AppsBuilderPRO Review– Convert Your Website Into Mobile Apps with 1 Click

AppsBuilderPRO Review


AppsBuilderPRO Review- Product Overview

The world is c.r.a.z.y about mobile apps. Living in the year 2020 when approximately 3.5 billion people use smartphones and 2/3rd of their spending is done via mobile phones, having a mobile-optimized site is not enough. You need an app to further boost your sales or traffic to a new level.

Ideally, mobile apps will allow people to do something on the move rather than on their computer or in person.

An example is a sales rep using an app on their smartphone to submit orders or perform stocktakes in-store, or a tourist using an app to book the closest hotel room.

Now you may think “Okay, the idea is interesting, but how do I set up a mobile app for my business?”

You are not wrong!

It is hard to develop and implement mobile apps because there are many Android or IOS versions that developers find hard to keep up with when it comes to app development and it is impractical to focus only on the most recent Android version as not all users may have upgraded to the most recent OS.

You may also find it hard to install heavy software and plugins, because you don’t already have the required knowledge, and the time to learn all about it, or can’t afford to hire a team of developers and designers to do it for you.

What Is Apps Builder PRO?

AppsBuilderPRO is a web-based progressive web app maker that eliminates the need for any technical expertise to build progressive web apps, allowing you to create amazing PWAs that deliver the same experience as native apps.

With this software, you can create highly engaging apps that work on Android, IOS, and even Chrome.

AppsBuilderPRO can work supremely fast even when you have no access to the internet.


AppsBuilderPRO Review– About The Creator


This stunning software is brought to you by Ankit Mehta.

Ankit Mehta is a co-founder and CEO at ideaForge. He has achieved his B.Tech and M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering, with a specialization in computer-aided Design and automation, from IIT-Bombay, and graduated in 2005.

Before reaching the position he has today, he worked for six months in a leading sales and marketing consultancy when he first started his career.

During his time at IIT, he implemented several original ideas and also led to the establishment of the roots of an Innovation Cell at IIT-Bombay. He has a pressing desire to create an entity that responds to the highest ideals and leads the way to an environment-friendly world.

His notable products are 10xDrive, 10xHostings, Freshmails, Influencer Hubs, xMails, Xfunnels, and the list continues.

What Features Will You Get?

If you think AppsBuilderPRO is self-explanatory, think again. Because there are so many things for you to explore when using this app. This part will give you a closer look at the features that you’ll be getting when you purchase this amazing product:

♠    Futuristic App Technology

Adapted by all browsers and devices and replacing native apps.

♠   Lightning-Fast Loading Speeds

This will reduce server loads increase user engagement and improve SEO.

♠   Deployable To All App Marketplaces

Can be installed on Android, IOS, Microsoft, and anywhere else.

Extended Reach Via Lower Data-Usage

Save money on data usage where a data connection is limited or costly.

♠   Offline Web Browsing

This lets you continue browsing, regardless of the network condition.

♠   Push Notifications

Instantly send your app’s users a customized message with rich media content.

♠   Automatic Updates

Ensure that the most up-to-date content is always available.

♠   Platform Agnosticism

Can be installed on a desktop, tablet, or mobile.

♠   Linkability And Indexing

Can easily be shared via a URL, and does not require complex installation.

♠   Advertising

You can monetize your Progressive Web App’s traffic through advertising displays.

♠   QR Codes

You can share the QR Code of your Pwas on any social media or a variety of promotional materials.

♠   One Web Link

One Link is all it takes to install the app on any device.

♠   Google Ads

You can show ads to people who’ve visited your app by adding the remarketing global site tag.

♠   WordPress Plugin

No complicated code, you just need to install the WordPress plugin, and you are done.

♠   AMP Stories Inbuilt

Fast, smooth-loading that boosts traffic and sales.

AppsBuilderPRO Review- Pros and Cons


  • ♥   Newbie friendly
  • ♥   Easy to use
  • ♥   Priority support
  • ♥   No coding or technical skills required
  • ♥   Regular monthly free updates
  • ♥   Cloud-based, can be used anywhere
  • ♥   Commercial license to create PWA for your clients and charge
  • ♥   Complete step-by-step training


  • X   As far as I’m concerned, there isn’t any

Who Is This Product For?

I’m going, to be honest: everyone nowadays owns smartphones, and no matter what you do to make money, mobile apps are by far the best way to deliver your messages, content, or advertisements to others because you are able to approach as many potential customers as possible.

Needless to say, you need an app to promote your campaign, business, or reputation, and AppsBuilderPRO is always perfect for you.

AppsBuilderPRO Review- About Using

How To Use This Product

When you purchase AppsBuilderPRO, you will be given an account to log in from the official website.


Once you successfully log in, the main dashboard is shown below. From here you can get access to different tools or functions.


Start by clicking the “Create App” function on the left. Enter the URL of your website, or any websites on the internet that you want to convert into your own app, and click “Get started”.


