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VSL Creator Review



The sales video is an integral part of every sales process as people have an inclination towards videos rather than articles.

Without a sales video, not many buyers have any interest to explore your product, except for those out of the ordinary. Honest speaking, hardly any vendor can launch, on a daily basis, products of exceptional quality.

However, it would never be an irritating problem if it didn’t take us much time to create a sales video. In fact, creating videos is a nightmare for anyone.

There are a lot of people who are willing to spend hundreds of dollars hiring a designer to create one single sales video for their campaigns.

In other cases, those who are more willing to learn will purchase an account to use complicated editing tools, which takes them days to familiarize themselves with the app.

Anyway, no matter how much time they waste on it, their final videos are usually too basic with their crappy designs. Instead of attracting an audience to buy their products, the video scares them away.

So, how should you address this problem?

If you are getting stuck in the intersection of choice, you can simply escape this dilemma with VSL Creator. Trust me, this review will give you a better choice than any other options I’ve mentioned above.

What Is VSL Creator?

This is definitely the world’s fastest and sexiest VSL system that creates amazing marketing videos to attract leads and make massive sales.

VSL Creator combines cutting-edge innovations with point & click simplicity in one powerful sales video software without any design, video, or tech skills needed!

Without any prior experience or great expertise required, you are still able to deliver stunning videos to your audience. This is gonna save you a lot of time and effort.

About The Creator – Brett Ingram

Brett Ingram is the one who brought this amazing video creator to life. In case you don’t know, Brett is the software developer dedicated to products that can help marketers gain traffic or create videos.

He is among the true veterans who have successfully created and launched FIFTY-THREE Best Sellers on Clickbank, JVZoo & Warrior PLUS. EngagBot, Instazign & VideoFX PRO are all masterpieces created with the huge contributions of Brett Ingram.

The next part of VSL Creator will show you a deeper understanding of this product’s features.

Feature Details

[+]    Done-For-You Templates – Point & Click Videos On The Fly

Do you need a scripted sales video in minutes? Done. These ready-to-go templates include all effects & transitions. You can customize anything, as much or as little as you like, with just your mouse and imagination.

[+]    Drag & Drop Blank Canvas – Unique Videos With A Helping Hand

With VSL Creator, you can quickly make 100% unique marketing videos for any project, with all the help you need. Just choose from a huge collection of themes, fonts, icons, shapes, buttons, kinetic effects & transitions.

Or if you have a better collection of video elements, upload your own elements and effortlessly include them anywhere on any slide.

[+]    Custom Theme Designer – Your Personal Shortcut

This designer allows you to easily configure your own custom themes to reuse on any script or project. Upload backgrounds, customize text, colors, animation effects, slide positioning & more. Then, apply your theme to any project in one click, saving hours of editing.

[+]    Automated 1-Click Slide Creator for effortless Sales Presentations

Just paste your script or text inside, and the software instantly splits it into perfectly formatted slides. Your sales presentations can be complete with multiple text effects & appearances, all customizable. This is a huge time saver, headache reliever, and profit booster rolled into one.

[+]    Kinetic Animation Effects – Sell More With Words

Your written message is what the selling is in the video, so it needs to be dynamic. Choose from multiple entrances, exits, and directions – 120 total variations! Leave the boring PowerPoint to your old high school teacher.

[+]    Drag & Drop Timeline Editor For Pain-Free Editing Every Time

Effortlessly polish video, audio & background tracks with the beginner-friendly editor. Not only can you customize any element on any slide: position, duration, sequence, duration, and more, but you can also see real-time previews of any changes, so you know your video is perfect before rendering.

[+]    Built-In Audio And Voice Recorder For One & Done VoiceOvers

Use the software to record your own voice or audio for a fast & free way to deliver your message. If you prefer, easily upload audio tracks you’ve recorded anywhere else.

[+]    Ultimate Text2Speech – Fire Your Voiceover Specialist

Let VSL Creator’s advanced tech automatically convert your text into lifelike speech, in your choice of 16 different characters. You can save huge $$$ on voiceovers and stop wondering if people think your voice sounds funny.

[+]    1-Click Perfect SyncFX

Cause you’re not making 70s Kung Fu movies, badly synced voiceovers are torture to watch. Thanks to SyncFX, your videos will look like live-shot TV. This creates perfect audio video timing, synced for you, in a single click.

[+]    Stunning HD Quality

Your first option is to effortlessly share videos optimized for social networks, YouTube, sales pages & websites. And another option is to get your video exported to studio quality, full HD in all popular formats.

[+]    Unlimited Videos & Renders

You can create and publish as many videos as you like, with no restrictions. Just save thousands and never wait in line for your videos to render.

