PNG Boosters Review- The World’s First Human Emotions Based PNG Cutouts

PNG Boosters Review


Emotion is such a strong force. It’s powerful in many ways because it can influence a decision and urge people to act. That’s why it has been an effective marketing technique to inspire people to take specific actions and reach business milestones.

Emotional marketing is the deliberate use of persuasive messages that tap into human emotion to form a deep connection with the audience toward achieving the desired result.

Businesses are now capitalizing on human emotions in a multitude of ways to reach different goals—brand awareness, more sales, and customer retention, among other things.

For this strategy, they are facing many nightmare scenarios:

[ – ]  Buying expensive software to design is also complicated and time-consuming to make the use of

[ – ]  Graphic design artists don’t come cheap and you’ll wait for results

Even worse, sometimes there are images covered with background and you can’t just drag them into your work.

What if the image you wanted to use in the background has already been completely removed and is ready to be applied to any setting?

If you’re not a graphically savvy person, you are in the right place now. I would introduce you to a new and curious way that has just been released called PNG Boosters.

Without a huge budget, learning curves, without specific designing skills, you are able to add some Human Emotions to your graphic content and make your Audience FEEL your marketing message with the right emotion.

PNG Boosters Overview


Creator Nelson Long & Nishant Sharma
Product PNG Boosters
Front-End Price $24 – $27
Bonus Yes, Huge Bonus
Skill All Level
Guarantee 30 days money-back guarantee
Niche Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!

About This Creation

PNG Boosters is a unique library of THOUSANDS of ultra-high quality cut-out images that are based on human emotions making this the world’s first! 

The cut-out images are categorized based on all the emotions that we humans are capable of expressing, allowing anyone working on any project can easily pick images from the list of emotion and idea categories to create different expressions, situations, and emotions.

These are also not just “images”, these are professionally cut-out images that are cut out by our in-house professional designer offering ultra-fine quality that can be integrated with any work and they will be integrated with them seamlessly!

PNG Boosters is the ultimate unique product that will unlock a new dimension & convey the Right Message with your Graphics with the Right Emotion.

The Striking Features Included

All PNG Cut-Outs are well-categorized in 5 variations: 


Each emotion has 5 variations and there are more than 20 different emotions inside PNG Boosters.

  • Use in almost any project regardless of its destination background style or colors.
  • Blend in Seamlessly with any Project.
  • Engage more viewers than ever before.
  • Create Unlimited Unique Scenes as per choice.
  • Take your productivity to the next level.
  • Leave the Right Message in the form of Graphics.
  • Precisely cut out for High Quality.
  • Professionally cut out by Graphic Designers.
  • Now can put emotions in your Graphics.
  • Compatible with all software.

Just look at the astonishing previews of PNG Boosters:


Whose Mind is Behind This Tool?


This PNG Boosters is brought to you by Nelson Long who has solid knowledge about the field of digital marketing. His products usually focus on video utility that allows you to have full control of your videos and slides.

Here are some of his best-selling ones: Power Slide, Studio Ninja, SuperPowerPPT, Advanced Video Studio, Cut Out Picture, Big Audio Club, Gorgeous Advert, Stock Media Blowout, Flexible Images Club, Advanced Video Studio, etc.

This time, he is back with his mate – Nishant Sharma who is a well-known product Creator and online Marketer to launch this brand new PNG Boosters which I believe to instantly be their next success.

How Can You Get Started With This PNG Boosters?

Let me show you the step-by-step guidance on how to use this one-of-a-kind software through its main features:

So first off, you will need to log into your account:


Once you log in to the tool successfully, you will be directed to the main dashboard with a lovely welcome image like this:


After clicking on the image, there is a library of human emotion graphics:


Step 1: SELECT

Choose your desired emotion type based on Cut-out from PNG Boosters and select the kind of characters:



It enables you to preview your desired graphic from mobile or desktop. Just download the image you like and no need to download all heavy files to your computer:



One-click downloads and customize/use it with any backdrop as per your requirement:


Once you are done, you can customize it for your marketing campaign effortlessly:

Why Should You Buy It?

From my point of view, the PNG Boosters will be a worthy investment for the following reasons:


When I first started my business, I didn’t have much to spend on designs. I had to go around sites to find free but suck without background templates and then put them into the main design.

Of course, it didn’t fit well because I was not good at any technical kinds of stuff and the templates were not really quality. So, I have to say that this package is truly a godsend to both me and you.

With the PNG Boosters collection, you are getting more than 5000+ cut-out pictures covering all possible human emotions at an exceptionally low price! Don’t you know that to have a professional remove the background from a regular image can cost a fortune?


Thanks to this tool, it could be considered an all-in-one solution for the problems below:

  • No Need to hire a designer
  • No Need to buy a single backdrop or cut out pictures for one business
  • No Need to try to learn from scratch to create both of them

It’s really amazing, isn’t it?

The great part is you can smoothly do all the work even though you don’t have any prior experience or related skills. All you have to do is grab a couple of images from this done-for-you bundle and then finally utilize them in whatever you want!


This product is super profitable since you will receive a commercial license with the product, you can use PNG Boosters for your personal and commercial projects including using them to create videos for your clients.

On top of that, you can enhance your creativity without struggles. It helps you diversify artwork with tons of ready-made templates that are believed to get rid of all the heavy work.

