after the launch week.

Take a look at some great features below:
  • Unlock their WHITELABEL Version and sell FX Funnel as your own
  • Lap YOUR logo and branding on FX Funnel
  • Get ALL the sales materials INCLUDED
  • Sell up to 500 copies at ANY price you’d like!
  • Instantly start your own software company WITHOUT any headache.


Lifetime access to the first and ONLY autoresponder that allows you to profit from the power of email, ext & FB Messenger under ONE central Dashboard with ZERO MONTHLY fees!

Take a look at some great features below:
  • Create UNLIMITED email marketing campaigns
  • Create UNLIMITED text message campaigns
  • Create UNLIMITED Facebook Messenger campaigns
  • Easily import UNLIMITED emails AND phone numbers
  • ZERO monthly fees
  • Seamless API integration with FX Funnels

OTO 5FX FUNNEL DFY/TEMPLATE ($27 Monthly/$97 Yearly)

You get an extra 10 – 20 FX Funnel Templates Monthly so you never run out of templates for yourself and your clients.

Take a look at some great features below:
  • Get 10-20 NEW funnel templates EVERY single month
  • Use them to create funnels for yourself OR your clients
  • Sell them RIGHT AWAY for $1,000 or MORE, EACH!
  • Leverage our design team for your own profit
  • NEVER run out of NEW templates to profit with!



After considering all the features and benefits you can make use of with this offer, I would recommend FXFunnel to these people:

    +    Internet Marketers

    +    Affiliates

    +    Business Owners

    +    Website Owners

    +    Product Creators

    +    Digital Marketers

    +    Social Media Marketers

    +    Entrepreneurs And Agencies


Get FXFunnel today, you have a chance to get more valuable bonuses below from authors:





You can get more bonuses below if you get AT LEAST 1 UPSELL:

(With these bonuses, drop me a message via email: [email protected] then I will send it to you directly to make sure you receive it instantly)

Bonus #01:

Ultimate FB Traffic Poster (Updated Version) 

This Facebook auto poster tool is a custom-developed application built to help you post your Text/links/Images/Videos on Facebook groups and pages. 

In a nutshell; Ultimate FB Traffic Poster will help you share your content and drive Facebook traffic to your FX Funnels in 1-click.


Bonus #02:

Email Traffic Booster

Convert Your Copied Contents Into Traffic

According to a Business Insider article 82% of shared content is happening via e-mail via copy and paste. 

In other words: 82% of the people that are reading your email content will probably never visit your website! Email Traffic Booster solves this problem. 

Insert a link to your page whenever a user copy-pastes content from your website!

Customize the inserted text:

  • Insert a Facebook share URL for sharing your page on Facebook!
  • Insert a Twitter share URL for tweeting your page!
  • Using the included editor you can insert any other text or link, such as your Facebook Page or Twitter account!

 Works with any website or platform including:

  • WordPress
  • Tumblr
  • Blogger
  • Joomla

Setup the plugin in 5 minutes and start getting more traffic to your website!


Bonus #03:

Comment Traffic Generator 

Earn More Income, More Subscribers & Establish Healthy Relationship With Your Daily Blog Readers By Using Your WordPress Comment Box

Comment Traffic Generator” is an advanced concept but simple and easy-to-use WordPress plugin capable of boosting your sales, traffic, subscribers list, and doing much more by sending a thankful message to your first blog commentators.

What “Comment Traffic Generator” Can Do For You?

  • You can Introduce your readers to your evergreen content easily.
  • You can add your affiliate link or Products Review link to the “Thank You Email” for a better conversion rate.
  • You can convert your blog commentators into subscribers.
  • You can send a decent welcome message to give your reader a clear idea about your blog.
  • And much much more…


Bonus #04:

Soci Traffic Profits


This WordPress plugin adds posts from your WordPress website to your Facebook page in a separate tab within a few minutes.

Tab containing all WP posts can be placed just after “About” in the top menu and just below the “About” section in the left sidebar (This is also with an icon image that gets more attention from users) on your Facebook Page. 

This will result in increasing the engagement on your Facebook page and sending direct free genuine traffic to your WordPress site.

It shows multiple posts at a time which results in more chances that users may visit more than one page in the same session. You may also add the same WP posts to more than one Facebook Pages tab. 


