IM Holy Grail Review & Bonus- Unlimited FREE Buyer Traffic

IM Holy Grail Review


IM Holy Grail Review- Overview

As an Internet Marketer, I’m sure that we have been through the struggle of generating traffic before. The worst thing is traffic generation is the key to profits and if you struggle with it, it’s impossible to make consistent income online.

I know you might have bought lots of traffic-generation products and eventually end up being so disappointed. Because they don’t have anything inside or deliver too few results!

Some of you might have thought of paying for traffic but let me tell you why waste your chance of tapping into billions of Super Targeted Traffic sources for completely free?

I think you have known these traffic sources really well because you can totally get your affiliate link or products displayed in front of 3 billion super-targeted audiences every day with IM Holy Grail. These traffic sources are 4 major social media platforms including:


You might think that the traffic generation competition on these platforms is too tough but surprisingly, these are the secret traffic sources used by all successful social media experts.

As long as you are well-equipped with a brilliant strategy, you will be able to succeed just like them! Please check out my IM Holy Grail review for more details!

What Is IM Holy Grail?

IM Holy Grail is a breakthrough Viral Traffic App that allows you to one-click generate Unlimited Super-Targeted Free Buyers Traffic from the 4 most used Social Platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit.

The best thing about this product is that it does not involve content creation because you can use other website content to drive traffic to your offer page.

With IM Holy Grail, the sky is the limit:


Excited yet? Let’s move on to the next part to see who is behind this amazing product!

About The Creators- Kenny Tan & Venkata Kumar


This product is brought to you by Kenny Tan and his partner – Venkata Kumar.

They are both talented Internet Marketers in the industry. They gain a reputation from being responsible and passionate affiliate marketers as well as launching useful and exceptional products.

Kenny Tan’s remarkable launches are: Brotherhood Zone PLR Paradise and The Art of List Building. His products are loved by not only users but also experts from all over the world.

This time, together with Venkata Kumar, he is back to bring you IM Holy Grail which I believe to do just wonders for you. Please move on to the next part for its detailed features!

What Will You Get?

Let’s take a look at what you will get with IM Holy Grail:

Free Traffic In 1 Click

As I have mentioned before, with IM Holy Grail, you can totally drive traffic from 4 major platforms including Facebook (1.62 billion targeted visitors), Twitter (330 million potential active users), LinkedIn (700 million active users), and Reddit (430 million active users).



You can totally schedule content for automated traffic.

RSS Automation

This feature allows you to get content from any RSS Feed Sources and this content will then be syndicated with your created IM Holy Grail campaigns.

After that, your feed content will be shared with your social media accounts automatically.


You have full control of deciding how long your visitors will stay on your offer page before skipping to the redirect page.


Social Media Handles Integration

It’s totally possible for you to connect all the social media pages to the IM Holy Grail to manage your Social Media platforms effortlessly from your own dashboard.


Exit Time Control

You have control over your website visitor exit time for the affiliate offer before they visit the hijacking page.


High Click-Through Rate (CTR) Headers

You can choose the headers to use for the post to get more clicks and traffic to your sales page.


Hijack Other’s Content

There is no need for you to own a website or Youtube channel for driving traffic. This is because you can legally hijack others’ content to generate targeted traffic to your offer page.


Training And Tutorials

IM Holy Grail comes with the best training for CPA marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and lead generation to ensure you can skyrocket your online business.

World Class Customer Support

The support team is second to none in the industry. If you have any problems, just contact the support agents and they will help you get your problems solved.



IM Holy Grail Review- The Demo Video

I am going to show you how to create affiliate campaigns with IM Holy Grail


Below is the application dashboard after you log in:


Create A Campaign

Access the “Campaign” section to add a new campaign


You will go through some simple steps to complete your money page

Step 1: Complete The General Settings

Specifically, you need to:

[+]   Place a name for your campaign

[+]   Add the affiliate link of the offer

[+]   Decide to use the re-targeting or not

[+]   Share your campaign across multiple social media sites


In case you don’t know where to get good offers to promote, please take a look at the following screenshots in which I will show you how to get the link to promote the offer.

