MegaVideoBot Review: The Only Video Selling Engine That Gives You Full Control

MegaVideoBot Review



When I worked on my first video project, I supposed it would never be possible to create a video on my own. Then, I realize creating videos is extremely hard work for many people and I’m not the only one struggling with it.

With the help of the latest tools these days, creating videos is still a big job that requires the role of a screenwriter, animator, videographer, producer, composer, designer, and of course editor. And I don’t think many people manage to produce video content on a daily basis if they do it manually.

But if the video is the heavy lifting in getting traffic, why don’t get rid of it? A recent study shows 93% of users want video over any other type of content. Yes, it’s clear that the benefits brought by video content are too huge to be ignored.

Online marketers are trying many different video creation software to optimize their work productivity and get as much traffic as possible from videos. Besides the public’s preference for videos, this type of content also delivers messages better through images and animation, making the selling process less boring than reading articles.

While perceiving the strengths of videos, I think you all are here to look for a solution for creating videos hassle-free.

Today, I want to introduce an alternative to all these frustrating video-making options called MegaVideoBot. This is a newbie-friendly video editor coming along with DFY templates that you only need a few minutes to finish a tempting video.

What Is MegaVideoBot?

MegaVideoBot is a brand new, all-in-one, revolutionary software that creates outstanding, delightful, and highly engaging videos so you can captivate, mesmerize and get customers, fast.

Personally, I think this point-n-click software brings great convenience due to the fact that it creates multi-dimensional visual experiences that are entertaining, informative, and persuasive.

About The Creator– Brett Ingram Et Al.

Brett Ingram is not really a worldwide name as to internet marketing. However, once you try his product, I’m sure you will be aware of why users choose it other than products made by famous gurus.

In a nutshell, Brett’s tools are sharpened by his own experience in the field. The most prevalent example is the increasing number of happy customers he has served for the past few years.

So far, he has successfully launched more than 55 best sellers on three different platforms like ClickBank, JvZoo, and Warrior Plus. Just look at JV Madness, PixalBot, Animaytor, Animaytor Reloaded, EngagBot, Instazign, or VideoFX PRO to see the huge contribution of Brett Ingram to the marketing industry.

The next part will show you more about the features of MegaVideoBot.

Feature Details

[+]   Amazing Video Templates For Market Domination

With the latest cutting-edge video templates for any niche, you’ll be in the fast lane for total market domination, overtaking your competitors in no time.

[+]   Scientifically Designed Video Theme Creator

Scientifically designed to tease your viewers and convert them into buyers, using the Video Theme Creator to produce your Boombastic videos.

[+]   Create, Publish & Sell UNLIMITED Videos For-Profits

Whether it’s an explainer, social media, animated, screencast, video ad, or live-action video, you get them all with incredible effects to profit all day, every day.

[+]   Point & Click Animation

Great animations and kinetic effects for dazzling, eye-popping videos that STOP visitors from scrolling past you.

[+]   Audio & Studio Voice Recorder

Create mesmerizing voiceovers directly inside the dashboard that will take your videos to new heights of customer captivation.

[+]   Automated Script Generator

Add your content or upload your script and MVB will automatically create your video from start to finish in a flash.

[+]   QuadPLUS+ Timeline Editor

Mind-blowing, drag, and drop timeline editor that makes video editing as simple as point click, drag, and drop easy.

[+]   Mega Text2Speech Bot

Turn any text into voice speech with the high-grade voice bot and add it to your video to engage your audience like a human.

[+]   Stunning HD Quality

Effortlessly export and share HD quality videos that are optimized for social networks, Youtube, sales pages, blogs, and websites.

[+]   1 Click Video Maker

Instantly create amazing results-driven videos on demand in 1 click.

[+]   Unlimited Videos & Renders

Create as many videos as you like with ZERO restrictions.

[+]   ZERO Monthly Fees

No hidden surprises, budget sucking rendering, or monthly fees.


MegaVideoBot Review – How To Use

To know exactly how this product works, please check the instruction video below:


Using Experience

My first impression of MegaVideoBot was amazing and I definitely believe this is the missing piece I need. This video creator comes with beautifully designed DFY templates that users can make use of and create videos hassle-free. This huge library of templates is truly a time saver for anyone who wants to produce videos on a daily basis.

Besides the undeniably beautiful DFY video templates, I’m completely satisfied with the simple-to-approach interface and convenient editing tools. After 5 mins minutes to go through the training section, I could produce a fairly good promotion animated video within 15 mins.

As many friends told me not to expect much from this tool (they prefer professional video tools such as Premiere, etc), I was totally amazed by what I got inside MegaVideoBot at a discounted price. That’s why I highly recommend it to friends and fellows who are currently reading this!