Bonus #05:

RSS Traffic Bot

Increase your Traffic, Sales & Blog Audience

This is an innovative WordPress plug-in for your RSS FEEDS. What’s amazing is that it increases your SALES AND BLOG audiences by converting your Blog RSS FEED into a DEADLY marketing weapon offering you greater control and flexibility.

It tempts your RSS Feed readers to visit your blog without the slightest displeasure. Hence, ‘Traffic From RSS To BLOG’ is not just about getting massive traffic but about getting quality traffic to your site.

PLUS the plugin overcomes serious issues bloggers currently face today like blog content being stolen, RSS subscribers not returning to a blog, difficulty of advertising on specific RSS FEED, No social share options within RSS Feeds, and many many more.


Bonus #06:

Soci Video Gamer

Engage and convert your visitors with an interactive social network video puzzle

The brandable HTML5 Social Video Puzzle is an interactive YouTube video puzzle game with a social network share. It splits the video into several pieces, shuffles them and the user has to put them back into the correct order to claim your special offer.

This script can be used for creating a “buffer” page for social media marketing or an engaging landing page to convert visitors. Truly the easiest and most effective way to increase engagement and conversions!


Bonus #07:

Vid Survey

Get reviews of products/services via video survey/review

This is a mobile-based application for gathering information about products that are launched in the market. The gathered information can be used for business and research purposes.

Respondents can answer the questionnaire according to their own pace and preferences. The questionnaire will be answered through video and uploaded to a server.

Points will be generated for the complete reviews and updated in their profile.

Vid Survey is a sophisticated tool that provides an enriched solution to get reviews of products/services via video survey/review.

Using Vid Survey, you can give 24/7 support to your customer without any difficulties. This is a process of gathering information and analyzing the results from the audience over the network.

Vid Survey will allow you to easily create your survey questions using a Web App. Users can start earning rewards by completing online surveys anytime and anywhere via mobile.


Bonus #08:


Video Sales Page Funnel Builder

This is a WP page builder plugin to create video sales pages. Build a responsive video sales page and manage your content easily with the intuitive Builder editor.

No programming knowledge required – Create video sales pages for your products that load 85% faster than traditional WordPress pages. It is compatible with any active WordPress Theme. It supports YouTube, Vimeo, and MP4 Videos.


Bonus #09:


Blast Your Marketing Message Across Multiple Social Sites in 1-Click for Maximum Exposure & Traffic

This is a revolutionary social share plugin for WordPress. It’s a completely elegant experience of a social media WordPress plugin that helps you to increase shares and traffic and grow your sales in an extreme way.

ShareBlasr supports +42 of the major social networks including the mobile applications nowadays heavy usage like Whatsapp, Facebook Messanger, Telegram, Skype, Line, Viber, and more.


Bonus #10:


With this, you can legally hack and download your favorite videos from Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, and YouTube without the need to use an API from these sites and use those videos on Veedhack to drive an unlimited number of traffic back to your links. 

It also has a search engine that can search YouTube videos with a function similar to that used by Google to look for data from the network known as spider what this system does is search the entire site and extract the data that you want.


Bonus #11:

WP Progressive Web Apps

WP Progressive Web Apps use modern web capabilities to deliver fast, native-app experiences with no app stores or downloads, and all the goodness of the web.


Bonus #12:

Instagram Feeder

Create charming Galleries of Instagram Images

Instafeeder is a premium WordPress Instagram feed for creating charming galleries of Instagram images.

Take the advantage of an all-new multipurpose responsive Instagram feed for displaying various photos from Instagram with a great number of possibilities to determine necessary resources and to set up additional filters.


Bonus #13:

Coupon Wheel

Use spinning Fortune Wheel for more engagement, leads & sales

Engage your customers by giving them a chance to win a coupon by spinning a fortune wheel. Automatically issue UNIQUE WooCommerce coupon codes, display coupons immediately or send them by mail, and display coupon URGENCY timer countdown for more engagement.


Bonus #14:

Interactive Image Builder

Tag Images on Web Content

This is a WordPress plugin that lets you tag your images with any web content, so making them more interactive.

Using this plugin, you can take any image and tag it with practically any web hosted content, such as hyperlinks to web pages, albums hosted on photo services, videos (YouTube, Vimeo, etc), and countless other things


Bonus #15:

Veed Survey 

This is a mobile-based application for gathering information about products that are launched in the market. The gathered information can be used for business and research purposes.