[+]    Fully Responsive On Any Device

Get in front of the biggest and fastest-growing source of video traffic online – mobile users with videos that play & perform perfectly on any device.

[+]    Full Commercial Rights

You can sell unlimited videos & keep 100% of the profits. If you take quick action right from today, you can create and sell as many videos and scripts as you want without limits, royalties, or surcharges, ever. Unlimited demand + unlimited videos? Limitless income potential.

[+]    Video Watermarks For Branding And Copyright Protection

Add image or text watermarks to any video. Adjust transparency, size, and position for a custom look. This is perfect for building your brand on personal videos, and for protecting the work you sell to clients.

[+]    3 Commercial Team Licenses – Do More Business With Less Effort

If you get VSL Creator today, you can tell the app to give different levels of access to admins and team members or VAs on a per-client or per-project level. This keeps you organized and your team running like a well-oiled profit machine.

[+]    DFY Video Website

You get a professional website that legitimizes you as a skilled expert. This way you can easily sell videos made with VSL Creator as a service to customers or clients for 100% profits.

That’s right. What better way is there than a website that proves your worth? This is no doubt a service of $997 real-world value.

[+]    Powerful Video Engagement & Conversion Assets

So, you know there are many other things to spend money on if you just get the video creator only. In this VSL Creator offer, they include everything you’ll ever need for stunning marketing sales videos that get you paid.


How to use this VSL Creator app

Step 1: Install the app to your PC

The app is compatible with any device so you can use it on your Windows PC or Mac. Once you install the app, you can see the main dashboard as below.


Step 2: Start a new project

Click on the Project tab in the navigation bar → New Project.

[+]    Choose a video theme

Once you start a new project, you will be asked to choose a video theme. You can choose it from the beginning


Or you can edit your theme in the Themes menu.


[+]    Add the video script

Under the working area is the Script button. Click here to add your script.


You can type in or copy & paste the script into the box. Click OK to add the script.


Within a few minutes, the app will automatically divide the script into formatted slides.


[+]    Edit the Slide Backgrounds

Choose Backgrounds in the menu bar. The app will provide you with many background options to select.


[+]    Customize the text

Click on the text box to format your video text.


You have full control to edit the text in your video. You need to select the text box you want to edit, format it with font and size, choose the entrance and exit effect, and enable the shadow.

For each effect, you can choose to apply for a single slide or all slides.


[+]    Add Images

To add or remove an image, click on the Images tab. Right here, you can add or remove your image, the customer the image effect, or choose the slides to apply this effect.


This is so simple as the images are already classified into different categories. Just choose the image source, select a category, click on the image and click OK to confirm.


You can preview your image in full size before you add it.


You can integrate many images into one.


Here are a few image categories:

  • Effects


  • Overlays


  • Socials


  • Shapes


[+]    Add audio files

You can record your voice or add an audio file or use the TTS technology. Click on the Voice button.


Just choose the file source and click on the box to browse the file you need.


For each audio file, you can adjust the volume, and select the Fade In or Fade Out time.


To use the Text To Speech feature, you need to add a script, select the language and the voice, then, click Save Voice File.


[+]    Add transitions

Click on Transitions in the menu, you can choose the transition effect from their list.


Step 3: Save & Export your Project

Once you finish, you can export the video with the Produce button, or you can save your project and continue to work on it next time with the Save button.


You just need to select a file location and choose the size and quality of the video.


Check the instruction video below for more details:


Using Experience

The video creation software is super easy to use and newbie-friendly so you don’t need any training to work on it. All buttons are set with its labels so you can easily what you need. You can create a sales video, literally in a few minutes instead of spending much time figuring things out like in other editing tools.

Furthermore, the timeline editor allows you to create a perfect timing for your video so that you can place every slide and every word where they’re supposed to be.

To edit the elements, you just need to click, drag and drop them to the time period you need. Too simple, even with a complete newbie, isn’t it?


Also, for any changes you make with VSL Creator, you can preview it in real time with the Play button.


Here is a demo video I created with the help of VSL Creator:


Let’s check what some other online marketers saying about this VSL Creator:


Price And Evaluation

VSL Creator Fe

I assure you this is a great deal you should never miss out in your marketing career. Your customers want to watch sales videos, and your competitors have equipped themselves with more video tools, if you think you don’t need this VSL Creator, you are completely wrong.

Note this time & date on your calendar:

    +    Launch Starts: Monday 7th June 2021 (10:00 AM EST)

    +    Launch Ends: Tuesday 8th June 2021 (11:59 PM EST)

The FE of VSL Creator, A.K.A VSL Creator Gold Commercial, is currently available at the price of $67.

While this is not a very cheap price that you can simply decide without any consideration, you should know one thing there are many video software that is offered at this one-time payment.

