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ThumbReel Review


ThumbReel Review- Overview

Let’s be honest. I know this makes us look a bit superficial, but we all decide to watch a video by its thumbnail.

As a matter of fact, apart from the title, the thumbnail is amongst the top determining factors that encourage us to click on the video.

And no matter how hard we try to create an interesting video, you immediately fail to attract viewers if you put a crappy thumbnail on it.

Maybe you miss this common news, most video creators and marketers who even though create great videos, end up publishing their videos in a rush and choose a screen capture from their video as a thumbnail.

Consequently, choosing boring, uninteresting thumbnails results in lesser clicks and views on the video on YouTube, Google, Facebook, Vimeo, and other platforms.

Also, most who wish to create a thumbnail end up creating unoriginal ugly thumbnails that do little to help improve clicks and views due to a lack of creativity and photoshop/editing skills.

Well, ask yourself: why don’t they hire a designer and get these thumbnail stuffs more professional? Stay realistic my lord, hiring a design team to take care of this small issue is a waste of money!

Anyway, don’t panic. In this review, I will introduce ThumbReel, which is a practical optimal business solution for solving your video thumbnail problems.

What Is ThumbReel?

ThumbReel is cloud-based software that creates thumbnails for your YouTube, Facebook & Vimeo videos using 100+ proven-to-get-attention video thumbnail templates.

With this tool, you can completely leverage your video to a whole new level without complicated editing tools or any expert helps. In fact, this software is currently being used by over 1200 full-time YouTube Content Creators for over a year now.


Who Invented This Amazing Tool?

I’m really glad to tell you it’s Abhi Dwivedi that spent more than a year developing this ThumbReel software. FYI, he is also the founder & creator of ReelApps, powerful video creation & marketing suite.

He has been an online marketer and software developer for over 14 years now, having done multiple six-figure product launches, webinar promos, and running multiple successful YouTube channels; on top of all the other cool things he and his team created.

In the past few years, I’ve had over 30 Best Seller software products with 10,000s users actively using and benefiting from their apps, including: ViralReel, StoryReel, ScriptReel, ClipsReel, Vviral, Viral Traffic Builder, VidBuilderFX, AgencyReel..etc. They all focused on the video issues of business and provided the best solutions to create videos with ease and comfortable.

Do you know why these products, one by one, broke the sales records? They attract buyers because they deliver real-life results, make innovations, and help our users achieve more. Want to prove this? Try ThumbReel.

Let’s check some of Abhi and his team’s sales history to see how great their products were:


What Will You Get Inside?

There are so many interesting features and benefits included in the FE of ThumbReel. Buying one copy of ThumbReel opens up many opportunities for your making money online, I guarantee.

[+]    Thumbnail Creator via Templates

Simply login, pick a template from over 100 attention-grabbing thumbnail templates, edit and customize as you like and either download the thumbnail as PNG/JPG or 1-click publish to any video.

[+]    Thumbnail Creator via Video

Connect your YouTube account, pick any existing video and ThumbReel will let you take a snapshot from your video that you can customize in the editor.

[+]    Drag-n-Drop Full Feature Editor

Powerful yet easy-to-use full-featured thumbnail editor with the ability to add/remove text, graphics, banners, shapes, top-bottom bars, edit fonts, edit colors, add filters and so much more.

[+]    Thumb Ranker

A powerful feature that helps you improve your video search and recommended page ranking by alerting you about older videos with older thumbnails that you can quickly swap with new thumbnails and get a visibility boost. Proven to work.

[+]    Thumb Analysis

A powerful yet easy-to-use feature to help you analyze your images or thumbnails to check if the text is readable by the YouTube search engine (huge for SEO) and whether the image/thumbnail is safe according to YouTube standards, helping you avoid any future restrictions.

[+]    Background Removal

Simply upload any portrait image of yourself and using AI remove the background from it so you can have a professional-looking cut-out that you can later add to your video thumbnails. 1 image per day.

[+]    Stats Tracking

Easily monitor your clicks, views, and traffic growth by tracking all your YouTube videos and measuring the views before and after updating their thumbnails. Best way to see what’s working and what’s not.

[+]    Connect YouTube Account

You can easily connect your YouTube channels using our 1-click connect technology and have access to all your channel videos inside ThumbReel to upload thumbnails and track progress.

[+]    Download Thumbnails as PNG/JPG

You can easily download the thumbnails you’ve created to your computers or phones in PNG or JPG format. Use them to update thumbnails on Facebook, Vimeo, and others.

[+]    1-Click Publish Thumbnail on YouTube Videos

Once you’re done creating your thumbnail in the editor, simply select your YouTube account, pick the video and in just one click, have the thumbnail be updated on that video.

