Covert Context V2 Review – New Plugin Generates Amazon Commissions On AutoPilot!

Covert Context V2 Review



Generating revenue and profits is the most important mission of an online business. However, it’s completely not an easy task. Everything on your site or page needs to work well with each other. The keywords should be now trending; the page content must attract your clients’ attention somehow, and the ads need to appear at the right place and at the right time.

And as online marketers, we are not always careful enough to complement this combo altogether. As a result, we, not surprisingly, fail to earn commissions in most the cases even though we have hundreds of visitors to our pages per day.

To be honest, I used to make that mistake years ago when I first started working as an affiliate marketer. Fair enough, I found Cover Context – the quickest & easiest way to monetize ANY Blog. This time, I would like to introduce the updated version of this plugin called Covert Context V2. I hope you can find your site solution soon enough through this review to stop wasting your resources.

Please figure out more about this in the next parts of my review.



Creator IM Wealth Builders
Product Covert Context V2
Front-End Price $17 – $27
Bonus Yes, Huge Bonuses
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Niche WP Plugin
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly recommend!


Covert Context V2 is an updated version of Covert Context, equipped with tons of new features for users. Basically, it is a WordPress plugin that automatically generates contextual, in-text Amazon ads on any blog and rakes in Amazon affiliate commissions on a complete autopilot.

The ads open up when you hover over the highlighted text, immediately grabbing people’s attention with highly relevant and targeted offers.



The creator of this amazing product is IM Wealth Builder. IM Wealth Builder founded in 2009 and led by Matt Garrett is a well – know company with a good reputation.

The company has launched a lot of great and high-quality products which are loved and trusted by the customers from all over the world, such as Covert Video Press 3.0, Covert Action Bar 2.0, Covert Copy Traffic Pro V2, Covert Geo Targeter, Covert Shirt Store 2.0,….

They are among the best–selling software! This time, no doubt that Covert Context V2 will follow the glorious path of their previous successes and be another big launch of IM Wealth Builders.


    ♠    Super Easy to Use

With this plugin, all you have to do is quite simple and easy. You don’t need any technical skills or graphic designs to create a popup ad. To set up a campaign, simply enter a list of keywords and select where you want ads for those keywords to appear. When you have created a campaign, it will generate contextual ads on your blog forever, without you ever needing to touch it again!

    ♠    Full Video Tutorials Included

Well, this feature is also an interesting and helpful one, I bet not many plugins can provide you with this. These tutorials will show you how to install the plugin plus walk you through all the technical stuff you need to know in order to run profitable contextual ads.

    ♠    Fully Customizable

Well, you have full control of your campaign and contextual ad design (you will find these in my How To Use part). You can create as many campaigns as you like, which means you can really maximize your results and profit! You can also select how many ads you want to show per post/page and configure exactly what you want the ads to look like.

What’s more, it is super simple for you to pause, activate, edit, or delete any of your campaigns. I would recommend you create campaigns for each of your blog’s categories – this will ensure that your ads and the products you advertise are as relevant as possible.

    ♠    Open up a Search Page on Amazon

If people click the image or the Amazon order button, they will be taken to that product listing on Amazon. Not just a single product site, it will open up a search page in Amazon with results for the original keyword in the specified category.

In fact, this smart web directing will give you more chances to earn commissions. If your visitors buy anything from this search page it will of course be through your associate link so you earn the commission!

    ♠    Self-Optimizing Contextual Ad Software

One thing I really love about this plugin is that it will always display the top-selling Amazon product for any given keyword. It doesn’t matter how often or when that changes on AmazonCovert Context V2 will always show the best-selling products in all your ads!

Especially, when you tick Automatically Optimize, the plugin will record how many clicks to Amazon each keyword generates. And it will gradually start favoring the best keywords – automatically maximizing your clicks and revenue!

    ♠    So what is new in this Covert Context V2

The new version 2.0 has been completely overhauled and updated for 2018. It’s now fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress and all changes in the Amazon affiliate program.

This 2.0 version is also the result of a lot of feedback and requests from the old members, the new features include a lot more options for customizing the look of your ads (including background color, font color, and more).



Step 1: Set up your Amazon Settings, Ads Settings, Contextual Link Style, and Contextual Popup Ad Style.


