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Tradermate Review




Recently, I bet we all realize the increasing popularity of the stock and cryptocurrency market, just like Tesla’s CEO tweeting about bitcoin or the stock price of GameStop going through dramatic changes. Internet users have all the reasons to spend their attention in these fields and some of them are trying to get a piece of this delicious “pie”.

Without a doubt at all, trading and investment offers are some of the highest-paying affiliate offers out there, which is quite clear through the fact that people get hundreds or even thousands of dollars for just 1 conversion.

Given the fact that trading is a real craze right now, with millions of new traders getting involved in the past few months, and with all of them searching online right now for trading news and info, now is the perfect time to cash in big-time as a trading affiliate. However, there are certain things you need to do before you step into this.

The top priority should be building your personal reputation, which can show that you are a knowledgeable person and able to predict the trend to grab the greatest opportunity. So, the question is, can you become that person in just a few days when you are now a complete newbie to this glorious field?

The answer is impossible – but only if you turn down the help of technology. While many other marketers had a head start working in their area of knowledge, you can constantly, every day, create new compelling content, all about the latest trading news, tips, and information for your visitors to readjust with the assistance of Tradermate.

The next parts of this review will show you more about this amazing software.

What Is Tradermate?

Tradermate is the first to market cloud-based software that allows users to create their own trading affiliate sites within just a few minutes. All they need to do is to log in to their account, choose a fancy name for that site, select from all the hottest niches of online trading, and voila, you are ready to go!

I know it’s a common thought that having our own trading affiliate site might be a huge earning opportunity right now, you can eliminate a serious amount of work to get off the ground.

Tradermate Review- Feature Details

  ♠   Easy “Newbie Friendly” Setup

With Tradermate, you can choose a trading niche for your site and go! Literally, all you need to do is choose what type of trading you want your site to be about, say stocks or forex for example, and click a button! Especially, they host it for you with unlimited bandwidth!

  ♠   100% Automatic Site Monetization With Ads For Ultra High Paying Trading Affiliate Programs!

With the click of a button, your site comes pre-monetized with ads for well-known trading platforms like eToro and plus 500 as well as ultra-high payout trading offers on Clickbank.

You can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars for just ONE conversion from these amazing affiliate offers! All you need to do is enter your affiliate link and they take care of the rest.

  ♠   Get Daily High-Quality Content For Your Site On Total Autopilot

You’ll get high-quality content posted to your site for you in a fully automated blog all about your chosen trading niche. You’ll never have to make a blog post again!

All the content created for you will be all about the news from your chosen niche, complete with images, videos everything your visitors will love!

  ♠   Source 100% Original Content From Youtube Automatically!

All the content on your Tradermate sites is sourced from Youtube channels related to your chosen gambling niche. It is auto-transcribed by this great software and then spun to be totally original content for you.

  ♠   Fully Integrated Autoresponder Service Just Like Aweber Or Getresponse!

Just like having Aweber or GetResponse for your site, but with no monthly fees! Unlimited subscribers, unlimited lists, send unlimited emails, automation, and segments… all fully integrated with done-for-you opt-in forms.

  ♠   100% Automated Email Marketing Campaigns

They even provide 100% automated email marketing so you never need to write an email again. When someone subscribes our system will send them automated email marketing campaigns every few days, for any affiliate offers you have selected, all with your affiliate link auto-embedded in their emails for you.

  ♠   No Manual Work Needed. It’s The Simplest Software To Use Ever

With Tradermate there is no complicated setup. No need to create an app, no need to sign up for any other services, it really is as simple as choosing a crypto coin for your site, entering your affiliate id, and clicking a button!

  ♠   24/7 100% Automation!

Once you click the button to set up your site, that’s it you are done! The software will work for you every single day forever creating content, growing your lists, generating ultra-high paying trading affiliate commissions, and ranking on Google for search traffic. All on 100% autopilot!

About using details

Tradermate Review- How To Use

Step 01: Register & login

This works the same as any other website powered by ByteMarketer.

You will need to register for the first time signing in and then use those credentials for later.


Once you log in successfully, you will see the main dashboard of Tradermate as below with the menu bar on the left side.


Step 02: Create New Website

From the main menu, click Create a new website. In this section, you only need to fill in some information on the form as below.


You can choose from the list of all smoking hot niches of the current market.


This is the demo site that I created with Tradermate.


Step 03: Affiliate Programs

There are more than 20 profitable affiliate programs that you can sign up for and earn money from.


You just need to click on the Apply Now button and then follow the same process as you are applying for any digital products. This still depends on what marketplace you are signing upon.


Step 04: Create, and Customize Your Website

When you click on your site’s name, you will see all the tools that you can use to take advantage of. This includes content sourcing, content spinning, pre-built advertisements, etc.



They already include many decent advertisement templates for you to customize and use on your own website.


Step 05: View And Set Up the Site

You can edit site settings whenever you want.


Step 06: Blog Content Sourcing

Simply add the new sources or manage your content sources here. Actually, these sources are YT channels that the software will automatically convert their audio content into posts for you.