To continue, enter some basic information about the app you are going to create.


At this point, you are halfway done, you do need to make some adjustments to the app how you see fit. You’ll be able to turn on and off GDPR, Facebook Pixel or Google Tag Manager.


And DONE! Your app is ready to go, you can scan the QR code or press “Download” to quickly Download and use the app you just created. You can also share this app with your customers too!


For more details, let check the instruction video as below:


Why Should You Purchase This Software?

Say you are aware that people are c.r.a.z.y about mobile apps, and you want to create mobile apps to take advantage of this, so why choose AppsBuilderPRO over other software?

First of all, finding software that creates mobile apps isn’t easy, especially when you have literally no knowledge about how to make apps in general at all.

AppsBuilderPRO not only takes advantage of Progressive Apps. Although they are much different from the native apps, they are a combined approach to developing a platform that operates as an application as well as a website.

They are not downloaded from a Play Store. However, they are easy to use and prompt, just like native apps.

In short, AppsBuilderPRO can make mobile software easily. On top of that, it provides access to resources for your daily content.


These are the reasons you should purchase this software:

♥   Auto-Updating

Updating a PWA is also significantly easier. In fact, as a web page, PWAs are updated automatically when the site is updated you don’t need to do any manual update and you will always have the latest version of the PWA.


♥   Great For SEO

Progressive Web Apps load fast. Uber’s PWA takes less than 2 seconds to load and this has a marked impact on search engine rankings as faster-loading sites receive a ranking boost.

Your PWA will be indexed quickly too and it provides a great user experience which all adds to the success of your SEO strategy.


♥   Less Data Consumption

PWAs only use a fraction of data usage compared to native apps thereby keeping the cost of using PWAs low for you. A native app that consumes 10MB of data for instance can be cut to just 500 KB with a PWA. This is a massive decrease when your monthly data limit isn’t huge or where buying data is expensive.

In fact, PWAs don’t require any significant storage on the device either. This frees up space for you and contributes to better performance on your smartphones.


♥   Decrease Bounce Rates

With easy installation and lightning-fast loading speeds, you will witness a significant drop in your bounce rates, and with the help of push notifications you can bring back those bounced visitors in 1-click.


♥   Reliable And Secure All requests

HTTP has not proved sufficiently secure in the past when it comes to protecting a user’s valuable and sensitive information. This is why websites are being moved to HTTP, which makes it a lot easier to launch a PWA in a secure and controlled environment.


♥   Native App Feel

A website packed in the body of a native app certainly offers app-like features and the convenience of a website itself. Hence, you have a web app that provides a feel like a native one for enhanced user experience and engagement.

To provide an app-like smooth and responsive experience, progressive web apps use many native app functions like Looks & mimics, app icons, non-dependency on web browsers, native app-like UI and UX, push notifications, ability to run offline, etc.


♥   GDPR Compliant

All apps built with AppsBuilderPRO are GDPR-compliant with cookie notifications.


♥   QR Code

You get a QR code that you can share on social media or print materials so people can simply scan the code and be redirected to install your PWA.


♥   AppsBuilderPro WordPress Plugin

If you run a blog or E-commerce store on WordPress, creating a PWA app is even easier for you. Simply install the plugin and 3 clicks and done… your website is converted into PWA without any upload or playing with the code.


AppsBuilderPRO Review- Price And Evaluation

Front End

    +    Commercial License: $47

    +    Agency License: $97

On the front end, there are both a Commercial License and an Agency License.

Let’s recap:


Keep in mind that aside from the product itself, you’ll also get your hands on complete step-by-step training and regular free updates every month. The purchase is one-time only, meaning you don’t have to pay anything in order to retain your access in the long term.

Take a look at some updates that you can also purchase to further experience this software.

The Upsells

OTO 1: AppBuilderPRO – PRO Version

Optimize your progressive app & grow your business instantly for 5 times the profits in a 300% easier way & twice as fast.

This update includes:



OTO 2: AppBuilderPRO Reseller

Sell AppsBuilder Pro accounts and keep 100% of the profit.


OTO 3: AppsBuilder Pro Consultant Toolkit

Your personalized suite of marketing tools to get your app business up and running faster with maximum results, maximum profits, and minimum effort… For a single one-time cost!


OTO 4: Convert Boost Pro

Triple your sales & clicks on any website with the world’s best sales booster suite using only 1 line of copy-paste code & just 5 minutes of work every day




With AppsBuilderPRO you won’t have to spend hours trying to find the perfect way to promote your business.

It goes without saying that the creator of this software really understands what is going on with the market and he made AppsBuilderPRO for you all to profit as well.

With just 3 simple steps done, your app is ready. Honestly speaking, I can not find a better platform to make mobile apps than AppsBuilderPRO. Indeed I highly recommend this product, I’ve used it and can’t stop earning, and it’s high time you did too!

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Thank you so much for reading my AppsBuilderPRO review.

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