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DropBlogr Review


DropBlogr Review- Overview


There are many ways to make money online, including affiliate marketing, email marketing, eCommerce stores, etc. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, people spend more attention doing online businesses, which in turn gains popularity surprisingly.

To conquer the fiercely competitive market, many gurus decided to evolve more and more MMO methods to help them earn exclusive advantages over other regular marketers.

As diverse as these monetization methods can be, only a few of them has a winning formula that produces constantly great results each and every time.

And it’s even worse that there are not many chances in life that you can get access to a real formula created by an expert, along with his proofs. The flat truth is most of the existing methods are overrated and fail to show their results.

If you want to find a product with some expert’s proven formula packed inside, a lot of patience is required. But in case you want to put a stop to this “finding a needle in a haystack” thing, let me show you DropBlogr, an amazing method for building up crazily profitable review blogs.

Join us in this review to find out more interesting facts about this system.

What Is DropBlogr?

DropBlogr is a cloud-based software that automates a high-quality money-making system by creating fully-fledged affiliate review sites. They are all proven to generate sales and commissions without any hassle.

The best thing is that this system comes with proven traffic training that teaches you how to get buyer-ready traffic via paid ads. You can use effective tools while not wasting a lot of money on this.


Meet The Developers- Tom Yevsikov et al


Tom Yevsikov, who expressed himself with a vibrant personality and featured fashion style, is a knowledgeable MMO expert behind DropBlogr.

This marketer is familiar to many marketers as he has provided many practical marketing solutions in recent years. There are no hot niches spared that internet marketers can’t take advantage of Tom’s products varying from lead generation, list building to affiliate marketing, and more.

His products, for example, Newcommerce Suite, CPA List Domination, Buyers List Blueprint, Simple CPA Siphon 2.0, Madsense Revamped, Swypio, RankSnap series, Octopus Revolution, etc received good reviews from users and experts around the world. Thus, Tom Yevsikov is undoubtedly a reliable vendor you can lay trust on.

This time, with his teammates Gaurab Borah & Joshua Firima, he now doubles the power of his affiliate system with DropBlogr, rolling down to see more about this.

Let’s check some of Tom’s recent sales history to see how great his products were:


Feature Details

Here are some hot items and features delivered through this affiliate system and I can guarantee you that there are still a lot more when you get inside the members’ area:

[+]    Done For You Review Blogs


Select from their different templates and build your own high-quality, professional, high converting Done For You affiliate review blog in just a few clicks.

[+]    DFY Product Reviews


The review blogs come preloaded with 40 evergreen top-converting offers and professionally written high converting reviews + Bonuses.

[+]    DFY Custom Bonuses


MASSIVE Vault Of Powerful Giveaway Bonuses to customize each promo and maximize your income. Plus each review comes with 5 unique Bonuses.

[+]    DFY Hosting/Domain


Premium Hosting included – no domain needed, zero monthly costs. You can host your blog on their subdomain or add your own domain easily.

[+]    Fully Cloud-Based System


Nothing to install, just log in from anywhere and start using it. All you need is a laptop/PC and an internet connection.

[+]    Monetise With Banners


Add your own banner ads. Link them to affiliate offers, CPA offers, landing pages, or anywhere you want.

[+]    Add New Reviews Easily


Want to add your own reviews for any product you promote? Follow our proven template and add your own reviews seamlessly. No restrictions.

[+]    Full Control Over Your Blog


Add your own logo, select your own domain, add, edit or remove reviews, and customize bonuses for your reviews. You have full control over your blog.

[+]    Use For Any Niche


Promote products from various niches like travel destination reviews, physical product reviews, eCom product reviews, real estate reviews

[+]    Step By Step Training


Full software training included so you don’t stick anywhere. It’s super simple and quick. You can set up your own ready-to-profit review blog in less than 5 min.