Therefore, from now on, there is no need for you to be worried about the great help of this amazing product. It delivers massive value to you. Such a great collection. Highly Recommended!

Let’s take a look at what other IM experts say about this product:

PNG-Boosters-feedback-1 PNG-Boosters-feedback-2

Pros And Cons


  • $1000 to $10,000 Commissions
  • Proven Congruent Funnel
  • New Valuable Product in the Market
  • High Converting Sales Pages Designs
  • 100% cloud-based membership access
  • Preview any PNG before downloading
  • Work fine with any modern software like Canvas, photoshop, etc


Up to now, this product can meet my demands really well.

How Much Does It Cost?

PNG Boosters FE

This product comes with 2 options for your choice:

   +   Personal License: $24

   +   Commercial License: $27

If I were you, I would obviously choose the Commercial License for $27

After looking at the comparison table of these 2 options below, an extra 40-dollar payment will allow you to get unlimited commercial rights.

Therefore, I highly recommend you purchase the commercial version to get access to tons of high-converting functions of this pack. I would have to say that this pack is such a Once-in-a-Lifetime opportunity for you!

Take a look at a comparison table between 2 options:


However, after the launch period, the price will revert back to a recurring price. This means you’ll have to pay over and over when you could’ve gotten started now for just a low one-time investment.

The Upsell Details


Also, if you want to add any features, you should totally consider buying these upsells once you check out:

OTO1: Video Boosters ($47)

Recap everything you will get:

  • Video Boosters aka VidgrafiX is a brand new “all in one” mega video graphic asset library.  A combined collection of 35,000+ handpicked (royalty-free) video assets*
  • 3500+ HD videos
  • 10,000+ animated graphics and icons
  • 1500+ audio tracks
  • 3000+ clip-arts
  • 300+ whiteboard characters
  • 1500+ motion background
  •  15,000+ icons
  • Compatible with all softwares
  • Online membership platform
  • Free updates forever
  • Premium Bonuses
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Zero monthly fees

Downsell 01 ($37)

With this downsell, you will save $10 and keep all the amazing features of the OTO1.

OTO2: Graphics Boosters ($57)

  • Graphic Boosters are 5000+ professional backdrops + 50,000+ HD images + other needful graphics material to boost your graphics library.
  • Professional virtual backdrops (5000+)
  • Categorized in 60 niches
  • Each backdrop has 4 variations
  • Variation 1: original scene
  • Variation 2: edited scene
  • Variation 3: super-edited scene (double-filter)
  • Variation 4: blurred scene
  • 50,000+ HD images
  • 25,000+ vector graphics bundle
  • 500+ gifs
  • 100+ transparent .png/cut-out images (mixed)
  • 500 fonts
  • Compatible with all software
  • Membership platform with free updates forever
  • Premium Bonuses
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Zero monthly fees

Downsell 02 ($47)

With this downsell, you will save $10 and keep all the amazing features of the OTO1.

OTO3: Full Family Reseller – 100/500/1000 Licenses

There are three options for you:

100 licenses for $67

500 licenses for $97

1,000 licenses for $127

And here’s everything you will get:

  • Revealing the secret to making huge profits per month using a reseller license of PNG Boosters Family
  • Resell png boosters family  for great profits
  • 100% comm bump on FE
  • 70% comm bump on OTOs
  • Done-for-you sales pages and funnel
  • Zero production costs
  • Zero monthly costs
  • 30 days money-back guarantee


Special Offer – PNG Boosters Bundle

This is a special offer that you shouldn’t miss!

You have two options with this offer:

Option 01: Bundle Mini ($120)

Here’s everything you will get with this Mini Bundle:

  • Full access to PNG Boosters Front End
  • Full Access to Video Boosters
  • Full Access to Graphic Boosters
  • Exclusive Bonus: Conceptual Pics
  • Free updates forever
  • Combined access to all products in one place
  • All graphics and video assets are royalty-free with Commercial Rights

Option 02: Bundle Advanced ($200)

Here’s everything you will get with this Bundle Advanced:

  • Full Access to PNG Boosters Front End
  • Full Access to Video Boosters
  • Full Access to Graphic Boosters
  • PNG Boosters Full Family Reseller with 1000 License
  • Exclusive Bonus: Conceptual Pics
  • Free Updates forever
  • Combined Access to All Products in One Place
  • All Graphics and Videos Assets are Royalty-Free with Commercial Rights

Bonuses From The Creator Team

Purchase this product today, you will get all the bonuses below for TOTALLY FREE:


Who is it perfect for?

This PNG Boosters is exactly your effective solution to design more eye-catching banners, and viral videos to enhance all paid commercials to a new level without having to put heaps of extra time, money, or effort.

If you are a Business owner, Online/offline marketer, eCommerce owner, Coach, Entrepreneur, Product Creator, or even a Newbie, you should consider using this pack.


The Ending

I hope this PNG Boosters Review might help you have a deeper understanding of this product as well as make your purchase decision. 

I am so happy and thank you so much as your trust is my source of inspiration. With my honest thoughts about PNG Boosters, you will appreciate its real value. $67 is absolutely a reasonable price for its commercial version.

Keep in mind that the price may go up soon so you should grab the chance and make the best deal! Thank you again and hopefully, you will make a wise decision!


Step 1: Buy PNG Boosters on my website

Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

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