VidSnatcher 2.0 Review- Like Camtasia With Text-to-Speech And Language Translator

VidSnatcher 2.0 Review



VidSnatcher 2.0 Review – In recent years, online training courses delivered in video series have emerged as a great and effective way to make money online. You only need to record it all once and then sell that same one a thousand times. More and more newbies want to join the game nowadays, which makes this market grow fast and stably.

But my friends – online trainers or e-learning teachers out there – have you ever found it a great challenge to finalize your videos? Have you ever felt dead when you were trying to get your videos ready for publishing?

I know the video editing process is complicated and frustrating and no one wants to get there. But, until you see this latest software – VidSnatcher 2.0, you will find all of these just child’s play. No hassles. No complication.

Stay tuned for the next parts of my VidSnatcher 2.0 review to explore this.


VidSnatcher 2.0 is the newest blank Canvas video editor with built-in text-to-speech that would blow your mind right away.

You can consider this software to be the ultimate Camtasia® replacement (or even an outstanding upgrade). This software is perfect for you to edit, enhance, and recreate any type of video – training courses, tutorials, and more in any language.

This product is 100% user-friendly and allows you to upload and edit videos from any video app. It’s extremely convenient. Look at the following part to find out who created this masterpiece!




I guess Todd Gross is a familiar name to all of you now. Through his online career as a trusted vendor and a top affiliate, he has established a good reputation out of all the struggles he’s been through.

The VidSnatcher 2.0 project in which he worked with LuAnn Beckman and the Bravinn Technologies team has been in the making for the past two years and is now completely ready for the masses to enjoy.

Check Todd Gross’s sale history to see how great his products were:


The feature section will show you more details about this amazing product.


VidSnatcher 2.0 is a powerful video editor that is mainly built for creating and customizing training videos. You will find this tool is fully loaded with killing features and unbeatable in many different aspects when compared to other editing tools.

I’ll list some distinctive features you could find out in this VidSnatcher 2.0:

    ♠    Jam-Packed with Must-Have Video Editing Features

It sounds a bit hilarious when you say a video editor is packed with video editing features, right? But that basic thing happens to many editing tools when they can’t offer what the users need.

And some customers end up buying tons of them with the costly price for each separately. That’s really depressing, you know. But this VidSnatcher 2.0 is the one great exception to that. It meets all your fundamental needs right inside one dashboard with a one-time fee.

    ♠   Built-in text-to-speech Engine with Language Translator.

Well, the language translator is here for any international courses you want to build up. This translator means you don’t need to outsource and waste your hard-earned money on it. The text-to-speech engine would save you a lot of time since you don’t write down word by word manually.

    ♠    Cloud-Based for Maximum Compatibility on All Operating Systems.

This is absolutely a nightmare for anyone spending so much time on writing the script, recording themselves for hours, and then working so hard for their editing process.

But, boom! Some out-of-nowhere notifications like “the file format is not supported” would ruin everything. This is not gonna happen with the videos you created from VidSnatcher 2.0 – it’s cloud-based and your videos work for all operating systems.

    ♠    Screen and Live Voice Recording.

As online trainers, I bet you guys all know what this feature is made for, right? You can easily make the training or guidance for your software showing your screen, with your voice explaining step by step.

Well, they’re all amazing, hah? I will give you a detailed demonstration of this product in the next section.



Step 1: Log in

Enter your login account and click Login.


Once you log in, you will be asked to choose the canvas size: 1:1 or 16:9.


Step 2: Import Media

In this example, I’m working on the 16:9 video which I find more popular with your needs. There is no major difference between the features you can apply for 1:1 and 16:9 type.

Firstly, you should choose the canvas size, if your choice is ‘custom’, you will need to add width and length.

Secondly, click on Import Media to upload images/videos/sound tapes from your PC. Or you can add the Media URL and click Add.


It might take a few minutes to upload all the chosen files. And you can use drag & drop technology to arrange the media.


Step 3: Customize your video

Click to the + icon on the left side of the screen to add a new layer.

Use the buttons on the right side of the screen (shown in the image), to undo/redo, copy & paste or delete.


Use the Record Voiceover or Record Screen to create audio or videos and immediately add them to your video.

These are two killing features that are most preferred in the making of a demonstration video.

  • Record Voiceover


  • Record Screen


Once you finish recording, click to the Stop button on the top of the page.


And the video, which you’ve just recorded, will be automatically added to the editing area as below.


Step 4: Exploit Text-to-Speech

This feature is especially useful for anyone who doesn’t want to use their own voice.

Choose the Text-to-Speech icon under the VidSnatcher icon. Then, enter the content into the box. Pick up a language if you need a translation.


You can also choose the gender, accent (depending on the language you choose), and many more. Click Search Voices to see all the options available matching your filters.


In this case, I picked Japanese, with the Female voice and the default accent being Japan. Now, I can choose one of these options, and click Add to Media Library to use it for my video.


Step 5: Save the project.

Basically, this is a cloud-based app so you should click Save for every change you make (the poor internet connection might somehow affect your work).

You can save it for the next time, thanks to the Load Project feature.

Click the Projects button on the top-right side and choose Save Project.


And the notification will pop up when you save it successfully.


Step 6: Export your video

Click the Export button to export your video. However, please notice it might take you some time to get your video rendered and you’ll be notified through email when your video is ready to export.


You will see the pop-up as below:


Also, you can check your video status by clicking on the My Video button.



There are two special things I love about this VidSnatcher.

As I’ve mentioned above, the Text-to-Speech feature is like a god-saver to anyone who wants to make their videos globally accessible, special thanks to the translation section. But that’s still not the most amazing part.