MegaVideoBot Review- Price And Evaluation

The price for one FE copy is from $27 to $67. I know this price range looks quite weird but here is the thing. $27 is the early bird offer that is only available within the first few hours. After the early bird period, the price increases every hour and then reaches $67 when this launch ends.

For this reason, I would recommend you to take action as soon as possible, I don’t want you to lose this great chance of making money at a very tiny investment like this.

Especially, the offer comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which allows you to request a complete refund for any bad experience with MegaVideoBot.


MegaVideoBot Review – The Upsells


In addition, you can spend money on these great OTOs:

OTO 1: MegaVideoBot Maximizer ($47 – $97) >>More Details<<

MegaVideoBot Maximizer is your advanced video maker that comes with 5 done-for-you VSL templates, 10 done-for-you themes, 20 done-for-you business video templates, 200 moving characters, 50 transition animations, 50 visual animations elements & many more!

[+]   20 done-for-you business video templates

[+]   10 done-for-you themes

[+]   5 done-for-you VSL templates

[+]   200 moving characters

[+]   50 transition animations

[+]   50 visual animation elements

[+]   140 animated effects

[+]   25 animated callouts

[+]   125 CTA buttons

[+]   30 social animated lower thirds

[+]   30 in-video social callouts

[+]   Ultimate text2speech international

[+]   HD studio-quality videos

[+]   Zero conversion costs

[+]   Zero production costs

[+]   Zero monthly costs

OTO 2: MegaVideoBot Premium ($67 – $97) >>More Details<<

MegaVideoBot Premium for unlimited promo videos, fully-featured dynamic video maker, 30 studio-quality done-for-you niche templates fully editable & brandable, 2000 videos with commercial rights, audio voice recorder, kinetic text animation, & many more!

[+]   30 fully editable and brandable promo video templates

[+]   Fully-featured & dynamic video maker

[+]   2000 videos with commercial rights

[+]   Custom blank canvas video creator

[+]   Audio & voice recorder

[+]   Kinetic text animation

[+]   Kinetic transition animation

[+]   Ultimate text2speech international

[+]   HD studio-quality videos

[+]   Zero conversion costs

[+]   Zero production costs

[+]   Zero monthly costs

OTO 3: MegaVideoBot Diamond ($49 – $97) >>More Details<<

MegaVideoBot Diamond gives you 40 studio-quality done-for-you niche market templates with image & video, PowerPoint style videos, 1000 transparent images, 5000 photos & images, gifs & animation ready with kinetic animation & text effects, zero technical skills needed!

[+]   40 done-for-you niche market templates

[+]   Powerpoint style videos

[+]   Add product imagery

[+]   Add gifs & gifs animation

[+]   1000 transparent images

[+]   5000 photos & images

[+]   Audio & voice recorder

[+]   Kinetic animation & text effects

[+]   Full HD studio quality videos in 1920×1080

[+]   Zero conversion costs

[+]   Zero production costs

[+]   Zero monthly costs

OTO 4: MegaVideoBot Enterprise ($49 – $97) >>More Details<<

MegaVideoBot Enterprise comes with the developer, enterprise, outsourcer & VA license plus… done-for-you local niche video templates, local enterprise portfolio, done-for-you scripts with full training & videos included!

[+]   Get 100% profits

[+]   10 enterprises crafted, done-for-you local niche video templates

[+]   10 done-for-you local niche scripts

[+]   10 done-for-you video enterprise templates

[+]   Local video enterprise portfolio

[+]   Text2speechfx international

[+]   Audio & voice recorder

[+]   Kinetic text animation

[+]   Kinetic transition animation

[+]   Enterprise + developer + outsourcer + virtual assistant license

[+]   Full training & videos included getting results

[+]   Zero conversion costs

[+]   Zero production costs

[+]   Zero monthly costs


Who Should Buy This?

MegaVideoBot is built for everyone who wants to generate profits using videos. This is a good choice for:

+   Website owners

+   Affiliates

+   Bloggers

+   Social media marketers

+   Authors and publishers

+   Paid advertisers

+   E-commerce store owners

+   Offline businesses

MegaVideoBot Review- Pros And Cons


♥   Drag-n-drop dynamic video maker

♥   Background theme designer

♥   1-click automated slide creator

♥   Kinetic animation effects

♥   Built-in audio and voice recorder

♥   Ultimate text2speech international

♥   Super easy to use timeline editor

♥   1-click perfect syncfx

♥   HD studio-quality videos

♥   Zero monthly costs

♥   30-day money-back guarantee


X   Up to now, there is not any


I hope that, with my honest thoughts about MegaVideoBot, you will appreciate the real value of this video editor. If you are serious about getting a video agency, then, the current price is not at all an expensive price.

Keep in mind that the price may go up soon so you should grab the chance and make the best deal! Thank you again and hopefully, you will make a smart decision!








Step 1: Buy MegaVideoBot on my website


Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

Step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.

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