Continuum Review- Behind The Scenes Of A $200k+ Monthly Business

Continuum Review


Continuum Review- Overview

The webinar is a rising star in online marketing. By showing up in front of the camera, you can gain more trust from the audience and turn this into a valuable opportunity to close sales. Getting commissions is definitely much easier from this point.

However, the distinctive difference between webinars and other content types is the preparation it takes to deliver your message.

While writing articles can get help from the curation software or making videos can be simplified by using templates, doing a webinar means nothing but drafting your live speech, preparing the presentation for better illustrations, and testing all the technology and tools before each section.

With what I’ve mentioned above, webinars could be portrayed as time-consuming and hard work, but that only lasts until the emergence of Continuum, the tool I’ve tried for the last two weeks.

My experience with this software so far has been unbelievably good so I strongly believe this could be a brand-new tool that should be added to your toolkit.

This review will show you more details about Continuum based on my actual experience with it

What Is Continuum?

Continuum is the cloud-based app that comes loaded with both DFY and DWY [done WITH you] high ticket commission solutions, making it perfect for both beginners AND advanced marketers

In detail, you’ll get the custom strategy for generating unlimited traffic on demand, outlined step by step and the auto-webinar software includes multiple free traffic boosters to skyrocket your results.

About The Creator- Jono Armstrong & Zeeshan Ahmed


Jono Armstrong is a high-ticket promotion machine, and this year he’s taken his business to jaw-dropping income with webinars. That was the first reason why I selected Continuum, which was said to share the exact methods and tools Jono uses to get these results.

Jono’s reputation and talent have been proven from time to time and are so outstanding that no one can ignore them. Several successful launches have been delivered by this six-figure vendor and his company is serving more than 10,000 happy customers worldwide.

The most popular ones are Geminii, The Awakening System, JavaScript Commission Bot, Insurgency, The Lockdown Formula, StealthD, Invisible, Equinox, etc.

What Are You Getting Inside?

This product comes with 2 main components, which make it the most wanted tool ever for any marketers.

With the Continuum Software, you are provided with:

DFY “Best Of The Best” High Ticket Offers

You are expected to cash in from 3 of the highest-converting, in-demand offers in the business. Each comes with a DFY webinar – so the selling is done FOR you.

Your Continuum license includes automatic approval to promote so you’re ready to profit from day one! * $500$750 Commission PER Sale *

Continuum Unlimited Traffic On Demand

You get the exact traffic strategy he has personally used to make over $2 million dollars in less than 8 months. Never shared before except with private coaching students, the value of this unbreakable traffic method is priceless. It’s fast, consistent, and scalable, this traffic converts into profits!

Push Button Automation

You can flip a switch for always available, evergreen webinars and maximize views and profit potential with multiple times & ‘start now’ options for users.

Effortless Customization & Creation

This is built to promote unlimited unique offers. You can easily customize premade webinars with your own intro or create your own presentations almost effortlessly. The revolutionary “clip wizard” makes your webinar clips for you!

Next Level Conversions For The Highest Possible Commissions

Use perfectly timed call-to-action buttons that show up when you decide.

Maximize engagement with full chat support, including simulated chat options.

Multiple Free Traffic Boosters

1-click share to Facebook, Twitter & YouTube.

Easily make promo videos from your auto-webinars to share across multiple lists and social networks at the same time.

Build your subscriber list automatically with attendee email addresses… direct integration with leading autoresponders built in!

Maximize views with customizable email reminder sequences both before and after each event.

DFY Landing & Registration Pages

You can enjoy slick, professional pages that maximize registrations while saving time & money. You can change texts, buttons, fields and colors with drag & drop ease for custom pages for unlimited webinars.

The other ingredient is Continuum Training, which includes:

♠   Introduction

♠   Continuum Walkthrough and Software Access

♠   Setup

[1]   Getting your affiliate link

[2]   Setting up your webinar

[3]   Introduction to Adwords + Essential Pixels

[4]   Creating your “Thank You” page

[5]   Creating your landing page

[6]   Checking your funnel

♠   Traffic Training

[1]   Placements & Keywords

[2]   Scaling & Conclusion

Highly Recommended For Newbies

Let’s have a look at the training area of Continumm:


Traffic has always been the lifeblood of every type of online business. For the same reason why many offline businesses have to put their outlets in high-street areas, online businesses need a really powerful method to reach their potential customers and get sales.