[+]    Edit & Save Thumbnail as Template

Pick any template from the template gallery, edit and customize it as you like, and save it using a template name. Now you can edit this template again and again to create multiple variations. Just like your very own template.

[+]    ThumbReel is a cloud-based application

There’s nothing to download or install or configure. Simply log in to your accounts and start creating attention-grabbing thumbnails in minutes.

[+]    ThumbReel is a 100% Whitehat

Every single thumbnail you create is 100% safe, can be double-checked using the Thumb Analysis feature and in no way violates any TOS, making sure your accounts are fully safe.

[+]    100+ Professional Fonts

Get access to 100+ professional fonts proven to make your CTA more readable on your thumbnails.

Literally, there are many powerful features packed into one offer, aren’t they? But I haven’t listed them all. Please bear in mind if you take quick action, you are getting the Commercial License with 3 agency-level features at any extra cost.

[+]    Channel Finder:

Find YouTube channels that need better thumbnails, find their contact details, and sell them your thumbnail designs in minutes.

[+]    Business Finder:

Find local businesses worldwide, in any city, and sell them your video marketing services.

[+]    2020 Niche Report:

Done-for-you 200 niche research with 1,000 YouTube channels to you to sell your services to.

Creating thumbnails for your business? That’s not all. ThumbReel allows you to make more money as a video marketing agency even if you are a complete newbie. Look at the next part of my review to find out how easy it is to use ThumbReel.

About using details

How To Create A Stunning Thumbnail With This

When you log in successfully, you will see the main dashboard below. In this dashboard, you can get an overview of your team and campaigns.

ThumbReel-1 (1)

You have three different ways to create thumbnails:

1/ Choose Template: create thumbnails using a template from the massive library.

2/ Remove Background: upload your own photo, add a new background, etc

3/ Select Snap From Video: play the video, capture the scene, and edit.


I will guide you through each way to create a thumbnail:

[+]   Choose Template

From the Create tab in the navigation bar → Choose Template.

The app provides you with a huge library of high-quality templates…


… and you can make use of any of these to create the most stunning and suitable thumbnail for your video.


Move your mouse to the template, choose Preview to see it in full screen, and choose Edit to use the editing tool.


[+]   Edit Text:

just double-click on the text and you can delete or change it the way you want. Format the text in the right panel.


[+]   Add New Text:

choose Text and choose the type of text you want to add – heading, subheading, or body text.


[+]   Edit photo:

Click on the photo and the app will open the Image control panel for you. Right here, you can replace old photos or add new ones. Or you can enter a keyword and search for the one you need.


Easily drag & drop the photo to the editing area. If you want to resize it, move your mouse. You can also use the control bar on top of the editing area to move the element to the back or to the front, or you can delete the image.


To add a pattern, you can use the built-in pattern to make your thumbnail more eye-catching.


To add your own image, from the Image tab, click on Uploads and choose to Upload an image.


Select a background color if your background is blank or in plain color.


[+]   Add effects:

There are lots of options you can use to add effects to your thumbnails. This absolutely makes it unique and you just need to move the button on its bar.


[+]   Add Basic Icons:

Go to the Cinema tab in the control panel → Choose Icons


[+]   Add Emojis:

Go to the Cinema tab in the control panel → Choose Emoji


[+]   Add Top & Bottom:

Go to the Cinema tab in the control panel → Select Top & Bottom Layer.


[+]   Add Shapes: Go to the Cinema tab in the control panel → Select Shapes.


[+]   Add Borders: Go to the Cinema tab in the control panel → Select Borders.


Once you finish, edit the name in the box. Then, you can download it to your PC, save it to the app or publish it to your video.


If you choose to publish this immediately, you need to choose your account/channel.


Select from your channel the video you want to change the thumbnail. And now it’s all done.


[+]   Remove Background

In this way, you need to choose Remove Background from the Create tab.


Choose an image from the app library or upload your own pic from your PC.


The app will give you a cutout pic when it’s done. You can choose to download and save it for later use. Or you can choose to edit it immediately.


If you choose to edit the cutout pic now, you can make use of the editing tools you use in the first way.


[+]   Select Snap from Video

In this way, you will create your thumbnail from a screenshot of the video.


Choose an account/channel that contains the video you want to find.


Find the video you want to change the thumbnail.


Play the video and wait until a suitable scene appears. Click the Select this frame button on the left side of the video.


Once you select the right frame, you just need to click Edit and start customizing your thumbnails with all the provided tools.

For more details, let check the instruction video below:


What Else Can You Expect From ThumbReel?

Well, of course, there is a lot more to expect from this amazing software. It helps you get rid of all the complicated and expensive tools out there and still enjoy more views, and more sales with your eye-catching thumbnails.

