Eternaleads Review: Get unlimited free leads on autopilot

Eternaleads Review


Welcome to my review,

Today, every business needs a never-ending supply of fresh, highly targeted leads and they are happy to hire agencies that can provide them with these leads on an ongoing basis.

The lead generation industry is $3.1 billion as of now and growing by 17.5% per year. But do you know that 95% of website visitors leave and are gone forever, that’s a ton of lost potential sales?

So, what if you can grab those visitors and turns them into leads in 1 click? What if you could generate a continuous new stream of targeted leads automatically without buying complicated tools or paying expensive freelancers & agencies?

And after that, you can either use these valuable leads for yourself and your business or selling to other people who need them.

The product I am talking about Eternaleads. It is a brand-new software that generates an unlimited supply of fresh, highly targeted leads automatically and you can use it for yourself and also sell lead generation to clients.

Eternaleads Review– The overview



Brett Ingram



Launch Time

11:00 EDT, 2022-Oct-17

Front-End Price

$25 – $27 one-time

Sales page CLICK HERE
All-in-one Bundle Yes, this is the special offer for you in this launch!!!
Bundle Sales Page Click Here To Access This Bundle
Bundle Price $267 one-time

Yes, Huge Bonuses from the creator team and from my HudaReview team


30-day money-back guarantee

About Eternaleads

Eternaleads is the world’s first automatic lead generation and marketing software. 

You use this set-n-forget system easily, just paste 1 line of code on any website and sit back and watch as Eternaleads generates leads for you automatically. You can also create and send messages and promos to your leads directly through the Eternaleads dashboard.

All in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Paste 1 line of code on your client’s website


Step 2: Watch your client get leads automatically


Step 3: Get paid every month for your service


Who developed this software?


Brett Ingram is the main developer behind this excellent work.

Over the course of his online marketing career, he has created dozens of digital products that have sold millions, won awards, and was even featured in a NY Times Bestselling author’s book.

Here are some of his previous launches: VidzFX, DezignBiz, VidzMock, JV Madness, Spinzign, and many more to come in the future.

Eternaleads Review- What can you do with this software?

You’re getting everything you need to start seeing results upon purchasing this package:

​   +   Easy, simple, automatic, and free lead generation

Simply add 1 line of code and Eternaleads generates unlimited free targeted leads for you.

You don’t need any coding knowledge. Eternaleads is 100% newbie-friendly. If you can point-n-click, you’re good to go.

Create stunning alerts, collect unlimited free targeted leads, send them personalized messages/offers & make insane profits.

​   +   Generate targeted leads automatically

Just copy-paste 1 line of code (auto-generated by Eternaleads) on any website and start adding subscribers as fast as in minutes from now.

Convert every visitor/casual browser (who would have left your website without converting into a paying customer) into a highly targeted free lead.

This works for desktop, tablet & mobile visitors so you can generate leads from every visitor automatically.

​   +   Visitors to subscribers in 1 click

Effortlessly generate leads without annoying your visitors or making them do any work at all – even if it’s just filling out a form.

No need to ask for name, email, or any other information.

Eternaleads makes it 1-click simple for your visitors to subscribe and become leads.  And you can send them messages and promos to make sales over and over.

So your leads are like an unlimited income stream.

​   +   100% real targeted subscribers

With Eternaleads you generate only 100% genuine leads. Subscribers are not required to fill in any of the details. This brand-new technology effortlessly turns every visitor into a highly targeted free lead.

There are absolutely no caps on the number of leads you can generate, so generate leads and send messages to make sales and commissions.

​   +   Desktop, tablet & mobile signups

 Add subscribers from desktop, tablet, and mobile devices all in one.


​   +   Works on virtually any website

Get signups from self-hosted and even 3rd party platforms like these:


​   +   Desktop, tablet & mobile messages

Message mobile phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops directly.


​   +   Real-time messaging

Your messages get delivered in seconds instead of waiting hours stuck in mail queues.  run time-sensitive campaigns & create FOMO to drive up sales.

Eternaleads-Feature-5 Eternaleads-Feature-6 Eternaleads-Feature-7

You can also get special launch free upgrades and bonuses when you get Eternaleads today:




About using details and personal opinion

How to use Eternaleads?

Now let me show you what it looks like inside the software.

[+] Dashboard

Firstly, you need to log into your account and visit your dashboard. In this section, you will learn about the current statistics of your campaigns.


[+] Add a website

The next thing to do is click on websites and add any website you want to generate leads from.


After that, go on and put in a name for the website and the URL then just gonna click add new. You can add sites that you host yourself or even sites from third-party platforms.


[+] Customize

The next part is gonna allow you to customize the alert that will appear to all visitors to get them to subscribe.


You can change the theme the position the delay, how transparent it is or the title, etc.


And now all left to do is copy the code/link and paste it right into your website.




[+] Messages

Now you can also create messages to pop up on your leads’ phones. You can edit literally anything in that message, from the banner image, the content, what link to promote, and so on.


And when you have done editing, all you have to do is click send, sit back and wait for the results!


Check out the instruction video below for more information:


Why should you invest in this?

With access to Eternaleads, you can now convert cold traffic into hot NEW leads effortlessly and promote offers to your leads as often as you want to make sales and earn commissions.

With so many powerful features packed inside, you can maximize your results easily. For example, by sending personalized notifications, you can target particular individuals by sending personalized offers based on their interests with no fake signups or spoofed or undeliverable email addresses to worry about. Also, you can be sure that your messages get viewed because there’s no spam filter, junk folder, or promotions tab.

