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Video Spinn Review – Create your favorite video in minutes

Video Spinn Review – Create your favorite video in minutes


Video Spinn Overview

• Homepage: Video Spinn Official Site
• Product Name: Video Spinn
• Type of Product: Desktop App Software
• Authors: Anthony Aires & Pt Flanagan
• Target niche: Video Marketing, SEO Video Marketing
• Official Price: $27
• Special Offer: 40%-OFF HERE! (Hurry UP!)
• Bonuses:

Video Spinn – What is it?

If you are going to make the videos for the first time, it can be tough to get everything in order.
If you fasten the aspect ratio of your video (which is quite easy to do) you’ll end up with unappealing black bars on the sides of your videos which makes loads of visitors leave.
It’s actually time-comsuming to find out how to add intro and exit slides and get the transitions just right. It might turn out that no matter how hard you try, you still cannot get your videos suited.
Or, if you are not familiar with video, you could end up with audio and visitors will click the back button faster than a bald man combs his hair.
And even if you are not a beginner, we don’t have to show you how time consuming creating videos is. You’ve probably found it’s a continuous battle to get enough out there to strengthen your position.
Finally you also may afraid of getting in trouble with uploading duplicate content on the main video sharing sites.
After all, you just have some hours left in a day. And as a business owner, you can hardly spend all of your time on one aspect of your business and pay no attention to other field.

What a real shame! Since You Need Videos!

1. Videos drive traffic and backlinks from authority sites like Weebly, Buzzfeed, LinkedIn, Storify, BusinessWire, Medium, Slideshare, Wix, Tumblr, Flipboard, Scrib¦
2. Videos build important social signals for SEO purposes (it looks fishy to Google when you have lots of links to your site, but no social shares)
3. Videos keep visitors engaged on your website pages for longer (which lowers your bounce rate. . . and bounce rate is a Google ranking factor)
4. Videos help local business clients rank for their keywords, getting them more leads and foot traffic Which means you stay on retainer with them for longer!
5. Videos get ranked both in Google AND YouTube (since YouTube is owned by Google, Google favors YouTube videos in their own search results)
6. Videos create memorable branding for your business so you can stand out from your competition…
7. Videos get you more sales for your eCommerce stores (according to Marketing Sherpa, website visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product on an online retail site after watching a video)
8. Videos help you rank long tail keywords so you get higher organic search results, more leads and more sales Which gets you found in the organic search results which in turn means more leads and sales!
Fortunately, Anthony & Pat have worked hard together to achieve a solution for this problem.
Introducing: Video Spinn
Video Spinn is an innovative desktop app (for both Windows and Mac) that lets you create hundreds even thousands of unique videos with just a few mouse clicks. It can create randomized slideshow videos using folders of images and/or video clips.
It is highly recommended for SEO, YouTube domination, offline client trades, video personalization, affiliate marketing via video, video branding, purpose on keyword, and more! New uses are found everyday.

How Does Video Spinn Operate?

Outstanding Features of Video Spinn:
Fast Bulk Video Creation Video Spinn can produce up to 100 single videos just by entering a few simple fields and spinning a few dials. You’ll now have a lot of unique videos to be added as the related videos on your YouTube channels, so your videos rank higher thanks to their keywords
Optional Intro & Final Image/Clip “ Brand your videos with elective intro and ending clips add your logo or contact information to make your video more notable to the viewer
Video Transitions “Attract your viewers to stay glued to the screen longer by professional level effects “ Video Spinn has a wide range of transition options, including cross dissolve; black fading; white fading; slide from left/right/top/bottom; and zoom from/to center.
Optional Audio Clips Choose from the Continuous option, which drags one of your audio clips from the Music Folder per video and loops it for the duration of the video, or choose the Random option, which helps you randomly drag music files and adds them into your videos.
Supported Video Formats Video Spinn supports inserting .MP4 .MPG .AVI .MOV .FLV and .WMV clips to your ending videos
Supported Image Formats “ Images in .JPG .PNG .BMP .GIF .TIFF file formats are proped up by Video Spinn
Choose Your Own Filenames “ The ability to move your own file names is a big advantage, because you can enter your keywords listed by your file names, which leads to higher ranking and free traffic
Spin Option “ Choose this option to allow the software to be randomly added the exact number of images and clips you want for no limitation, unique videos upon your demand.
Join Option “ Make a single video from joining all the images/videos in the Resource Folder alphabetically together, to effortlessly create authorized videos” which build up your brand and standing.
Watermark Option “ Prevent your videos from being ripped off by other marketeers
Supported Audio Formats “ .MP3 .WAV .WMA .ACC audio files are propped up by Video Spinn
PC and Mac Compatible “ Video Spinn is compatible with both these 2 kinds of machines and simply choose the best choice for your needs
Includes Quick Start Guide and Video Walkthrough “ They’ve had a simple-to-follow Quick Start Guide in order to have your first project set up in just minutes from now. Of course, because they want to guarantee your success, they’ve also offered a video called walkthrough Video Spinn. Let’s see your campaign set up in reality.

