Mobile Pages by AdSightPro Review- Create stunning pages for mobile

Mobile Pages by AdSightPro Review


Mobile Pages by AdSightPro Review- Introduction

In this day and age, with mobile devices being on the increase, the number of customers who surf the internet by mobile phone has increased considerably. Therefore, if online marketers can not catch this opportunity, they will be left behind their competitors

In the markets nowadays, many marketers lose their profits but are not aware of this issue. The roots of this problem are some businesses have built pages for computer use but when the customers surf the pages on their mobile devices, those pages do not work.

So, what is the solution to this? Obviously, you will need cutting-edge software that can create pages that work on mobile devices. Today, I’ll reveal a brand-new software that gets you consistent five-figure-per-month results working only part-time for all levels of marketers.

It’s Mobile Pages by AdSightPro. Keep reading to find out what it had on tap that could arouse such lots of interest.

Mobile Pages by AdSightPro Overview

Mobile Pages by AdSightPro is a software that provides users with the ability to create pages that work well on mobiles phone. In a package, you will get:

  • Client Management Dashboard.
  • 5 Sub-Users.
  • 5 High-Quality professional templates.
  • Drag and drop Mobile Builder.
  • Bi-Lingual Interface.
  • Unlimited Mobile Campaigns.
  • Unlimited Pages.
  • Add custom domains.
  • Free SSL Certificates.
  • Sell to businesses.

This software is convenient for even newbies as everything is already provided inside.

Follow my other parts of this review to figure out more about this course.

About The Creator


This awesome tool is brought to you by Sam Bakker – who is an Internet Marketer and Software Developer with tons of research in this field before launching.

As a dedicated full-time worker in this field, Sam Bakker has gained years of experience and earns heaps of tips and strategies, which accumulate to his surprising expertise and unlimited creativity.

Some of his products are popular with online marketers such as Facebook Marketing Launch, Funnel Secrets, Videosly, Retarget By AdSightPro, VideoFLow, AdSight PRO, Create By Vidello, etc.

This time he launched a new product that I’m sure will be another blockbuster. Please take a look at the following part to know more about its features and you will know the reason why I highly recommend this product.

Feature Details

The package has many beneficial features as below:

    ♣    Easy To Use Intuitive Interface:

After using this product, I can see that it is different from other software out there as this one has a simple dashboard, enabling you to create mobile websites on your own custom domain. It is simple but powerful because you can use it to build pages from scratch on your mobile phone (This is a world-first).

    ♣    Revolutionary ‘Conversion Focused’ Drag And Drop Builder:

With this software you can easily modify your pages by drag-and-drop repositioning, adding, deleting, or editing to create your very own highly customized pages.

As unnecessary elements are removed, this software saves you time and creates amazing-looking pages without fiddling.

    ♣    Built-In Customizable Elements:

All that you need are completely built-in in this software so you can easily modify the features of your page without the complicated process.

    ♣    Build From 5 Beautiful Mobile Templates:

The number of built-in high-converting templates is 5. You just need to select the template and start creating your page. You can use it immediately in your business or gain money from clients.

    ♣    Scale Your Mobile Agency With Your Own Agency License To Mobile Pages:

This package includes a full commercial license with an agency dashboard. By using them, you can gain profits from your customers.

    ♣    Create Unlimited Client Funnel Campaigns:

You can create an unlimited number of projects, campaigns, and pages.

    ♣    Collect Leads In Real-Time:

You can collect leads into your favorite autoresponder or generate leads in real-time and store them within your mobile pages software.

    ♣    Add a custom domain with a free SSL certificate:

You are provided with a free mobile pages sub-domain. Moreover, you can also add your own domains as you are offered a free SSL certificate for every domain you attach.

    ♣    Sell to businesses and profit:

In addition to creating pages for your own use, you can sell them to customers and get paid. This will bring you mass profit.

You can also consider some features for Agency Version:

    ♦    Agency Upgrade Feature #1: Add multiple Sub-Users.

This version provides you with multiple sub-users. When you buy this version, you can freely add editors and support agents, then completely systematize your selling.

    ♦    Agency Upgrade Feature #2: Works In Multiple Languages Including.

You don’t have to worry about the language competence of your customers as in this version you have up to 15 additional languages including German, Dutch, Russian, French, Spanish, Finnish, Italian, Polish, Swedish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Romanian

    ♦    Agency Upgrade Feature #3: World-Class Client Management System.

You can scale and keep track of your client projects thank a complete client management system in this software.

I’m sure that you can’t find in any other places out there lots of outstanding features like this. After using this software, you will understand how easy it is to set up pages for mobile devices. Once you get the hang of this, you quickly earn a decent income.

About using

How to use this Mobile Pages by AdSightPro

Once you successfully get access to this product, the Main Dashboard will be like this seen below:


STEP 1: Add Website

Click on the “Add Website” button to start adding a new website


Then, choose the type of your website: Blank Website or View Templates. For example, I would choose “View Templates”.