Apart from creating thumbnails, ThumbReel comes up with more fancy features:

[+]    Analyze Your Thumbnail

This feature is absolutely perfect for agency-level businesses. All you need to do is go to Advanced → Analysis.

ThumbReel-U1 (1)

In this section, you just choose the thumbnail you want to get analysis by choosing it from the app library or uploading it from your PC.


The thumbnail analysis is divided into 4 sections:

[+]    Labels:

explain what your audience is likely to think of when they look at your thumbnail and you can check if these labels match your messages.


[+]    Web:

This section will tell you about the proportion of each element in the thumbnail so you can decide if they are in harmony or not.


[+]    Text: See all your texts in separate blocks.


[+]    Safe Search: Decide if your thumbnail is safe for Google to search and you can plan out an SEO strategy.


[+]    Thumb Ranker

Use this feature to get a better ranking on Google.


You need to select your YT channel so the app can scan your channel and help you understand it more.


For all the videos marked ‘red’, you need to make some changes to the thumbnail to get more views. And the rest of them, which are marked ‘green’, is okay.


[+]    Video Stats


You can track your views, likes, dislikes, and other information about your videos and the whole channel as well.


Honestly speaking, ThumbReel is the easiest thumbnail creator you’ll ever use. It’s packed with features to get you more views that you won’t find anywhere else. Including an analyzer tool, to detect poor-performing thumbnails across your entire YouTube channels. Ranker tool to help you create thumbnails that are SEO-friendly and safe from penalties.

Not only give you powerful editing tools, ready-to-use elements, and effects, but you are also given instant access to a huge template library including more than 1000 thumbnails for you. You can learn from expert designs, or you can let your creativity do its work. Whatever you want, the app gets it covered!

Price and Evaluation


FE: ThumbReel ($29-$32.5)

>>Click Here To Read More<<


So, this software comes with killing features and myriad making-money opportunities. It takes care of all the hard work for you, saves your time and money, increases your video views, and other things. But for all these benefits, you only have to pay $57-$67.

Other marketers have spent thousands of dollars on trial and error to take back their working experience but they’re still incomplete.

As a result, I have to say $57-$67 is a good investment to create a shortcut to your success without wasting your time and youth on unnecessary efforts.

Interestingly, this price can get much cheaper when you check out soon. The EarlyBird offer only lasts for 3 hours, which starts at 11 am EST on 28th April and ends at 2 pm EST on 28th April. The price during early birds would be $25.00 and $29.00 for Starter & Advanced on FE.

After early birds at 2 pm EST, the price will rise and a 10% discount coupon “vip10” will be active, bringing the price back close to early birds’ pricing. The coupon would be valid for the next 24 hours before the next price increase. Price increases at midnight again and the new coupon “vip8” for an 8% discount is active.


More importantly, this low investment is offered with a 14-day no question asked refund. This means if this tool doesn’t live up to your expectations, pose a line to the support team and you get a 100% refund without any questions asked.

Look at the screenshot above and do you think this offer comes with so many upsells? That’s what it looks like, but they are optional and supposed to add more value to your business.

The Upsells

Upsell #1: ThumbReel – Pro Upgrade ($47) >>Click Here To Read More<<


The PRO upgrade comes with tons of additional new features and usage rights for power users but at a ridiculously low price. Unlock 100 brand new thumbnail templates, and 100 new thumbnail fonts, and create unlimited thumbnails every day without any cap.

PLUS, you get priority thumbnail rendering with a guaranteed 1-second to render and the ability to connect to unlimited YouTube channels. Pro users get priority support and feature request as well.

Upsell #2: ThumbReel – Enterprise Version ($67) >>Click Here To Read More<<


With the ThumbReel Enterprise, you will get full business features including a custom done-for-you professional-looking YouTube Business Website with custom checkout.

You also get the Team & Virtual Assistant Access, Clients Access, DFY Client Contract Templates, LocalLeadsNeos App, and 100+ Facebook Ad Templates.

Upsell #3: PlayerNeos ($67) >>Click Here To Read More<<


PlayerNeos is a cloud-based interactive video creator that helps turn any ordinary video into a sales machine.

Using this, you can add buttons, menus, buy now buttons, opt-in forms, new custom thumbnails, logos, watermarks, and even auto-play the video on any browser.

You can also find other high-traffic videos and piggy bank on you with your opt-in/buttons added.

Upsell #4: InstiReel ($49) >>Click Here To Read More<<


Finally, you can get access to this exciting, never-launched mobile app for IOs & Android that allows you to create Instagram posts using DFY templates and schedule them straight to Instagram. 100% mobile and safe, so no Instagram ban or limitations.