Or with a near-instant real-time communication function, you can push notifications to give real-time access to your subscribers and instant repeat traffic. With a 1-click subscription and no forms to fill, easily convert your visitors into subscribers.

And last, of all, this technology is designed to help you profit with incredible ease. The team of creators is constantly working to make your experience seamless. In case you still don’t love your experience with us, you can simply ask for a refund within 30 days of your purchase.

Several experienced marketers and product creators leave positive feedback about this fantastic product:





How much do you have to pay for this?

Eternaleads FE

Eternaleads is now available at a small one-time fee. However, to support this incredible technology, after this limited-period offer, they will be charging a monthly fee. Make sure you buy it at this incredibly low one-time price to save your precious money.

To be more specific, there are two buying options for you to choose from as followed. Yet, considering the values offered, it would make more sense if you opt for the Commercial package like the majority of users do.


Moreover, you can use Eternaleads for the full 30-days with no restrictions at any cost. Even after that, if you feel you’re not satisfied, you have the right to use the money-back policy that entitles you to claim a full refund of your money even in the last second of the 30th day.


Eternaleads Review- The upgrades

Besides, there are other upgraded options for you to look at:

Special offer: Eternaleads BUNDLE ($267 one-time)

This is the special offer that the creator team provides only in this special launch. With this offer, you will get the all-in-one product (FE+ upsells + bonuses) at a one-time price of $267. So, you can SAVE MUCH MONEY with this.


Below are the separate upsell/OTO, you should check them first:


Eternaleads upsell 1: UNLIMITED >>CLICK HERE<<

Price: $47 one-time

  • Generate unlimited leads to use on unlimited websites
  • Send unlimited messages plus track conversion
  • Split test messages for max conversions
  • Schedule messages for 365-day automation
  • Send automatic welcome messages to new subscribers to build trust
  • Hyper-target audiences by language, browser, device type, OS, and country.

Eternaleads upsell 2: DESIGNER >>CLICK HERE<<

Price: $27 one-time

  • Done-for-you, fully-editable message templates
  • Complete graphic design studio to make custom graphic messages
  • A huge built-in library of visual elements.
  • Load a template in 1 click
  • Edit, save to the cloud, and send in 1 click or even make graphic messages from scratch.

Eternaleads upsell 3: AGENCY >>CLICK HERE<<

Price: $49 one-time

  • Easy-edit agency website to showcase your lead generation business
  • Virtual assistant and team accounts to get others to do the work for you
  • Automatic client-finding software
  • Done-for-you proposals and contracts templates
  • Multiple social profiles and client social profiles management.

Eternaleads upsell 4: RESELLER >>CLICK HERE<<

Price: $77 one-time

  • Reseller license for Eternaleads itself. 
  • Sell Eternaleads and keep 100% of the profit
  • Includes high-converting marketing materials, sales pages, demo videos, VSLs, and done-for-you support through the support desk.

Eternaleads upsell 5:  MULTIMEDIA STUDIO >>CLICK HERE<<

Price: $277 one-time

The complete Spinzign software bundle and the complete VidzFX software bundle. Spinzign is the World’s 1st Graphic Software that Designs for you and VidzFX is the World’s #1 Special FX and full-featured Video Creator. 

The perfect add-on for any online business because it creates unlimited graphic design and video content.

Pros and cons


Increase reach, and revenue, & re-target users on desktop and mobile.

Convert visitors into subscribers. With a 1-click subscription and no forms to fill, easily convert your visitors into subscribers.

Real-time communication. Push notifications give real-time access to your subscribers and instant repeat traffic.

Engage mobile users without any app. Interact with your mobile visitors directly by sending native notifications without any mobile app.

Higher opt-in & conversion. With no personal details required, get higher opt-in and better conversions.

Send personalized notifications. Target particular individuals by sending personalized offers based on their interests.

100% real targeted leads. No fake signups or undeliverable email addresses to worry about.

Works on virtually any website. Get signups from self-hosted and even 3rd party platforms like click funnels.

Achieve open rates up to 80%. Messages get viewed because there’s no spam filter, junk folder, or promotions tab.

Enjoy conversion rates of up to 15%. Targeted messages + captive audience without competition = epic conversions.

Zero competition. Messages are delivered directly to subscribers’ devices or browsers instead of a crowded inbox.

Cloud-based. Newbie-friendly. No technical skills are required. If you can copy-paste… you’re good to go. Fully cloud-based. Works from anywhere.

Free commercial license. Help businesses generate more leads & charge them every month for your services.

30-day money-back guarantee

And a lot more…


I have nothing to complain about this

Who is this for?

Eternaleads is perfect for anyone looking for a fresh supply of leads:

  • Website Owners

Turn every visitor into a hot lead.

  • Digital Marketers

Generate leads and promote products.

  • Bloggers

Turn your readers into your leads.

  • Entrepreneurs

Collect leads and promote your business.

  • Social Media Marketers

Promote your social profiles to your leads.

  • Affiliate Marketers

Promote affiliate offers for more commissions.

  • Advertisers

Advertise and promote anything to your leads.

  • eCommerce Store Owners

Upsell, cross-sell, and recapture lost sales.

  • Offline Business Owners

Get more customers for products and services.


Eternaleads Review- The conclusion

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to grow your digital agency alongside two grizzled veterans in the industry.

If you dreamed of the perfect digital agency model, this is what you would be dreaming of. Thank you for your time and I’ll see you in my next post!

Besides, if you buy this product through my link, you can also get these huge bonuses below (Please remember that these bonuses are not for the TRIAL or FREE versions):






Step 1: Buy Eternaleads on my website:


Step 2: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected].

Final step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.

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Thank you so much for reading my Eternaleads Review.

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