The software will provide you with different templates which you can easily click to install or preview. If you want to choose that template, click on the “Install” button to download the template into your mobile page’s software.


After finishing downloading, you are able to name that page and also customize the link to your own domain if you want and you can even enter the design to edit the page.


Here, use the editing tools on the left to edit every page as your own: you can edit the content of your page, add a logo, video,…


Next, click on the “SETTINGS” section, here you can adjust the name of your page, the background image, and the font that’s used across your entire page, add custom CSS, title, description, meta image, tracking pixel or you can decide where the customer goes after filling out your form (thank you page).


Click on “Trend” to start monitoring your statistics:


STEP 2: Publish

Click on “Save & Publish” and your website will be live on the Internet.

You can view it on your mobile device to see what it looks like. You can also attach it to your main website so anyone who comes to your main website from a mobile device will actually load up this website


STEP 3: Profit

Sell each mobile-optimized website to a business. Cash in and get paid $997 for every website you fix.

Using Experience

After testing this product, I can draw a conclusion about Mobile Pages by AdSightPro as stated below:

With Mobile Pages by AdSightPro, even a newbie can do it. Instead of trying and then falling many times before coming to a reasonable way to create pages for mobile phones, you can have a fast track.

It is obvious that Mobile Pages by AdSightPro is full of cutting-edge features in the form of a user-friendly dashboard.

It handles all of the hard parts, everything is done for you and all you need to do is to spend time creating and customizing pages and apply it to your business.

Moreover, as I mentioned, you don’t need any specific skills whatsoever because you will be provided with every element from A to Z.

Who should buy these Mobile Pages by AdSightPro?

From what I see, Mobile Pages by AdSightPro is the choice for anyone who wants to be successful with creating pages for mobile phones.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced person, you will still need it because of the much more outstanding features compared to other products.

In fact, Mobile Pages by AdSightPro is a MUST-HAVE asset for:

  • Business Owners
  • E-com Store Owners…
  • Product Creators
  • Content Creators
  • Freelancers
  • Bloggers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Vloggers, eCom Store Owners
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Agency
  • Freelance Designers

Price And Evaluation

I highly recommend you buy this product with Agency Version as you take the most advantage of both basic and advanced features.

Front-end: Mobile Pages Agency

    +    Personal ($37 one-time)

    +    Commercial Agency ($49.95 one-time)

Recap what you will get with these two versions:

Mobile Pages by AdsightPro-Price

Moreover, during the launching time, it also includes the pricing plan for you to get this product at the best price:


The Upsells

As if you want to add more valuable features to your product, here are some UPSELLs that you can take into consideration:



Recap what you will get:

  • 10 Optimized Advertiser ready templates
  • Copy & Duplicate your templates
  • Share websites with others
  • Connect to 1000s of integrations
  • Track and use pixels
  • Unlock 4 additional elements
  • Sell to businesses

OTO 2: CLUB ($97)


Recap what you will get:

  • Share project files & templates with other users.
  • 15 brand new ‘done for you’ templates.
  • 15 brand new templates every month for 12 months.
  • Facebook group for sharing projects & collaborating.
  • Commercial rights to all templates & project-sharing features.

OTO 3: Mobile Pages Reseller ($97)


Recap what you will get:

  • Reseller license.
  • 100% commissions.
  • Use professionally designed marketing material.
  • Sales pages.
  • Sales videos.
  • Email swipes.
  • Process documents.
  • Full step-by-step training.

OTO 4: RetargetLink Software ($77)


Recap what you will get:

  • Select your retarget pixel & activate the pixel when a URL is clicked.
  • Post links to other people’s websites & build your retargeting list.
  • Post blocked or affiliate links to Facebook safely.
  • Customize & personalize any of your links.
  • Schedule links to go live or expire when you choose.
  • Customize your link’s title, description & images.
  • Manage all of your promotional links or client.
  • Links within one software interface.
  • Manage & create pixels for any website you want to.
  • Change where a visitor clicks your link.
  • Goes based on their location, device, or other.
  • Full & in-depth link tracking analytics system.


Bonuses From Author Team

You can get these bonuses inside the package, which you can use to maximize your result.


Pros and cons


  • No technical or graphic skills are required.
  • Save lots of time and money.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Auto-generated but Quality Content.
  • Available at an Affordable Price.
  • Simple interface.
  • Many outstanding features.


Until now I have nothing to complain about this software.


With Mobile Pages by AdSightPro, you will no longer have to struggle then fail then try again to create mobile pages. You will also be certain about keeping your customers by giving them a wonderful experience when they surf your sites both on the computer and mobile phone.

I hope what I have experienced with this product will help you have more information to make the right decision for yourself.

$37-$50 is not an expensive price for this kind of quality, in fact, it is a completely reasonable price for anyone who wants to get profits from mobile pages efficiently. This price will go up soon so don’t hesitate to grab this chance. Hope you will make a smart choice, thank you!



Fast-Action Bonus Package








Step 1: Buy Mobile Pages by AdSightPro on my website


Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

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