Upsell #5: RetailerX ($497) >>Click Here To Read More<<


RetailerX is for select few entrepreneurs that give them a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tie up with us and become one of their certified retailers and sell ThumbReel and make more money. This is very exclusive and for select early users only.


Who Should Buy This ThumbReel?

[+]    For Video Marketers

This can help quickly design stunning looking attention-grabbing video thumbnails for your new or existing videos and get you more views, saving you time and money.

[+]    For Affiliate Marketers

This can help to get more video views and a better ranking on YouTube and Google for your affiliate product review videos and help you promote and make more commissions.

[+]    For Local/Agency Marketers

This can be used to create thumbnails for your local business client to help boost their video reach, get more views and charge clients a monthly fee for lead generation or per video/thumbnail.

[+]    For Newbie Marketers

This can help finally put all those video creators to good use. Create a great video but now also create a perfect thumbnail to help you get more attention, better ranking, and more views than before.

[+]    For Bloggers & YouTubers

This can help get more visitors to your videos, helping you turn them into real subscribers and followers. More views, better video retention, and better ranking for the future.


Bonus From Author

You can choose 2 in all bonuses below:

Pros And Cons


    ♥    100% cloud-based. No bulky installation is needed.

    ♥    Evergreen and stable software.

    ♥    Drag & Drop Editor for easier customization

    ♥    100+ professional fonts

    ♥    Get fully optimized, view getting thumbnails for any type of video

    ♥    Newbie friendly. No fancy design tools or prior experience is required.

    ♥    Create unlimited thumbnails using these templates

    ♥    Detailed stats tracking

    ♥    14-day money-back guarantee


    X    Up to now, there is none.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q/ How ThumbReel is better & more useful?

    +    Thumbnails that work for 2020. A more minimalistic approach to stand out from everyone who’s using over-hyped thumbnails. Biggest feature.

    +    Channel Finder: Find channels on YouTube based on keywords to help you sell your services.

    +    Business Finder: Find local/online businesses in any city of the world to help you sell to them.4

    +    100 thumbnail templates on FE.

    +    Remove-BG feature so you can easily add your own picture into a thumbnail.

    +    Thumbnail Analysis via Google Vision tech to double-check your thumbnail doesn’t have any wrong text or violate any safe-usage policy of YouTube. Helps with COPPA law that affected YouTube videos big time since last year.

    +    ThumbTracker to recommend to you which video you SHOULD add a new thumbnail to get a boost in views. Finds old videos, runs their algo, and recommends. Help bring old, dead videos to life.

Q/ Can I create thumbnails for all my YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook videos?

Yes! ThumbReel allows you to create thumbnails for any type of video, on any platform. You can even connect your accounts inside your ThumbReel dashboard to instantly scan, analyze and replace outdated thumbnails for fully optimized, view-getting thumbnails instead!

Q/ Do I have to design the templates from scratch?

No way! They’ve spent over 12 months developing 100 proven thumbnail templates that are proven to get massive views for the top YouTube pros. Don’t reinvent the wheel or waste time creating from scratch. They’ve done all the hard work for you.

Q/ Is it newbie-friendly?

Totally. You don’t need any fancy design tools, degrees, or previous experience. Pick a proven template, tweak for your video, then click to add to your YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook videos in seconds.

Q/ Can I make money doing this?

Yes! Not only with videos that rake in insane video views, subscribers, clicks, and cash for you, but also offering this as a thumbnail creation service for heaps of hungry clients all over the world, with your exclusive agency license.

Q/ How many templates do I get and how many thumbnails can I create?

You get 100 templates that are proven to get more video views. You can create unlimited thumbnails using these templates, or create your own brand-new templates from a scratch.

Q/ Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes. Use ThumbReel for 14 days and if your video views don’t go through the roof, then get a full refund, no questions asked.

Q/ Do I need to install anything?

No. ThumbReel is 100% cloud-based. Create killer thumbnails that explode your video views, from anywhere with an internet connection!

Conclusion – ThumbReel Is 100% Recommended!

In short, ThumbReel helps you create stunning-looking, professional and attention-grabbing thumbnails for your videos automatically, which allows you to get more views and more sales from your videos.

Getting early access is a good move right now as you can get this at a cheaper cost and earn yourself a high-quality bonus kit, giving you an edge over others. This software is 100% highly recommended if you want to win the fierce competition and stand out from the crowd.

Finally, thank you for spending your precious time with us. It’s our pleasure to hand-select top-notch products, use them and give you honest reviews. Sincerely send you best wishes for your success, and good health to sail through this hard time.

Besides, if you buy this product through my link, you can also get these huge bonuses below (Please remember that these bonuses are not for the TRIAL or FREE versions):


























































Step 1: Buy ThumbReel on my website


Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

Step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours

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