The ‘getting the shareable link to the text-to-speech audio’ is what I want to emphasize. It likes having your own physical translator, you know? I can enter the content in English, then translate it to Japanese, and finally use it for other projects (not necessarily in VidSnatcher). Freaking awesome! Really!


And the other favorite thing about this cloud-based app is the Remove Green Screen feature.

For example, I’ve already uploaded a video with a green background to the app and added it to the media library to customize.


With the help of the Remove Green Screen feature, I can remove the boring green screen and even add a brand-new image as the background to make my video more eye-catching!



As I’ve mentioned above, this is the ultimate Camtasia replacement, geared towards helping video marketers easily edit and create beautiful videos in the cloud.

However, with many advanced features and functions, VidSnatcher 2.0 is suitable for any marketers at all levels, everyone can benefit from it.

In my opinion, you should collect this in your pocket if you are:

[+]    Ecom Marketers

[+]    Content Marketers

[+]    Offline Businesses

[+]    Social Media Marketers

[+]    Affiliate Marketers

[+]    Product Vendors

[+]    Bloggers

[+]    Content Creators

[+]    Freelancers

[+]    YouTube Partners


Frontend: VidSnatcher 2.0 ($37)

I know this is one of the most important parts of determining your buying decision, and that’s totally understandable.  But I assure you the price for VidSnatcher 2.0 Unlimited Commercial is not at all a considerable number that scares you out.

It’s only at a fraction of the cost of comparable video editing tools $37 – $47. Based on the time you make the purchase, the price will be set differently and the earlier you buy, the cheaper price you get. That happens in every great deal, as a treasure for anyone who is determined to take the chance.

What’s inside VidSnatcher:

  • Complete Blank Canvas Editor for Full Flexibility.
  • Perfect for creating  E-learning Video Courses & Tutorials.
  • Jam-Packed with Must-Have Video Editing Feature
  • Built-in text-to-speech Engine with Language Translator.
  • Cloud-Based for Maximum Compatibility on All Operating Systems.
  • Sell ANY Video you Create For 100% Profit (Commercial License Included).
  • Screen and Live Voice Recording.
  • Unlimited Projects at A Low One-Time Fee

The upsells

In addition to the frontend, you can consider these OTOs below to add more value to your business:

OTO 1: VidSnatcher 2 Ultimate Funnel Bundle

    +    One-time ($248)

    +    Monthly ($47/M)

Instantly unlock all VidSnatcher 2.0 upgrades plus the Exclusive Reseller package.

Recap everything you will get in this OTO1:

[+]    Upgrade # 1: VidSnatcher 2.0 Agency Reseller accounts

[+]    Upgrade # 2: VidSnatcher’s Pro Editing Suite

[+]    Upgrade # 3: Niche Video Template Club

[+]    Upgrade # 4: Animation Suite

[+]    30 day money-back guarantee

OTO 2: VidSnatcher 2.0 Pro Editor’s Suite ($67)

Boost your video’s value, bring them to life, and blow your clients away with the Pro Editor’s suite!

Recap everything you will get in this OTO2:

[+]    Tap into an unlimited source of high-quality image, video, & music libraries

[+]    Media libraries are integrated directly into VidSnatcher 2.0

[+]    Access an ever-growing background music library

[+]    Unlock in-app URL screenshot import (very cool feature)

[+]    4k rendering quality capability

[+]    Boost the value of each video you create

[+]    30-day money-back guarantee

OTO 3: Vidsnatcher 2 One Time: Template Club

    +    One-time ($97)

    +    Monthly ($17/M)

Grow your agency, target even more prospective clients, and increase your potential profits with VidSnatcher Template Club!

Get 50 niche video templates now & 10 more added every month for a low one-time fee!

Recap everything you will get in this OTO3:

[+]    50 Niche Video Templates added today

[+]    10 New Niche Video Templates added monthly

[+]    Increase the number of potential clients to sell video services to

[+]    New templates will be driven by your suggestions

[+]    $1000s in total value at a very low one-time fee

[+]    Full commercial rights to resell the videos you create

[+]    30-day money-back guarantee

OTO 4: VidSnatcher 2.0 Animation Suite ($27 One Time)

Get instant access to 100+ highly engaging animated icons to boost the quality and appearance of your VidSnatcher 2.0 videos PLUS access to newly added Animated icons at no charge!

  • Unlock a giant library of animated icons.
  • Easily Edit Icon properties for customization.
  • Get instant access to newly added icons.
  • Never spend another dime on icon animations.
  • One-click upload into your editing timeline.
  • All at a low one-time price below.



Get this VidSnatcher 2.0 today, you will get all the valuable bonuses below for free.

Note: These bonuses will be delivered on the Thank You Page.




    ♥    Unlimited personal video creation

    ♥    Advance text-to-speech engine with built-in translation

    ♥    Screen Record and Voice Record

    ♥    Easy to use drag-and-drop editing timeline

    ♥    Add Unlimited Layers for the most complex videos

    ♥    Dozens of pre-made icons, shapes, and transitions to use

    ♥    Add text, customize and translate to virtually any language

    ♥    Select custom canvas sizes

    ♥    Easily add subtitles

    ♥    30-day money-back guarantee


    X   Up to now, there is not any.



The screen capture tool in VidSnatcher 2.0 is perfect for tutorial and training style videos with text-to-speech and language translation built in – it’s limitless as to what you can use VidSnatcher 2.0 for to grow your business! 

Remember this is the commercial version of this product with unlimited projects at a one-time low fee. Why don’t you jump at this golden opportunity now so that you can never worry about having to pay for a software update ever again?

Thank you so much for reading my VidSnatcher 2.0 review to the end.


Step 1: Buy VidSnatcher 2.0 on my website

Step 2: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

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