Well, I’m not sure if there are any other experts who know this game better than Jono Amstrong. He has long been the real deal in the industry and what on Earth could be better than having his failure-proof formulas?

This FE includes powerful auto webinar software developed by an industry expert with all the bells & whistles without the monthly fees. This allows you to scale at your own pace to virtually unlimited income using any combination of offers and custom webinars.

On top of that, there are 3 completely DFY, top-paying campaigns that pay between $500 and $750 per sale.

Besides the training, the software is provided as your unfair advantage. You just need a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the software and go live without actually going live. They include the premade webinars and you’re just a few clicks away from making commissions.

Here is a screenshot of the Continuum software:


Compare to some other software:


Price And Evaluation

Continuum FE

Continuum is scheduled to go live and during this week’s launch only, you can enjoy the price of $17 only. Honestly speaking, this is an extremely cheap price as with only a small investment, users can:

♠   Hit the ground running with 3 pre-made webinars promoting 3 top converting offers that pay up to $750 per sale.

♠   Obtain knowledge from the step-by-step traffic training delivered by Jono on the same methods he’s using right now to fuel a $200K per month business.

The Upsells


In addition to the FE, users can take advantage of more quality features by getting these upgrades:

Upgrade 1: Continuum Pro Edition ($47)

Pro STACKS the value so you can expect epic conversions here.

It includes advanced traffic training from Jono to maximize clicks and conversions in the shortest possible time.

Pro also unlocks advanced functionality of the webinar software, including Unlimited attendees, simulated chat, chat assistant support, and full Zapier integration.

Pro gives users access to Jono’s ultimate traffic tactics plus premium webinar software features they’d pay upwards of $400 monthly for anywhere else.


Upgrade 2: Continuum DFY x 5 ($97)

This second upgrade gives users FIVE [5] extra premade webinars promoting top-converting offers.

Perfect for the customer that would prefer not to do any work themselves, and still make serious profits.

The webinar software also gets an upgrade here with a powerful “Content Directory” feature that helps get users more exposure to their own webinars.


Upgrade 3: Ultimate Affiliate Bundle ($197)

Customers get full front-end access to all of Jono’s 2020 products: The Lockdown Formula, Insurgency, Geminii, Javascript Commission Bot, Vanquish…

Plus, front-end access to all his future releases…

And a bump to 100% commissions thru the funnel when they promote any of Jono’s future products.

This is a monster value that they enjoy instantly AND can reap affiliate profits from for years to come.


Upgrade 4: Multi-License Rights To 4 Top Selling Products ($197)

Users get reseller and developer rights to Insurgency, Geminii, Javascript Commission Bot, and Vanquish.

With dual rights, they’re essentially getting their own turnkey digital business to make product vendor profits, without creating a thing.



Who Should Buy This?

All the necessary tools have been built in and trust me, with this latest technology, you can make use of it for years before you actually need to upgrade your weapon.

In short, Continuum is a MUST-HAVE item for:

♣   Marketers with multiple stores, affiliate sites, and product sites

♣   Video marketers

♣   Business owners

♣   Small or local business

♣   Product creators

♣   Freelancers

♣   Video Agencies

♣   Bloggers

♣   Offline marketers

Continuum Review- Pros And Cons


♥   100% newbie-friendly

♥   Cloud-based software to work on any operating platform

♥   All-inclusive solution with a custom strategy for unlimited traffic

♥   Multiple free traffic boosters

♥   Fully customizable premade webinars

♥   DFY offers included

♥   60-day money-back guarantee


X   Up to now, there are not any


Once you complete your order, you will be fascinated by the fabulous features of Continuum. So, prepare yourself, all the good things are waiting inside.

Now, you can host beautiful live webinars with presentations, video conferencing, interaction features, analytics, and integrations, create on-demand webinars that run on autopilot, and host reliable video meetings.

Grab one now so you can have it for the best price and of course, there is no risk to be taken thanks to a 100% refund policy within 60 days of purchase.








Step 1: Buy Continuum  on my website

Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at [email protected]

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