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FireList Review



Creating a strong email marketing strategy helps you reach and connect with your leads in a personalized way and increase your sales. But you know, email marketing is not just about writing emails and sending them, it’s much more than that, and many people including you miss out on the much-required process.

You need to keep your IPs on rotation and keep checking your domain, designing a sequence of campaigns for your cold list. Next, make sure your potential leads reply to your emails and your emails will not be landed in spam continuously. Well, are you sure that you can handle all of these tasks manually without fail?

I bet that you can not, even experienced marketers still struggle a lot to achieve those! I understand all of the hard work you need to get through and that is the reason why today I would introduce you to this outstanding package that is unlike every other mailing system or autoresponder in the market! It is called FireList.

This product allows you to warm up your list, email accounts, domains & IPs automatically with ease and eventually leads you to bank more money with the same list.

FireList Review-The Product Overview


Creator Madhav Dutta et al
Product FireList
Front-End Price $47 – $67 – $297
Bonus Yes, Huge Bonus
Skill All Level
Guarantee 14 days money-back guarantee
Niche Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!

What Is It Called?

FireList is a next-generation cold email platform with a done-for-you automated engine to help you instantly warm up your email list, your email accounts, domains & IPs – fully automatically!

Moreover, this product also has a lot more to offer than just simple email warming. You will be able to upload your email list, design customized templates, and line up your emails and follow-ups for delivery so that they will not land in the dreaded spam folder but right in your prospects’ inbox.

FireList Review-What Does It Offer?

With this breakthrough FireList, you will be able to:

  • [+]   Warm up your cold email list.
  • [+]   Land your email in your recipient’s inbox.
  • [+]   Make your dead email list responsive.
  • [+]   Achieve results without having any technical know-how.
  • [+]   Improve your reputation and sender score.

And the best part is that it will handle ALL this FULLY AUTOMATICALLY! FireList will automatically create delivery reports for you so you can always know that your emails are landing in your email list’s inbox and won’t land in the spam section ANYMORE!


Who Created This Product?


This product is brought to you by a team of talented vendors: Yogesh Bhatt, Dr. Sameer Joshi, and Madhav Dutta. They are among the most famous marketers and developers in the IM.

Especially, Madhav’s launches are always highly recommended by experts from all over the world. There is no doubt that he has gained thousands in sales and users just be fond of his products! Some of his remarkable products are Mailzapp, ZKart, CoachZippy, Livenar Plus, Mailzapp, XFunnels Reloaded, Mintware One, Automatione, Revyuze, StreamOut, etc.

That being said, I strongly believe that this latest launch will instantly become their next big hit.

How Does It Work?

Initially, login to FireList:


Next, creating New Subscriber Lists, New Segments, Tags and Broadcasts:

[+]   New Subscriber Lists

You can choose how to build up your list here. If you have a long list, just input or copy and paste take turns.

Even if you have a lot of time and filter your list, just manually add one by one. I recommend you prepare available lists, and import them. Save time and effort.


[+]   New Segments

Provide a title to your segment (the more unique and easy to remember, the easier it makes things). In a few words, describe your segment (demographics, interests, etc.).


[+]   New Tags

You do the same manipulations with creating segments. FireList helps you to segment your list and emails by using various tags, so you can plan your campaigns according to the segments and tags you create.


[+]   New Broadcasts


[+]   Set up SMTP Inbox Testing Campaign

You will need to click on “ Create new test”, there are 4 stages you need to complete.

Step 1: Tracking Pixel: Tracking Pixel for Inbox Test


Step 2: Email Service Providers

Email Services for Inbox Test: this step allows you to select email Service providers. You can always change them later. Click next to move on.


Step 3: Seed List-Seed List for Inbox Test

FireList provides an inbuilt custom seed list using which you can warm up your domain and IPs.

You can Copy all these emails and send an email to track your inbox reports.


Step 4: Done

You can choose “view report” to manage what you’ve finished. And this is what you have: You know which emails were sent and see content analysis.


[+]   Create Auto Warmup Campaign List

When you hit “create a new one”, this shows up 6 steps you need to undertake: SMTP Account, Email Template, Email Service Provider, Auto Replies, Schedule, Done.

For example, Choose an SMTP Account, you just need to fulfill 2 requests to go to the next steps:


You will do the same with the Email Template by choosing Email Template,  Email Service Provider.

