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WebbyGROUND Review



WebbyGROUND Review- Introduction

As Covid-19 hit, we spent all of our days sitting in front of the laptop/computer to work online and virtual meetings become more and more popular than ever. Whether you are meeting with clients, prospects, or internal stakeholders, you always have to appear in front of a webcam.

No matter if you like it or not, you will always be judged by your appearance during video meetings! I just can’t remember how many times I have been distracted by bad lighting or a mess behind a meeting participant. It’s some little details that can fracture your attention span and be honest, it’s quite irritating!

However, I’m glad that people invented virtual backgrounds so that we can end that problem! The thing is we are moving to another one: being bombarded by so many choices!

Therefore, I’m going to review WebbyGROUND which is promised to be your ultimate solution for virtual events. Let’s get right into it!

WebbyGROUND Overview


Creator Kundan Choudhary & Nishant Sharma
Product WebbyGROUND
Official website CLICK HERE
Front-End Price $17
Bonuses Yes, Huge Bonuses
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche Graphics & Template
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly recommend!

What Is It?

WebbyGROUND is an all-inclusive package of 3,000+ Premium Backgrounds in 60+ Niches that you can use in any virtual events including video conferences, webinars, online meetings, video projects, and streaming.

With WebbyGROUND, you can become more professional-looking in just seconds without any complicated setup or costly investment. More than that, this product comes with Commercial and Developer rights in the Front-end version.

There’s more waiting for you inside this product. Let’s scroll down and see it in detail!

About The Creators


Kundan Choudhary and Nishant Sharma are the two names behind this product.

They have just joined the online business as a product vendor so they bring a fresh, unique, and creative perspective to their products.

Although they are new in the game, their products are proven to be effective and bring results to customers. There have been lots of positive feedback on them lately! You can check out MeetWebby which is their previous launch to see the details.

Feature Details

As I have mentioned above, you are getting 3,000+ customizable HD Virtual Backgrounds in 60+ niches. All of them are compatible with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and Google Meet.

The best thing is they are crafted by professional Web Graphic designers. You can check out these preview versions below:


Each virtual background comes with 4 variations for you to choose from including original, edited, super-edited and blurred:


Here are the benefits that WebbyGROUND will bring you:

[+]   Leave a professional and unique impression in virtual meetings/video projects

[+]   Improve brand reputation

[+]   Increase viewer engagement and thus, conversions!

[+]   Remove any distraction from your background in one second

[+]   Never experience disruption or unpleasant feelings during video calls and meetings


About using details

The demo

Download Background Images From WebbyGROUND

After logging in, you’ll be able to access WebbyGROUND virtual backgrounds.


You’ll be redirected to Google Drive where the background images are categorized in niches. Choose one that you like.


Next, you’ll have to choose among 4 variations as below:


There’ll be lots of options for you to choose from. Just right-click and download any background you want.


Change Your Virtual Background On Video Meeting Platform

[+]   Zoom

You need to click on the arrow icon and choose “Choose virtual background”:


You’ll need to upload your downloaded background to Zoom:


Once it’s uploaded, just click on it to choose:


And there you have it:


[+]   Skype

Before starting a call, you can actually change your virtual background as below:


Then, click on the “+” symbol and upload your background image.

WebbyGROUND-demo-10-Skype WebbyGROUND-demo-11-Skype

Here is what it looks like:


[+]   Google Meet

In a meeting room, you can choose to “Change Background”:


Then, upload your background image:


And click to choose it – as simple as it is:



My Thoughts

  ♥    With WebbyGROUND, The Sky Is The Limit! – You Can Choose From A Wide Range Of High-Quality Virtual Backgrounds That Suites Your Meetings/Project

No matter what niche of virtual background you are searching for, WebbyGROUND will get you cover!

The best thing about this background package is its great quality. Therefore, you’ll appear more professional and premium than ever even if you have a poor-quality webcam.

And we all get how important it is to be as professional and trustworthy looking as possible when having a call with your clients or filming a sales video! This is hands down the first thing people will ever notice at you.

  ♥   Save Your Money From Buying Stock Photos And Save Yourself From Hours Of Complicated Work!

I know for sure you might get free virtual background images on Google with just a click of a mouse but come to think about these 2 questions:

Are they high quality?

Can they cover all the niches you need? Of course, you can have another choice which is to purchase stock photos to get high-quality photos with lots of options but again, are you really willing to pay one hundred dollars for a virtual background?

Also, if you are a marketer/running your own business, you need film video content or a sales video for your audience. But this time, you do not need any green screen studio set up or such kinds of stuff because WebbyGROUND will get everything done with a click of the mouse!

Below are some comments that early users and beta-testers say about this product:

WebbyGROUND-feedback-1 WebbyGROUND-feedback-2 WebbyGROUND-feedback-3

Price And Upsells

Front-end: WebbyGROUND FE ($17)

As I have mentioned above, free background from Google is not high quality, a virtual background purchased from a stock photo would cost you hundreds of dollars but WebbyGROUND can give you exactly what you want!

With $17, you are getting 3,000+ virtual backgrounds equals $0.005 each. Well, this offer could never be better than this. However, please put in mind that the price is constantly rising so you need to hurry for the best price!



The Upsells

You can also consider these upsells when checking out:

Upgrade 1: PRO EDITION ($47/$37 One-time)

With this upgrade, you get even more options to leverage your online business:

[+]   2000+ virtual backgrounds specially designed for better performance

[+]   VSL studio pro (a huge collection of animated Powerpoint video templates)

[+]   Script included

[+]   Video assets kit

[+]   Developer rights

[+]   Premium bonuses

Upgrade 2: DONE-FOR-YOU KIT ($67/$57 One-time)

This upgrade offers you:

[+]   DFY social media content for 365 days with source files

[+]   Human emotions-based PNG cutouts (huge online library) with commercial license

[+]   Premium bonuses

Upgrade 3: STOCK UNLIMITED ($97/$77 One-time)

Here is everything you are getting:

[+]   Over 35,000 stock video templates and assets

[+]   Over 88,000 stock graphic assets with commercial license

[+]   Premium bonuses

Upgrade 4: RESELLER EDITION ($127/$97 One-time)

Thanks to this upgrade, you’ll get full family reseller rights with 90% commission on FE and 70% on OTOs.


Bonuses From The Creator Team

Purchase this WebbyGROUND today, you will receive all bonuses below for TOTALLY FREE:


Pros And Cons


♥   3,000+ HD virtual backgrounds in 60+ niches to choose from

♥   Leave a professional impression on your clients/partners

♥   Brand reputation booster

♥   Eliminate any distraction from your background

♥   No need to spend hundreds on stock photo

♥   No complicated green screen studio set up involved

♥   Commercial rights included

♥   Absolutely newbie-friendly


X   I don’t have any complaints about this product


WebbyGROUND Review- The End

You’ve just made it to the end of my review! I hope it gave you all the information you need to make a purchasing decision.

In my opinion, you should really consider this product as you can get so much more than what you pay for with it. I’m sure you’ll never go wrong with it!







Step 1: Buy WebbyGROUND on my website


Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

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