Life Sales Sticky Leads Review: Engage machines to hand-write mail campaigns

Life Sales Sticky Leads Review

Life-Sales-Sticky-Leads-ReviewLife Sales Sticky Leads Review- Introduction

Of all the businesses you could specialize in, Life insurance agents crave leads more than a starving man craves water in the Sahara Desert. And let me tell you, selling Life Insurance is very personal and the process is super competitive among people doing this.

Yet, the methods currently being used are cold, corporate-like, and less than honest. If you are not aware yet, life insurance agents already know how to get a consistent flow of leads. Right now, life insurance agents are either buying leads generated from direct mail or they’re buying online leads. 

That is why these life insurance agents are often shuffling around the same leads and it’s finally caught up with them.

Other local marketing programs fail because, at their foundation, they assume that the freelancer must be some kind of super sales expert. So in the review today, you will be discovering a way to make them stand out using machines to simulate handwritten mail and drive leads, contacts, and sales, like they didn’t know, was possible.

This super product called Life Sales Sticky Leads will facilitate you greatly in this lucrative industry.

Life Sales Sticky Leads Overview



Mike Paul


Life Sales Sticky Leads

Front-End Price

$27 one-time

Sales page CLICK HERE



Yes, Huge Bonuses from my HudaReview team


30-day money-back guarantee with NO QUESTION asked

About the product

Life Sales Sticky Leads is a multi-media program of an eBook, and training videos. It’s broken down into easy-to-follow baby steps, and it doesn’t require any knowledge of life insurance to bring about the most dramatic results for your clients.

About its team of creators


Mike Paul is the person behind this work. He is also known for lots of successful previous launches that represent his talent in the field he is focusing on: The Ultimate Playbook For Local Marketers, Local Real Estate Ramp Up, Local Birthday Leads, Local Funding Freelancer 2.0, Biz Opp Leads Broker Blueprint, and so on.

Let’s take a look at Mike Paul’s sales history to see how reputable his products were:


With the comeback this time, he is going to spill the beans about all of his hard-won secrets to lead success for life agents with a comprehensive multi-media program like nothing else.

What can you get inside this package?

Upon purchasing this package, you will get unlimited access to the whole program inside the Members’ Area. In this way, you can review everything and make use of all the resources for as long as you want.

Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll discover if you’re one who jumps on this opportunity:

  • All the tools and systems you need to run your Life Lead business.
  • The proven marketing plan — the exact one the creator himself used to generate super steady growth.
  • The proven payment plan is the exact one to generate steady client payments.
  • Why life agents are “ripe & ready” for your service because they’re used to paying for leads.
  • The key vendors and suppliers you need personally used, vetted, and approved by the creator.
  • Why they’d rather just buy your fresh leads instead of attending networking meetings, buying lunch for their clients, or even begging for referrals and hitting up their friends?
  • Since they are already conditioned to your offering, you won’t have to hard sell them on price.
  • Finally, they want what you have to offer. It’s a complete 180 reversal from what you are used to. What the typical ‘old school’ life insurance agent does all day and is failing because of it.


  • The reason why so many insurance agents are stuck in the last century!
  • The offer you’ll make that others don’t simplify the financial aspect of their business.
  • How to spot the critical mistakes in a Lead Gen business structure.
  • Why life agents will start calling you ‘Mr. LeadGen’ too, (making it a slam dunk to sign them up as a client for your consultancy business).
  • The clever lead-generating technique that is as accurate as a laser-guided missile finding red-hot ‘ready to buy now’ prospects for your life insurance agent clients. and they will love you for it.
  • The unique ‘hybrid system’ results in your clients enjoying better lead conversions and a lower cost per lead and nothing really compares to today.
  • Setting up your consulting business as fast as humanly possible and on a shoestring budget.
  • The surefire way to find all the prospective life insurance agent clients you can handle. You have to know the ‘underground’ names of these life insurance communities.
  • The little-known secrets of the real dollar amount life insurance agents currently pay for each lead.
  • And much, much more.

To be more specific here’s what you’ll get in the “Life Sales Sticky Leads” business blueprint:



Why should you invest in this?

First of all, if you want to want to get you through the learning curve as quickly as possible and on the road to the business of your dreams.

This is a brand-new course, top to bottom in which the creator has compiled all he knows about selling leads to the hungriest market around: Life Insurance Agents. You’re going to see inside his successful business and get a proven blueprint to copy.

What you need to do is work smart on behalf of your future life insurance agent clients by running mail campaigns with the help of machines that simulate handwritten mail pieces and proven copy that’s guaranteed to set the client up as a star.

That will mean news of your expertise spreads like wildfire, making it a piece of cake to enjoy all the referrals you can handle without really trying.

Moreover, you won’t have to worry about burning your pocket because you will not spend a nickel until you have a client agreement and an agreed deposit. It’s the client’s money you will use to fund the lead campaign.

And finally, here are some feedback from the early users of this awesome product:


How much do you have to pay for this?

The front-end price

With such a surefire opportunity as this, where you can model your business on an already successful one plus be given a helping hand by the developer, I am sure you will expect to see a hefty price, right?

However, right now, Life Sales Sticky Leads is available for a small one-time payment of only $27 during the launch period. The price may change at any time without notice once this special deal expires.

Also, if for any reason, you don’t see the magnificent results that we are promising you, we will refund your full money within 30 days of your purchase, no questions asked!

So, let’s act now before everything has changed and you will have to regret it greatly in the future.


Life Sales Sticky Leads Review- The upgrades

In addition, let’s take into consideration the upsells below for more advanced options for your business:

OTO 1: ($47 one-time)

Sales page:

With a proven and tested audio presentation, hard selling is taken out of the equation. 

Also included, is a proven script for those who need it and the best rebuttals to get clients signing the dotted line pronto.

Downsell: $27 one-time

Sales page:

With this OTO1 DS, you will SAVE $20.

OTO 2: ($57 one-time)

Sales page:

This version creates instant obligation with something life insurance agents highly need and rarely have. 

A high-converting landing page with EZ 10 Minute install instructions. 

Consultants can use this as a foot in the door!

Downsell: $37 one-time

Sales page:

With this OTO2 DS, you will SAVE $20.

Life Sales Sticky Leads Review- Pros and cons


’Crack the code’ of getting great leads

Hard-won secrets to leads success for life agents

Everything you need to launch and grow your own supplement business is revealed

Enjoy the very same high-quality training at a fraction of the price

Created by a reputable creator team

30-day money-back guarantee without question asked


So far there is none

Who should buy this?

This product is perfect for anyone who wants to build a successful business, here are some examples:

  • Freelancer
  • Product Creator
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • List Builder
  • Entrepreneur
  • Business Owner
  • Advertiser
  • Marketing Agency
  • Youtuber


Life Sales Sticky Leads Review- The conclusion

This previously hidden formula has already been discovered through much testing that you no longer have to do. I advise you to act quickly on this or you will miss out on this amazing money-making opportunity and regret it greatly later.

Thank you for spending time reading my Life Sales Sticky Leads review today and I will see you in my next post!





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Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

And final step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.

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Thank you so much for reading Life Sales Sticky Leads Review.

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