Auto Replies: because everything is automated and uses autoresponders, so you will set up these features here.

Schedule: Set up a time and date when you want your email to be sent to users, do not need to do it manually anymore.

Done: Of course, you can see the report here.

[+]   Create Sign Up form


[+]   Create New workflow

When you make a new one, it will lead you to this board. It offers custom workflows and campaigns to make sure that warming up your email and lists is as easy as drinking a cup of coffee.


Moreover, this part lets you edit what you need to fix for your campaign before it starts running.


There are a lot of sections however, they are really easy to undertake. Add a name and select what DFY functions inside this FireList. Hope you have the best experience with this product.

Why Should You Buy This?

Below are some reasons why you should consider this offer for your business:

  ♥   Save Time & Energy

FireList creates a chain of campaigns automatically and sets everything up for you to warm up your lists, email, Domains, and IPs without you to do anything.

From now on, you no longer have to manually do these tasks yourself as this product does it effortlessly for you within a few simple steps. It ensures that your emails get replied to immediately from the secret system and then sends a reply back to all those emails.

  ♥   More Transparency

With this package, you can see where your email is going, whether they are landing in your recipients’ inbox or spam section.

And you are also able to get a complete report of what is happening in the background so you can do whatever needs to be done to get this right!

  ♥   No Technical Knowledge Required

Well, this FireList is pretty much as simple as eating a piece of donut. With the detailed training program packed inside, even if you are a newbie or expert in this field, you will find it super easy for you to get started.

This product is absolutely your in-house expert helping you to remove the need for any experts. So there is no need to spend $ 100 per month on assistants and other hired help.

  ♥   DFY Templates

Inside this product, you can also get access to the built-in email sequences and templates designed specifically to warm up your emails. All of these templates are beautifully designed to make sure that you can instantly catch your targeted customers’ eyes on your offers.

Thus, nurturing your leads via email will not be a nightmare for you anymore!

  ♥   Agency License Included

And of course, the best part is that this product provides you the agency license which you can sell automation workflows as a service to others today! You can keep 100% profits yourself and charge your clients as much as you want.

Every minute counts in online business. So stop letting manual work hold you back from the money you deserve!


FireList Review-Pros And Cons


♥   Automatically warmed up your list, email accounts, domain & IPs 

♥   Save hours of manual work

♥   No technical skills needed

♥   Land your email in your inbox

♥   Step-by-step training

♥   Done-for-you sequences

♥   Save $100s on admin assistants

♥   Sell as a service to other time-starved businesses

♥   Drag n’ drop approach

♥   14-day money-back guarantee


X   Up to now, there is none

How Much Does It Cost?

FireList FE

This product comes with 3 FE options for your choice:

  • FireList Silver Personal: $47
  • FireList Gold: $67
  • FireList Bundle: $297

I know that these 3 options are not that cheap, but take a look at the comparison table below, you can see that each version is packed with tons of valuable features. Especially, I highly recommend you purchase the third version as it will help you to automate 27 more essential functions.

This deal includes the maximum level access of FE (Gold), FireList OTO 1(Pro), FireList OTO 2 (Unlimited), plus the FireList Reseller Lite (50 Licenses) helping you optimize your business, squeeze out more profits, reduce unsubscribes and stay out of the spam folder.

So the choice is yours, but consider and take action quickly as once this special launch ends, these prices will increase significantly and you even might not have a chance to get the Bundle deal.


FireList Review-The OTO Details

Moreover, let’s take the upgraded versions below into consideration if you want to facilitate your online marketing career:

FireList OTO 1: Premium ($67)

This upsell gives you access to 21+ Premium features.

The features are listed below:

[+]   45 custom business seed list

[+]   AI-driven email drafting

[+]   AI-driven email language checker

[+]   AI-driven email auto-tagging (10 tags/mail)

[+]   AI-based IP warmup process

[+]   AI-based domain warm-up process

[+]   AI-based domain health checker

[+]   AI-based IP health checker

[+]   SPF insights

[+]   DMARC insights

[+]   DKIM insights

[+]   Multi countries email inbox cluster

[+]   Inbox insights

[+]   AI-based spam keyword checker

[+]   Smart wizard-based campaigns

[+]   Smart diagnostics

[+]   Auto replies

[+]   Auto workflow based approach

[+]   Follow up emails templates

[+]   Smart notifications

[+]   Smart warmup campaigns – 10 at a time

[+]   Cloud-based

[+]   Auto email warmup scheduler

[+]   AI-based autosuggestion for email warmup campaigns

[+]   AI-based link tracking

[+]   Auto-tagging

[+]   Auto spam keyword tracker

[+]   Auto domain age checker

[+]   Manage workspaces – 10

[+]   Workspace customization

[+]   Manage teams – 10

[+]   Manage user roles

[+]   Manage licenses

FireList OTO 2: Unlimited ($147)

FireList Unlimited allows you to access the complete FireList dashboard without any limits.