During this launch of VSL Creator, you only need to pay once but enjoy its features for life. Also, included are the commercial rights to sell your videos and the massive bonuses so you can be confident that you’re getting all you need to become a video agency.


The upsells

In addition to the FE, you’ll get the chance to take these OTOs and add more powerful features to your business:

OTO1: VSL Creator – Platinum ($49)

>>>Click Here To

VSL Creator Platinum is your advanced animation video maker that comes with 5 done-for-you VSL templates, 10 done-for-you themes, 50 transition animations & 50 visual animation elements, 200 moving characters, 140 animated effects, callouts, CTA buttons & lower thirds!

OTO 2: VSL Creator – Diamond ($67)

>>>Click Here To

VSL Creator Diamond comes with unlimited live-action videos, a fully featured dynamic video maker, 30 studio-quality done-for-you niche templates fully editable & brandable, an audio voice recorder, kinetic text animation, kinetic text transition animation & many more!

OTO 3: VSL Creator – Titanium ($47)

>>>Click Here To

VSL Creator Titanium gives you 40 studio quality done-for-you niche market templates with image & video, Powerpoint style videos, 1000 transparent images, 5000 photos & images, gifs & animation ready with kinetic animation & text effects, zero technical skills needed!

OTO 4: VSL Creator – Agency ($49.95)

>>>Click Here To

VSL Creator Agency comes with developer, agency, outsourcer & VA license plus… done-for-you local niche video templates, local agency portfolio, and done-for-you scripts with full training & videos included!


Who Should Buy VSL Creator?

With the helpful assistance of VSL Creator, anyone working online could benefit from it. It can help you better your business – one way or another – no matter what you are working as.

  • Website Videos
  • Social Media
  • Sales Pages
  • Paid Ads
  • Affiliate Marketing / Review Sites
  • Freelancing / Consulting
  • eCommerce Stores
  • Content Marketing / Blogging
  • Product Demos / Tutorials
  • YouTube Channels
  • Author / Book Promotions
  • Offline Businesses

Bonuses From Author Team

Get this amazing VSL Creator today, you will get all bonuses below from the creator: They will be automatically delivered in Member Area after you purchase this tool:




Pros and Cons


  • 1-Click Automated Slide Creator.
  • Drag & drop VSL Creator.
  • Compatible with any device – Mac or Windows.
  • Create unlimited videos of any length without any restrictions.
  • 100% beginner-friendly.
  • Make studio-quality videos in no time.
  • 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee.
  • Full Commercial Rights included.


  • Up to now, there is none.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q/ Does this software work on both Mac and Windows?

100%! You can download VSL Creator on any Mac or Windows machine.

Q/ How many times will I be billed?

ONCE. This software is all yours for a one-time fee, and that’s it. The creators promise NO monthly fees if you get access during the launch period.

Q/ Can I use my own voiceover?

Of course! Feel free to record and upload your own audio, voiceover, and soundtrack to use in any project.

Q/ How many videos can I make?

As many as you want without restrictions! That means: there are no limits on video creation or rendering, and this includes videos you make to sell to clients

Q/ What file formats are supported?

You can upload image files with .JPG, . PNG, .GIF extensions, videos in .MP4, and audio in MP3 and WAV

Q/ I’m a beginner and need training. Is that included?

Absolutely. There are beginner-friendly training videos walking you through everything step by step. You’ll be making studio-quality videos in no time!

Q/ How long are the videos I can make?

You can create videos of any length. Just keep in mind that shorter, to-the-point explainer videos are proven to get the best results.

Q/ Why is this desktop software instead of cloud-based?

Some developers switched to cloud-based video software around 10 years ago when computer hard drive space was an issue.

The trade-off for that, as you’ve seen, is if the internet goes down, or if there’s a server problem on the vendor’s side, you can’t use your software.

99% of computers built in the last 5-7 years have more than enough local storage for a video software application, so space is no longer an issue.

And the tech has advanced also, so VSL Creator is a full-featured software in an extremely lightweight package, giving you full control over video production, and NEVER WAIT for video rendering.

Conclusion- VSL Creator Is 100% Recommended!

I hope this VSL Creator Review can help you have a deeper understanding of this product as well as make your purchase decision. And I am so happy and thank you so much as your trust is my source of inspiration.

With my honest thoughts about VSL Creator, you will appreciate its real value. If you are serious about getting a video agency, then, the price for VSL Creator Gold is not at all an expensive price.

Keep in mind that the price may go up soon so you should grab the chance and make the best deal! Thank you again and hopefully, you will make a smart decision!










Step 1: Buy VSL Creator after reading my VSL Creator review


Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

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