  ♠   Amazon Settings

  • Amazon Affiliate ID
  • API Access Key ID
  • API Secret Access Key ID
  • Region

  ♠   Ads Settings

  • Max number of contextual ads per post/page
  • Automatically Optimize (Check/Uncheck)


  ♠   In Contextual Link Style, you can edit:

  • Font Weight
  • Font Color
  • Background Color
  • Underline Style
  • Underline Height
  • Underline Color


  ♠   In Contextual Popup Ad Style, you can edit:

  • Border Color
  • Border Style
  • Border Width
  • Background Color
  • Product Title Color
  • Product Title Weight
  • Product Description Color
  • Product Description Border Color
  • Product Description Border Style
  • Product Price Color
  • Product Price Weight

After finishing editing these settings, roll down to the end of the page and click Update Settings.


Step 2: Import Keywords

The picture below shows you the list of Contextual Ads you have created. Select Import Keywords in the right corner.


As you are already given a .zip file that contains a list of keywords for each of the Amazon categories above – you can then proceed to import as many of them as you like into your Convert Context plugin. Simply click Browse and choose.


Step 3: Activate your Contextual Ads

Tick to Set Active on the right corner of the list of keywords you have just added. Then, press Set Selected Ads Active.


Step 4: Manage your Contextual Ads

Here is your list. You can Pause, Edit, or Delete it.



Well, I have been a loyal user of the old version of Covert Context which I bought 2 years ago. Honestly speaking, I was quite surprised because I have received multiple updates from the vendor despite the one-time payment I spent.

That’s why I can tell you you will get the same best services when you buy Covert Context V2. If WordPress or Amazon has any major changes, you will be guaranteed to get your version updated to make sure it gives you the best performance possible.

Also, another special thing about Covert Context V2 is that you are carefully guided. With each step, and each feature, you have a tutorial video to follow if you have no idea what to do. This is amazing because sometimes I have to spend hours searching for how to use when first used a technical product.


From what I see, Covert Context V2 is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to earn unlimited commissions from Amazon. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced person, you will still need it because of the much more outstanding features compared to other products.

In fact, Covert Context V2 is a MUST-HAVE asset for:

   +   Affiliate Marketers

   +   Online Marketers

   +   Social Media Marketers

   +   Product Vendors

   +   Content Creators

   +   Business Owners

   +   E-com Store Owners

   +   Freelancers

   +   Bloggers



Obviously, people are willing to pay big bucks for such a proven-to-work technology which will increase their clicks, revenue, and sales. However, providing tons of amazing features for you, all Covert Context V2 costs are literally from $17 – $27 if you decide to buy it today. Is this a real bargain here that you can take with no difficulties?

This price is offered as Early Bird Discount Price and only lasts for a limited time. So grab one before the price goes up. I’m quite sure with you that if you hesitate, you will not have a chance to see multi and site-flipping licenses included at such a low price ever gain. So take action today and secure one copy of this terrific Covert Context V2 at a low price.

Besides, here are some upgrade versions you might want to get access to and equip yourself with more powerful features:

Upgrade 1: Covert Curator Pro – $47.00

Upgrade 2: Covert Messenger Pro – $37.00

Upgrade 3: Covert Geo Targeter Pro Upgrade – $47.00

Upgrade 4: Covert Copy Traffic Pro – $37.00



  ♥   Quick Set-up and Easy to Use

  ♥   A truly Set and Forget System

  ♥   Automatically Maximizing Your Profits By Showing The Most Popular Ads & Products

  ♥   Full Flexibility to gain Maximum Profits

  ♥   30 Days Money Back Guarantee


  ♥   Well, I’m really satisfied with this WordPress plugin.


With Covert Context V2, you can totally get rid of all the guesswork and build an effective and quality website to earn commissions from Amazon. My Covert Context V2 Review is all I have experienced with this product. I hope you will have more information to make the right decision for yourself.

Pay attention to its price. You will not be able to afford it for $17-$27 after the launch date because it will increase day by day. If you find this product essential for your work, catch it as quickly as possible.

If you buy this product, please share with me what it brings you. Thank you for reading my Covert Context V2 Revie. Good luck!

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Step 1: Buy Covert Context V2 on my website

Step 2: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours

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