Toon Presenters Review – A Brand New Pack Of Stunning Animated Characters For You

Toon Presenters Review


Toon Presenters Review- Overview

Do you know that a whopping 98% of consumers say they watch an explainer video to help them make a purchasing decision? This figure just tells it all about the role of an explainer video in motivating consumers to purchase.

Meanwhile, 61% of consumers say they lose interest in a product or service after watching a bad explainer video. It’s obvious that not only do we need video content to skyrocket our online business but we also need high-quality videos which can keep viewers truly engaged and interested.

Especially, during the coronavirus pandemic, lots of businesses are forced to shut down. Therefore, the only way for them to reach out to customers is only via digital platforms. Their demands for video content to set themselves apart on these competitive platforms have never been higher!

Well, guess what? You can help them with that and literally name your price using Toon Presenters. Let’s check out my review to see what’s inside!

What Is Toon Presenters?

Toon Presenters is a brilliant collection of eye-catching graphics and animated characters representing multiple professions. Thanks to this amazing package, you are able to transform yourself into a black belt video animator.


With Toon Presenters, the sky is the limit because you can create many different types of video:


Apart from videos, you can also use the graphics inside for eBooks, T-Shirts, Mugs, and whatever you like.

The best thing is this product comes with Commercial Rights allowing you to use these assets in your client work and charge whatever you like and pocket your profits!

Excited yet? Let’s move on to the next part to see who is behind this amazing product.

About The Creators – Shelly Penney & Niranjan Pradhan


Shelley Penny is not only a talented producer but also one of the top vendors on JVZoo, her product is high-quality graphic and video templates.

She has launched many remarkable products such as Super Video Suite, Sales Funnel Wizard, WP Premium Vault, PLR Graphics Academy, Book Brag, WP Premium Vault, Premium eCover…

All of her products have received positive reviews from not only users but also from experts all over the world. Thus, it is no surprise that she is now a top 10% seller and top 3% affiliate on JVZoo as you can see from the screenshot below:


This time, they teamed up to launch Toon Presenters which I am 100% certain to do wonders for you! Please scroll down below to see what’s inside of ToonPresenters.

What Does It Offer You?

Let’s take a closer look at what you will get inside this stunning bundle:

Module 1: Animated Characters For Video Or Web

The characters in this module come with professional design as well as smooth animation as they are created by a top-line animation studio.

With these attention-grabbing characters, you will be able to showcase your or your client’s professionalism and “hypnotize” viewers in the very first second.


♣   Sam

♣   Jim

♣   Jeff

♣   Damien

♣   Max

♣   Erin

♣   Tess

♣   George

♣   Bill

♣   Sarah

Module 2: Static Characters For Video Or Web

Each character is assigned a specific career but the poses are quite generic so you can use them in multiple niches.

♣   Sam


♣   Jim


♣   Jeff


♣   Damien


♣   Max


♣   Erin


♣   Tess


♣   George


♣   Bill


♣   Sarah


Module 3: Cartoon Backgrounds

Toon Presenters also comes loaded with 50 HD Cartoon backgrounds created in-house by a team of elite designers. With these backgrounds, you will be able to make your video-making and storytelling more versatile and appealing to viewers.


Specially, all of the assets you are getting with Toon Presenters are 100% compatible with these video programs:


As I have mentioned above, Toon Presenters comes with Commercial Rights enabling you to use these assets for both your personal and your client’s projects. Of course, you get to keep all of the profits!

Toon Presenters Review- About using details

How To Use

After purchasing Toon Presenters, you will be provided with a link to a site where you can download all of the assets inside. The characters in modules 1 and 2 are available in 4 different formats including PNG, GIF, MOV, and SWF for you to choose from:


Some video maker software will not accept SWF, GIF, or MOV files. If your software doesn’t, you can easily convert the gif files to MP4 without any loss of quality using this free site:

Now, I will show you briefly how to use these assets in your presentation.

First, you can add a background to your slide by clicking on ‘Pictures’ in the ‘Insert’ section.


In order to add a background, you can pick whatever background image you want and click on ‘Insert’:


You can resize your background image so that it fits your slide:


Then, you can do exactly the same to add any character you want:


You can resize, drag and drop the character and also add shape to your slide to make it even more attractive:


Then, edit the shape by choosing its color, line weight, line color, and add text to get your message across:


Apart from that, Toon Presenters assets can also be used in many video creation tools. You can showcase your creativity with just a few minutes of work including adding background, adding character, customizing your video and that’s it!