How to use Video Spinn:

It’s very easy. All you have to do is give the app your content folder, take the number of images/clips to use in each video, set up the minimum and maximum time for each image/clip to be shown, which transitions to use, which optional watermark to use, you can even design an intro and/or outro video to add into each slide show, combined with a folder with randomly pulled music tracks. Tell it how many videos to reel out, click the Spin button, and Video Spinn starts to bring out the unique randomly choosen videos.

Video Spinn – Who should buy it?

Video Spinn is the best choice for marketers to achieve more social shares, more leads, and more sales, including:
• Video marketers
• Social network marketers
• Webinar hosts
• SEO providers
• Local business owners
• Product creators
• eCom store owners
• Kindle authors
• List builders
• Affiliate marketers
• Podcasters
• Udemy marketers

What are The Reasons to Get Video Spinn Now?

Never Been Easier To Tap Into Passive Video Profit
Even if you’ve never made a video before, Video Spinn now makes it simple for anyone who want to start creating videos.
And if you are a professional video marketer, you will really recognize the value of how Video Spinn makes creating videos so simple like a child’s game.
No matter how experienced you are now, you will be able to get tons of notice on your offers, just from the total volume of videos you can create in such little time with Video Spinn.
Integrate your videos into create content and backlinks for your own blog networks. Share your videos on social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and Vine for viral effect. Insert them on your own websites, to make your bounce rates lower.
Upload your videos to social video sharing websites, such as YouTube, and Daily Motion to get even more leads and interactions
The ability to exploit your videos for traffic, backlinks and social shares with Video Spinn are almost unlimited.
And now after exposing all the features of Video Spinn, they do not plan to stop there. They are also offering a very valuable bonus, designed to boost your result with Video Spinn.
They are the Special Bonues when buying Video Spinn:
Bonus Training: How To Instantly Get On The First Page Of Google (Value: $497)

As a Video Spinn owner, you’ll be let into a private live training session showing you how to INSTANTLY get on the first page of Google (you’ll see this LIVE).
You’ll see their rank on the first page of Google, live, instantly, as you watch. And you’ll see how it’s done.
Don’t miss this valuable bonus training!
Developer Rights To Use Video Spinn To Create Videos For Your Clients (Value: $97)

If you create videos for other businesses, your Video Spin license comes with full rights to create client videos without any restrictions.
Video Spinn allows you to churn out videos faster than you ever could before, so you can take on more clients, and grow your income fast.
This bonus alone can pay for the software dozens of times over.
Your Choice Of $20 In Free Vector Graphics From VectorToons (Value: $20)

When you’re creating videos, you can always use more graphics..
VectorToons is your source for original vector art, with prices that are low and the most liberal usage license in the business.
Enhance your Video Spinn videos with $20 in free graphics!

Conclusion – Video spinn is worth money.

Video marketing tends to increase in popularity.
If you haven’t taken up the video marketing trend yet, you are going to be left behind. There are now obviously more and more increasing demands for video content
You do not have any excuses for not being involved in video marketing. It will not happen when Video Spinn finds out the way to make it easy.
They’ve provided you with all the needed tools ensuring your success, consisting of a Quick-Start Guide, so you can begin creating videos right now.
Any reasons for delaying? Purchase of Video Spinn right now to ensure you’re starting with the best price as soon as possible.
So what are you looking for? It’s high time to realize your dreams of more traffic, leads and social shares with Video Spinn, and also achieve their special launch price when it’s still available.

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