How To Use

Step 1: Review The Traffic Training

As soon as you get ‘log in’ details, you will get access to the Main Dashboard like this seen below:


Click to the “Traffic Training” section to get inside all of the training videos


Moreover, you can also contact directly with the support team by using the chatting box at the bottom of the dashboard


Step 2: Create New Site

Click to the arrow beside the User Dashboard, then choose the “Add New Site” option to start creating a new website.


Here you can choose the template from this section: All templates, Your sites, and DFY Affiliate Sites


– Select a template out of the dozens of professional, custom-made templates. You can click to view the template before deciding to select it.


– Move to the DFY Affiliate Sites to get an affiliate blog. You can also view the template before choosing it.


Click to the “View Template” button and your affiliate blog will appear like this:



Next, adjust the information about the Site Address (URL), Site Title, Site Language. Then, click the “Add site” button to finish your settings.


Then, your site with a secure connection has been created, as you can see from the URL above


Next, click to the “DEMO VIDEO REVIEW SITE” section, choose visit site to view your created site


So, this is what your new site looks like, here you can easily edit the post, add your logo, more review articles or add as well as any ads on the site:



To promote your product, this product offers you some elements besides the review article. Back to the dashboard and search for its name like this below:


Then, view the details of your post:


After that, you will get access to these promoting tools:



Step 3: Add Current Account

You can connect your domain, to your custom domain in case you don’t want to make use of an old subdomain by clicking to the “Account” section.


Why Should You Buy This?

I strongly believe if you miss this chance, you will need to wait for a much longer time (like decades) to find out a product with all similar features to create drop-dead gorgeous & high converting review blogs packed with unique bonuses, concerting products, professional reviews & content, written by professional copywriters to start earning even if you have zero experience with affiliate marketing.

Fair enough, DropBlogr is a 2-in-1 product that gives you 100% DFY Affiliate Review Blogs which are fully stacked with content, product reviews, graphics, videos – the lot. Also included in this offer is the training which has been used for dozens of students and they’re banking 3 figures daily using this same strategy.

This system literally gives you the exact tools & systems used by top-earning affiliates, which is not a common thing in this online industry.

What’s more, on each review post, you have the opportunity to give away a BONUS PRODUCT from their product vault to entice people to purchase affiliates’ products through your links.

Let’s see an example blog here:


Take a look at these pictures below and you can see how amazing their students could make with this DropBlogr to earn a huge amount of money.


Price And Evaluation

The FE

So, to own a comprehensive system including 100% DFY affiliate review blogs and training for you to build up a sustainable online business, all you have to pay is just $27 – $37.

I suppose there will not many DropBlogr models in the future as this online industry is getting more and more crowded and no one wants to welcome newbies here. This can be your once-in-a-lifetime chance that you can grab to boost the results and even consider scaling up for more profits.

Apart from Tom’s solid reputation in the niche, you can also trust this offer due to its 180-day money-back guarantee, which means you have 180 days to try this out before making your final decision.

During this time, if there is an unpleasant thing, you can ask for a complete refund, no questions asked.

The Upgrades

In addition to this FE version, you will have the chance to grab more features with these upgrades:

Upgrade 1: DropBlogr PRO ($47)

4x your traffic & earnings potential without extra work, just extra features!

Unlock unlimited site license, tons of extra DFY bonuses, reviews, and case studies & get free traffic instantly from 5 sources in 1 click.

Dropblogr PRO contains everything you need to scale and get next-level results in no time:

[+]    Instantly make more with less competition

[+]    Go unlimited and never worry about capping out with unlimited site unlocked

[+]    Get free traffic from 5 sources and more automation by unlocking access to xSocially

[+]    Learn faster & profit faster by stealing their amazing, detailed, and successful campaigns and case studies

[+]    30-day money-back guarantee

Upgrade 2: DropBlogr X ($47)

Unlock new & unique lead generation, sales-boosting, and ranking features & get a guaranteed explosion in leads & sales!

Never seen advancements in blogging technology that brings you 8x more results for 0 extra work. This is insane.