Respondents can answer the questionnaire according to their own pace and preferences. The questionnaire will be answered through video and uploaded to a server.

Points will be generated for the complete reviews and updated in their profile.

This is a sophisticated tool that provides the enriched solution to get reviews of products/services via video survey/review.

Using VRS, you can give 24/7 support to your customer without any difficulties. VRS is a process of gathering information and analyzing the results from the audience over the network.

It will allow you to easily create your survey questions using a Web App. Users can start earning rewards by completing an online survey anytime and anywhere via mobile.


Bonus #16:

WP Video Bot

This is the ultimate WordPress solution for creating automated and standalone video websites. It is a complete yet easy premium WordPress plugin with an automated schedule import system, that makes sure your site stays fresh and up to date with the latest and most popular videos. 

WP Video Bot supports several video services. Just to name a few: Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Youku, Facebook, TED, Canal+. 

One plugin. Infinite possibilities!


Bonus #17:

FB Tube Videos 

This application enables you to enrich your Facebook page by adding a new tab where you can integrate different types of videos from YouTube.

That could be your YouTube channel, videos from search results, a playlist, a YouTube category, or featured YouTube videos (most popular)

If you always looked for a way to integrate your videos or videos from a specific channel or playlist, search no more. This is the app you need! And it’s very easy to set up.


Bonus #18:

Veed Looper

It allows you to create movies in an infinite loop with a smooth transition. Ideal for creating a video background with no video editing software involved.


Bonus #19:

FB Traffic Engine

Drive FB Likes, Shares & Traffic

FB traffic engine gives you the ability to lock any page on your website and make it visible only if the visitor clicks the Like button. 

This Increases your Facebook page fans, URL likes, and Shares & Drives more Social traffic to your website.

You can apply the content locker on all your pages, or only some selected pages, you can also create an unlimited number of content lockers that are all independent on each page.

More social engagement = more traffic!


Bonus #20:

FB Photo Box 

Using the Facebook Photo Box gives you a quick and easy way to share your Facebook Page photo album on your website home page.

The carousel it displays is fully responsive and the number of images to be displayed can be easily changed on smaller or larger screen sizes. The Facebook Carousel module is such an easy-to-use and fully documented plugin.


Bonus #21:

FB Live Voter 

Ranking in the form of online voting by using the reaction is an excellent way to diversify your fanpage and engage fans.

Facebook Live Reactions Vote” available to all customers tool Facebook Post Live Reactions, by means of which an easy way to create your own post from the vote, which in real-time will be counted clicks on various emotes reaction.


Bonus #22:

Traffic Hover

Monetize Any Image Shared on Social Media

This combines all of the web’s most popular social services into one easy-to-use software plugin.

Traffic Hover allows you to quickly and easily add hover-over social buttons to your images on-the-fly making them instantly “shareable” on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

Even better, the hover effects are silky smooth, cross-browser, and come with multiple overlay images!

More Shares = More Traffic = More $$$$




    ♥    No technical skills needed.

    ♥    Easy to Use. No Installation is Needed.

    ♥    AI-based Profit-Prediction and Funnel Simulator System

    ♥    Includes over 100 proven-to-convert template

    ♥    Drag and drop editor included

    ♥    Integrates with all major payment processors and email marketing software

    ♥    30 Day Money Back Guarantee


    X    Up to now, there is not any.


Well, before wrapping up this review, I would like to say thank you to all of my readers who have spent their precious time reading through this. You are my best inspiration to try out and introduce more and more unique products.

Honestly speaking, if you are looking for a complete builder to create a funnel and page faster, you will hardly any option which is more suitable than FXFunnel. Guess 30 Day Money Back gives you more confidence to grab this offer now, right?

Besides, if you buy this product through my link, you can also get these huge bonuses below (Please remember that these bonuses are not for the TRIAL or FREE versions):


1/ Mega Bonus Package 1 >>>>Click here to get free now<<<<

2/ Mega Bonus Package 2 >>>>Click here to get free now<<<<

Or you can choose

3/ Mega Bonus Package 3 >>>>Click here to get free now<<<<

4/ Mega Bonus Package 4 >>>>Click here to get free now<<<<


Step 1: Buy FXFunnel on my website

Step 2: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

Step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours

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