SPECTRA review: A massive breakthrough to get high converting ads

SPECTRA review- When you first start out in the online marketing industry, one of the most important things you must accomplish is to attract traffic to your campaign.

It sounds simple, but to do that, you have to go through many tests, methods, and processes. That means you will spend a lot of time, effort, and money trying many different ways.

It’s really difficult, isn’t it? But don’t be discouraged.

I’m going to show you a new app called SPECTRA, which is the solution, making it easier for you to go through the steps above by analyzing and explaining why previous successful campaigns were successful.

As a result, you will have experience and a broader perspective when starting your own campaign.

You now have the power to shortcut your success with proven results starting as soon as today:

==>   Enter niche & keyword and push a button. The software uncovers campaigns running right now from popular affiliate networks, and native networks they are running them on.

==>   Spy on your competition. There is no more re-inventing the wheel and knowing their exact offers & campaign details that are proven to convert.

==>   Scrape offers, landers, copy, and ads… the ones working best for your competition… and get them in real-time.

This is hugely advantageous to me, how about you?

Let’s move to the next part and see how useful it is!


SPECTRA review- The overview



Demetris Papadopoulos & Alex


Spectra app

Front-End Price

$27 one-time

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Yes, a Huge bonus


All Level


30-day money-back guarantee

What is this?

SPECTRA is the latest software and training that assists advertisers and affiliate marketers in making better marketing decisions by learning which ads have already proven to be successful. 

This is the best native Ads Spy Tool for affiliate marketers or advertisers, who are always looking for ways to increase their return on investment in Media Buying or Driving Traffic.

This unique software & system is built to make you massive ROI from instant just 3 simple steps below:

Step 1: Use the software to uncover high-converting native ads on popular native networks you can use for your own campaign.

Step 2: Create your first campaign using the Done-For-You templates and step-by-step blueprint.

And step 3: Start receiving leads and sales in as little as 24 hours.

Who are the vendors?


SPECTRA is brought to you by Demetris Papadopoulos and his colleague – Alex. Both are well-known developers in the industry.

During his vendor career, he has launched several digital marketing products, all of which have received high marks from both customers and experts. Some of his notable launches include Bing Bang Profits 2, Flip Flop Profits, Passionfuze, TrafficZion2, Passion Tube Profits, etc.

And this time he decided to upgrade this invention to a whole new level. I am confident that this product will work wonders for you! 

The following section will demonstrate the tremendous power that this product can provide to marketers.

What are the highlight features?

SPECTRA Software and the training are packed with features and knowledge that will help you create money campaigns with Native Ads right away.

With this innovative app and built-in features, you’ll spend less time searching through irrelevant content and more time creating targeted ad campaigns that deliver real results!

Let’s take a look here to see what you are getting inside!



Besides, you also are provided:

  • Uncover High Converting Ads on the most popular native ad traffic sources.
  • Uncover High Converting Landing Pages to replicate using free building tools and copy.
  • Find Ads Promoting affiliate offers from networks like Clickbank, Maxbounty, Digistore24, etc.
  • Search by keyword, product, or affiliate network.
  • Save countless hours on Research.
  • Uncover the secrets of native Advertising.
  • DFY Templates to instantly use.
  • Real Case Study with Results to Follow.
  • Step By Step premium training over the shoulder, easy to follow, easy to implement.

Grab SPECTRA now & get these profit-boosting bonuses:



Pros and cons


  • 100% beginner friendly
  • Quickly extract winning native ad campaigns
  • Copy the “secret 3-step lead formula” to maximize results
  • Turn penny clicks into consistent commissions
  • Save countless hours on research
  • Build landing pages that convert fast
  • Get clicks, leads & sales using the proven step-by-step blueprint
  • Shortcut your success with DFY campaigns to follow and DFY templates inside your main training area.
  • All-inclusive traffic & income solutions
  • Unlock the secrets of native advertising
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Up to now, there is none.

Who should buy this?

There isn’t much to be concerned about the success of SPECTRA. In fact, it’s an absolute must-have tool for any traffic sееkеr.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced marketer, this app will assist you in gaining access to an infinite source of traffic. That is why I would strongly recommend it to online sellers, product creators, affiliates, business owners, MMOs, marketers, and influencers.