So now I am at and do you see a lot of offers featured here?

Simply click on the “Promote” button:


…and enter your account ID. Then your hop link is ready!


Step 2: Customize The Header

In this step, you can customize what the header of your offer page looks like. You can change the text, text size, text color, and more as seen below:


Step 3: Set Up The Redirection

[+]   Enter skip button text (This button allows the visitors to skip your offer page)

[+]   Enter the number of seconds after which the skip button is shown

[+]   Adjust timer color/timer font size


Create Holy Grail Links

Now we move to create the Holy Grail links to leverage traffic from others’ content.

All you need to do is to click “New Link”


Then you need to:

[+]   Choose the offer you want to display (the campaigns created in the previous section)

[+]   Enter the URL of the website whose traffic you want to leverage


That’s all! No more manual work here or any content writing. With these Holy Grail links, you can view, copy link, edit and delete


Hurrahhh! Now let’s see what the final result becomes.

As you can see from the following image, the visitor must visit the offer page before visiting the website to read the content in the second image.

As we already set the time, the visitor will have time to learn about the product before being automatically redirected to the main post.


For more details, let check the instruction video below:


My Opinion

    ♥    This software is totally newbie-friendly and easy to use

As you can see from my using instruction, it’s totally easy to create your traffic generation campaign with IM Holy Grail. Almost everything is done for you so all it takes is a few minutes of work.

Then, you will get a quick influx of traffic to literally anywhere you want. The best thing about it is anyone can do it including a complete newbie.

    ♥    This system is exceptionally smart when generating Unlimited Targeted traffic without you spending a dime

What usually comes to your mind when you think of “Generating Traffic”? Is it ‘difficult’ or is it ‘exhausting’? I get it! Normally, if you want to generate traffic, you need to spend hours or even days creating content or pay a small fortune for traffic. Either way, traffic generation is totally a pain!

Meanwhile, with IM Holy Grail, you don’t need to suffer anymore. It enables you to make use of others’ content and generate traffic so that you don’t need to create content on your own or hire an expensive content creator to do it!

Thus, all of the profits you get are pure and you don’t need to worry about any other expenses eating up your revenue!

Who Should You Buy This?

Apparently, IM Holy Grail works perfectly for EVERYONE who wants to make money online. Whether you are a complete newbie or an IM expert, you should totally check it out.

Especially if you appear on the following list, you should really take this software into consideration:

    +    Small or Local Business

    +    Business owner

    +    Freelancers

    +    Online marketers

    +    Bloggers

    +    Entrepreneur

    +    eCommerce owner

    +    Newbie

And this list just goes on and on.

IM Holy Grail Review- Price And Evaluation


You only need to pay $17 for this incredible and once-in-trillion product. I am so amazed because I have never seen such top-notch software that comes with such a low price tag.

If you come to think about all of the struggles of traffic generation including paid ads, and content creation, you can definitely see this offer is a bargain. I don’t think those struggles are worth going through because they only waste your time and money!

Also, let’s take a look at the comparison table below to see how outstanding IM Holy Grail is compared to other platforms:


Therefore, be sure to grab this golden opportunity because this price will increase shortly after and you will definitely regret for missing it!

Don’t hesitate because this is not only a low-cost but also a risk-free investment. If you are not satisfied with this course at any point, you can get a FULL refund within 30 days of your purchase!

Then what are you waiting for? Just give yourself a chance!


The Upsells


Also, if you want to maximize your benefits from this app, be sure to consider these upsells once you check out:

OTO 1: Unlimited Everything + Some Videos ($37)

Get 10x more traffic & unlimited sales with this unlimited version.