My Opinion

♥   This Package Is Totally Newbie-Friendly Enabling You To Succeed As A Video Creator Without Any Hassle

It’s obviously so convenient, easy, and effective to create your own animated video thanks to Toon Presenters. Since these assets are compatible with lots of popular video editing tools so it’s undoubted that you will be able to get started with Toon Presenters right away.

Even if you have no experience in using video creation software, it’s also compatible with PowerPoint so you don’t have to go through a heavy learning curve!

♥   Toon Presents Is A Game Changer As It Will Save You Big Bucks And Days Of Labour Work

Normally, when people want to create an animation, they will think of hiring a designer because they don’t want to do all the work on their own. However, that was too expensive for any newbie marketer as a short simple animated video costs hundreds of dollars.

Thus, I have to say that Toon Presenters is such a game-changer as all you need to do is just copy and paste the characters, drag-and-drop them to the position you want and that’s it!

There you have your professionally designed, amazingly elegant, and stylish video which will appear impressive to your viewers and “hypnotize” them to take action.

♥   This Is Such An Awesome Starter Kit For Anyone Who Wants To Become A Successful Video Creator

As this product comes with Commercial Rights, you will be able to use the assets inside for your client’s projects and keep all of the profits you make.

Meanwhile, the whole process of creating an animated video only takes minutes with Toon Presenters, and imagine how many videos you can create a day!

An animated video costs hundreds to thousands on Fiverr and multiplies the number of videos you can create per day to see how much you can earn with Toon Presenters!

Who Should Buy This Toon Presenters?

Toon Presenters is obviously suitable for ANYONE. Especially, if you belong to the following list, you should seriously take this into consideration:

  • Ebook creators
  • Digital advertisers
  • Videographers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Vloggers
  • Visual content creators
  • Agencies
  • Blogger
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Newbie

And the list goes on and on.

Price And Evaluation

Toon Presenters FE

For Toon Presenters, you only have to pay $18$20. I’m so surprised as this graphics and animation collection is truly second to none!

Come to think about the hundreds of dollars you need to pay a graphic designer to get a super simple piece of design. This price is just a fraction of it! So basically you are paying much LESS for much MORE.

Apart from that, if you choose to use these assets for your client’s project, you will get so much more in return! Just take a look at freelance websites and you will see people are charging thousands for a single animated video!

The price will increase shortly after so be sure to grab this golden opportunity quickly as I don’t think you want to miss out on it and regret it later!

Don’t hesitate as in case you are not satisfied with this product, you can always get a FULL refund within 30 days of your purchase. Thus, this is not only a low-cost but also a risk-free investment!


The Upsells


Also, depending on your needs, you can choose the upgrade that can best resonate for you once you check out:

OTO 1: Elite Video Maker Upgrade ($37)


This upgrade provides you with access to 5 additional animated poses of animated characters PLUS animated talker versions of all FE characters! Use these to lip-synch with a voice-over.

OTO 2: Extention Talkers Version ($67)


Steal this huge upgrade package of animations, with lip movements ready for synching with your voiceover.

OTO 3: Assets In The Exclusive Package ($97)


Get ToonPresenters Original package which includes:

  • 10 unique characters, 15 animated poses 3 skin tone variations, 3 formats MP4, Animated GIF, SWF.
  • 10 unique characters, 15 animated poses 3 skin tone variations in PNG format.
  • 10 unique characters, 15 animated poses 3 skin tone variations, with mouth-talking movements, ready for Lip Synch.


Pros And Cons


  • 150 New character animations, and 150 new still characters.
  • Skyrocket website engagement and excitement.
  • Grab high-paying customers.
  • Commercial License included.
  • Save much MORE time.
  • NO designing skills are needed, and NO more hiring expensive designers.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.


I don’t have any complaints about this package.

Fast Action Bonuses

If you purchase Toon Presenters now, you will be able to get these invaluable bonuses from the creator team:

Fast Action Taker Bonus 01:  Animated Objects

A total of 50 animated objects in 4 formats that you can use with all of your videos and web designs! Developer license included! Go ahead and earn more! No royalties ever!

Fast Action Taker Bonus 02: Animated Backgrounds

10 animated templates, created in Powerpoint, that you can use for any of your videos! Developer license included!


I hope my review has given enough useful information for you to see that Toon Presenters is the best-animated video creation tool ever released. If you want your 2020 online business to start off with a BOOM, you’ve got to grab this. Don’t be sorry you missed it!

Once again, wish you all a good choice. Thank you for your reading my review!




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