Unlock your new features here:

[+]    4x your traffic & Adsense earnings

[+]    Automate the most tedious & important task in Madsense in 1 click – content

[+]    Save thousands of dollars instantly on buying content & even more on creating.

[+]    Create unlimited, unique & super viral content in 1 click

[+]    Have a huge advantage over your competition and you will actually get better results from the start!

[+]    30-day money-back guarantee

[+]    Low one-time price during the launch period

Upgrade 3: DropBlogr CLUB ($37/month)

Get new & fresh monthly products to promote with DFY reviews & bonuses & secure the ability to make money forever

Here are a few powerful benefits of having DFY monthly campaigns:

Instant benefit #1: Always Remain Relevant

Because you’ll always have the most trending, freshest and relevant content + products and bonuses, you’ll always, always be trendy, and your blogs will always be relevant and in demand.

Instant benefit #2: Always Be At Maximum Income Potential

Same as above, because you’ll always have the most trending and freshest campaigns, you will always be making maximum money.

So while someone who didn’t get this upgrade, may make 50% in 1 year, you will always be making 100%

Instant benefit #3: Always Be On Top Of Your Competition

First off, anyone who purchased Dropblogr and not this will make less than you.

However, beyond that, your blogging and affiliate marketing competition also needs to be on top of their game.

But, they’ll be doing it manually. You, on the other hand, will be handed done for you campaigns every month.

Instant benefit #4: Do 0 Manual Work For These Benefits

Another amazing benefit is that all these benefits are literally 0 work for you. You literally just need to wait and have the campaign loaded.

BOOM, super easy, let us take care of everything. You pay the money, we work for you.

Instant Benefit #5: Always Be Profiting, For Years Upon Years Upon Years!

And last but not least, it’s just pure peace of mind for years upon years, always be profiting, guarantee income for years from this system.

Upgrade 4: Agency License ($97 – $197)

One of the most crucial aspects of a sustainable online business is multiple streams of income and having your own offers. With this insane package, you get the right to sell DropBlogr offers at any price.



Who Should Buy This?

As far as I know, blogs can give newbies a much easier and proven way to make money. And of course, the easier you get started with your online career, the more determined you become to earn money.

I would recommend the list below to grab this chance to skyrocket your result:

    +    Website Developers

    +    Affiliates

    +    List Builders

    +    DIY Website Builders

    +    Online Marketers

    +    Entrepreneurs

    +    Freelancers in any niche

    +    Those who use WordPress or who want to build a website

Bonuses From DropBlogr Team

I/ General Bonuses:

All bonuses below are automatically delivered in the member area of the DropBlogr FE:


II/ Special Bonuses:

Pick any 4 bonuses, downloads will be provided by you, they are not included in the member’s area, so please drop me a request via [email protected] then I will send you all directly:


Pros And Cons


    ♥    Evergreen top-converting offers

    ♥    Professionally DFY detailed product reviews.

    ♥    Attractive Bonuses loaded all reviews

    ♥    Premium Hosting included – no domain needed, zero monthly costs.

    ♥    MASSIVE Vault Of Powerful Giveaway Bonuses

    ♥    100% FREE traffic built-in + Training on a powerful traffic method.

    ♥    Very Simple System – just log in, customize and you’re good to go!

    ♥    Ability to create new reviews yourself.

    ♥    Sleek blog designs.

    ♥    Ability to add banner ads.

    ♥    Ability for users to add their own domain (optional)


    X    Up to now, there is none


From my perspective, DropBlogr always got my highest recommendation if you are finding an affiliate solution. In fact, the latest technology helps you way ahead of your competitors and take tons of unfair advantages over them.

This very reasonable price of $27-$37 gives you the chance to enjoy the top-quality proven method without creating any hole in your budget. This low investment in DropBlogr also comes with a 180-day refund policy so there will be no risks to take here. Hope to see you in my next product review.



























































Step 1: Buy DropBlogr on my website

Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

Step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours

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