Corona Cleaning Cash Review- Great Source For Local Business

Corona Cleaning Cash Review

Corona Cleaning Cash-Review

Corona Cleaning Cash Review- Product Overview

We are all going through difficult times when businesses have been asked to close down for months.

During this time, there is so much attention spent on keeping their houses clean and sanitizing offices to deal with the outbreak, which in turn makes cleaning bloom.

In other words, while most businesses are suffering through the coronavirus crisis, companies that provide cleaning services are thriving.

Apart from large businesses that have already had their cleaning staff, other businesses usually hire a local cleaning company to take care of this sanitizing service.

You now realize the opportunities lying inside this. This under-the-radar niche now generates some the most steady income than ever before. Combined with the fact that most of the cleaning companies are local and operate on a small scale, I’m sure they need a local consultant to reach their clients.

Obviously, every cleaning business wants to take this opportunity to expand and thrive, and there are tons of good reasons to believe that you’ll close deals with many of them if you are able to show them your outstanding products.

Powered by Corona Cleaning Cash, your business will stand out from the crowd and provide cleaning businesses with an extremely satisfying promotion campaign.

What Is Corona Cleaning Cash!?

Basically, Corona Cleaning Cash is an all-in-one Marketing Toolkit that helps local consultants serve the Cleaning Business with their high-quality services.

This pack includes comprehensive training, email templates, ready-made posts, and many more so you can be a great consultant recommended by many cleaning businesses.

For years, Cleaning Industry maintains good margins and it is now potentially growing due to the coronavirus.

For consultants, it’s a natural fit, as those margins and a steady monthly income mean each added deal is recurrent money. Even a residential cleaner can do over $50,000 but commercial cleaners usually make many multiples of that!

Meet The Creator- Bruce Newmedia


Bruce Newmedia is a special nickname for the most preferred vendor of many local consultants. While having been a product creator for years, Bruce has redirected to target the local market since 2019.

The ‘Newmedia’ term in his nickname must be for his innovation and leading technology packed inside his local products.

You can have a look at several products created by Bruce such as OFFLINE Phone Force, Offline Facebook FlyerZone, Local ADMASTER Offline Cash, Lead Gen Giant, Carpet Cleaner Cash Magic, etc. You can easily find compliments and appreciation from users in another review of mine or all over the Internet.

What Will You Get Inside?

You don’t have to worry if you have no experience in this kind of business or this is the first you try to reach a cleaning business.

Bruce had a close connection with the cleaning business, and he can tell you what they expect from you and how to talk them into hiring an agency like you.

1. Full training including social media and more- video

If you own special sales talent with your own genius mind, hmmm, you still need this training to get work done. As normal humans, we might into unexpected troubles, and training teaches us the most effective way to address them. Why not try?

Here are a few headlines you can find when you sign up for Corona Cleaning Cash!

[+]    What Cleaning Companies fear most… who do they avoid.

[+]    The secret (unspoken) reason many residential prospects do not choose certain companies or individual cleaners.

[+]    Why cleaning firms are starting to buy leads.

[+]    How to make a great impression with a cleaner…

[+]    Understanding the different lead sources and timing.

[+]    The first step with a new cleaning company client – skip this and you’re going to be screwed!

[+]    Why do many cleaners gravitate to the commercial market from the residential market?

[+]    The #1 WORST mistake to make – especially in the beginning. (its like ‘marketing suicide’)

[+]    The #1 goal must always be to do this.

[+]    Teaching Cleaning companies how to understand their advertising ROI.

[+]    The ideal minimum # of lead sources cleaners need.

[+]    Great way to even out the marketing expenses.

[+]    Teaching cleaning companies why they need a USP.

[+]    Why Social Media works so well for cleaning companies.

[+]    Why some ‘old media’ sources can work too.

[+]    How to price cleaning jobs.

[+]    The “biggest worries” clients have about home cleaners.

2. Cleaning Services WordPress Website

This WP website is professionally made by Bruce himself where visitors can easily find the key points of the business, their missions, or testimonials. Business can easily show their current special offers, the button to book services, and more.

The best thing is the website is fully customizable and you can edit, add or delete any elements on-page. Here is the screenshot of this WP website.