Step 07: Mailing

The mailing tools are mainly served for your list-building and email campaign. They have an Opt-in Creator that would help you create opt-in forms and place them in any position on the site.


With the List, List Segmenter, and Campaigns, you can add a new list, classify your list for more efficient campaigns, and manage your email campaigns.


Tradermate Review- Using Experience

To be honest with you, this is a great software that I have always dreamt about for so many years. While this is not the first time software dedicated to the trading market was made, this is the first software ever that can help me complete all the tasks related to the trading affiliate work under one dashboard. SEO is even included.

One more thing that makes me love Tradermate is that it comes with a prebuilt advertisement library. This is so great because all the hard work is officially eliminated.

We all know how the design and content work make us suffer. That age has long gone! Simply fill in the form to create the opt-in or pick a channel to have your organic content created within secs.



Price And Evaluation

The Frontend

With the aforementioned benefits, I suppose you’re expecting a crazy inflated price for instant access to this software.

Fortunately, during this launch, you only need to pay $14 for lifetime access. This price is such a bargain as you will also save a lot of time on other designing or content stuff as well.

This offer comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee so don’t worry, you have enough time to try it out.

The Upsells


In addition to the main offer, you can enjoy even more advanced features for your business:

OTO 1: Tradermate PRO ($47)

Get unlimited sites with unlimited hosting and multiple trading niches! Plus 10x faster google rankings + 10x more profits from every site!



And you will get tons of valuable bonuses below for free with this OTO1 purchase:


OTO 2: DONE FOR YOU ($197)

Upgrade your license to “Done for you”! And the creator team will take care of literally everything for you.


Check everything you will get:

[+]    The creator team chooses a great trading style for your site that they know will work.

[+]   They add DOZENS of ultra-high-paying trading niche monetization methods to your site for you.

[+]  They will pick content sources for you that they KNOW will work best.

[+]  They will completely set up your site for you, choosing an optimal design for maximum conversions.

[+]  They will configure your content-spinning engine for you to ensure incredible original google ranking results

[+]  They will create and deploy top-performing banner ads on your site for you.

[+]  They will add opt-in forms for YOUR autoresponder to your site so you can grow your list

And for anyone who upgrades to “done for you” today, the team will EVEN give you special one-on-one Skype support throughout the whole Done For You access and for as long as you use Tradermate.

OTO 3: $97

Make your site the GO TO Destination for INFO on ULTRA TRENDING stocks like GAMESTOP!!


They provide 7 of these crazy high-interest “meme stocks” for you to choose from if you upgrade to Tradermate Meme Stocks today.

OTO 4: Multi Commission ($97)

Smart marketers NEVER SETTLE FOR just ONE income stream….. Instead, get MULTIPLE NEW income streams “Done for you” every SINGLE DAY?!

Get NEW ads AND review posts of the LATEST trading offers posted to your site on a REGULAR BASIS (all great offers your visitors will love, ALL with lifetime revenue share commissions!)


[+]    The creator team will seek out the very latest, high-paying, trading offers for you, every single week.

[+]   They will create new ads for them and make them available to you on your site.

[+]   Plus they will even create entire review posts all about the new offers each week and post them on your site for you.

[+]   All of the reviews are high quality with an in-depth video review and high-converting text, explaining to your visitors what’s so great about the new offers, why they should sign up, and how they can do so.

[+]   And of course, all the reviews will come with your affiliate link auto-embedded for you, so you get full credit from any conversions.

OTO 5: Agency ($97)

What if you could get unlimited Tradermate accounts…

And do anything you want with them (give them away, sell them at any price, use them to grow your list…).


OTO 6: White Label ($197)

You’ll get your own version of the Tradermate software, but with your own name, your own branding, AND your own domain.



Who Should Buy This?

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced marketer, you will still need this powerful Tradermate because of the much more stunning features compared to other products.

Especially, if you belong to the list below, you should seriously take this product into consideration:

+   Affiliates

+   Business owners

+   Website owners

+   Product creators

+   Digital marketers

+   Social media marketers

+   Bloggers

+   Freelancers

+   Entrepreneurs

+   Agencies

Bonuses From Author Team

Get this product in this launch, you will get all bonuses below for FREE. They are available in the member area of the FE:


Tradermate Review- Pros And Cons


♥   Cloud-based software

♥   100% Newbie friendly

♥   Fully automated trading affiliate site

♥   100% original content to post to your site

♥   Rank higher on Google automatically 

♥   No complicated setup

♥   Additional tools to create ads

♥   Plus unlimited automated email marketing is done for you

♥   30-day money-back guarantee


X   Up to now, there is not any



I hope my Tradermate has given you enough useful information to believe that this product is surely a no-brainer deal. This product is truly a golden opportunity for you to earn recurring online income. I’m sure that you just can’t find it anywhere else. So be quick and grab this chance now to get the best price!

Once again, wish you all a good choice. Thank you for reading my Tradermate review!



Fast-Action Amazing Bonus Package


Special Package: Build Your Online Empire


Package 01: General Bonuses


Super Bonus Package 01

Super Bonus Package 02


Step 1: Buy Tradermate on my website

Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

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