Recap everything you will get with this offer:

[+]    Unlimited traffic with no restriction

[+]    Unlimited content hijacking:

[+]    Advance training and tutorial:

[+]    Agency rights:

[+]    Commercial rights:

[+]    Get unlimited usage:

[+]    More speed and performance

[+]    Priority customer support

[+]    Free software updates

[+]    5 high-quality bonuses

[+]    Bonus 1: Internet Marketing Success (Worth $839)

[+]    Bonus 2: Graphics Animator (Worth $779)

[+]    Bonus 3: Reddit Traffic Secrets (Worth $849)

[+]    Bonus 4: Linkedin Marketing Secrets (Worth $909)

[+]    Bonus 5: Twitter Traffic Secrets (Worth $409)

OTO 2: AutoPilot Traffic ($37)

Put your IM Holy Grail to work on autopilot 24*7*365 days!

Recap everything you will get with this offer:

[+]    Remove All Manual tasks

[+]    Automated traffic and sales on complete Autopilot.

[+]    RSS automation, scheduling, and a lot more.

[+]    Put IM Holy Grail AI to work 24*7*365 days for you.

[+]    More Freedom and more time to spend with your family and friends.

[+]    Enjoy the true laptop style and passive income on autopilot for the rest of your life

OTO 3: Reseller ($67)

Easy 6 figures income by selling IM Holy Grail and getting 100% profit.

What you are getting if you upgrade today!

[+]    Take IM Holy Grail for yourself = $5200

[+]    Use our marketing material for your promotion = $22700

[+]    Instant money making opportunity = $1700

[+]    Keep 100% profit yourself = $12600

[+]    Unlock unlimited customer account creation= for $1400

[+]    Free fast action bonuses= $7000

OTO 4: 1K Per Day Training ($37)

The proven training to make at least $10,000 per month using IM Holy Grail software.

The secret sauce to make more money using IM Holy Grail for affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, and List Building.

Here is what you could get in a 1K per Day Upgrade!

[+]    Remove all restrictions $2300

[+]    High jack unlimited number of competitors content $1800

[+]    Advance training and tutorial ($1200)

[+]    Agency rights ($700)

[+]    Commercial right ($670)

[+]    5 fast action bonuses ($3785)

[+]    Priority customer support (priceless)

OTO 5: Steal my website Traffic ($197)

Steal millions of buyers’ traffic by siphoning the traffic from their sales pages.

This is what you will get if you upgrade today:

[+]    Legally steal our traffic for yourself

[+]     Step-by-step training

[+]    Expert guidance

[+]    Facebook mastermind group

[+]    Three premium bonuses

[+]    Fast action-free bonuses

[+]    30 days money-back guarantee

OTO 6: Whitelabel Rights ($297)

Full Whitelabel rights to IM Holy Grail to make it your own!

Sell IM Holy Grail under your own brand name, with a new dashboard, custom domain, colors, and logo, and keep 100% of the profits!

This is what you will get if you upgrade today:

[+]    Easily make recurring income without creating any product or doing any hard work.

[+]    Make more money by selling it on Warriorplus and Jvzoo platform.

[+]    Start Your 6 figure software business with very little investment.

[+]    Rebrand the logo and brand name to get a fully functioning new software as your own.

[+]    No headache of hiring a developer or team.

[+]    Keep 100% of the Profit for yourself.


IM Holy Grail Review – Pros And Cons


♥   Unlimited free traffic and sales in 90 seconds

♥   Legally hijack other’s content to drive traffic and force redirect them to your affiliate offer page

♥   4 different traffic sources

♥   Send traffic to any affiliate link

♥   No more creating content

♥   No paid ads

♥   Newbie friendly

♥   No skills or experience required

♥   Low-cost investment

♥   30 days money-back guarantee


X   This product is so helpful with my online business so I have absolutely no complaint.

Frequently Asked Questions



With all the mentioned information, I believe that you got an overall perspective towards this product. I think this IM Holy Grail can definitely assist you with boosting your online business and increasing your profits.

This is a once-in-a-trillion golden opportunity so be sure to grab it quickly. Invest in your business now or you might regret it later.

I hope you can make a wise choice that best resonates with your needs.

Thank you so much for reading my review!

Bonus From The Creator Team

If you purchase IM Holy Grail, you will be able to get these 5 Fast Action Bonuses that are worth $5,100:




























































Step 1: Buy IM Holy Grail on my website


Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

Step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.

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Thank you so much for reading my IM Holy Grail review.

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