Spectra review- About using & experiences

How to use this Spectra app

First of all, once you get inside the system, you will see the in-depth training series walking you through the method and how to use the software to create and run successful campaigns.

How to profit from native ads, how to replicate their profitable campaigns, and more content like below:


Now, let me show you some simple steps to deploy this Spectra App to spy high-converting Native Ads:

Step 1: Use this software to uncover high-converting native ads on popular native networks you can use for your own campaign


You can get more details by accessing the Research Tool. Discover the image, title that these ads are using, and the Pinterest link:


Step 2: Use 3 DFY templates and step by step blueprint to set up your first campaign


Step 3: Enjoy leads and sales in as little as 24 hours.



Why is it worth trying?

There are several reasons why SPECTRA is a great choice for you during this digital life. 

♥   All-in-one solution

This is absolutely the first of its kind as it provides you with all-in-one solutions for any type of business online. Whether you are an affiliate marketer, business owner, or marketing agency, SPECTRA makes marketing easy for you.

With analysis from successful campaigns, the app will help you have the power to make passive leads, sales, and profits in literally any niche.

You’ll never have to waste time waiting or performing manual integrations again. Everything in this pack works together right out of the box.

♥   Totally Newbie-Friendly Software

You can apparently find SPECTRA extremely easy to use from the product information I provided above.

The whole process of generating complicated traffic with SPECTRA is absolutely no complex technical work involved so it’s an obviously good match for those who care about or have just started their online business. All you have to do is only follow some simple steps that can be done within minutes to jump right into getting massive profit.

With built-in features, you’ll spend less time searching through irrelevant content and more time creating targeted ad campaigns that deliver real results! 

And together with the easy step-by-step training on maximizing results as an affiliate marketer promoting other people’s offers for high return on investments easily, while building a targeted list easily. Of course, SPECTRA has already done all the hard work for you.

♥   Support & Training

They use this software and system, so it is always up to date. You get the best support in the industry, with multiple ways to contact them because your success is their success.

Besides, you’ve got nothing to lose, because your investment will be guaranteed by a 30-day money-back policy. So, there are zero risks in trying it out and putting it to the test.

They are making a ton of money with this product and it’s about to blow up even bigger this product is letting you in on this incredible marketing strategy, right now, you should give SPECTRA a try at this golden time to save money.



How much to grab it home?


SPECTRA does not require a monthly subscription fee or a large investment. You only need to pay $27 to get all of the tools and exact blueprint to help you build your own online affiliate business or monetize this traffic for your websites, eCommerce stores, or affiliate sites.

SPECTRA is available for a one-time fee during the launch phase. However, the price will soon rise to a monthly subscription, so you should invest now while the offer is still available.

Do not worry because you can get a FULL refund within 30 days of purchasing. If you are dissatisfied with this product, simply email them and you will receive a refund right away.


The Upmurades

You can also look at the advanced options listed below:

OTO 1: Split Testing and SPECTRA Tracking ($37/$27)

A much-needed upgrade for your Native Ads journey. The tracking and split testing tool will allow you to pinpoint which sources are bringing you sales, allowing you to focus on maximizing results based on the data from the Tracking. You will also be able to split tests up to six different offers or landing pages.

OTO 2: SPECTRA DFY Landers + Ads ($67/$37)

In this package you will get the following delivered inside the main training area :

40 DFY Clickbank Pages

  • DFY Ads with winning offers to copy no second guessing what is converting. use the ones that converted for us
  • Swipes Rolodex from competitors 
  • Top sources to use in your campaigns (top performing websites for each platform (Revcontent / MGID)

OTO 3: Advanced Training & Case Studies + Private Inner Circle ($97)

In this package you will learn more advanced training, to get higher ROI and Conversions.

Also included are black.lists and white.lists to use in your campaigns, so you don’t spend more than what you have to when testing.

10 DFY websites in specific niches for native ads (including content) this alone costs about $200 to create.

Advanced hacks that no one else is showing you, for higher ROI, higher CTR.  native ad secrets revealed.


SPECTA review- The conclusion

Hopefully, my SPECTRA review has given you a better understanding of this product.

I’m sure you don’t want to miss out on this fantastic opportunity. Unless you expend this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you will have a bright future.

Thank you so much for your time reading my review.








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