Corona Cleaning Cash-2

3. Custom videos to be posted on a website, YouTube

To draw people’s attention and increase ranking, you need some video posts on their website, or even on their Youtube channel. Internet users favor video content and instead of creating videos on your own, now you can these DFY items.

4. Marketing Flyers for Cleaning Services

These flyer templates are made in .doc format and you just need MS Word to edit them. In case you don’t know, these marketing flyers are most suitably used for an ad campaign and get visitors’ attention when they surf their feeds.

Here are a few screenshots of the marketing flyers:

Corona Cleaning Cash-4

5. Blog Post Articles

Regular and original posts on the websites are required if businesses want their page on top rankings. This pack gives you ready-written blog posts, you can do some spinning and make some adjustments to make them unique and post them to your websites.

6. Email Templates

You need these email templates to gain a first impression of your clients. Bruce delivers all his sales experience in this email module and you just need to be a copycat to get things ready.

7. PLR Editable Reports

Corona Cleaning Cash-7

8. 60 Social Image Posts For Cleaning Businesses

Corona Cleaning Cash-8

Why Should You Buy This Corona Cleaning Cash?

As you might have heard on the radio or news, businesses will be allowed to reopen in a few weeks with cleaning requirements. At this point, our clients – cleaning companies are having many opportunities to increase their income and are surely willing to pay us generously if we can send them tons of clients.

I recommend this Corona Cleaning Cash! pack for you, simply because it gives you a neat set of tools including websites, SEO packs, email templates, and more. You can see from the screenshot above, that the website is professionally designed, showing the testimonials, missions, logos, and CTA buttons. Not many free items could meet this demand at this level.

Furthermore, Bruce used to work as an owner of this type of business, allowing him to understand your clients better than any other marketers could.

For example, he knows cleaning companies usually operate in small sizes, which means you only need to work with the business owner knowing that he is the only decision-maker, and try your best to convince him.

Moreover, other local niches, such as dentists or auto repairs, seem to be more profitable, you are dealing with fierce competition that requires hard work and regular innovation.

Meanwhile, the Cleaning niche is more sustainable and provides you with steadier and longer profits every month. Besides, client loss is quite rare in the agency targeting this local niche.

Price And Evaluation

The upsells

The total price for all these professionally made marketing items is only $19, which is extremely reasonable for newbies or the unemployed to earn some recurring money during this pandemic.

Each item would cost at least $20 when you buy it separately and it’s now a better chance for you to make a cost-effective decision – starting a work-from-home business at a low expense equivalent to 3 McDonald’s burgers.

Quick reminder: this offer is only available for a few days and the price will increase gradually till the launch ends. Thanks to a 30-day money-back guarantee, there is no risk taken and there is no other way to lose money than missing this chance.


In addition to the FE, you can access more marketing materials like posters, social media graphics in these OTOs:

OTO 1 – $27

OTO 2 – $27


Who Should Buy This Corona Cleaning Cash?

Well, don’t be so depressed about what may come when the pandemic ends. Corona Cleaning Cash is literally a way out for many of us. You deserve this easy way to make the money from offline clients with this great niche: Cleaning Services Companies.

Anyone, at any level, can benefit from it. Here are a few examples:

    +    Local Consultant

    +    Ad Agency

    +    Social Media Marketer

    +    Freelancer

    +    Blogger

    +    and many more

Pros And Cons


    ♥    Monetize the off-radar niche. Less competitive

    ♥    Earn recurring money with a one-time setup

    ♥    Comprehensive training included

    ♥    DFY WordPress Sites on Cleaning Services

    ♥    Professionally made graphics and flyers

    ♥    Detailed editable reports for selling services

    ♥    Custom videos included

    ♥    30-day money-back guarantee


    X    Up to now, there is not any


I have to admit that we cannot guarantee how soon you can see results. However, you should know this is an evergreen niche in that people are becoming too lazy to clean places themselves. As long as society treasures cleanliness, you can rely on this business model.

Corona Cleaning Cash is a promising local package that you should seriously consider. Do not waste your time on some unworthy products. I do hope my review will help you realize this is not one of them and you can focus on what really brings out the best in your career. Once again, thank you for taking the time to go through my review.




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