Social Oxygen Review- Breakthrough App Automates Your Social Media With AI Technology

Social Oxygen Review



Social media is growing bigger and bigger every day. Many companies, small or medium, or large, all come to social media as the best option to promote and innovate.

Yes everybody is doing it. But some are doing it just for show. They do not actually get what they are doing with social media, they do it because everyone is doing it, a trend. But it is easily understandable. Social media is complicated and easy to use but hard to get to the top.

Those people need a solution, a helper in need. Social Oxygen is the one. It will help you with all the hardships you meet during your journey to success in a lot of ways. Continue to read my reviews to explore more.


Social Oxygen is a revolutionary brand-new social media mean that automates all your social media and does all your own social media assignments and tasks for you.

This means you do not have to worry about the complicated tools, who is in charge of writing the content, who is going to make daily updates, and so on. You have it all done just for you.




Social Oxygen was given birth by Chris Ormiston and his team: the leaders and the writers. They are all amazing people who will be your right hand in leveling up your social media game.

Even though they are still a young team, they are fully equipped with knowledge, passion, and experience in making the best products. Social Oxygen is not an exception, it is expected to become the next big hit.


Social Oxygen has everything you need to build up a strongly developing social media platform. To be more specific, here is what will help you:

1/ Content

Creating social media posts can be extremely time and effort-consuming. Social Oxygen has created some processes that enable you to see what other companies like yours are publishing to give you some great ideas. 

Absorb them, and turn them into your own. Another choice is to have Chris and his team creates fresh new content for you each month.  Get wholesale pricing from U.S.-based social media experts.

2/ Content Approval

Whether you are working as an agency or a social media manager for your company, you often need to get “approval” from someone else before you can actually upload and publish the content. 

This can be very difficult to write freely, package it up to send to this person, then have them request changes and updates, then you have to get it back into the system to publish. Well not anymore, say goodbye to those time-consuming processes!

Now you simply click a button and an email is sent to your customer (or boss) and they are notified content is ready for them to look over and approve. 

They are also notified that if they do not review or take a look at this in 15 days, it gets automatically approved so you can keep moving forward on the project. They can then approve, update the content, reject each piece individually, or approve them all with 2 clicks.  Fast simple and easy.

Oh and by the way… once they are approved, they automatically get scheduled based on your publishing calendar.  No more double entries!

I really really really love this feature. Sometimes I am super proud of my content and want to publish it immediately, but the bosses say “NO”. I know, bosses sometimes can be the worst.

And I have to send my content to them for approval. However, they are busy with their work and tend to forget about my emails. But this ends here since I have Social Oxygen, my work has become pretty smooth.

3/ Content Categories

Hmm, so you have curated and written a bunch of content for next month. How do you keep it organized?  No worries, each piece of content is categorized automatically as you find or create it. 

You can keep track of how many items have already been posted and how many new ones you have created for the month.  Once you have the right number of items to publish…you can send them off for quick approval before publishing.

4/ AI-Powered Calendar Templates

Knowing when and which channels to publish your content on can be daunting and extremely time-consuming.

No More! With several pre-built publishing templates for different types of companies, you now might publish on every social media platform so it can get the highest level of visibility and engagement.

5/ The Best Social Networks

Publish automatically to the most popular social networks in the world.  The best part? No compromises!

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest
  • Google My Business
  • WordPress
  • Blogger

6/ Work on Multiple Projects

If you are a busy agency that works on many projects, you are going to love this.  Put all your projects (or deadlines, I know) into Social Oxygen and invite team members to work on only their projects. 

When you build or buy custom content, you are able to reuse all this content for all the projects in the same vertical market. That way you can customize each post to the company it’s going to be used for.  Isn’t it nice?

7/ Clients Connect Their Own Accounts

It is not surprising to figure out that other agencies had as hard of a time as you did getting usernames, passwords, and accounts connected so we could publish social media on their behalf.  This caused grief on both sides and a lot of lost time and hassle. Other agencies experience the same issues.

To make it worse, if you log into someone else’s Facebook account from another location, it can get the account blocked and locked out.

The Solution? A unique “self-approval” process that the customers can use to authenticate their own accounts instead of sending over usernames and passwords is made No more password juggling. Problem solved!

8/ White Labeled

Does your customer care about what tool you use?

No way, it just confuses the matter. That is why things must be made in a generic way. Use the domain name to show all your reports, handle social content approvals, and communicate with your customers. 

9/ Pay Only For What You Use

This allows you to add projects one at a time which is simple and flexible. Never pay for what you are not using! Unlike other money-swallowing products, Social Oxygen lets you choose what you want and need to use.

If you land a new client, awesome, just add one more project.  Have a customer stop, easy, just remove that project and the billing goes away as well. 

10/ Be A Hero

Be a hero to your company today by using professional and powerful, but easy-to-use tools to turn your social media tornadoes into a breeze with Social Oxygen! It is totally automated, but your client will never know it!



What I love about Social Oxygen is its team of creators, especially the content team. They are really good and I admire them. Some of those writers have specialties in legal, medical, construction, social services, education, financial, and other specialty areas making them highly qualified to write this content.

Social Oxygen is so worldwide friendly. It supports all languages that use “Roman Script”, along with diacritic marks, such as ă, â, á, é, í, î, ó, ẹ, ị, ọ, ụ, ã, ả, ẻ, ỉ, ỏ, ủ, ñ, č, ď, ě, í, ň, ř, š, ș, ť, ț, ú, ů, ž and đ.

And of course, it’s automation. This is a crucial factor in this modernizing world as automation in Social Oxygen reduces the effort and time in making all the processes. Furthermore, its productivity remains higher.


To be honest, everyone is suitable for Social Oxygen as social media plays a really big role in current society. I will list some jobs that would love to use Social Oxygen:

And so much more, do not let this list limit your chance to approach Social Oxygen, be bold, and just go for it.


Front-end: Social Oxygen ($27)

The Automation software + Lifetime social media content


Upsell 1: Social Media Website ($37)

Pre-built website and sales materials. You will get:

  • 13-Page Full-Featured Website
  • Includes all pages needed to rank on Google
  • All custom graphics and images are included
  • Simple Set-up
  • Fully Customizable
  • Includes blog articles
  • Social Media Packages that match Social Oxygen
  • Host on your own domain or subdomain
  • Edit anything and everything!
  • Branded with your logo and company information
  • Ready to start selling social media immediately
  • No ongoing costs to keep the website, you own it!

Upsell 2: Business Training ($47)

Ever wish you had someone on the “Inside” who has done this before and has been successful? Someone who you could learn from and be mentored by?  Here is your chance…

  • 14 Professionally recorded courses
  • 58 Webinar Replays from Weekly Training
  • 36 Resources for your business

Upsell 3: Social Oxygen Content Extravaganza ($179)

2,500 pieces of DFY content. It consists of 91 categories + wholesale pricing on all custom content.




  • 100% newbie-friendly
  • No website required
  • No time commitment
  • High-quality product
  • No previous experience or skills required
  • 30 days money-back guarantee


  • Nothing bad is found up until now


With all the information that I have provided above, I hope that’s enough for you to confirm this is surely a no-brainer deal. Never once in my life have I observed such a splendid creation like this Social Oxygen. I guarantee you that if you buy this, it will be a life-changer for you.

I would love to say thank you for reading my review and I hope this Social Oxygen review will be useful in your decision.

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