Here are some of the features of this offer:

[+]   Unlimited sends per month

[+]   Unlimited contacts

[+]   10 sending server

[+]   Custom SMTP integration

[+]   Smtp relays integration

[+]   Double Opt-in

[+]   Intuitive easy to use drag and drop email builder

[+]   Custom branding on unsubscribing page and emails

[+]   Plain text emails

[+]   Html emails

[+]   Broadcast archives on cloud

[+]   Email split testing – manual

[+]   Track links/clicks

[+]   Import bulk emails using big CSV files without re-confirmation

[+]   Mass add, delete, and manage subscribers using the form

[+]   Use personalization tags

[+]   Custom fields

[+]   Bounce, complaints, and unsubscribers handling

[+]   Scheduling of emails

[+]   Create segments

[+]   Create tags & filters

[+]   A/b testing

[+]   Personalize emails (tag)

[+]   Automated workflows

[+]   Automated campaigns

[+]   Automated warmup emails replies

[+]   Automated inboxes cluster

[+]   Manage teams

[+]   Manage user roles

[+]   Manage licenses

[+]   Create auto campaigns

[+]   200+ custom seed list

[+]   Custom emails

[+]   Manage calendar

[+]   Custom emails

[+]   Auto scheduling

[+]   Manage workspaces

FireList OTO 3: Reseller

  • ♣   FireList Reseller Lite – 50 accounts: $97
  • ♣   FireList Reseller Pro – 100 accounts: $147
  • ♣   FireList Reseller Ninja – 300 accounts: $247

With these reseller options, you will be able to get reseller accounts of your own, which you can sell to your customers – either at a one-time or (better still) at a recurring fee.

FireList OTO 4: Email Training ($247)

This upsell provides you the special training from the developers, some of the pointers covered in training are:

[+]   What an SMTP server is

[+]   What an email autoresponder is

[+]   Introduction and importance of MailzApp

[+]   What domain verification is and how to actually do it

[+]   Why IP & domain reputation is important

[+]   What SPF is

[+]   What DKIM is

[+]   What DMARC is

[+]   What domain age is and why it matters

[+]   What open rate and click-through rate is

[+]   Why email gets bounced & how to work on it

[+]   Third-party email marketing services

[+]   Postal SMTP introduction

[+]   How to set up and configure SMTP on a VPS

[+]   Postal installation

[+]   How to configure SSL/TLS for the email server

[+]   Basic configuration

[+]   MX and receiving emails

[+]   Setting up DMARC

[+]   What is reverse DNS

[+]   Return-path + free bounce verification service

[+]   How to verify authentication protocols

[+]   How to get a 10/10 sender score

[+]   What postal overview is

[+]   What SSL certificates are

[+]   Start at boot

[+]   Using the API credentials

[+]   What IP pools are

[+]   How to send a test email

[+]   What a lead magnet is

[+]   How to choose a lead magnet

[+]   How to use a lead magnet to generate a list

[+]   Create squeeze pages where people can fill in their info

[+]   Custom DFY service


FireList Review – Bonuses From The Author Team

Get this product in this special launch, you will get all the bonuses below for TOTALLY FREE:


Who Should Use This FireList?

This FireList is exactly your effective solution to get more opens, clicks, and sales without having to put heaps of extra time, money, or thought into their marketing.

If you are a Business owner, Online/offline marketer, eCommerce owner, Coach, Entrepreneur, Product creator, or even a Newbie, you should consider using this pack.


So this is the end of my FireList review. Hopefully, it can help you to have enough useful information to make your final decision.

With the stunning features inside, you now don’t have to waste your money and effort to reach more customers and generate traffic to boost your online business anymore. This product will do all for you.



























































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